20 Weird But Genius Products On Amazon That Fight Body Odor

We all get a little smelly sometimes — it's a normal fact of life. And if you find yourself feeling a little self-conscious about it, then it may be time to do some research on weird but genius products on Amazon that fight body odor. You just might find a solution to getting rid of unwanted odors on whichever body parts you're feeling most embarrassed by.

Body odor can stem from a lot of things, and one of the main causes is from sweat. Think about it: your feet sweat, your armpits sweat, your body sweats, even your boobs sweat. So, there are many things that you can do to prevent that sweat turning into bad B.O.. You can use special deodorants, body wipes, soaks, scrubs, perfumes, and way more to battle bad body odor. Another big worry among many folks is bad breath, which can often be avoided with some great mouthwashes and other smart products.

Before I head out on the road for a long trip, I head over to Amazon and I usually pick up some wipes, a two-pack of deodorant, and a nicely scented body spray and lotion duo. All of these things help me feel and smell fresh even when it's a thousand degrees outside and I've spent the entire day sweating my butt off. All you need to do is fight body odor with some cool (and delightfully scented) products.

by Taylor Fuller

1. Bye Bye Bad Breath

ThereBreath Plus Professional Formula (Two Pack), $22, Amazon

No one wants stinky breath. You don't want to have a conversation with bad breath, nor do you want to kiss with bad breath — it's just not a great thing. To treat it, you can use a mouth wash that can neutralize bacteria, morning breath, and food odors. This one is made with green tea antioxidants, tea tree extract, aloe, and mint.


2. An Overnight Detox For Your Armpits

Herbalix Restoratives Nighttime Detox Cleansing Deodorant, $13, Amazon

Have you ever heard of a deodorant that also helps you detox? I certainly hadn't before I found this one. You put it on before bed and overnight, it cleanses away buildup so you can sweat more healthily and effectively. It also absorbs aluminum which reduces body odor. It's made with ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, coriander, olive leaf, kelp, rosemary, and more.


3. Keep Your Breasts Comfy And Chafing-Free

Fresh Body Fresh Breasts Lotion, $11, Amazon

Boob sweat is the worst. I have literally tried everything to get rid of it, but because I have large boobs it just doesn't go away. I've used baby powder and I've even used deodorant to try and keep my under-boob area dry. The next thing I will try is this lotion that leaves a powdery freshness. One user said it "revolutionized my life" — we'll take their word for it!


4. Help Keep Feet Clean With A Foot Spa

HoMedics FB-600 Foot Salon Pro Pedicure Spa With Heat, $68, Amazon

Aside from being incredibly relaxing, foot spas are also great for softening feet. You want to soften them because dead skin can trap a lot of bacteria and cause your feet to stink. Fill the foot spa with a tea tree soak and you'll really start to notice your feet beginning to look and smell great.


5. Healthy Bacteria That Actually Keeps You Cleaner

Mother Dirt AO + Mist Live Probiotic Skin Spray, $50, Amazon

Spray this on sweat prone areas and watch as your skin not only gets clearer, but cleaner too. The mist is formulated to preserve the good bacteria that you need to stay healthy. Instead of stripping your skin of the good stuff, this spray only tackles the bad bacteria while replacing the good. That means you'll be left with clearer, less sweaty skin (and that means less stink).


6. Give Dirty Hair A Delicious Scent

Hair & Body 'n Scentifs Hair Spray Bundle, $20, Amazon

I can go days without washing my hair (in fact I haven't washed mine in about four days due to only having cold showers available). It's not greasy because I've been in the ocean everyday, but it is starting to smell. I use a scented hair mist to give my hair a bit of a fresh scent. This one is great because it neutralizes the odors that your hair absorbs and actually gets rid of them. Plus it wont dry it out or weigh it down since it's specifically designed for hair.


7. Baby Wipes Are A Traveler's Best Friend

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Fresh Scent, $17, Amazon

Baby wipes are literally my best friend while I'm traveling. I never leave home without them. They're perfect for those days where a shower just isn't going to happen. I try to find natural ones that have a great scent so you feel fresh and you smell good afterwards. These are a nice choice because they are free of alcohol, which can be incredibly drying on your skin.


8. Rollerball Fragrance Sets Will Be Your New Purse Staple

CLEAN Rollerball Layering Collection Fragrance, $18, Amazon

The quickest fix to bad body odor is to simply mask it, especially if you're on-the-go. You can easily do that with a set of rollerball perfumes. They are so small and can be tossed in your bag and taken with you on the go. Use them to freshen up whenever you need to. These ones are great because you can layer the scents to create a unique fragrance that's entirely yours.


9. A Favorite Home Remedy That Gets Rid Of B.O.

BRAGG USDA Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, $12, Amazon

Body odor happens because of the growth of bacteria. It can also be caused by digestive problems. Apple cider vinegar is a great ingredient that you can create several home remedies with to treat unwanted body odor. You can soak a cotton ball in it and then wipe your armpits with it, or you can bathe in it (diluted with water, of course). You can also mix it with baking soda to create a scrub to help restore your body to the correct pH level, which will help get rid of body odor.


