42 Products That Work So Well You'll Be Mad You Didn't Buy 'Em Sooner

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There's nothing quite like accidentally discovering a product that works really, really well. I'm talking about those affordable little purchases you make just for fun, and then end up loving the outcome. I mean, I'm not necessarily expecting quality when I throw fiscal responsibility to the wind — but when it works out in my favor, you bet I'm going to brag about it.

But if I'm being honest? Most of those buys come straight from Amazon. Not only does the online megastore have extensive product review sections that let you see whether or not each purchase is worth your time, but there are also tons of super cheap finds that won't break the bank. From hot dog steamers to closet organizers and spice racks, Amazon has you covered. I've made sure to collect a wide variety for this list so that there's a little something for everybody.

Whether you're satisfying your inner impulse shopper or simply browsing for fun, there are tons of brilliant products available. Frankly, you'll be mad you didn't buy a ton of these sooner.


A Sink Strainer That Helps Prevent Expensive Clogs

Designed to fit most drains, this strainer is a cost-effective way to help keep your pipes clean and clear. The flexible rim creates a seal so that debris and other bits of food can't escape, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "the removable stopper works great and the strainer part is easy to clean out (one kitchen job I hate)."


This Storage Bin That Attaches To The Corner Of Your Sink

With dozens of drainage holes on the bottom, this sink basket shouldn't grow mildew and grime as quickly as competing bins. There's a suction cup on the back that firmly adheres to your sink walls, and you can even use it to dry small dishes. Flatware, baby bottles, and other small items fit.


The Steam Cleaner That Works All Around Your Home

Whether your car seats, curtains, or even windows need cleaning, this steamer will effortlessly melt away grime and grease with hardly any work on your part. The extra-large water tank provides continuous steam for up to 20 minutes, and each order comes with nine attachments so you can use it on everything from grills to granite.


This Peeling Liquid That Makes Your Feet Super Smooth

Cracked, flaking feet are a thing of the past once you let your feet soak in this peeling liquid. It's formulated with stimulating peppermint extract as well as argan oil for a nourishing dose of hydration, and peeling can start as soon as four days after use (though most reviewers saw results after about seven days).


The Closet Organizer With 4 Extra-Large Cubbies

Instead of cluttering up your closet shelves with blankets and sheets, just stash them in this organizer. It's made with four extra-large cubbies that can handle purses, shirts, pants, and more. Plus, the included hangers are designed to hang on various closet rods.


A Container That Helps Prevent Your Sliced Onion From Spoiling

A sliced onion will quickly become mushy in your refrigerator, so why not keep it in this onion saver? It's completely BPA-free, and it keeps that pungent onion smell contained so that your fridge stays smelling fresh. The best part? It's easy to see and find — even in a crowded fridge.


This Tiered Spice Organizer With 3 Non-Slip Shelves

You're not limited to solely spices with this tiered organizer — put it in your bathroom to organize lotions and soap, or even on your vanity for cosmetics. It's made from durable plastic, and each shelf features a non-slip lining to help keep your items from being knocked off.


A Set Of Mesh Bags That Help Keep Your Laundry Organized

If you're tired of seeing your clothes get knotted into a jumbled mess in the washer, try keeping them sorted with these laundry bags. Each order comes with seven bags in varying sizes, and they're made from tear-resistant nylon. The zippers lock into place so they don't pop open in the washer or dryer, and you can even use them to organize your suitcase while traveling.


The Sturdy Shoe Organizer That Sits On Your Door

Upgrade your small, cramped shoe rack with this extra-large one that can fit up to 36 pairs of shoes. The 12 shoe bars are also foldable so you can adjust the heights to fit shoes of different sizes. Plus, the non-slip pads on the door hooks help prevent accidental scratches.


A Versatile Pack Of Hooks Made From Stainless Steel

Use them to hang denim and bags in your closet, or use these hooks in your bathroom for wet towels and loofahs. They're made from rust-resistant stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about corrosion. Plus, many Amazon reviewers raved about how they're "well made."


These Storage Hooks You Can Use Indoors And Outdoors

Even though they're advertised as bike hooks, you can use these hooks all over your house to store power tools, hoses, furniture, and more. Each one is made from galvanized steel with a non-slip coating, and four hooks come with each pack. They can each hold up to 100 pounds.


A Flexible Scoop That's Perfect For Narrow Containers

Since the head is made from flexible silicone, this scoop can easily fit into narrow containers, cereal boxes, pet food bags, and more. It's completely BPA-free, and the non-slip grip helps keep it comfortable in your hands. The silicone design is temperature-resistant, so you can even keep it in your freezer's ice maker. Plus, it's able to hold up to 1 cup.


