23 Life-Changing Things For Your Closet On Amazon You'll Use Constantly

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by Ileana Morales Valentine
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For many, a tidy home is a happy home, but you don't have to do it all alone. There are life-changing organization products on Amazon that will make getting things in order easier, keep your home neater, maximize space in your closet, and even help you get ready in the mornings. This list includes organizers for clothes as well as accessories and delicate items and so much more.

The best closet organizers are durable enough to hold everything you need as are the best shoe organizers, including double-decker racks that instantly double your shoe space and a bamboo rack that's moisture resistant. (So go ahead and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes too while you're at it.)

You won't even realize how much you need some of my picks until you have them like a motion sensor light to actually see in your closet or label dividers to organize your closet into sections. How often you use them and how much of a difference they make will honestly surprise you.

Scroll on to shop for the best organization products on Amazon, and be prepared to see your closet space in a whole new way.


A Space-Saving Rack That's 5 Hangers In The Space Of One

Solve your small closet problems with a set of space-saving hangers. One cascading hanger can hold five items vertically to maximize space, which means this pack of 10 hangers holds 50 items. With more than 700 reviews, one shopper wrote, "I cannot say enough about how these hangers have transformed my tiny, odd-shaped closet. I was so desperate for more space, I was considering spending big bucks to have a professional come in and redesign the space. Then I found these and it's like my hanging space quadrupled!"


These Motion Sensor Lights That Let You Actually See In Your Closet

These motion sensor lights are closet game-changers, allowing you to easily see all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories. An adhesive pad allows you to stick a light anywhere it's needed or the built-in magnet lets you stick it to metal. They only turn on when you need them, thanks to the 7 to 10 foot motion activation range, and the LED bulbs last up to 10,000 hours. Over 3,000 reviewers love how well these lights work.


These Cedar Blocks Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh

You may have tried cedar blocks in your closet to keep clothes fresh, but these cedar rings for hangers position the freshening wood right where you need it. Loop a 100% cedar ring onto a hanger to more effectively protect your clothes from moisture and unwanted odor. One reviewer wrote, "These cedar pieces immediately got rid of the little moths that I had started to see in our clothes closet." With 30 rings, nearly every piece of clothing will have its own ring, but these are also versatile enough to be used in bags, shoes, cars, drawers, and so much more.


A Hanger So You Can Actually Find The Bag You’re Looking For

With more than 1,500 reviews, shoppers love this highly rated metal handbag hanger for keeping purses, scarves, and even ties organized. There are six heavy-duty hooks and no installation or assembly required, so this thing is ready to hang in your closet and get to work. Plus, the glossy chrome finish looks good.


This Shoe Rack Hangs In Your Closet & Stores 30 Pairs

Get up to 30 pairs of shoes off the floor and into this hanging shoe organizer. Simply hook it onto a closet rod and the strong but breathable fabric with reinforced seams will keep your shoe collection tidy. One shopper wrote, "Excellent addition to my closet and a big help keeping my shoes organized." Quick set up, plus a solid steel frame means this shelving unit is a no nonsense way to change your shoe organizing game forever.


Hang & Protect Seasonal Clothes With This Dust-Proof Garment Bag

Protect investment pieces like suits, gowns, and coats with a hanging garment bag. The bag seals with a triple zipper closure to keep dust out and has a clear window for seeing what's inside at a glance. Reviewers noted that the garment bag is durable enough to use while traveling, and one shopper wrote, after trying several similar products, "These were the CLEAR winners." Plus, this thing can hold up to 21 warmer weather clothing pieces or up to eight bulkier coats. You even have your choice of different sized bags to really tailor your garment's storage.


These Charcoal Bags That Can Reduce Unwanted Odors

The hanging lanyards on these activated bamboo charcoal bags allow for easy placement throughout your home (and even your car). The nontoxic, fragrance-free deodorizers come in packs of four and are constructed to absorb and neutralize odors. One reviewer wrote, “This product eliminated the ‘stuffy’ odor in a closed up guest bedroom and closet-- didnt cover it up with a perfumed scent!” Plus, these are reusable for years if you recharge them in the sun once a month.


These Adjustable Shoe Racks That Double Shoe Storage

Need more room for shoes? Double your closet's shoe space with a pack of adjustable shoe stackers that fit flats, sneakers, and even high heels. A set of 20 comes in black or white to match your decor. One reviewer wrote, "All super! The plastic is dense, glossy, strong. Adjustable angle. Men’s shoes 42 size in width fit well and since the stands themselves are strong and do not bend. I recommend."


A Clear Divider To Better Organize Closet Shelves

These clear shelf dividers work in any closet with flat shelves thanks to a clip-less design that uses anti-slip gel strips to keep the dividers in place without leaving any marks. Shoppers note how sturdy they are and one reviewer wrote, "Love these. Much sturdier than the ones that clip on and they were a bit higher in measurement and I liked that too."


These Skirt Or Pants Hangers Which Hold 4 Skirts In The Space Of One

If you'd love more room for storing your skirts or pants, get a set of tiered skirt hangers that hangs four items where you'd normally hang one. One reviewer wrote, "I wish I learned about these hangers years ago! Game changer in the closet." With nonslip grips, these hangers protect clothing without letting them slip off and with the three pack, you can hang a total of 12 items while still saving space.


