11 Shoe Storage Solutions For A Less Cluttered Closet — & They're All On Amazon

Your favorite shoes deserve to rest on one of the best shoe organizers when not on your feet. By keeping your shoe collection neat, it'll be easier to find what you need when you get dressed, and each pair will stay cleaner and last longer. And no matter how many shoes you own, there is a shoe organizer to fit any space and budget.

Pro tip: Before you buy, be sure to measure your space and count up the pairs of shoes you need to store to make sure a particular shoe organizer is a good fit for your needs, because the best ones come in a number of forms to fit different closets or shoe storage situations.

Some organizers hang behind a door while others fit under your bed to maximize unused space. Another option optimizes existing shelves to double shelf space. Another rack listed below will make you feel like you're in a luxurious shoe shop daily, and I even rounded up a couple that are perfect for entryways or mudrooms.

Keep reading for the best shoe organizers, including a few highly-rated picks with hundreds or thousands of reviews on Amazon, to help you put your best foot forward.

The Best Over-The-Door Shoe Rack

This over-the-door shoe rack is a best-seller with over 5,000 reviews. The highly rated organizer has 24 pockets for 12 pairs of shoes. This thing can even fit bulky Crocs, and it's ready to hang right out of the box. Reviewers love its quality, space-saving design, and great price; several shoppers also find it versatile enough to store other small items.

The Best Stackable Shoe Organizer

To maximize space and keep your shoes pristine, try this stackable shoe storage unit. One pair of shoes fits in each of the 12 boxes, and they're protected by a clear, plastic door to keep out dust. Reviewers love that this space-saving organizer assembles quickly and is easy to clean. One shopper commented, "This shoe storage box is exactly what I needed! the boxes are very easy to set up and I like that I can arrange how I want the boxes stacked up."

The Best Entryway Shoe Rack

Keep shoes off your mudroom or entryway floor with this bamboo shoe rack bench. Though compact, the bench can hold up to 264 pounds as you sit to put on your shoes, and two shelves help keep up to six pairs of shoes organized. It's even specially designed so clothes or shoes won't snag on any part of the bench. Plus, it's highly rated with more than 2,000 reviews, including one shopper who commented, "I bought it on a whim and now my life has improved 900% because of this shoe bench."

The Best Budget Shoe Shelving

You can fit a fairly large shoe collection on this tiered shoe rack since it holds up to 20 pairs. It's made of sturdy powder-coated metal and plastic, and the organizer comes in great neutrals: gray or black. Reviewers love this highly-rated shoe rack because it's lightweight, easily assembled, and one shopper commented, "One year of twice daily use and this little plastic rack has held up!"

The Best Hanging Shoe Rack

Get your shoes completely off the floor (that is until you wear them) with a hanging shoe rack that hooks right onto your closet rod. This pick holds up to 30 pairs of shoes with sturdy but breathable fabric and reinforced seams. While this shoe organizer stores a lot of shoes, just know the compact compartments will require putting shoes on their sides instead of laying them flat, but overall, reviewers love the quality and size of this shoe organizer.

The Best Vertical Entryway Shoe Organizer

A vertical shoe organizer is perfect for a narrow entryway or to put unused vertical space to good use. This one has seven tiers to hold seven pairs of shoes as you come and go. The wooden shoe rack is sturdy and is also available in a large size with wider shelves. One reviewer commented, "So I needed a shoe rack that would fit in a small space in our foyer to hold all the shoes that accumulate at the door. This fit the bill perfectly."

The Best Under-The-Bed Shoe Organizer

Tight on space? Use up every inch of your home with an under-the-bed shoe organizer that's made of cotton canvas with covers to keep shoes safe from dust. These heavy-duty organizers have handles for easy access and adjustable dividers for up to 24 compartments; or no compartments if you decide you want to use these for seasonal clothes or linens. One reviewer commented, "These organizers are really helpful and good value. fit perfectly under my bed."

The Best Covered Shoe Organizing Tower

For a serious shoe collection, a wide shoe organizing tower is ideal, and this covered one is the best to keep shoes neat and free of dust and dirt. Made of durable, breathable fabric and sturdy plastic and steel construction, this shoe tower is also easy to assemble without the use of power tools.

One shopper commented, "Incredible organizer!! This was a genius idea. I bought this so my brother could organize his shoe collection." With a total of 10 tiers, according to reviewers, this unit can hold three to four pairs of shoes per shelf, that's potentially over 30 pairs of shoes and as many as 40, the highest capacity shoe organizers on this list.

These Adjustable Double Decker Racks That Can Maximize Shoe Storage

To create more space on any shelf, get these double-decker shoe racks that stack shoes in pairs. By stacking a pair of shoes on top of one another, space is doubled and pairs always stay together. One reviewer commented, "This product sure exceeded my expectations. I've tried the hanging shoe bags, the under-the-bed storage boxes, and the wire/post floor models...this product is truly a space saver in my closet." This set of six racks holds six pairs of shoes.

A Brilliant Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

If you have the floor space in your closet or bedroom, this lazy Susan shoe organizer not only makes finding the right shoe for your outfit easier, but also puts your shoes on display beautifully so you'll feel like you're in a shoe boutique. Reviewers report fitting as many as 32 pairs, and one shopper commented, "I love how it looks and it feels sturdy enough to last for several years."

The Best Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

Another way to store a few select shoes is with a mounted shoe rack. Each rust-resistant rack holds three pairs of shoes on adjustable, slanted shelves that keeps them in place. One shopper commented, "I love how this organizer allows you to display all your favorite shoes. My [15] year old says it’s the best present he got." This pick is great to keep your go-to shoes at the ready or for displaying your favorite pairs.

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