39 Extremely Clever Products That Experts Are Always Recommending

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Thanks to online reviews, product recommendations have more sway than ever. Instead of telling your three dinner-party guests how much you love that extremely clever product, you can now tell the entire world — simply by wandering over to your laptop and typing in a comment. In a day or two, it'll go live, and any and all potential shoppers can take your opinion into consideration when making a decision.

Products with thousands of reviews are impressive no matter who wrote them, but some have earned the pinnacle of reviewer approval: They've caught the attention of experts and specialists who know their fields inside and out, and still think said product is the best of the best. These experts are also sharing their thoughts with their clients and the internet, which is an immense help for anyone who's looking for a professional recommendation.

On this list, you'll find therapists' favorite tools for cultivating self-care and mental well-being. You'll find tricks of the trade for plumbers, electricians, mechanics, nurses, personal trainers, and chefs, as well as the top-rated beauty products as far as makeup artists and hair stylists are concerned. Sprinkle in some life-changing advice from financial advisers and career experts, and you're set in just about every area — all without having to pay a single service charge.


This Therapy Lamp That Experts Recommend For Mood & Energy

"This winter, I finally took the advice of my therapist who suggested that I had nothing to lose by trying a therapy light," one reviewer wrote. "I just feel so much more alive and positive." In fact, countless buyers got the therapy lamp at the recommendation of an expert. It emits 10,000 LUX of UV-free, sun-mimicking illumination to prompt the release of happy hormones and reset your circadian rhythm, all in a compact, customizable unit.


A Self-Massager Stick That Physical Therapists Keep In Their Offices

The Thera Cane massager is a cult-favorite tool loved by both laypeople and experts. It has multiple carefully placed nodes that help you work out knots, spasms, and pain all by yourself, using the leverage from your own body. "I saw it at my physical therapist's office and used it there," one buyer wrote. "It works so good - I can finally get the knots out of my neck and shoulder blades!"


This Stylist-Trusted Blow Dry Spray That Does It All

"This stuff is pretty magical. My stylist recommended it to me a year or so ago, and I've been using it before blow-drying my hair ever since." Kenra Platinum spray is a lightweight, non-greasy formula that shortens drying time, detangles knots, minimizes frizz, and protects hair against damage and breakage. No wonder the beauty community can't stop raving.


An Acupressure Mat To Boost Relaxation & Lessen Pain

"It came highly recommended by a physical therapist and a myofacial therapist," one reviewer said, while another wrote, "I am a massage therapist. I use this at the end of my day for soft tissue release." The ProsourceFit acupressure set uses tiny spikes to stimulate pressure points and boost circulation (the same way real acupressure does). As a result, it lessens pain, prompts relaxation, and may even promote better sleep. Since it comes with a mat and a pillow, it covers your neck, shoulders, and back — and it's available in nine colors.


This Affordable Knife Set That Has Pro Chefs Impressed

Given the affordable price tag, even pro chefs are surprised at the quality of the Home Hero knife set. It comes with five different types of chef's blades (you can also opt for eight steak knives or a 13-piece set with both), and everything is made from laser-finished stainless steel. It even comes with a sharpener and a sleek, modern acrylic block.


A Best-Selling Planner That Therapists Recommend To Their Patients

"I am a licensed mental health therapist and have recommended this to several of my clients who struggle with anxiety," one expert said — but you don't have to experience anxiety to get a lot out of the Panda Planner. Due to the various organization spreads, mood and habit check-ins, and goal-setting exercises, another expert wrote, "I have recommended this planner to my clients to help them keep track of what really matters to them!"


This Expert-Approved Way To Hack Your Sleep Cycle

This sunrise alarm clock uses a gradually brightening light to rouse you from sleep, rather than a startling beeping noise. As a result, it mimics the rising sun to reset your circadian rhythm and help you start the day on a peaceful, energizing note. "I bought this because I have an anxiety disorder and my therapist recommended a gentler way of waking up in the morning," said one reviewer, and it worked.


The Drain Protector That Comes Plumber-Recommended

The TubShroom comes "plumber recommended" for those who are trying to prevent their pipes from getting clogged. The revolutionary mushroom shape allows water to drain from multiple angles, but the cylindrical base catches every hair and stops small items from falling down the drain. It also wipes clean, has a sleek chrome top, and installs into most standard tub drains in seconds.


