42 Things That Make Everyone Look Even Better & Cost Less Than $30 On Amazon

Cheap ways to feel like a million bucks.

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Most so-called “brilliant” beauty products won't live up to the hype. The ones that do, however, have transformed my self-care routine — and I've realized that the secret ingredient for these products is usually versatility.

When it comes to finding ways to look more put-together, the best products work for a wide variety of people and circumstances. Think double-sided cosmetics tools, beauty hacks that complement a range of skin and hair types, and clothing that can be dressed up or down. Whenever I want to look my best, I reach for these types of items — especially since they all cost under $30 on Amazon.


A Curly-Hair Diffuser That Fits Almost All Blow Dryers

"My curls have never looked better and lasted longer," one buyer wrote, while another said, "[Now] my hair is always bouncy, curly, and frizz free." The Hairizone diffuser uses special prongs and well-distributed ventilation to dry hair while styling it into defined, voluminous curls — and the universal attachment fits most dryers from 1.7- to 2.6-inch nozzles. Get it in your choice of six colors.


A Wire-Free Bra That Shapes & Supports Like Nothing Else

In my opinion, fashion and comfort should never be mutually exclusive. Warner's Easy Does It bra has been called the "best bra in the world" and has reviewers buying several of them in all different colors. That's because it lifts, smooths, and supports with wide straps, contoured cups, and stretchy fabric — but since it doesn't contain any wires at all, it's the "most comfortable and supportive bra [buyers] have ever had."

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large


These Foot-Peel Masks That Are "Absolutely Amazing"

"Absolutely amazing!" one reviewer wrote. "My friend and I decided to split the pack of booties and have a girl's night in. [...] By days 10 and 12 we were both done peeling and our feet were super soft!" These Dermora foot peel masks are filled with a deep-penetrating formula that causes the old, callused skin to peel off in sheets, so you're left with baby-soft feet within a matter of days.


A Cream That Strengthens Nails & Softens Cuticles

This Hard As Hoof cream is a number-one best seller in nail-growth solutions. The vitamin-rich formula is a go-to for anyone who wants strong, long nails and soft cuticles, and it has a refreshing coconut scent that reviews say "smells amazing." Best of all, it's "non-greasy" and "easy to apply."


A Hair Mask That Triages Damaged Hair

For those hair SOS moments, turn to this hair mask that contains both coconut oil and keratin protein to coax hair back to health. Avocado, castor, and argan oils all assist in returning hair to a nourished state. Simply apply it on clean, damp hair from root to tip for up to ten minutes, then wash. It’s free of toxins such as parabens and sulfates and, as one reviewer comments, “it is honestly magic.” Another raves, “It has brought the luster and shine back, and made my hair silky smooth.”


A Cuticle Trimmer That Gives You The Real Manicure Experience From Home

If you’re trying to save money by giving yourself manicures from home, it can be hard to replicate that same level of finish. This cuticle trimmer is designed for exactly that precise grooming needed for an expert-level manicure. The blades are super sharp and made of surgical-grade stainless steel. It also features a comfortable ergonomic rubber grip and with a $10 price tag, leaves you plenty of money to spend on fun nail polish.


This Eye Mask That You Can Freeze Or Microwave

Because it's filled with temperature-retaining gel beads, you can pop this BPA-free eye mask in the freezer to soothe puffy eyes and headaches — or you can microwave it for a few seconds for relaxation and sinus issues. It stays flexible even when frozen so it can contour to the shape of your face, and has adjustable loop straps for a comfortable, custom fit.


A Set Of Dress Cinch Clips To Transform Your Clothes’ Silhouette

Skip the sewing machine and go for these dress cinch clips to instantly adjust the silhouette of your clothes. You get three clips for less than $20, with reviewers commenting specifically on how great these are for saving money by helping you revamp your current wardrobe. They feature metal ends with plastic teeth and are gentle enough on fabric so as not to tear or distort.


A Retractable Eyebrow Pencil That’s “Better Than Anastasia,” According To Buyers

Available in 12 different shades to match a wide range of hair colors — including hard-to-find shades like gray — the NYX Microbrow pencil adds heft to sparse brows and has been declared a budget-friendly alternative to the pricey Anastasia Brow Wiz. Its double-sided design features a skinny pencil for hairstroke definition as well as a rounded brush for blending and shaping. Buyers also say it's effortless to apply and the cruelty-free formula stays on all day.