This Exfoliating Brush That Helps Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

The next time you see an ingrown hair or razor bump on your leg, just use this body brush to help exfoliate it away. There are no extra serums or lotions needed in order for it to be effective, and the ergonomic hand grip on the back gives you added control if you use it in the shower.


A Laundry Basket That Collapses For Easy Storage

Not only is it completely BPA-free, but this laundry basket is also collapsible so that it's easy to tuck away into storage when you're not using it. You can also use it as an open-air cooler during parties, since the plastic walls aren't perforated. Plus, it's available in five colors: purple, gray, red, blue, and teal.


This Convenient Tool That Helps You Hang Frames Evenly

Few things are as frustrating as realizing you've hung a frame crooked, so save yourself some stress with this handy tool. The built-in level makes it easy to ensure that your frame is straight — and there are even slidable points that let you mark where you need to pound in a nail into the wall.


A Food Scale That Comes In A Ton Of Fun Colors

Available in seven colors (including lime green, red, teal, and more), this food scale is an elegant addition to any kitchen. The weighing platform is finished with chic chrome, and it's able to read weights up to 11 pounds. Each order comes with two AA batteries, and the auto-shutoff feature kicks in after two minutes.


The Jar Opener That Opens Containers Of All Sizes

With an ergonomic handle for added comfort, this jar opener is a must-have for the kitchen. You can use it to easily open stubborn bottles, jars, and more (thanks to the different loop sizes), and the non-slip handles will work even if they're wet. As an added bonus, you'll get a multi-use bottle opener with your purchase.


A Cheese Grater That Comes With Three Interchangeable Blades

Tired of nicking yourself while shredding cheese? Then it might be time to give this rotary grater a try. It comes with three interchangeable blades that you can use to grate, slice, and shred cheese or veggies. There's also no electricity required — simply pump the hand crank, and you're ready to go.


The Rainfall Shower Head That Also Works As A Handheld

A day at the spa can be expensive, so why not bring the spa to your home with this rainfall shower head? The anti-clog nozzles won't lose water pressure over time, but they'll also help prevent mold as well as mildew. And if you're worried about a complicated installation, don't — it's so simple that zero tools are required.


A Rechargeable Night Light That Turns On When It Senses Motion

Add it to your emergency preparedness kit, or even use this rechargeable light as a night light in your home. The built-in motion sensor allows it to turn on whenever anyone enters the room (making it perfect for closets), and the battery lasts for up to 1.5 hours. These come in a pack of two, also, so you can charge one while you use the other.


This Chic Tissue Box With Additional Storage Space

Made from chic faux leather, this tissue box is a must-have for anyone looking to organize their coffee table, night stand, or desk. There are four extra compartments where you can easily stash pens, remotes, electronics, and more. Plus, it's available in eight different patterns.


An Electric Kettle Made With Durable Borosilicate Glass

Not only is the heat-resistant borosilicate glass more durable than the competition, but this electric kettle also features five different temperature settings for a variety of drinks. Choose from options that allow you to brew green tea and coffee, or simply use it to heat up soup for lunch. The heating plate is made from stainless steel, and each order comes with a tea infuser.


The Sliding Caddy Tray That You Can Put Your Coffee Maker On

Simply put your coffee maker onto this this sliding caddy tray, and you won't have to drag it forward every morning when you're ready to brew. It's made from durable, BPA-free plastic, and it can hold up to 25 pounds. It's also great for toasters, mixers, blenders, and more.


A Handheld Steamer That Heats Up In Just 25 Seconds

Don't get stuck waiting around for your steamer to heat up — just use this handheld version that gets hot in just 25 seconds. The compact size makes it perfect for traveling, and the window on the side makes it easy to see how much water is left. Unlike other steamers, this one also comes with a brush for dusting off your coats and delicate clothing.


The Instant Pot With 14 Pre-Programmed Cooking Functions

On nights when you don't feel like cooking, just use this instant pot to effortlessly get dinner on the table. There are 14 one-touch smart programs that let you cook ribs, rice, yogurt, and more. Plus, the exterior is made from fingerprint-resistant stainless steel. One reviewer even raved that it's "a game changer for those that are short on time due to busy schedules."


A USB Humidifier You Can Take Practically Anywhere

Keep this USB humidifier in your suitcase the next time you're traveling, just in case the air in your hotel is uncomfortably dry. It's also great for tight spaces (like desks or nightstands), and it's able to produce mist for up to eight hours. You can easily fall asleep with it on, since it creates hardly any noise — and you can even use it in your car.


