40 Clever Things That Make Your Home A Lot Safer For Less Than $35

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Not to sound like my mother after she just finished a 1000 Ways To Die marathon, but potential dangers could be lurking anywhere — even in your own home. Luckily, thanks to some brilliant innovations, minimizing said dangers has never been easier. There are countless products that make your home a lot safer, and they're way more affordable than you might think. (Read: no one here expects you to drop $400 on a smart doorbell, so you can exhale.)

The first step, according to experts, is to narrow down your home's biggest hypothetical hazards. Were your window locks installed sometime around the turn of the century? Does your shower leak, leaving a miniature swimming pool on the bathroom floor? Maybe you have a bad habit of leaving your hair straightener plugged in, or maybe you have a small child who (for some reason) loves to open up every single cabinet in your kitchen.

My advice? Incessant worrying never did anyone any good, but nipping potential dangers in the bud could help to put your mind at ease moving forward. These 40 genius inventions fix all of those risks and more — and those who are accident-proofing on a budget will be happy to hear: They all cost less than $35 on Amazon.


These Smart Plugs So You Can Control Electronics From Your Phone

Left the straightening iron on? How about the coffee pot? What if you want to turn on the lights so it looks like someone's home — but you left the house three hours ago? Kasa Smart plugs to the rescue. These little devices let you set schedules, control your devices from your phone, and even use voice-activation via Alexa and Google Assistant.


This Portable Lock Wherever You Need It

Add locks to doors that don't have any, or gain extra security in buildings where other people have the key — like hotels, apartments, and AirBNBs. Addalock is a portable, easy-to-use purchase for extra peace of mind, and some even say it's the "best purchase [they] ever made!"


Some Blackout Curtains In Virtually Any Color Or Size

These affordable blackout curtains block out all light for improved sleep and improve temperature-retention to save you money on heat and air conditioning — but they're also great for privacy. Their opaque fabric means people can't see in, so you can protect yourself when you're home and your valuables when you're not. Get them in all different colors and lengths.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves For Cooking, Gardening, & Fix-It Jobs

Because they're made from a special cut-resistant, high-elastic nylon, these gloves protect your hands from blades, thorns, rough surfaces, and sharp objects. They're available in various sizes, and despite their durability, they're stretchy and form-fitting so your hands stay nimble while you work.

  • Available sizes: S - XL


This Brilliant Foot Rest To Keep You Steady While You Shave

Don't chance losing your balance while shaving. Made from sturdy aluminum alloy, this shower foot rest can support up to 330 pounds and folds up when not in use. It also has a textured surface for traction and is "easy to install," according to buyers.


A Rechargeable Lighter That Keeps Your Fingers Away From The Flame

Both matches and traditional lighters require that your fingers be within inches of the flame. Whether you're lighting candles, stove burners, or camp fires, the haino arc lighter keeps your fingers away from the danger with its flexible gooseneck design. It's also fully rechargeable, so you never again have to worry about fluid refills or batteries.


This Best-Selling Smart Camera For $25

Keep an eye on your home, your kids, and your pets — no matter where you are. The YI Smart Cam delivers HD live streaming straight to your phone, and it records videos, sends alerts when it senses human motion, detects the sound of a baby crying, and even lets you see in the dark. That's a lot of features for just $25, so it's no wonder this one has over 53,000 reviews.


This UV Sanitizer That Zaps Your Toothbrush Clean

Covered in cute little designs, this WAGNER sanitizer uses UV-C technology to zap away 99.9% of bacteria from the head of your toothbrush. It's also USB-rechargeable and can be carried on its own or mounted to the wall for use as a practical, hygienic toothbrush hanger.


These Furniture Anchors To Prevent Anything From Tipping Over

Households with kids, those who live in earthquake zones, and people with stacked furniture all trust these Skyla Homes anchors to make their homes safer. The ABS-plastic mount attaches to the wall, while the strap stops bookshelves, chests, drawers, and even flat-screen TVs from tipping over.


A Protected Power Strip With Sliding Safety Covers

Children and animals stay safe thanks to the sliding covers, and your electronics are protected against power surges thanks to the intelligent circuit. The Belkin power strip has 12 outlets (six of which provide extra space for bulky adapters) and a 10-foot extension cord to reach your home theater, gaming set-up, or charging area.


This Emergency Fire Extinguisher In A Can

"Of course you never want to use something like this," one reviewer wrote, but hundreds of buyers are glad they had it on hand for grease and electrical fires. The First Alert Tundra fire extinguisher comes in a standard 14-ounce can for portability, ease of use, and convenient storage — but it's filled with a special biodegradable formula that douses flames in an instant.


These Slippers That Won't Actually Slip

Despite the name, you don't actually want your slippers to slip. Inside these ULTRAIDEAS slippers, you'll find fleece lining and a high-density memory foam cushioning outlined in a wool-like collar. On the bottom, however, this pair has a textured, rubber sole to prevent sliding on hard floors and slippery surfaces. Get them in four different colors.

