41 Grooming Products So Amazing We're Seeing Them In Bathrooms Everywhere

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Everyone's grooming routine looks a little bit different. For some, it's skin-care, dental-care, or nail-care, and for others, it's hair removal, contouring, and a good blowout. Personally, I like a little bit of everything, which is why drugstores and cosmetics outlets can be a bit overwhelming. About two years ago, I made the full switch to online shopping — and ever since, my beauty routine only includes the best hygiene and grooming products (instead of hit-or-miss attempts that often ended up in the garbage).

So why, in my opinion, has online shopping transformed the beauty industry? It all comes down to research. If you're standing in the toiletry or makeup aisle, you have to make a decision based on the packaging and — maybe, if you're lucky — a tester bottle. If you're shopping for genius grooming tools from the comfort of your computer chair, however, you've got all the information you need to make an informed decision. This includes ratings, reviewer feedback, forums, best-sellers lists, and video tutorials. In short, it's the next best thing to trying it before you buy it.

But I'm not the only one who's utilizing this information. Ever since Amazon transformed online retail, I've been seeing the same cult-favorite beauty products in all my friends' bathrooms — and as far as I'm concerned, they actually deserve to be there. Here are 41 of the best from all different categories, so no matter how you prefer to groom, you can optimize your routine without the trial and error.


This Hair Removal Tool That's Compact, Painless, & Versatile

Due to its curved, precision tip, this tool from Reazeal can remove unwanted peach fuzz, groom brows, and tackle hairs inside the nose — all without pain or hassle. The gold-plated head is designed to be gentle on skin, and the compact design and USB-rechargeable battery mean you can take it virtually anywhere with you. "One of the best product for such an amazing price," one buyer raved.


These Charcoal-Infused Floss Picks That Are Actually Eco-Friendly

Ditch the plastic and opt for these sustainable flossers from The Humble Co. instead. They're made from corn starch and are packaged in eco-friendly paper to reduce waste. Additionally, they're infused with charcoal and the dual strings slide easily between teeth to grab twice the plaque and build-up. With four packs of 50 flossers, you'll be set for quite a while.


A 2-In-1 Brush That Has Transformed The DIY Blowout

Since the Revlon One-Step drying brush came out, one by one, my thick- and curly-haired friends are succumbing to its magic. This genius tool combines a blow dryer with a styling brush, so it dries, straightens, and volumizes hair in one simple step. Just choose one of the three speed and heat settings and pull your strands through the bristles. The result, according to thousands of buyers? A fast, hassle-free, smooth blowout — even if you have "no idea how to do hair."


A Forked Pen For Effortless, Realistic-Looking Brows

Gels are messy, powders transfer, and stains don't always come out as intended. It's really no wonder these eyebrow tattoo pens are racking up dedicated fans — and fast. The forked microblade tip creates four lines at once for natural-looking, full brows, and the tinted formula is waterproof and smudge-resistant. It even comes in four different options to suit a wide range of hair colors.


These Effective Under-Eye Patches Made With 24-Karat Gold

"I must admit I was a little skeptical that these masks would be able to help my under eye circles, but they really work," one buyer wrote, while another said, "Feel very luxurious when on and are super relaxing as they are slightly cool." In fact, these ALLUREY eye masks have earned their near-perfect rating and best-seller status due to their smart ingredients: collagen plumps up skin and boosts elasticity, hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates, and colloidal 24-karat gold firms and brightens.


Some Eco-Friendly Facial Sponges That Expand With Water

Remove makeup, gently exfoliate, apply serums, cleanse under the eyes and around the nose — you'll find countless uses for these genius little facial sponges, and the best part? They're eco-friendly and extremely compact. The wood-pulp material starts off as a flat disk, but after you add water, it transforms into a soft, fluffy sponge that can be used several times. They're also free from any harsh chemicals or odors.


This Vibrating Brush That Detangles Like Nothing Else

"O.M.G! My little girl, who has very thick, long 4C hair calls this thing magic, and I have to say, I agree with her!" one buyer raved, and there are hundreds more (both kids and adults) who third that opinion. The Remington Tame The Mane detangling brush uses a line of soft-tipped bristles and battery-powered vibrations to get rid of knots without pain, hassle, or fallout. It even works on both wet and dry hair.


