36 Genius Products On Amazon That Make Your Bathroom & Kitchen 10 Times Less Embarrassing

Getting clean and organized aren't always the easiest tasks, especially when it comes to your bathroom or kitchen. Personally, I try to devote one day a week to cleaning up these parts of my home, but sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming. However after discovering many genius products on Amazon, tidying up has become a breeze, and now I can actually look forward to it.

If you've already encountered the bathtub grime that won't seem to go away or that pesky toilet ring that's hard to scrub off, you may have given up in trying to get rid of them. For your kitchen, you may have a continuously clogged sink or cluttered corners that need a serious makeover. While these examples may seem impossible to resolve, Amazon has a bunch of surprising products that can give you a solution. It's also helpful to know that all of the picks on this list are also under $35.

So whether you're trying to finally remove the mildew from your bathtub or want to resolve the clump of cutting boards on your kitchen counter, the team at Bustle is here to guide you.

Here's a list of awesome products on Amazon to help clean and organize your kitchen and bathroom without stress.

1. This Hassle-Free Gel That Removes Mold And Mildew Without Scrubbing

If you dread scrubbing away dirt in the bathroom or kitchen, this remover gel works in 7-8 hours after application. Instead of scrubbing, simply apply a small amount, wait, and rinse away any mold or mildew. This formula specifically clings to many surfaces including tiles, silicone sealant, and shower heads.

2. These Professional Cleaning Brushes That Attach To Almost Any Drill

These drill brushes can scrub away even the toughest of grime, water spots, and stains. In a set of 3, simply connect the brush onto your drill and use on almost any surface. Easy to use, these tools are designed with all-purpose bristles that are great for any cleaning task.

3. A Paraben-Free Toilet Spray That Stops Bad Odors

With a bit of a cult-following, this Poo-Pourri toilet spray has over 15,000 ratings on Amazon. For those moments when you need a quick freshener in the bathroom, this non-toxic formula will stop any odors from happening instead of masking them. Natural and free of harsh chemicals, it's a great item to have in your bathroom for you and even your guests.

4. This Flexible Hand Duster That's Only $10

This OXO Good Grips hand duster is great for those hard to reach places and tight corners. Sleek and flexible, this duster can squeeze into any space to remove dust and particles. Made out of microfiber, it efficiently traps debris and doesn't need to be used with any cleaning chemicals.

5. A Deep-Cleaning Mop That's Easy To Use And Has A Built-In Wringer

If you frequently mop your home, this microfiber spin mop comes with a built-in ringer for easy spinning. To wring, simply push the foot pedal. You also don't have to worry about any splashing or spraying as it's also designed with a splash guard.

6. These Easy-To-Use Cleaning Tablets Made With All-Natural Ingredients

Cleaning water bottles and mugs may take extensive scrubbing, but these cleaning tablets help make that process an easy one. Simply drop the all-natural tablet into the item with water, wait 15-30 minutes, and then rinse. It can also be used to clean small items and accessories in a bowl of water.

7. These Durable Bath Scrubbers That Clean Even The Toughest Scum

In a set of 4, these bath scrubbers can get rid of scum three times more than spray cleaners. If you're in need of heavy-duty cleaning on your bathroom tiles or counters, these products can get the job done easily and quickly. No extra sprays are needed, just apply water to the scrubber and you're good to go.

8. A Sink Cleaner That Will Make Your Sink Look Brand New

If your sink needs a makeover, this sink polish and cleaner will remove rust, tough stains, and residue with ease. Its formula is also water-repellent, allowing your sink to remain clean and spotless while in use. It's great for all kinds of surfaces including porcelain and brushed stainless steel.

9. This Clever Window Blind Cleaner That's Under $10

While it's easy for blinds to get dusty, it's not always the easiest trying to clean each separate blind. This window blind cleaner saves time by cleaning three blinds at one time. It's also made of durable material and can be used with water or other cleaning sprays.

10. This Lightweight Squeegee That Has A Super Comfortable Grip

For window or mirror cleaning, this OXO Good Grips squeegee can remove fog and residue from all kinds of surfaces. Flexible and curved, you can easily maneuver this tool for efficient cleaning. With a non-slip handle, it also comes with a suction hook to store onto.