A Clothes Valet To Lay Out Your Outfit For The Next Day

Getting dressed each morning is a breeze with a clothes valet stand, and this one even has a mirror, a tray for accessories, a rack for scarfs or ties, and a shoe rack. The stand can hold a full suit, and one shopper wrote that even though it requires a bit of assembly, "I use this clothes valet every day to hang my clothes on and as a place for personal effects (wallet, change, keys etc.). I’ve found it to be very well-made, high-quality, versatile and practical. [...] I love the quality wood and metal components-it’s a fine piece of furniture for the money. Definitely a worthwhile purchase, and one I’d unhesitatingly recommend to others."


This Organizer Can Hang Scarves, Belts, & Ties With Over 1,000 Reviews

Whether you use it as a hanging scarf holder or use it to store belts or ties — you'll love this space-saving closet organizer. With 23 metal loops, shoppers love that it's durable and pretty enough to be visible outside of your closet. One reviewer wrote, "I bought these in lieu of the rounded scarf hangers because I don't like my scarves to get wrinkled where they're looped into the hanger. This scarf rack takes care of that by having a flat hole. It is extremely strong." And if that review doesn't convince you, maybe the 4.7-star rating from 1,200 other reviews will.


This Hanging Cubby Organizer That Gives You A Little Extra Shelving

A hanging cubby organizer is a budget-friendly way to instantly add more vertical shelving to your closet. This five-compartment pick has spacious bins made of strong, durable fabric, and it's highly rated with more than 700 reviews.

One reviewer wrote, "Material is sturdy and the free floating sewn in boards allow you to achieve a perfect balance within each compartment. This unit has velcro instead of hanging devices but it seems to have strong holding power without any issues over the past 7 days. [...] Great organizing and tidy up tool hidden and easily accessible in my coat closet."


This Over-The-Door Shoe Rack That Puts Your Closet Door To Work

With more than 5,000 reviews, shoppers love this over-the-door shoe organizer for its quality, price, and roomy space-saving pockets. No installation is needed; just hang the hooks over a door or closet rod and fill the 24 clear pockets with shoes or other accessories. Some reviewers use this for organizing toiletries in bathrooms, too.


These Space-Saving Velvet Hangers That Are Kinder To Clothes

Switch over to a set of matching velvet hangers that are thin to save space and a beautiful addition to your closet. These instantly organize and keep clothes from slipping. Plus, each is sturdy enough to hold 10 pounds. This set of 50 is highly rated with more than 800 reviews. One shopper wrote, "These hangers are truly amazing! My clothes do not slip or fall off the hangers. In addition, the space these save in my closet is truly incredible."


This Divided Hamper That Makes Doing Laundry Easier

Laundry day is a little easier with this lightweight but durable double laundry hamper. Clearly labeled sides help keep light and dark clothes separated, and the handles help with moving your laundry load. The side pockets are great for holding detergent, keys, or your phone, and you can take out the support bars to fold down the whole hamper if needed.


These Collapsible Storage Bins That Contain Closet Clutter

This set of storage bins is versatile and lightweight for storing items in any room in your home, but collapse for streamlined storage when they're not in use. The fabric is sturdy yet breathable and handles make it easy to tote these wherever they're needed. Store sweaters, pants, or a stack of T-shirts. They're highly rated with a 4.7-star rating after more than 2,000 reviews, and they come in six colors, including beige, black, red, and gray.


These Hangers Store That 5 Pairs Of Pants In The Space Of One

You'll be shocked when these S-shape clothing hangers store five pants in the space you used to hang just one pair. Their stainless steel construction makes them sturdy and rust-resistant. Plus, the rubber stopper on the ends keeps clothes from sliding. One reviewer wrote, "If I would've known how indispensable the hangers are I'd have bought them ages ago." With this set of three, you can easily store 15 articles of clothing.


This Bamboo Shoe Rack Puts Your Closet Floor To Work

A bamboo three-shelf shoe rack with slatted shelves resists moisture while storing up to 12 pairs of shoes. With rounded corners and a natural color, shoppers love the look of this organizer. One shopper wrote, "I LOVE this shoe rack! Never thought I would say that about one. It’s light weight, but sturdy, and just the right size..." Plus, bamboo is more sustainable than many other woods so this piece is also a sustainable choice.


This Double Closet Rod Takes Advantage Of Unused Space Below Shirts & Skirts

File this under simple but brilliant. This double closet rod installs in a few seconds and creates another row of hanging space in your closet. It's made of heavy-duty steel and highly rated with more than 1,100 reviews. One shopper wrote, "This product is one of my favorite recent purchases! I live in a smaller apartment and closet space is at a premium."


This Mesh Hanging Organizer That Stores Delicates In Your Closet

This hanging closet organizer for underwear creates dedicated closet space for delicate items with breathable mesh pockets. With two sides, this hanger has 15 pockets for bras, socks, and underwear, and it comes in several colors, including pink, beige, and gray. You also have your choice of 10, 24-, and 30-pocket organizers for varying levels of storage.


These Closet Dividers That Keep Your Hung Clothing Organized

Creating sections in your closet with closet label dividers will help you stay organized and know what you already own by keeping similar items together. This set of 16 come with printed labels and blank ones to make your own. Many shoppers found these dividers super handy for organizing baby or toddler items by age or size, and one shopper described: “Makes my closet more user friendly.”


A Hanging Organizer That Makes Jewelry Easier To Find

Keep your jewelry collection tidy with this double-sided jewelry hanging organizer; it has 32 clear vinyl pockets on one side and 18 hook and loop closures on the other for hanging earrings or necklaces. It's highly rated with more than 3,400 reviews, and you can choose from black or beige.

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