These Micro-Needling Tools That Make Your Products More Effective

The Sdara Skincare derma roller has more than 500 reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating. Its painless micro needles cause a rush of collagen and boost absorption from your favorite skin-care products after a quick roll. “Love this. I have been using it a little over 3 weeks, Jen (sister studio) suggested it. It’s really helped those stubborn places that the same pimple always seems to pop up in. My skin is baby smooth,” one customer wrote.


These Colorful Cloths That Remove Makeup With Nothing But Water

Say goodbye to expensive cleansers, drying soaps, and wasteful makeup-remover cloths. These washable, resuable towels are made from a special microfiber that clings to dirt and residue. As a result, they remove all traces of makeup (yes, even waterproof mascara) using only water. Get them in all different designs in packs of three and five. "I have no clue how this works, but it does!" one reviewer raved.


The "Best Natural Deodorant" Buyers Have Tried So Far, "Hands Down"

"I've tried just about every natural deodorant trying to find something that works for me. Note: even regular deodorant doesn't work well for me," one reviewer wrote. That said, the Ethique unscented deodorant bar is the "best natural deodorant [they've] tried so far, hands down." It uses magnesium, zinc, and bamboo to block sweat, oil, and odors. As a result, you stay dry and fresh "all day, even during/after a hard gym session" — and the plastic-free packaging is eco-friendly, too.


This Genius Back Scrubber Made From Exfoliating Hemp

Few things feel as good as someone washing your back — and now you can get that feeling every day, on your own. DeLaine’s back scrubber is made from natural, hygienic hemp and features two handles on either end, so you can reach every inch without straining. It also comes with an exfoliating mitten, and both can be used alongside your favorite soap or body wash.


A Compact Sonic Face Cleansing Brush With 5 Speeds

With five speeds, this silicone facial tool lets you customize your deep clean, and with an IPX7 waterproof design, you can rest easy when using it. And even though it’s only $25, it has customers raving that it’s “better than name brand sonic cleansers.”


This Hair Towel That Reduces Frizz & Speeds Up Drying Time

How can a simple hair towel minimize drying time, cut down on frizz, and prevent damage and breakage? The Evolatree wrap is made from gentle, lightweight microfiber, which absorbs excess moisture quickly and without creating friction. "I love this. Holy wow, this has changed my entire morning routine," one buyer wrote. "It soaks up water faster than a standard terry cloth towel, and it's infinitely more comfortable."


A No-Hassle Braided Headband That Looks Like Real Hair

Get an intricately braided hair-do without any of the intricate braiding. These DIGUAN braided headbands are adjustable and available in a wide selection of colors and designs — and most importantly, buyers cannot believe how realistic they look: "it's so believable my coworkers even asked me to show them the band to confirm it's not my real hair."


The Best-Selling Nail Polish, Essie — With A Quick-Drying Twist

Essie is one of the top-selling polish brands because the formula is smooth, chip-resistant, easy to apply, and available in tons of stylish colors. That said, the main complaint is often how slowly it dries — until now. The essie expressie line offers all of the aforementioned qualities in a one-step formula that dries in just a few minutes. You can even get it in nearly 40 different shades, so it's no surprise buyers are calling it "the best polish ever!"


This Heat-Safe Organization Station For Your Hair Tools

If your grooming routine could use a little organization, the Polder style station delivers with its heat-safe, space-saving design. This mesh basket holds up to three hair tools (including irons and a dryer), condenses the wires into the back compartment, and stores effortlessly over towel bars, on vanities, and in cabinets. Since it's constructed with silicone and metal mesh, it doubles as a safe place to allow your tools to cool down.


A Callus-Softening Foot Cream With Over 13,000 Reviews

If you're wondering why a foot cream has over 13,000 reviews, buyers advise you to "give Healthy Feet a try [and] see why ordering a six-pack makes good sense." This cult-favorite formula uses an ingredient called allantoin to penetrate deep into stubborn callouses, soften thick, rough skin, and lock in hydration for prolonged healing. It's also surprisingly non-greasy and the customer images are borderline incredible.


This Scalp Brush That Removes Residue & Boosts Circulation

There are several reasons why thousands of people have incorporated the FReatech brush into their shower routine. For one, the soft, flexible bristles reach deep between strands to remove product build-up and excess oil while shampooing. For another, it stimulates circulation to encourage hair strength and new growth, and finally, it "feels like [you're] getting a scalp massage every time [you] use it." Get it in your choice of five colors.