This Foolproof Pencil For Effortless Smokey Eyes

If you can't quite master the smokey-eye look, you're not alone — which is why reviewers are "obsessed" with the Artisan L'uxe Beauty Velvet pencil. This dual-sided tool includes a thick, pigmented formula and a built-in smudge tip, so you can get that intense look with minimal effort. It's available in various colors, from jet black to shimmering bronze.


A Fan-Favorite Crimping Tool That Creates Voluminous Waves

Get voluminous, gorgeous beach waves with minimal effort and technique thanks to the Bed Head Wave Artist tool. This clamp-style waver uses ceramic tourmaline plates and a unique deep barrel that reviewers call "life changing" when it comes to achieving "tons of body and volume." Since it has a wide range of temperature options and goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, buyers say it works on almost any hair type (including thin, limp hair that rarely holds a curl).


This Retinol Facial Serum That Boosts Your Natural Radiance

Combining powerhouse skin-care ingredient retinol (a derivative of vitamin A) with moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid, this facial serum may provide a host of benefits — including glowier, more radiant skin. The effective formula supports collagen production and may even help promote a smoother, more even skin tone. Plus, it’s dermatologist-tested and safe for most skin types.


This Freezable Ice Roller To Soothe Pain & Puffy Eyes

Thousands of reviewers use the ESARORA ice roller to soothe puffy under-eyes and rejuvenate tired complexions — but some also say it works wonders for headaches and muscle cramps. Simply store the head in the freezer, and when it's time for a pick-me-up, slip it into the ergonomic handle and get to rolling. Since it rinses clean, you can even use it alongside your favorite serum or lotion.


An Exfoliating Microneedling Roller That’s A Dream For Skin

Covered in tiny metal needles, this face roller exfoliates the dead skin on your face — but don’t worry, it’s not nearly as painful as it looks. Even better, you only need to use it once every week or two to notice results. Several customers reported smoother, plumper skin with regular application. Follow up with your favorite serum and moisturizer for best results.


This Versatile Healing Clay For All Your Beauty Needs

This cult-favorite healing clay just came out with their second version, and it currently has a 4.8-star rating. Like the original, it's formulated with only 100% pure bentonite clay, but unlike the original, this one is scanned for authenticity and freshness. Due to the powder's absorbency and soothing abilities, you can use it as a pore cleanser, blemish cream, hair mask, facial toner, and cystic treatment.


A Handheld Body Brush For Exfoliation And Lymphatic Flow

Dry brushing is a calming, effective way to exfoliate old skin all over the body, but according to experts, it also helps to promote lymphatic drainage, which flushes out toxins. The Ecotools dry body brush has a handheld design and cruelty-free synthetic bristles for use all over the body. It's also made with recycled materials, and buyers say it reduces swelling while increasing softness.


These Patches That Aim To Heal Blemishes Way Faster

"I put them on as soon as I see a blemish coming," one reviewer wrote. "I feel like it’s drastically helped my skin." These little, round ICONIC patches are filled with hydrocolloid, which absorbs the contents of a pimple without causing irritation. As a result, they protect the area while simultaneously speeding up healing, so when used at night, the spot is often flatter and brighter by morning.


This Popular Eyelash Curler That Comes With Its Own Satin Bag

For less than $15, this eyelash curler with over 36,000 reviews on Amazon will transform your lashes in seconds. As a bonus it comes with its own satin bag for classy portability and even includes two refill pads. Reviewers love the perfectly calibrated hinge that offers just the right pressure to produce the ultimate curl, as well as the fact that it comes in four pretty finishes (rose gold, platinum, black, and prism).


Some Unique Concealer Shades To Correct All Kinds Of Discoloration

These are not the colors you'd expect to find in a concealer kit — and according to reviewers, that's a great thing. This palette from NYX PROFESSIONAL features yellow to counteract under-eye circles, peach to tackle dullness, green to cover redness, pink to disguise dark spots, and purple to cover blemishes. Buyers say it's "creamy, blendable, [and] worth it," especially given the $5 price tag.


These Top-Rated Under-Eye Patches Made With Real Gold

With a best-selling status, almost 1,500 reviews, and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, these Le Gushe under-eye patches are difficult to ignore. They're made with ingredients like seaweed, essential oils, hyaluronic acid, licorice, collagen, and real gold, which aim to brighten dark circles and reduce inflammation for bright, well-rested eyes. "Very inexpensive and affordable for something that really makes a difference," one buyer raved.