11. This Garbage Disposal Cleaner That Gets Rid Of Odor-Causing Build-Up

Give the garbage disposal a refresh with this lemon-scented disposer foaming cleaner in a biodegradable packet. The powerful foam with bleach-alternative cleans, scrubs, and gets rid of odor-causing build-up without damaging the pipes or septic system. One package contains four foam packets.

12. These Durable Covers That Keep The Stovetop And Oven Clean

Prevent messy stovetops and ovens with these genius oven liner and stover burner covers. Made from food-grade Teflon, the durable covers fit over burners and oven racks to collect messes while you're cooking. To clean the covers, simply remove them and wash with warm water.

13. A Shower Caddy That Expands With Sliding Baskets

More than 2,000 reviewers are fans of this expandable over-the-shower caddy, which has four baskets that slide out to adapt to your storage needs and provide room for a handheld shower hose. The easy-to-install caddy also has helpful hooks for storing loofahs and razors.

14. These Durable Pan Scrapers That Remove Stuck-On Food

Removing stuck-on food from cookware is super easy thanks to these durable pan scrapers. The set of two dishwasher-safe scrapers (one red and one black) safely remove food from all kinds of cookware, including non-stick pans. Best of all? You get both scrapers for only $3.

15. A Pumice Stone That Gently Removes Stubborn Toilet Bowl Rings

To get rid of rust and lime buildup in the toilet bowl, over 3,000 reviewers use this pumice toilet bowl ring remover. The reusable, 100% pumice stone on a convenient handle quickly and gently removes pesky stains, and it's safe to use on porcelain bowls.

16. An Easy-To-Assemble Rack That Holds 36 Cans Of Food

This stackable can rack is an organization favorite on Amazon with over 3,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. The easy-to-assemble rack holds up 36 cans and comes with six adjustable plastic dividers so you can store a variety of can sizes.

17. An Organizer That's Perfect For Bakeware & Cutting Boards

This over-the-cabinet door organizer offers the perfect place to store things like cutting boards, muffin pans, and baking sheets. It's easy to hook over the cabinet door, but if you prefer to mount it on the door or the wall, installation is quick with the included hardware.

18. These Absorbent Dishcloths That Come In Adorable Prints

Available in 12 cute prints, these absorbent cotton dishcloths are a vibrant addition to the kitchen. The set includes three soft cloths, and you can choose from fun prints like lemon, watermelon, cats, and more — including some that are perfect for Halloween and Christmas decor.

19. A Silicone Gap Cover That Stops Food From Falling Between The Stove & Counter

This genius stove counter gap cover stops food and gunk from falling into the impossible-to-clean area between the stove and kitchen counter. Sold in a two-pack, the flexible, non-slip silicone covers are heat-resistant and easy to clean. Available in black, white, or clear, they're sure to match your kitchen appliances.

20. This 2-Drawer Organizer That's Great For Small Spaces

This compact sliding basket organizer is great for small spaces, such as a narrow cabinet or crowded kitchen counter. Available in bronze, silver, or white, the easy-to-assemble metal rack has two drawers for easy access to your stored items.

21. The Handy Organizer That Keeps Food Storage Lids Tidy

With this handy food container lid organizer, all your food storage lids are in one convenient place. The BPA-free plastic organizer comes in white, granite, or gray and holds round or square lids up to nine inches. There are also five adjustable dividers so you can customize your storage needs.

22. An Expandable Organizer That Fits Perfectly Under Sinks

With this expandable under-the-sink organizer, you can finally make good use of the awkward storage space under sinks. The two-tier organizer has a stainless steel frame and 10 removable plastic shelves so you can arrange them around pipes. Plus, the shelving unit is expandable in length so it fits under wide sinks.

23. This Hypoallergenic Shampoo That Leaves Makeup Brushes Clean & Soft

When it's time to clean makeup brushes, sponges, and applicators, more than 3,000 reviewers love this hypoallergenic and cruelty-free makeup brush shampoo. The plant-based shampoo is free of parabens, petroleum, and phthalates, and it leaves brushes clean, soft, and ready for smooth makeup application.

24. This Unique Brush That Scrubs Food Gunk From The Garbage Disposal

The Mr. Scrappy garbage disposer brush makes it super easy to get rid of food waste and odor-causing build-up in the garbage disposal. With its wide handle and unique design, this brush helps get the disposal system clean and gunk-free with a bit of gentle scrubbing.

