23 Genius Products That Make Your Old Stuff Suddenly Look New Again

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We live in a world packed with disposable, single-use things and ever-churning trends. Pair that with two-day shipping and it becomes super easy to replace items the second they've lost that factory sheen. But when it comes to beloved items, saving money, and generally consuming less, buying a new item isn't always the best option. Luckily, Amazon has a slew of products that will make your old stuff look new again.

If you recently took a step back to give your home a good once over and didn’t like everything you saw (or smelled), consider these brilliant home fixes like magic sponges that remove just about anything or carpet and upholstery cleaners that make it look like no one ever spilled red wine by the coffee table. Or maybe it's your jewelry that could use a refresh from an ultrasonic unit that only needs water to clean. And in addition to visible spots and stains, there are also picks here that will help your stuff smell like new again like charcoal deodorizers, which are a natural and affordable way to actually eliminate odors from your home, car, and clothing instead of just masking them.

So give your favorites the good-as-new treatment with this list of customer-approved helpers.


This Shoe Cleaner That Works On Leather, Nubuck & Even Suede

This concentrated blend of saddle soap, oils, and conditioners works miracles to restore shoes you thought were headed for the trash. The best-selling multipurpose, nontoxic shoe cleaner effectively removes dirt, grass, and even grease from washable fabric, leather, nubuck, and even suede shoes, giving them a new lease on life.


This Drywall Repair Putty That Won't Dry Out Between Uses

This quick-drying drywall repair putty is everything you need to patch nail holes and small cracks in your wall. Invented by a 25-year drywall professional, this fast-acting formula minimizes shrinkage, is sandable so you can get a smooth surface, and it won’t dry out in the applicator so you can use it time and time again.


This Two-Step System That Cleans Your Jewelry & Metal Antiques

This nontoxic and biodegradable jewelry cleaner safely and effectively cleans all types of jewelry, including sterling silver, gold, diamonds, and even pearls. It also works well for flatware, silver, and antiques. "I wish I took before and after photos of the jewelry I cleaned with this product, because the results were amazing. It’s so easy with the formula, basket, brush, and polishing cloth they supply. My wedding ring has a center pearl instead of a diamond, so I needed a gentle product to clean it. It cleaned up well and the gold band, side diamonds, and pearl look shiny, clean, and brand new," one customer raved.


These Leather Wipes That Are Perfect For Furniture Or Car Interiors

These pH-balanced wipes clean your leather to a streak-free shine without leaving any slippery residue behind. While not intended for suede and nubuck, these leather wipes are perfect for cleaning leather furniture and car interiors. Each pack contains 20 wipes, and the resealable pouch ensures that wipes won’t dry out.


This Cult-Favorite Wood Polish With Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews

When a simple household product has thousands of fans, you know it's time to take notice. That's the case with this wood polisher which brings wood products back to life using a conditioning blend of carnauba wax and beeswax, plus orange oil to bring out the natural wood grain. The wood polish also forms a protective coating that prevents fading and drying to keep your stuff looking newer, longer.


A Cushion-Repair Pad That Puts An End To Sags & Sinking

Prolong the life of your couches and soft chairs with this cushion repair system which comes in three different sizes to fit your space. These dense but flexible foam inserts are placed inside the seat cushion to restore firmness and loft. These cushions will make your couch feel brand new — one Amazon reviewer said it gave new life to a couch that was 17 years old.


This Headlight Restoration Kit That'll Make You Safer & Save You Serious Cash

Headlight covers are made from plastic and over time that plastic degrades, leaving you with a hazy, yellow film that doesn’t illuminate as it should. But instead of going out and getting them replaced, try this three-step headlight restoration system that removes the haze and restore the clarity of your headlights, making it a lot easier to see the road ahead. With over 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this headlight restoration kit is a winner.


This All-Natural Laundry Stain Remover That Gets Rid Of Grass, Grease & More

This enzyme-based stain remover is great for most washable surfaces and tackles the toughest stains like grass, blood, wine, and cosmetics with ease. Made from natural ingredients, hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and certified cruelty-free, it's still powerful, making it a great choice for sensitive skin. But it doesn't just work on laundry, use it on carpets, upholstery, and other soft surfaces, too.


This Oven Liner That Makes Scrubbing A Thing Of The Past

This heavy-duty oven liner takes the hard work out of the worst job in the kitchen, scrubbing the oven clean. Compatible with gas and electric stoves, this heat-resistant fiberglass mat lines your oven to catch drips and spills, allowing you to easily wipe them away. These liners fit most standard ovens, but can also be trimmed to fit smaller ovens and even microwaves, too.


These Magic Sponges That Clean Almost Any Surface With Just Water

From leather to steel to countertops, these extra-thick magic sponges can clean virtually any surface. This powerful sponge is a non-abrasive yet gentle way to erase even the toughest household messes, just add water and wipe. Plus, since they come in a pack of 20 for less than $10, they're a great deal.