These Hair Wax Sticks That Tame Loose Hair Strands

When you need to create a flawless up-do for a wedding or a fancy party, these hair wax sticks are here to lock your style in place. But their use isn’t limited to special occasions. They can also be used on casual days to boost shine, moisturize locks, and disguise split ends, all thanks to the non-greasy, easy-to-apply formula sourced from natural ingredients including beeswax and avocado oil.


A Scalp Massager That May Encourage Volume & Hair Growth

Using its soft silicone bristles, this handheld brush from Maxsoft both removes stubborn residue and massages the scalp during shampooing. As a result, hair feels lighter and cleaner, but the scalp is also stimulated for improved circulation and new growth. The brush is waterproof and comes in three colors — but most importantly, buyers "cannot explain how good this feels" during use.


This Cult-Favorite Dryer Brush That Adds Major Volume

This hybrid Revlon tool functions as both a brush and dryer at the same time, since hot air is directed through the barrel and between the bristles. Thanks to its innovative design, the styling tool allows you to cut down on the amount of time it takes to do your hair in the morning, while also giving you salon-worthy volume. If you find yourself rushing through your daily hair routine, this brush can add precious minutes back to your schedule.

  • Available colors: 4


This Vitamin C Cleanser That Promotes A Bright, Even Complexion

This facial cleanser combines skin-brightening vitamin C with calming ingredients such as green tea and chamomile. The result? A complexion that’s smooth, glowing, and free of irritation. The naturally derived formula doesn’t just do all that, however — a boost of hydration comes from aloe vera and coconut water, leaving skin feeling soft and moisturized.


A Set Of Makeup Brushes To Create Any Look

One buyer says it all about this versatile set of makeup brushes, “This set gives you every type of brush you could possibly need for pretty much any eye makeup look.” There are seven brushes in the set ranging from an angled crease brush to a smudge brush to a bent eyeliner brush. The sky’s the limit with the looks you can create, and you don’t even have to break the bank to do it.


A Pair Of Durable Nail Clippers For Thick Nails

If you’re blessed with strong and healthy nails, when the time comes for trimming, you may need to bring the big guns in with this pair of nail clippers. They’re designed especially for thick nails and are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel. The jaw is large enough at 4 millimeters wide to handle the biggest of toenails and a handy grip prevents any accidental slippage.


This Extra-Strength Gel That Removes Stubborn Calluses On Your Feet

Getting rid of the stubborn calluses on the soles of your feet has never been easier, thanks to this extra-strength gel from Lee Beauty. The fast-acting formula works in minutes — just apply a layer over your callus, wait five to 10 minutes, then follow up with a foot scrubber. Ultra-smooth feet and no expensive pedicure — who doesn’t like the sound of that?


This Exfoliating Facial Scrub Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Made with all organic ingredients, this facial scrub is a true “miracle worker,” as one reviewer puts it. The formula is packed with nourishing organic ingredients like vitamin E, avocado, rice bran, and lavender. Biodegradable jojoba pearls work to exfoliate the skin, ridding it of dead skin cells and cleaning out dirt and makeup. But have no fear, the scrub is gentle enough on even the most sensitive of skin.


Some Ultra-Comfy Cotton Panties That Offer Complete Coverage

Offering full coverage in the seat and a sky-high waistline, these cotton panties are great for sleeping, lounging, or wearing out and about. The smooth, breathable fabric is blended with just the right amount of stretchy fiber, resulting in a body-hugging fit that isn’t too tight or constricting. There are several multipacks to choose from, featuring a range of neutral shades and jewel tones.

  • Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large
  • Available multipacks: 12


These Soft, Velvet Scrunches — In 45 Different Colors

If you're all about the return of the scrunchie trend, you'll be thrilled to hear about this multi-pack from Chloven. Each set comes with a whopping 45 scrunchies in all different colors, and since they're made with soft velvet and stretchy elastic, they're gentle in your hair and fashionable on your wrist.


Some Touch-Up Razors For Brow Grooming & Unwanted Facial Hair

Thanks to the micro-guard blades and small, precise heads, these dermaplaning razors are great for pain-free facial hair removal. The set comes with three tools, one of which includes a special cover made specifically for eyebrow grooming. According to one reviewer, it's "almost impossible to cut yourself with these and it took the peach fuzz right off [their] face."


This Exfoliating Brush To Keep Skin Free Of Bumps

“I cannot believe I waited so long to buy this!” says one true fan. This exfoliating brush uses extra-soft and flexible silicone bristles to both treat and prevent any bumps from shaving or ingrown hairs. It can conveniently be used wet or dry (it functions well as a dry brush too) and, as a bonus, there are two small silicone scrubbers included to gently scrub delicate facial skin. At the price of $10, smooth skin was never so easy or so affordable to achieve.


