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3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely Catch Feelings For A Friend During Quarantine


Thanks to social distancing, you've gotten closer than ever to your best friend. At first, they were just your goofy pal that you could joke around and have fun with. But after some deep, late-night conversations, you're starting to realize that there's more to them than you initially considered. In fact, you're seeing them in a whole new light. It can be easy to fall for someone when you're talking 24/7, texting nonstop, and spending almost every day together. And, according to an astrologer, there are three zodiac signs most likely to catch feelings for a friend in quarantine.

If you're looking to take your friendship to the next level, this summer, it's now or never. As astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle, connections made in the next few months may start out as "just fun," but deepen as Venus moves into Cancer on Aug. 12.

"When Venus moves into watery Cancer, our relationship themes and interests will more than likely get more emotional and deep, unlike the light and fluffy energy of Venus in Gemini that we've all been experiencing for the past few months," Monahan says. "Venus’ movement into Cancer could mark some conversations about the future and depth of a new relationship." There's never been a better time to tell your friend how you feel.

Since we're still amid a pandemic, it's not too late to see your love story fruition. Due to the Venus in Cancer energy, some zodiac signs will be feeling more drawn toward their friends over the next few months.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

Venus, the planet of love and romance, will be transiting Leo's 11th house of friendships. So they'll be more susceptible to falling for the charms of a friend. "When Venus transits the 11th house, it shines a light on comrades in a new way," Monahan says. "Suddenly, the friend you never looked twice at before can seem a bit more appealing."

This transit also indicates a time when more energy and attention will be put towards forging emotional bonds with friends. Since Leo will also get a boost from Venus in their social sector, they'll be bombarded by friends looking for emotional support. "It's only natural then that this can spill over into relationship territory," Monahan says.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

Sagittarius is able to slip into the role of love interest quite easily. Since Venus is transiting their house of partnerships, it's possible that this could be happening right now. According to Monahan, Venus in this position means Sagittarius is interested in people who can help build their emotional security, not hinder it. Friendships that are nurturing and built on strong foundations may be more appealing right now.

"This fiery sign lives for adventure, and a new flame (even in the guise of an old friend) can be just that," Monahan says. "If their friend is someone who gets their jokes and appreciates their wacky ideas, Sagittarius is happy to give it go, as long as the attraction is there."

Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18)

Aquarius rules friendships. So, when it comes to romantic relationships, they tend to fall for people they're already friendly with. According to Monahan, Aquarius is attracted to people who are on the same wavelength, and their friends tend to be just as unique and unusual as they are.

"This is a sign that's always open to considering new points of view, especially after July 2 when Saturn, the planet of restrictions and seriousness, moves out of their sign," Monahan says. "Moving from friend to lover can be very interesting for them." They'll want the trust and security you provide by being a friend.


Clarisse Monahan, astrologer