10. Put On Deodorant Just One Time Per Week

SweatBlock Antiperspirant, $18, Amazon

It probably sounds silly, but this deodorant only needs to be applied once a week. It's incredibly strong and can control sweat for up to seven days. Users call it a miracle solution to their sweating woes (like nervous sweats, hot flashes, and more). With ingredients like aluminum chloride, you'll be sure to see your sweating slow way down.


11. Soak Your Feet And Say Goodbye To Odor

Oleavine Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak, $16, Amazon

Keep your feet clean by soaking them weekly. Use a tea tree soak packed with Vitamin E, omega 6 and 9, and more. The soak will get rid of fungus and bacteria (commonly the culprit for bad odor), athlete's foot, and infections. The great thing is that this bag will last you a long time as you only need three tablespoons for each soak.


12. Go Au Natural With The Famous Primal Paste

Primal Pit Paste All Natural Lavender Deodorant, $11, Amazon

Did you know that rubbing beeswax all over your body can help to eliminate odor? I didn't. But apparently if you do, it stops sweat in its tracks. This deodorant is made from that as well as coconut oil, arrowroot powder, aluminum-free backing soda, lavender oil, and vitamin E. It's a product that's super safe for you and free of harmful chemicals.


13. Use A Yummy Smelling Lotion As A Quick Fix

Pacifica Malibu Body Butter Tube, $15, Amazon

Sometimes you can't get to a shower when you start to get stinky. When I'm traveling for many hours, I always keep some scented lotion in my backpack so that I can give myself a little refresh in the scent department. It's a great idea (especially when traveling on long flights) to stay moisturized. The surprising tropical combo of scents lets me at least pretend I'm clean until I arrive at my destination.


14. For Those Times There Just Isn't Enough Time To Shower

GoodWipes, $10, Amazon

My friend rides her bike to work in the spring and summer in New York City. The city is dirty, hot, and smelly, but she swears by using a CitiBike instead of the cramped subway, and told me that when she gets to work she is usually super sweaty and obviously can't shower. So, she carries these large individually wrapped wipes in her purse and pops into the bathroom to wipe down her arms, legs, and chest before heading into her office. She says it makes her feel clean and fresh for the day, so give it a go if you're in a similar predicament.


15. Dab Essential Oils On Your Pulse Points

Art Naturals Top 8 Essential Oils, $17, Amazon

Toss a few bottles of essential oils into your purse and you'll never feel like you can have bad body odor again. This set of eight small bottles of different scented oils are great for dabbing on your skin when you're in need of a boost. Plus, they're made with jojoba oil so your skin will feel incredibly moisturized after you use them. This set comes with lavender, peppermint, frankincense, rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree, sweet orange, and eucalyptus.


16. Use Coconut Oil To Battle Sweat

Hamilton Healthcare Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, $20, Amazon

The fats in coconut oil actually prevent you from sweating. Rub it under your armpits and on the bottom of your feet and let it absorb into your skin. You'll be able to go about a day without feeling sweaty. While it does prevent sweating, I'd still put on some deodorant as a backup for body odor.


17. Restore Your pH Levels So There's Less Scent

Healthy HooHoo Natural Feminine Wipes, $16, Amazon

The truth of the matter is that you sweat everywhere. And that includes your hoohoo. So, whether you just worked out, you're traveling, you're out camping, or it's just that time of the month and you feel a little gross down there, don't. Use one of these wipes to remove odor causing bacteria and restore your natural pH levels so you're healthier down there.


18. Scrub Away Dead Skin With Salt

Art Naturals Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, $14, Amazon

You've heard of sugar scrubs, but have you ever gotten clean skin with salt? This one is infused with jojoba and macadamia oils, so it will hydrate skin while cleaning it. The pink sea salt is an excellent exfoliator and will get rid of dead skin, which can often trap odor causing bacteria inside of it. You'll smell nice and you'll have soft, clean skin after using it. Users agree that you only need to use this exfoliant a few times a week.


19. Neutralize Your Breath When You Can't Brush Your Teeth

Dr. Harold Katz TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray (3 Pack), $20, Amazon

Sometimes you can't brush your teeth, whether it's because of circumstances involving your location or your supplies. For times like that, reach for a throat spray that neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria (a.k.a. the stuff that makes your breath stink). One user said, "It ensures inoffensive breath. I couldn't be happier." Carry one in your bag or pocket and spray away bad breath.


20. A Sweeter Flavor Of Floss

Radius Vegan & Biodegradable Floss Satchets (10 Count), $36, Amazon

Everyone knows that floss is important to your dental health, but plenty of folks can't stand the taste of mint. If you're one of 'em, try this vegan cranberry floss instead. This package comes with 10 boxes of it, so you won't have to re-buy for months.

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