25. A Cute Candle That Adds Festive Fragrance To Your Home

This long-lasting Balsam & Cedar candle adds festive fragrance to your home with the scent of balsam, cedar wood, and juniper berry. Made from high-quality, paraffin-grade wax, the candle freshens the room and looks so cute in Yankee Candle's signature jar.

26. The Powerful Deodorizer That Keeps The Fridge Fresh For Up To 6 Months

This handy refrigerator deodorizer is an easy and powerful way to rid your fridge of lingering odors. The compact deodorizer adheres to the wall of the fridge and uses natural activated charcoal to eliminate odors for four to six months. Plus, it keeps produce fresh for longer by removing ethylene gas and controlling humidity.

27. These Absorbent Cotton Towels That Come In 37 Vibrant Colors

These pretty 100% cotton bath towels are super absorbent and look great hanging in the bathroom. Available in 37 vibrant colors like Night Blue (pictured) and Pistachio, they're a great way to add a pop of color to your bathroom decor. Even better? These quick-drying towels get softer each time you wash them.

28. The Anti-Bacterial Shower Curtain Liner That's A Cult-Favorite On Amazon

With over 14,000 reviews, this anti-bacterial shower curtain liner is definitely a fan-favorite for Amazon shoppers. Made from non-toxic, chlorine-free PEVA and treated to prevent mildew, this liner is said to stop mold and mildew growth 4x longer than competing brands. The liner also includes 12 rust-proof metal grommets and heavy-duty magnets along the bottom to keep it in place.

29. This Super Soft Bath Mat That Comes In Lots Of Colors

Add a little luxury to the bathroom with this super soft memory foam bath mat. Available in 14 pretty colors like Coral (pictured) and Eggplant, the non-slip mat is covered in velvety microfiber and filled with soft memory foam. Plus, it's machine washable and dryer-safe.

30. A Durable Drawer & Shelf Liner That Keeps Stored Items In Place

Keep drawers, shelves, and cabinets organized and clean with the Gorilla Grip drawer and shelf liner. The durable, non-adhesive liner prevents stored items from shifting and slipping, and it protects drawers and cabinets from scratches and dust build-up. The liner is easy to clean with mild soap, and it comes in 17 colors and patterns to complement your decor.

31. This Compact Toilet Brush That You'll Hardly Notice In The Bathroom

This compact toilet brush is perfect for stashing discreetly in the corner of the bathroom. Available in four neutral colors, the canister opens automatically when you lift the matching toilet brush. Plus, the ventilated canister drip tray allows water to evaporate quickly.

32. A Clever Microwave Cleaner That Steams Pesky Food Stains

Cleaning the microwave is so much easier with this clever Angry Mama microwave cleaner. To use it, simply fill the figure with water and vinegar and microwave it for seven minutes. The handy little cleaner releases steam to soften stains and food build-up in the microwave, which you can then easily wipe clean.

33. This Magnetic Kitchen Rack That's Super Strong & Sturdy

With a 4.8-star rating, this magnetic kitchen rack is a popular pick for easy organization. The sleek and sturdy steel rack can stick to the refrigerator or any magnetic surface (or it can be mounted on the wall) and it features a spice shelf, paper towel holder, and hooks for hanging utensils. One reviewer wrote: "The magnet is super, super, super strong."

34. These Soft Pads That Protect Refrigerator Shelves & Add A Pop Of Color

To help keep the refrigerator clean, line the shelves with these moisture-absorbing refrigerator pads. The set of four brightly colored pads are easy to wash, and they can be trimmed to fit your refrigerator shelves. Besides the fridge, these liners can also be used to cushion shelves and drawers around the house.

35. This Grease Splatter Screen That Prevents Hot Oil Messes

When you're cooking with hot oil, this grease splatter screen is so helpful. The 13-inch stainless steel and mesh grease guard covers skillets, pots, and pans to prevent oil from splattering on you and the kitchen counter. As a bonus, this versatile tool can also be used as a steamer, strainer, or cooling rack.

36. A Modern Touchless Trash Can That Opens Automatically & Reduces Odor

Give the kitchen a modern upgrade with this sleek touchless trash can. The 14-gallon stainless steel trash can opens automatically when you move your hand over the sensor, and it has a built-in odor-absorbing filter. It's available in silver, black, or white to coordinate with your kitchen decor.