36 Genius Products On Amazon That Make Your Bathroom & Kitchen 10 Times Less Embarrassing

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Getting clean and organized aren't always the easiest tasks, especially when it comes to your bathroom or kitchen. Personally, I try to devote one day a week to cleaning up these parts of my home, but sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming. However after discovering many genius products on Amazon, tidying up has become a breeze, and now I can actually look forward to it.

If you've already encountered the bathtub grime that won't seem to go away or that pesky toilet ring that's hard to scrub off, you may have given up in trying to get rid of them. For your kitchen, you may have a continuously clogged sink or cluttered corners that need a serious makeover. While these examples may seem impossible to resolve, Amazon has a bunch of surprising products that can give you a solution. It's also helpful to know that all of the picks on this list are also under $35.

So whether you're trying to finally remove the mildew from your bathtub or want to resolve the clump of cutting boards on your kitchen counter, the team at Bustle is here to guide you.

Here's a list of awesome products on Amazon to help clean and organize your kitchen and bathroom without stress.

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