A Body Wash Made From Nourishing, Detoxifying Seaweed

This is not your average body wash. Whereas most others strip skin, Seaweed Bath Co. nourishes it with bladderwrack seaweed, which contains over 65 different vitamins and minerals. It also has antimicrobial neem oil, hydrating coconut oil, and antioxidant-rich algae, so needless to say, buyers love it. "My skin looks and feels the healthiest it ever has," wrote one reviewer with sensitive skin and eczema.


This 3-Barrel Wand For Effortless, Voluminous Waves

Looking for an easy way to get some texture and volume? The Alure wand is making some serious waves — pun intended — within the beauty community. Its three ceramic barrels effortlessly crimp hair for a beachy, frizz-free look. According to tons of happy buyers, it heats up fast, works on most hair types, and "is so easy to use" for "beautiful [results] each and every time."


These LED Strips That Turn Any Mirror Into A Daylight Vanity

Add daylight-white illumination to any mirror, so you can match your makeup to your skin tone and groom without hassle. This brilliant LED light strip is flexible, 13 feet long, self-adhering, and can be cut to suit your vanity. There's even a dimmer so you can customize the brightness levels. "Blown away! The simplicity of this lighting apparatus is astounding," one reviewer wrote. "I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to add lighting to a mirror, workshop or space."


"By Far The Best Primer" Buyers Have Ever Tried

"This is by far the best primer I’ve ever tried!" one reviewer wrote, while another said, "Really hides my pores and makes my makeup literally last all day." The No Pore Blem primer uses green tea extract to create a soft, blurred, velvety canvas for makeup application. A little goes a long way, and it's also available in a green tint to reduce redness.


This Revolutionary Dry Shampoo Made With Natural Ingredients

"I really thought I'd never find a dry shampoo that worked," one reviewer wrote, but after trying Hair Dance volume powder, they'll "never try anything else again." It uses real, pronounceable ingredients (namely rice starch, colloidal oatmeal, lavender oil, and olive leaf) to soak up grease and boost volume — without crunchy textures or powdery residues. It works on any hair color, and its easy-apply nozzle is great for on-the-go use.


A Pen For Easy DIY Rhinestone Manicures

Add something unique and eye-catching to your next manicure with these Tatuo rhinestone picker pens. These brilliant little tools make it easy to add crystals, studs, and sequins to your DIY nail routine, all thanks to the dual-sided design. The wax tip picks them up, while the stainless steel tip secures them. The interior even doubles as a storage container for your rhinestones — and they come pre-filled with your choice of various colors.


This 2-In-1 Hot Tool That Both Curls & Straightens

Maximize your style options while minimizing drawer clutter. The Conair Infinitipro styler curls, straightens, and creates waves, all thanks to the versatile plates that open for use as a flat iron and close for use as a wand. It's also ideal for the hair straightener curling technique. The five different heat settings suit all types of hair while the ionic generator helps to reduce frizz, plus it's great for travel: "This allows me to have only one iron to pack," one buyer wrote.


These Spiral Hair Ties For Secure, Crease-Free Styles

Some love them because the stretchy spiral design evenly distributes tension to prevent headaches while in your hair and keep circulation flowing while on your wrist. Others love them because they're waterproof, hygienic, and extremely durable. However, most love Kitsch spiral hair ties because they provide just the right amount of hold for all different thicknesses and hair types — and they "leave zero creases in your hair," too.


A Heated Lash Curler For Volume That Lasts

Traditional curlers may temporary crease your lashes, but mascara quickly weighs them down again. Luckily, this heated lash curler distributes heat between the scald-resistant bristles, which locks your lashes into place for long-term volume. It’s USB-rechargeable and also comes with a bonus comb.


These Crystal Files That Buff Through Nails Like Butter

Unlike traditional emery boards (which create a rough, jagged edge while buffing), these Malva Belle nail files are made from a crystal glass material that never dulls. As a result, buyers say they glide through nails — both natural and acrylic — "quickly and very well," all while sealing the cuticle layers back together. They're available in pastel pink and white, and each set comes with a full-size and a travel-size, both with matching cases.


A Cut-Resistant Razor For Shaving Your Own Back

The baKblade 2.0 has nearly 6,000 reviews, most of which imply that this tool is "absolutely game changing." The long, ergonomic handle allows you to reach every inch of your back by yourself, while the DRYglide blade covers a large surface area and allows for a close, cut-free shave. It works both wet and dry and buyers say that when it comes to hair removal, it's so much more "affordable, effective, and easier to use than electrics."