This Liner With A Stamp For Effortless Winged Eyes

Getting one perfect wing is hard enough — then you have to create a second one to match. No wonder Lovoir winged eyeliner pens have over 5,500 reviews. These brilliant make-up must-haves are designed with two sides: A traditional felt pen for the inner eye, and a curved stamp for neat, even flicks every time. Each set comes with two pens (one for either eye) and reviewers rave: "This eyeliner has changed my life."


The Body-Hugging Camisole That Creates A Seamless Look Under Clothes

Offering gentle compression throughout, this stretchy camisole supports your chest and torso without feeling too restrictive. It’s made of a moisture-wicking, elastic blend of nylon and spandex, lying smooth all the way down to your hips. Adjustable spaghetti straps allow you to achieve a fine-tuned fit.

  • Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large
  • Available colors: 8


A Tea Tree Oil Body Wash To Treat Skin Irritations

This body wash harnesses the power of tea tree oil to treat various body odor issues and many different skin irritations that consequently cause dry, cracked, or flaking skin. It uses the additional ingredients of peppermint and aloe vera to refresh and soothe, and also includes nourishing oils such as coconut, jojoba, and olive. Fans rave that after trying tons of different methods to deal with skin infections, “This was the only thing that tamed the inflammation and irritation.”


These Fan-Favorite Whitening Strips For A Brighter Smile

Perfect for those with sensitive teeth, these whitening strips utilize an enamel safe-formula that’s infused with PVP, a gentle ingredient that helps prevent new stains from sticking to teeth. The anti-slip strips stay securely in place, so you can go about your daily business — and even drink water — as the formula gets to work. The strips are beloved by reviewers, boasting a 4.7-star overall rating.


A Heat Protectant Spray That Withstands Temperatures Up To 446 Degrees

If you’re a daily styling tool devotee, grab this heat protectant spray that’ll protect every strand of hair up to the high temperature of 446 degrees. It uses a special thermal technology that wraps every hair follicle in a layer of protection to prevent any possible breakage. It works on all hair types and can dually be used on wet or dry hair. It even adds some healthy shine with the help of aloe vera, coconut oil, and avocado oil.


This Versatile Blouse For Work, Errands, Or A Night Out

"It looks great with a pair of leggings or even a pair of tight jeans," one buyer wrote, while others wear it with slacks at work or tuck it into a mini-skirt for a night out. This blouse from LookbookStore comes in just about any color or print you could imagine — and it's available in a V-neck, scoop-neck, crew-neck, faux-wrap, front-tie, or long-sleeve option — but all of them have the signature mesh-panel bell sleeves that reviewers can't get enough of.

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large


This Roll-On Solution For Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs

Packaged in a convenient roll-on container and designed for all sensitive areas, the Divine Derriere treatment aims to minimize redness and irritation after hair removal. Soothing ingredients reduce razor bumps, while exfoliants help to prevent ingrown hairs. It can be used after shaving, waxing, or tweezing, and buyers are now enjoying smooth, pain-free skin on their legs, underarms, bikini area, and face.


An $11 Foundation That's Reviewers' "New Holy Grail"

"My new holy grail foundation," one buyer wrote. Since Catrice HD liquid foundation is buildable, offers great coverage without settling into creases, and creates an airbrushed look, the "quantity and quality of this foundation for the price of $11 is AMAZING!" It's available in 12 different shades and is vegan, cruelty-free, and made without parabens, too.


This Matte Setting Spray That Keeps Makeup On Lock All Day Long

Ideal for oily skin types, this weightless setting spray from Elizabeth Mott dries to a smooth, matte finish. Just spritz the formula over your finished makeup look to prevent smudging and fading throughout the course of the day. Multiple customers have also noted that this spray has a light, soothing fragrance, so you’ll get an extra dose of freshness every time you use it.


This Hair Mask That Repairs Strands With Collagen Proteins

According to reviewers, anyone with color- or heat-damaged strands should give this Elizavecca hair mask a shot. It coats and reinforces hair with collagen proteins in order to boost texture and shine while preventing further breakage. "This stuff wowed me, for sure. My hair was softer than it's EVER been," one buyer wrote. Another said, "The most amazing part is that while it adds luster and softness, my hair isn't greasy at all."

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