The Kitchen Knife That Can Be Used For Cheese, Veggies, And More

It doesn't matter whether you're cutting up cheese, vegetables, or fruit — this multipurpose knife can get the job done. The blade is made from rust-resistant stainless steel that won't easily dull, and the openings in the blade help reduce friction for a smooth, gliding slice.


A Dehydrating Food Container That Can Make Dried Fruit Snacks

Looking for easy ways to save money? Then start making your own dried fruit snacks at home using this dehydrator. You can make your snacks as decadent as you please, since you get to control the ingredients. Plus, the transparent lid makes it easy to see how everything is going.


This Chopper That Lets You Create Fun Waffle Cuts

Use them on potatoes, zucchini, and cucumbers — or even use these handy choppers while preparing fruit salad for lunch. The blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and they creates waffle-like designs. One pack comes with four, and they each have a different colored handle.


A Carving Tool That Makes Vegetables More Fun

Using this spiral carving knife is a great way to make eating vegetables just a little more fun. It's built with an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your palms — and you can use it to make curly fries, spiralized zucchini, or even cucumber salads. You can even stuff the leftover peels so that nothing goes to waste.


The Steamer For Hot Dogs, Bratwurst, Buns, And More

It doesn't matter whether you're making bratwurst, hot dogs, breakfast sausages, or even veggie links — because this steamer can easily get the job done. The warming tray holds up to 12 buns at a time, and the cooking dial makes it easy to adjust the temperature: off, warming, or high.


A Portable Humidifier That Lights Up

This portable humidifier can help moisten dry air, and also can serve as a night light or party light when you turn it on. It can also turn 360 degrees, so you can angle it wherever the air feels dry or stale. You can set it to one of two modes: One that continuously pumps moisture into your space, and another that sprays moisture every five seconds.


This Juicer That Lets You Make Fresh OJ At Home

Few things are as refreshing as a glass of freshly-squeezed OJ in the morning, and this juicer does all the work for you. The built-in pulper lets you adjust how much pulp winds up in your final glass, and there's even a drip-free spout to help keep your counters clean.


A Memory Foam Pillow With A Cooling Bamboo Cover

Many other memory foam pillows can become hard and uncomfortable when temperatures dip low, but this one is filled with dynamic foam that's made to stay soft. The eco-friendly bamboo cover can help keep you cool, and the memory foam layers are removable (in case you prefer a lower loft).


These Magnetic Eyelash Extensions That Are Easy To Apply

Having your lashes professionally done can be expensive, but this at-home kit is only $13. This set of 10 lashes comes with magnetic eyeliner that you apply before attaching the eyelashes using the included tool. You’ll have lush, thick lashes in just a few seconds. Best of all, they are easy to remove with a little bit of makeup remover, and can be reused multiple times per set.


A Primer That Helps Your Eyeshadow Last All Night Long

Get your lids ready for pigment with this primer. The formula is waterproof as well as paraben- and cruelty-free, and the transparent base dries within seconds so you're ready for a smooth, creaseless application. It won't leave your complexion feeling greasy, either.


This Invigorating Eye Roller Infused With Caffeine, Mint, And Vitamin C

Formulated with brightening vitamin C along with stimulating caffeine and mint, this roller is great for reducing unwanted puffiness in the morning. One reviewer who uses it wrote, "Works great. Takes away the puffiness under your eyes within just a few minutes. Very satisfied with this purchase."


An Electric Shaver Plated With 18-Karat Gold

Not only are the razor heads plated with 18-karat gold, but this electric shaver is easy to use all over your legs (thanks to the ergonomic grip). The built-in LED light makes it simple to see those finer hairs you might've otherwise missed, and the battery is rechargeable for added convenience.


These Cages That Make It Easy To Wash Your Hats

You can't really toss a baseball cap into the washing machine — unless you're using these cages, of course. They're made from high-quality plastic that won't snap during heavy wash cycles, and you can use them with both child- and adult-sized hats.


A Hydrating Mask For Dry, Chapped Lips

Slather this mask onto your lips the next time they’re feeling dry or chapped. Meadowfoam seed and almond oil help moisturize parched skin, and you only need to wear it for about five minutes. Plus, it’s completely paraben- as well as cruelty-free.


The Face Mask That's Made With Australian Pink Clay

Made with real Australian pink clay, this face mask not only helps detoxify your skin, but it can also help reduce the appearance of your pores. Each order comes with a free applicator brush, and you only need to wear it for 10 minutes to experience the full benefits.


A Trimmer Kit That Helps You Cut Your Hair At Home

While it's not going to give you a layered bob, this trimmer kit is great for shorter haircuts and shaves. The stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic, and they're placed extra-wide so that they're easy to clean under simple running water. Each order comes with nine guide combs, as well as a travel case for added convenience.

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