This Affordable Weighted Blanket For Comfort, Stress-Relief, & Deeper Sleep

"I am a massage therapist and I bought this blanket for my clients who run cold. It is a hit! They feel warm and hugged," one reviewer wrote — but other types of therapists recommend it, as well. The glass beads evenly distribute weight across your body, which prompts your autonomic nervous system to enter a state of rest and relaxation. As a result, countless reviewers rave that it helps with stress, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.


One Of The Best Time-Saving Tools On The Market

I've heard everyone from life coaches to organization experts rave about the Tile Mate, which uses a Bluetooth-enabled keychain to help you find both your phone and your keys. Use the free app to make the Tile ring from up to 200 feet away, or press the logo twice, and your phone will start to ring — even if it's on silent.


This Glass Nail File That Beauty Gurus Are In Love With

"I started watching a YouTube beauty guru with long nails who recommended one of these filers for anyone trying to grow out their nails," one reviewer said. "Boy was she right. I’ve had so much less breakage and damage since switching." Why? The Bona Fide file is made from premium Czech glass, which glides through nails like butter and seals the keratin layers to prevent chipping and peeling. It also never dulls, washes clean of germs, comes with its own case, and is available in several colors.


"The Best Playbook" If You Want To Optimize Your Personal Finances

"I have been in the financial services/investment business for 25+ years and this is perhaps the best playbook for anyone looking to grow or build wealth," one reviewer wrote about about Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You to Be Rich. In this approachable, straightforward book, Sethi skips the BS and instead outlines a six-week program to help you get out of debt, optimize your bank accounts, make the right investments, and lead the financial life of your dreams.


This Clay-Based Soap That Removes All Stains From Hands

Mechanics, carpenters, hunters, engineers, landscapers, electricians, artists — the reviews section is filled with experts who say that "nothing works better" when it comes to removing grease, dirt, residue, and grime from their hands. Grip Clean is a pumice-based soap that easily removes stains from skin, all without causing irritations or dryness. "Worth every dollar," one buyer said.


This Instructor-Approved Yoga Wheel To Help You Deepen Poses

Yoga props help you deepen poses while preventing injury, and this new invention is taking the yoga world by storm. "I was a yoga instructor before I was a personal trainer, and this yoga wheel is perfect for easing the user into backbends and really helps with flexibility," one reviewer said. The sturdy interior can support up to 550 pounds, while the textured exterior cushions your body while preventing the wheel from slipping away during poses. Get it in 10 different colors.


A Plug-In Outlet Extender That Even Electricians Use

"I am very satisfied with this multi-outlet and I am a licensed electrician," one buyer wrote about the POWRUI extender. Simply plug it in over any standard outlet, and it'll provide six new outlets, two USB ports, and an automatic dusk-to-dawn nightlight — all of which protect against surges and over-charging.


This Massage Therapists' Go-To For Tired, Achy Feet

"I'm a massage therapist," one reviewer said. "After a full day of standing I need a way to relax my feet without having to use my tired hands. This does the trick every time!" The TheraFlow dual massager uses independently rolling bars with textured nodes to improve circulation, work out tired muscles, and stimulate pressure points in the feet. It's also compact, lightweight, and works on both feet at once.


An Authority On Building Your Own Personal Brand

Business owners (especially women) have found inspiration and life-changing tidbits within the new release, BRANDING QUICKIES. This book was written by 20 experienced women who are currently "killing in the branding game," and their objective? To teach other marketers and entrepreneurs exactly how to build a personal brand. Whether you're a copywriter, freelancer, strategist, or vlogger, these tips will help set you apart.


This Cast Iron Skillet Brand That Real Chefs Swear By

"My cousin is a well-respected chef in the Philadelphia service industry and he swears by this brand." In fact, the Lodge cast iron skillet has over 21,000 reviews because it's pre-seasoned, well-made, and available in a huge variety of sizes. Its evenly heated, flavor-trapping construction helps you to get pro-chef quality meals, whether you're frying a steak or baking corn bread.


This Groomer-Approved Pet Glove To Reduce Shedding

The Pat Your Pet is covered with gentle nodes that remove excess fur in order to minimizing shedding — but because the glove is soft and fitted around your hand, cats and dogs (who would otherwise run from the brush) sit and enjoy the pet-session. In addition, one "dog groomer for 50 years" wrote, "I use these gloves for scrubbing the dogs in the tub." It even has an adjustable wrist strap to suit hands of various sizes.