These Stain Remover Pens That Are Powered By Plants

Using eucalyptus, lemon, and orange, these stain-removing pens are perfect for tackling tough stains quickly when you’re on the go — one reviewer even noted that it got coffee out from white shorts. The powerful plant-based formula is biodegradable, nontoxic and free from dyes and perfumes. And the compact size makes it perfect for bags and desks.


This Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover That Also Gets Rid Of Odors

This carpet cleaner cleans and refreshes carpets and upholstery with stain-lifting technology that’s strong enough to not just remove tough grease and dirt stains, but also get rid of odors. The built-in brush cleans without saturating fabrics, and although powerful enough to remove set-in stains, this carpet cleaner is safe for kids and pets.


These Furniture Pens That Cover Up Any Nicks & Scratches

These furniture repair pens quickly restore wooden furniture to their former glory and hide any nicks and scratches. The six markers, six wax sticks, and sharpener in this set are safe enough for all types of furniture, and the colors will match almost any type of wood finish including mahogany, maple, oak cherry, and walnut.


This Lint & Pill Remover With Tons Of Setting Options

Lint clumps, pilling, and fuzz make clothing and furniture look older than it really is. This adjustable lint remover has two speed settings, three shave heights, and a honeycomb foil cover to polish your pieces while protecting your items from snags and tears. This lint remover is available in gray and aqua and each order comes with two extra blades. "This little machine is NO JOKE! My couch was gnarly and pilled and I swear it looks brand new," one reviewer wrote.


This Car Cleaning Super Trio That Cleans Tough-To-Reach Spots

This cleaning gel, brush, and cloth kit are a super trio for car detailing. The cleaning gel easily lifts dust away from hard-to-reach spots like air vents and gear shifts without leaving residue or marks. The brushes help clean up dirt and crumbs, while the cloth is great for cleaning glass and any screens in your car.


This Marble Contact Paper That Instantly Upgrades Any Room

This marble contact paper is an easy, budget-friendly way to refurbish furniture or accessories that have seen better days. Try it on shelves, backsplashes, bookcases, or even walls. This self-adhesive paper can be trimmed to fit any surface, and installation is as easy as peeling and sticking in place. It's also easy to remove when you're done.


This Double-Sided Fashion Tape That's Transparent To Match Any Skin Tone

This double-sided fashion tape is a clever solution for fixing hemlines or to keep clothing in place. The adhesives used for this won’t cause skin irritation or leave unsightly residue on you or your clothes after removal. Each package comes with 50 transparent adhesive strips to match any skin tone.


This Silver Polish That Prevents Future Tarnish

Anyone who owns silverware can tell you that maintenance is the key to having it look its best. This silver polish helps remove tarnish and restore shine, and it also leaves behind a protective finish that prevents tarnish from recurring. The ammonia-free, non-abrasive formula is safe enough to use on gold and platinum jewelry, gemstones, and other household items made of brass and copper. With a 4.6-star rating after more than 1,000 reviews, it's a customer favorite.


This Screen Cleaning Kit That Removes Germs, Bacteria & Fingerprints

With mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs, there are devices in every corner of your home, and that means there are a lot of screens that need to be cleaned. This cleaning kit is a safe way to remove dust, smudges, and germs without stripping the protective coating or damaging your device. Each kit comes with a water-based gel screen cleaner in two sizes, two microfiber polishing cloths, and 20 alcohol- and ammonia-free wipes.


This Spray That Makes Almost Anything Water Repellent

With just one spray, this water shield protects your outdoor furniture, rain gear, luggage and more from the elements by making them water repellent. Safe to use on polyester, cotton, leather, and suede, this water shield can also be used on winter coats, backpacks, and camping gear, too. Plus, once it dries, it's odorless.


This Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat With Four Zones Of Cleaning Power

Makeup brushes can harbor bacteria and especially bright colors can be hard to get completely out, so cleaning them regularly is crucial. With four zones of cleaning power, this makeup brush cleaning mat gives you the flexibility to thoroughly clean almost any type of makeup brush. The silicone bristles dive deep without damage, and the suction cup on the back frees your hands for the task. This silicone brush mat is available in two different shapes and comes in pink, black, green, or mint.


This Cleaner That Gives Your Jewelry A Deep But Gentle Clean Using Only Tap Water

This ultrasonic cleaner gives your jewelry, eyeglasses, and even coins a deep but gentle cleaning with just water. With cleaning cycles ranging from 90 to 480 seconds, this cleaner skips the harsh chemicals and uses nothing but tap water, ultrasonic waves, and microscopic bubbles to get your delicate items sparkling and looking new again. However, it's not the best choice for pearls and other softer materials.


This Repair Kit That Restores Your Car's Paint Job To It's Former Glory

When swirls and scratches hit the paint of your car, save yourself plenty of cash with this repair kit that helps you buff out those unwanted marks. In addition to reducing the appearance of chips, this buffer kit improves the overall color and shine of your finish.

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