  • Available sizes: 5 - 12


A Splash-Resistant Solution To Prevent Shower Leaks

This splash-resistant solution doesn't require any adhesives or damaging installations (so it's great for apartments, dorms, and rentals). Instead, SlipX guards attach to your curtain rings to keep the fabric flush against the wall; that way, the water stays in the tub or shower, and you stay safe while walking across the bathroom.


Some Glass Containers Without Unwanted Chemicals

Because they're made from glass, these Bayco food storage containers are safe in the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, and dishwasher — but most importantly, they won't leech unwanted chemicals into your food. This pack of six even comes with matching BPA-free lids.


This Sliding Door Lock That's Elegant & Effective

Finally — a sliding door lock that's not an eyesore. The U.S. Patrol bar is made from sturdy iron and features an elegant vine-and-leaf design. It's also fully adjustable to fit spaces between 26 and 42 inches, and buyers love it because they no longer have to "worry unnecessarily about someone breaking in to the house" from the back door.


A Power Bank That Recharges With Sunlight

A good majority of households no longer have landlines, which means your cell phone is your life-line — especially in power-outages and emergencies. Luckily, the Elzle power bank ensures that when you have sun, you have a charge. Its 15,000mAh battery uses solar power for the dual USB ports and the built-in flashlight. Get it in orange, black, or red.


This Automatic Can Opener That Eliminates Sharp Edges

There are two reasons why the Hamilton beach automatic can opener makes your kitchen safer: For one, it works at the press of a button to prevent strain and accidents. For another, it cuts along the side instead of across the top, so that when you're removing the lid, there aren't any sharp edges. It's got a 4.7-star rating and nearly 7,000 reviews, so needless to say, buyers love it.


A Sturdy Handle Anywhere You Need It

Need more leverage while you're getting out of the tub? How about some extra stability in the shower? The Carex grip bar provides a sturdy handle anywhere you need it — without damaging your walls. The suction cups lock into place against tiles and porcelain, so buyers say it's a "simple solution" for safety and is "super easy to install."


These Solar-Charged, Motion-Activated Outdoor Lights

Automatic lights may deter burglars — and they'll let you know when an animal or a person has entered your property. This set of four from URPOWER is as low-maintenance as it gets, thanks to its solar-powered batteries, weather-resistant design, and simple installation.


These No-Hassle Timers For Your Electronics

If you continuously forget to shut off your electronics, these BN-Link outlet timers are a simple way to save energy and prevent disasters — and they don't require any tech-savvy apps. Just set the on-device wheel, and whatever's plugged in will turn on and off at the same time every day. That could mean turning off the coffee pot when you leave the house, or it could mean setting your lights to turn on at dusk.


A Discreet Book With A Locked Safe Inside

Hide your valuables in plain sight with this secret-agent-like book safe. Everything about the exterior looks like a standard English dictionary, but inside, there's a 5-by-9 inch compartment and a three-number combination lock to access it. As a result, your jewelry, passport, and cash stay within reach, but secure.


These Corner Grippers For Any Rug In The House

Whether you're dealing with a slippery welcome mat or a mobile area rug, these rug grippers keep them firmly secured to the floor. Thanks to their easy-to-remove double-sided tape construction they work on hardwood or tiles without damage — and since they prevent slipping, they're great for households with lap-running pets and children.


These Cabinet Locks That Open With A Magnet

Reviewers trust these Skyla Homes locks to protect pets, children, and those with dimension against potentially harmful items inside cabinets. The set of 12 installs easily inside virtually any cabinet (or drawer) with an adhesive tape; after that, it'll only open when you wave the included magnet in front of the door. When they're no longer needed, you can remove them without damage or switch the locks to "off."


A 2-In-One Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector

This BQQZHZ detector monitors both smoke and carbon monoxide levels — and it's sleek and compact, so you won't mind the look of it on your wall. It even has a special photoelectric sensor for accurate detection without false alarms, plus the LCD display and electrician-free installation make it a reviewer favorite.


This Fireproof Safe For Your Most Important Documents

Birth certificates, passports, imperative documents, jewelry, cash — don't chance losing these irreplaceable items in a fire. Instead, this ENGPOW safe is made from double-layer aluminum foil fiberglass silicone, so it can withstand water as well as temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a four-number combination lock and a large-capacity interior.


A Non-Slip Mat That Minimizes Bacteria

Standard bathmat fabrics (like cotton and polyester) are designed for absorbency — but that usually means they cling onto bacteria as well as moisture. The DZY Diatomaceous Earth bathmat, on the other hand, is made from raw diatoms, which offer non-slip security and shockingly fast evaporation, all without harboring germs. Get it in your choice of five colors.