This Rechargeable Jump Starter That Mechanics Use In Their Workshops

"I have a small auto mechanic workshop," wrote one reviewer, who called the GOOLOO jump starter a "great product, small size, easy to use, and not [too] expensive." If the battery in your car should die, this compact, rechargeable, hand-held unit can get it going again — without the need for an outlet or a second vehicle. The 18000mAh battery also powers a built-in LED flashlight and can hold a charge for up to five months. Since it's protected against overloads, high temperatures, and excess voltage, it's safe for almost anyone to use.


These MUA-Approved Magnetic Eyelashes

Unlike your standard set, these false lashes don't use any messy glues or adhesives. Instead, they're lined with tiny magnets that adhere to the included liner, so both application and removal are a breeze. “I am a professional makeup artist and I love these lashes,” one reviewer commented. “I’m going to recommend them to all my brides! They are super easy to use and they look fantastic! I’ve used all but the longest ones and they stay on for hours for me. I will never go back to regular glue and lashes.”


This Resistance Bands Set That Personal Trainers Use

"I am an independent personal trainer and this set of bands is perfect," one reviewer wrote. "I use them in my own workouts and they are great for training sessions on the go." Each set comes with 12 pieces: five color-coded resistance tubes with all different intensities, two ankle straps, two cushioned handle straps, a door anchor, a waterproof carrying bag, and a fitness e-book to get you started.


A Great Food Processor At A Fraction Of The Cost

"A chef at a restaurant I once worked at told me not to waste money on a Cuisinart — Hamilton Beach does the same thing at a fraction of the cost!" one cook said. Even though it's $40, the Hamilton Beach food processor slices veggies, preps herbs, purees dips and sauces, shreds cheese, and chops nuts and beans. It can hold up to 8 cups of ingredients at once, and it has a powerful 450-watt motor with two speed options.


This Magnetic Wristband So Fasteners Are Always Within Reach

"My carpenter husband absolutely loved it," one reviewer said, while another wrote, "This is a great little addition to the arsenal of anyone who uses a lot of small fasteners — woodworkers, mechanics, etc.." The Magnelex magnetic wristband keeps bolts, nails, and screws handy so you don't have to go looking for them during jobs; it's also adjustable and breathable so one size fits most.


This Classic Water Flosser That Dentists Always Suggest

As far as water flossers go, it doesn’t get much more classic, or trusted, than the Waterpik Water Flosser. It works to removes build-up between teeth and plaque from gum-lines, all while remaining easier and more gentle than flossing. “I am the son of a dentist, the brother of a dentist, and the son of a professor of dentistry at one of the prominent dental schools in Ohio,” one buyer wrote. “Having grown up with a WaterPik in my house and always only one I can tell you that this is the best one I've ever had.”


A Driver-Recommended Magnetic Phone Mount For Your Car

"The best $5 I ever spent," one person said about the WizGear magnetic mount. "I am an Uber driver and having the ability to grab my phone and mount it back and forth is a time saver." The base clips onto almost any standard air vent without damage, while the included metal plates attach to your phone or case. As a result, you can mount your device simply by putting it up to the vent (no fussing with clamps or arms), and since this set comes with two, you can equip a second vehicle or give one to a friend.


This Exercise Ball That's "As Good As It Gets," According To A Personal Trainer

"As a personal trainer specializing in senior fitness a lot of my training takes place in my client's home. It is just impractical to haul around heavy equipment. My focus is mostly on strength and balance exercises. URBNFit's 65 CM stability ball is an ideal tool for my purposes. It is well made, strong and a perfect fit for most of my older clients. For the price this is as good as it gets," one reviewer said. Get it in 11 colors and five sizes — all of which are designed to support up to 2,000 pounds.


The Go-To Mop For Professional House Cleaners

The O-Cedar EasyWring is not your average mop, and here's the proof: "I am a professional house cleaner and I love it," wrote one reviewer, who raved about the streak-free microfiber, the durability, and the easy-to-transport bucket. Last but not least, the pedal-activated spin strainer removes all excess dirt and water, while the triangular-shaped head fits effortlessly into corners and pops off for washing in the machine.


A Trusty, Affordable Setting Spray For Makeup Artists

"I work as a freelance makeup artist and having a long lasting setting spray is essential," one reviewer wrote about NYX matte setting spray, which is gentle, cruelty-free, and costs less than $10 a bottle. "It's not sticky, fresh smelling and has incredible longevity [...] All of my clients are gleaming in their photos without looking too shiny, raving that their makeup didn't budge."