These $8 Hair Clips With A 4.8-Star Rating

From bridal party gifts to every-day wear, buyers say these pearl clips are "perfect for any occasion." Each set comes with 12 pieces in all different thicknesses and styles, including both bobby pins and barrettes — and despite the $8 price, reviewers say they're "well made," "beautifully designed," and "neatly packaged."


This Oil That Heals Dry, Cracked Cuticles — Fast

"Oh my god the scent alone is worth it," one reviewer raved about this Maccibelle cuticle oil — but the results are definitely worth noting, too: "It keeps my cuticles nice and soft and [I'm] able to easily push them back with a cuticle pusher after the oil sets in. Makes my nails look healthy and shiny as well." Each formula contains nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and essential oils, but you can it in three different scents: milk and honey, pomegranate, and tea tree lavender.


A Top-Rated Growth Serum For Lashes & Brows

If you'd rather grow hair than groom it, look no further than this fan-favorite lash and brow serum. It uses ingredients like amino acids to nourish follicles in order to promote longer, stronger strands. The precision applicator brush is ideal for both brows and lashes, and thrilled buyers report: “My lashes were barely visible. Now I have people asking if I'm wearing false lashes”


This Blow-Dry Spray That Reduces Frizz, Dry Time, & Damage

Buyers call this Kenra Platinum spray "life-changing," "a must-purchase," and the "best product [they've] bought for their hair in a long time." Why? One lightweight formula minimizes frizz, better equips your hair to handle humidity, reduces dry time by up to 50%, detangles knots, and protects strands against heat damage.


A Set Of Toiletry Bags That Actually Stand Upright

Grooming on the go has never been easier thanks to these cosmetics bags from INVODA. Unlike your usual makeup bag, these stand upright on the counter to prevent spills and ensure that you can see everything at once. They also have a shock-resistant, waterproof cover, and when it's time to hit the road, the drawstring fastener packs everything up in seconds.


These Magnetic Lashes That Adhere To The Included Liner

“This is the first time I have ever been able to successfully wear falsies,” one fan raved about these magnetic lashes. Each pair is lined with strong, tiny magnets that adhere to included black liner. As a result, you simply apply the liquid formula like you would any other, give it a few seconds to dry, and attach the lashes with the included tweezers. This set offers five different lengths and intensities for all kinds of looks.


Some Headbands That’re Super Cute (& Cheap)

Some use them to keep their hair back during workouts, beach days, or skin-care regimens. Others wrote, "This is my go to when I'm running late [and] don't have time to do my hair or if I'm just lazy." Either way, these knotted headband wraps are comfy, colorful, and an easy way to tie together any outfit. Get them in a wide selection of florals, patterns, and solid colors.


This Straightening Brush That Has Been Called "Life-Changing"

The TYMO is not your average hair straightener. Instead of flat, potentially damaging plates, it uses ceramic bristles to distribute the heat between strands, taming frizz and saving time. It has five heat settings to suit all hair types, but those with thick, curly hair are especially thrilled: "This straightener has been life-changing," one buyer said. "I have long 3b curly hair and after going through so many other products or methods to straighten my hair, this was the one that really cut my time in half."


A Pack Of 12 Makeup Blenders & A Stand For $12

Despite the fact that you get 12 sponges for just $12, these makeup blenders are a great dupe for way more expensive options. They're cruelty-free and come in all different shapes and sizes for various applications — plus you even get a free rose gold stand for storage and post-wash drying.


This Finishing Stick To Neaten Up Any Hair Style

Style bangs, neaten up an up-do, tame fly-aways, and collect any rogue strands at the nape of your neck — all with this convenient finishing stick. The brush is reminiscent of a mascara wand for careful, precise application, while the formula itself is non-greasy and works on all hair colors and types. No wonder it's one of Amazon's most-wished-for beauty products.


These Pimple Patches That Are A Great Deal

These pimple patches contain hydrocolloid to speed up healing and prevent touching. Simply place the transparent patch over a blemish, and the absorbent coating will the gross stuff to the surface. As a result, the area is less inflamed in just several hours. Plus, you get more than 100 for just $7.


These Precision Razors For Brow Shaping & Facial Hair Removal

Made with Japanese stainless steel blades, these precision razors remove unwanted hair and help you shape your brows in seconds. The shape prevents accidental nicks, and the long, curved handles help with control. You get six in each pack, and they’re reusable, too.

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