This Locking Mailbox That Can Fit A Ton

Small boxes, padded envelopes, magazines — this Jssmst mailbox can fit it all, and it keeps your mail protected behind a lock. It's also a great solution if you're going away on vacation (but don't want people to know it), because its large capacity handles multiple days' mail. It's even waterproof and comes in multiple colors.


These Scrubbing Cloths That Only Need Water To Clean

Thanks to the special microfiber material and non-scratch scrubbing corners, these E-Cloths remove bacteria, dust, dried-on messes, grease, fingerprints, and dirt — without harsh cleaning agents. Instead, just wet them, and they "work like magic!"


This BPA-Free Water Dispenser With A 5-Stage Filter

Ensure that your drinking water is as clean as possible while simultaneously cutting down on plastic-usage. The ZeroWater dispenser has a slim profile that holds up to 20 cups while simultaneously fitting on your counter or refrigerator shelf — but it's also BPA-free and (unlike competitors) has five filtering stages to remove contaminants, heavy metals, unwanted tastes, fluoride, and lead.


A Razor Cover That Keeps The Blades Sharp, Clean, & Protected

Maybe you've got young kids in the house, or maybe you're looking to prevent nicks and the spread of bacteria. Either way, SteelBee delivers. This razor saver has a flexible design that fits over most standard models to cover the blade, prevent corrosion, limit the growth of bacteria, and extend the life of your razor up to three times longer.


This Unsuspecting Rock That Actually Stores Your Spare Key

If you hide your spare key somewhere obvious (like inside the mailbox or under the mat), burglars likely know where to find it. With this Ram-Pro fake rock, however, your hiding spot effortlessly blends in with the rest of your yard, and only you know where it is. It's made from molded poly-resin that's resistant to the elements, and its hidden tray can hold any standard key.


These Real-Looking Candles That Pose No Real Threat

"You'd never know these weren't real," reviewers rave, but Aku Tonpa candles ensure that you never again have to worry about flame-related accidents. They're made from real wax and use a false flame that flickers and dances with the LED light. They even come with a remote control and built-in timers.


A 163-Piece First Aid Kit For All Minor Emergencies

You'd never guess that 163 first-aid essentials fit inside this case — but they do, and as a result, the DeftGet kit fits inside your kitchen drawer, glove compartment, or camping pack. With this waterproof set, you get bandages, adhesive tape, and cleansing wipes, but you also get a few survival freebies like safety pins, scissors, a flashlight, and an emergency blanket.


These Transparent Protectors For Sharp Corners

These CalMyotis protectors are favorites among parents whose toddlers are countertop-height — but they're also great for glass tables, sharp windowsills, and that desk that you continuously hit your elbow against. They're transparent, soft, and install in under a second thanks to their built-in adhesive.


Some Motion-Activated Lights For Nighttime Safety & Dark Closets

Whether your house has dark closets, poorly lit garage stairs, or ample hallways in which you might stub your toes, these OxyLED motion-sensor lights provide illumination wherever you need it most. They use passive infrared technology to sense your presence and a convenient adhesive strip so you can mount them anywhere, including under cabinets and on ceilings.


This Cleaning Spray That Purifies With Probiotics

Studies show that antibacterial cleaning products may create drug-resistant super-germs — but when you fight bad bacteria with good bacteria, your home stays fresh and your family stays safe. VEO Active-Probiotics cleaning spray is a biodegradable formula that's free from bleach, phosphates, and formaldehyde, but it still effectively cleans counters, stoves, cutting boards, tiles, floors, and more.


These Silicone Protectors For Your Oven Racks

They come in a set of three easy-to-see colors, but even if you manage to overlook these Laminas rack protectors, their heat-safe silicone material will still prevent burns. Each one is 14 inches long to cover a wide portion of your oven or toaster, but you can also trim them to fit your specific appliance — and they're extremely easy to put on.


Some Unbreakable Wine Glasses That Won't Scratch Or Fog Up

While these Deco unbreakable wine glasses are made from Tritan plastic, reviewers say you'd never know by looking at them. They're designed to withstand adventures, drops, and runs through the dishwasher without breaks, cracks, scratches, or fogging up — all while looking like real, stemless glasses.


This Anti-Slip Traction Tape You Can Use Anywhere

Line your indoor staircase, outdoor steps, icy patio, or slippery ladder rungs. In fact, some have even used this EdenProducts tape inside their bathtubs. The adhesive is durable and weatherproof, while the non-slip surface uses 80-grit aluminum to create traction where there was none.


These Pest-Repellent Units That Don't Affect Kids Or Pets

Plug them into any wall outlet, and these Okutani pest repellent units produce an ultrasonic vibration that deters bugs and small rodents. While buyers say they work effectively on roaches, mice, rats, spiders, and mosquitoes, those with dogs, cats, or children say it "doesn't bother [them]" — especially compared to chemical alternatives.

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