These Compression Socks For Anyone Who's Constantly On Their Feet

If they're in a profession that requires them to be on their feet all day, odds are they love Physix Gear compression socks. The stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric works by compressing your feet, ankles, and calves, which boosts circulation and oxygen flow to lessen pain and inflammation. "I'm a nurse," one reviewer wrote. At the end of a 12-hour shift, "My legs were less sore and swollen. I didn't feel as physically fatigued."

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large


This Waver Tool That Stylists Use For Quick, Voluminous Texture

"I'm a licensed hair stylist and this is one if my favorite hair tools," one expert said. The Bed Head deep waver uses two curved plates that function like a crimping iron. As a result, it "takes less time than using a wand or traditional curling iron because I can take wider sections because of the size of the iron. Makes great looking waves!"


A Lighted Tripod For Photographers, Videographers, & Influencers

This number-one best seller is a favorite among photographers, vloggers, Instagram influencers, and videographers. The UBeesize tripod holds your phone or camera steady at varying heights, but it also includes a USB ring light with three illumination settings and 11 brightness options. It even comes with a shutter button so you can snap pictures from afar. "I'm a professional photographer that decided to start a YouTube channel," one buyer said. "[This set] is everything I need."


This Scalp Massager That's Both Practical & Pampering

"My hair stylist turned me on to this product and I can't imagine life without it!" one buyer raved. While the HEETA scalp massager feels like heaven thanks to its soft silicone bristles, it also serves a practical purpose: It removes product build-up by your roots for a cleaner, more voluminous shampooing, and it stimulates blood-flow to the scalp in order to improve circulation and encourage new growth.


These Glasses For People Who Stare At A Computer All Day

"If you're a programmer/designer/writer or any kind of job that requires you to be extended hours in front of the screen, this pair of eyeglasses is a must." ANRRI glasses look like your average pair of stylish readers, but the transparent lenses actually cut out 90% of blue light wavelengths, which can cause eye strain, headaches, and jitters over time. They're available in four colors and reviewers of all different genders say they "look great on," too.


This Microfiber Hair Towel That Minimizes Damage & Drying Time

Stylists everywhere are recommending the DuraComfort hair towel because it lessens drying time, minimizes breakage and frizz, and helps hair to look sleeker and more defined. It's made from a special microfiber material, which is softer, more absorbent, and lighter than cotton — and it's suitable for all lengths and hair types.


A Trainer-Recommended Doorbell So You Know When Your Dog Has To Go

"This product was recommended by a dog trainer," said one reviewer who called it "Great." The Mighty Paw smart bell 2.0 makes it easy to train your pet to use a doorbell when they have to go outside — rather than scratching, barking, or looking at you with puppy-eyes. The two-piece set comes with a light-pressure button that any breed can activate with their nose, and a battery-free receiver that plugs into any standard outlet. The former is also waterproof and comes with a durable adhesive strip for installation anywhere.


This Secret Weapon For Makeup Artists

Unless you only use one eye shadow shade from the entire palette, this color-removal sponge is a life-saver. It takes all the residue off your brush (without water and without chemical solutions) so you can move onto the next shade without having to worry about transfer. It also comes in a portable tin for easy travel. “If you are a makeup artist this is a must have. I use this every time I do my makeup. Super convenient and easy to clean,” one buyer wrote.


A Jewelry Cleaning Solution That's Jeweler-Approved

"A jeweler friend recommended it and he wasn't wrong," one buyer said about Brilliant jewelry cleaner, and thousands more agree. The non-toxic solution removes dirt, build-up, and smudges from almost all types of jewelry (except pearls), and the tub comes with a brush and a built-in basket for easy retrieval. Reviewers said their earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and wedding rings "sparkled like they never have."


And This Stool That Has Helped Thousands Of People Poop Better

"When my gastroenterologist suggested this purchase I have to admit I scoffed a bit," one reviewer wrote, but after trying it out, they "have been amazed" and "completely pleased. Worth every penny!" In short, the Squatty Potty lifts your legs up so you're in a squatting position while going to the bathroom, which in turn straightens out the kink in your colon for an easier, less straining release. It's also easy to clean and designed to fit almost all toilets.

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