24 Clever Things On Amazon For People Who Hate To Clean

I'm a grown adult, but when it comes time to clean, you'd think I was a toddler throwing a tantrum. No matter how hard I try to change my attitude, I still hate cleaning! Luckily, there are some products that make cleaning easier.

When you already detest household chores, having a bunch of old cleaning tools around doesn't really help you. Ever tried to clean with a sponge that had a living colony of bacteria in it? It makes it even worse. Instead, you can get sponges that are guaranteed to stay sanitary for 30 days. It's a clever cleaning tool that gives you less waste — and an excuse to never sanitize your sponges. For the jobs you really can't stand, there are lots of automatic cleaning tools to keep things spotless with zero elbow grease required. From robot vacuums to UV sanitizing toilet cleaners, half your house will be cleaned while you're checking Facebook. If you can do most of your chores from your couch, it makes this whole cleaning thing a lot easier.

So, if you're a cleaning-hater like me, it doesn't mean you're doomed to a messy apartment. Instead, try some of these clever cleaning products for a supremely tidy home with minimal effort.

by Amber Petty

1. A Little Tube To Save Your Drains

TubShroom Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector, $13, Amazon

Everyone sheds in the shower — and if you have roommates, things can get clogged quickly. Instead of having to call the plumber every month, try this drain protector instead. This little tool fits into most any shower drain and catches all the hair before it can clog the pipes. Then, pull it out, gawk at all the grime stuck in there, clean it out, and it's ready to use again.


2. An Affordable Robot Vacuum For Carpets And Hard Floors

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $80, Amazon

I want a robot vacuum cleaner so much! But half of them are around $300, which is too much to spend on my laziness. Thankfully, this pure clean vacuum is much more affordable. It's around the same price of a regular vacuum, but this one requires no work on your part. It's easily rechargable, has a timer, and cleans carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors.


3. A Natural Deodorizer For Your Home

Opul Activated Charcoal Home Deodorizer, $10, Amazon

Don't let that unhappy cat fool you, this home deodorizer is great — it naturally deodorizes any room with bamboo charcoal, meaning it's completely free of chemicals. It's especially useful for getting smoke smells out of the house and deodorizing the fridge.


4. These Coconut Cleaning Wipes For Screens, Phones, And Glasses

Spruce & Co Screen Cleaning Wipes, $11, Amazon

Have you ever tried cleaning your phone screen only to be left with so many streaks it looks even dirtier? That's definitely happened to me, but you can avoid that whole mess with these cleaning cloths. Perfect for phones, computer screens, and even eye glasses, these coconut-based, vegan cloths give you a perfect clean every time. These disposable wipes contain no ammonia or alcohol and are individually wrapped, so it's easy to keep one in your bag.


5. A Brush For Places That Are Hard To Reach

Trycooling Groove Gap Cleaning Tool, $7, Amazon

It's amazing how many tiny little gaps there are in every apartment. Instead of letting them fill with crumbs, clean them out with this handy brush. It'll fit into window or sliding door tracks easily — or any other small area that's in need of a deep clean.


6. A Power Scrubber For Everywhere In Your House

Lewisia Power Scrubber, $50, Amazon

Everybody has a couple places in their apartments that are insanely hard to clean. That's where this power scrubber comes in. It has five interchangeable heads that let you really deep clean any room in your house — but it's especially effective in the bathroom for tiles or the shower. It's completely waterproof, and it can be used indoors or outdoors.


7. The System That Means You'll Never Have To Scrub Your Toilet

NeverScrub! Automatic Toilet Cleaning System, $11, Amazon

Your toilet will be sparkling clean with no scrubbing involved. This cleaning system attaches to any toilet tank and keeps your commode spotless. It'll remove hard water stains, rust, and mineral deposits, plus it cleans all the normal grossness a toilet encounters. It's doesn't harm your septic system or toilet — and it gets everything super clean.


8. A Handheld Vacuum You Can Take Anywhere

Black + Decker Dustbuster Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum, $36, Amazon

A good hand vacuum makes cleaning so much easier. Whether you use it for cleaning the baseboards or sucking the dust off your shelves, this vacuum's got you covered. It uses lithium technology for high-powered suction and a long battery life. Plus, it's small and light, so you can take it around your house with no problems — meaning lazy people never have to deal lugging around heavy cleaning tools again.


9. This Convenient Dustpan That Sucks Up The Dirt For You

Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum, $99, Amazon

It seems like every time I sweep, the dustpan dumps half the dirt right back onto the floor. You don't have to worry about that with this touchless vacuum. Just sweep your dirt over to the Eye-Vac and it sucks it up automatically. This'll leave your floors clean and crumb free — and it's bagless, meaning you don't have to buy extra accessories to make this product work. It'll get rid of dust, dirt, mud, and pet hair, too.


10. Liners For An Easy Clean Oven

Chef's Choice USA Large Non-Stick Oven Liner, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

Cleaning your oven is one of the worst chores. Half the time you need to use super harsh chemicals and you'll be scrubbing all day. Instead, use these oven liners. The non-stick teflon is safe up to 500 degrees and BPA free. Use it in the oven, on the grill, or even as a cookie sheet. It'll keep your oven spotless and the liners themselves are very easy to clean.


11. A Plug-In That Instantly Sanitizes Your Room

GermGuardian Pluggable UV-C Sanitizer and Deodorizer, $32, Amazon

This little sanitizer does so much. Just pop it into any outlet and it purifies the air in the room, gets rid of odors, and kills germs via UV-C technology. It kills microscopic air born bacteria, so it's perfect for the bathroom or kitchen. It's also great to use if someone in your house is sick and you want to stop it from spreading.


12. An Angry Lady To Keep Your Fridge Smelling Fresh

Chilly Mama Fridge and Freezer Odor Absorber, $13, Amazon

Don't be afraid of the angry woman in your fridge, she's there to keep odors away. This chilly mama keeps your fridge or freezer smelling fresh for months, and all you need to do is fill it with baking soda. It comes with an indicator to let you know when to change out the baking soda, but the mama herself is good to reuse for years.


13. An All Natural Fabric Freshener

Otter Wax Odor Eliminator, $11, Amazon

To steal a joke from Mitch Hedberg, "This shirt is dry clean only. Which means, it's dirty." For those clothes you are too lazy to get professionally cleaned, furniture that needs a refresh, or just an outfit that you want to wear again — try this natural odor eliminator. Made with botanical enzymes that kill odors and bacteria, this spray will get rid of smells without leaving a bunch of chemicals behind. It works on any kind of fabric that needs a little odor elimination.


14. A Touchless Trash Can That's Odor Free

iTouchless Deodorizer Touchless Trash Can, $60, Amazon

This isn't a magical trash can, but it's pretty close. This can opens automatically via sensor and a carbon filter takes all the odors away. The stainless steel is antimicrobial and fingerprint proof, so it stays clean inside and out. Plus, it's a sturdy size that fits any 13 gallon trash bag.


15. A Toilet Light That Kills Bacteria

Voion Motion Sensor LED Night Light, $11, Amazon

First of all, turning on the bathroom light when you have to pee in the middle of the night is a special kind of torture. Instead, this toilet light turns on automatically when you enter the room and provides a soft, glowing light for your nighttime toilet needs. Even better, it sterilizes the commode with UV light to kill 99 percent of germs, mold, and viruses — without the use of chemicals.


16. A Brush That Fits Into Every Bottle

BNYD Flexible Bottle Cleaning Brush, $8, Amazon

I think I have a few vases that hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in years because it's such a weird shape. Instead of living dirty like me, use this flexible bottle brush. Made of high quality foam, this reusable brush is flexible enough to fit into any oddly shaped container. You can finally give your water bottle a proper scrub, and it'll take less than a minute.


17. The Sponges That Never Get Smelly

Pura Naturals Best Ever Fresh Cleaning Sponges, $18 (6 Pack), Amazon

There's nothing worse than old, smelly sponges. Instead of replacing your sponge every few days, use these natural sponges. They're soaked with soap that lasts up to two days and they dry quickly. The no-scratch scrubber is made from walnut shells, while the sponge itself is biodegradable and has no petroleum, chemicals, or glues. Best of all, these don't smell. The sponge naturally kills bacteria and is guaranteed to smell fresh for 30 days.


18. This Magnetic Spot Remover That Makes Glass Spotless

Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber, $10, Amazon

I imagine this is how Magneto cleans everything — this magnetic scrubber is perfect for cleaning glass inside and out. Put the rubber magnet on the inside any glass and use the magnetized wand to move it around. It won't scratch or crack the glass, and it's a lot of fun, too.


19. A Compact Washing Machine That Fits In Any Apartment

The Laundry Alternative Mini Washing Machine, $40, Amazon

Don't haul your clothes to the nearest laundromat, use this mini washing machine instead. It holds five pounds of clothes, doesn't use electricity, and works in minutes. Just put in your clothes, water, and detergent, turn it via hand crank for a few minutes, and you have clean clothes. It's small enough to fit in any apartment — and it's a very green way to do your laundry.


20. A Collapsible Dryer You Can Use Wherever

Simple Living Products Mini Collapsible Portable Clothes Dryer, $75, Amazon

To go with your mini washer, here's a mini dryer. It takes about ten minutes to assemble, then it's ready to dry any clothes. Just hang up to 18 garments and the powerful motor will dry them in 30 minutes. Unlike a tumble dryer, this one is incredibly quiet and takes up very little space — because it collapses when you're not using it.


21. A Reusable Duster That Reaches Anywhere

Wimem Extendable Microfiber Dusters, $19 (5 Piece), Amazon

You'll never need another duster after you get this set. These microfiber dusters are completely reusable and good for all surfaces. Whether you want to clean your computer or a ceiling fan, the handle adjusts so you can reach anywhere. Plus, they're easy to wash by hand.


22. A Cleaning Putty For All The Weird Places

Vdera Splat Green House Clean, $6, Amazon

Clean out all those weird little nooks and crannies in your apartment with this putty. The green goo fills every crevice and removes forgotten dirt and dust. Use it on your keyboard, on windowsills, or wherever there's a hard-to-clean dusty space. The putty is reusable up to 50 times and it changes color to let you know that its time is over.


23. A Dustpan You Use With Your Foot

WISP System One Handed Broom and Dustpan, $30, Amazon

Don't bother bending over to sweep your crumbs into a dustpan, because this one handed system makes it so much easier. The broom is designed to be easy to maneuver, and the bristles pick up all the dirt with one or two sweeps. Then, use your foot to secure the dustpan and sweep everything up with ease.


24. A Carpet Rake That Picks Up Every Hair

Quality Line Universal Rug Rake, $32, Amazon

Whether you have a pet or tend to shed yourself (that's me!), this rake will clean up all the hair. The bristles are designed to get deep into any rug or carpet and capture every last hair even better than a vacuum. The handle extends for easy use, and you get insanely clean carpets without adding to your electric bill.

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