44 Things That Make Your Home Look & Feel Way More Luxurious For Under $30 On Amazon

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Creating a lavish living space doesn't always have to put a huge dent in your wallet. As someone who likes to relax with cozy throws and indulge in scented candles, I've learned there are many things under $30 on Amazon to make your home way more luxurious.

Do you want to add a little more texture to your bedroom or living room? Satin or velvet pillowcases are both sophisticated-looking and super affordable. For scents and aromas, adding a simple essential oil diffuser can immediately make any room way more relaxing.

When it comes to your kitchen, a cast iron skillet makes food taste great — and it has a pro-chef appearance while it's sitting on your stove. Adding stainless steel appliances is also a great way to make your home look sleek and elegant.

For your bathroom, items like a rainfall shower head or an automatic soap dispenser can give your home that spa-like feeling. Finally, a plush bathrobe can heighten that staycation-vibe even more.

Although these products can get expensive, there are a few hidden gems on Amazon that are actually really cost-effective. When things are reasonably priced, you can let yourself get as creative as you want with your home makeover.


This Heated Throw Blanket That Has Thousands Of Reviews

This heated throw blanket is warm, cozy, and will automatically adjust its temperature to keep you warm. Conveniently machine washable and even dryer compatible, it will automatically shut down after three hours so that you can fall asleep without worry. It also has three different heat settings in case you prefer to adjust the temperature yourself.


These Velvet Pillow Covers That Are Super Soft & Only $12

Available in many beautiful and classic colors, these velvet pillow covers are super comfortable and won't pill over time. They're made from grade-A material that's skin-friendly and feels smooth to the touch. The set of two is designed with a zipper to help easily insert your pillows.


A 3-In-1 Vacuum Cleaner That's Lightweight & Easy To Use

For easy and efficient cleaning, this three-in-one vacuum from Dirt Devil is a great way to tidy up your floors and smaller spaces. For less than $30, you get all of the tools you’ll need to make sure your place is spotless. It also utilizes a removable, rinsable filter that’s a breeze to clean. “One of the best investments we ever made,” one Amazon reviewer states.


This Eco-Friendly Bath Mat That's Nonslip & Made Out Of Bamboo

If you're looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to bath mats, this bamboo bath mat definitely fits the bill. 100% natural and coated three times with finishing, it's anti-slip, resistant to water, and quick-drying. Because of its smooth material, it's comfortable to stand on and has a sleek and luxurious look.


A Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker That's Dishwasher-Safe

This Secura French press coffee maker is both durable and sophisticated. With a capacity of about 4 cups, it's designed with a three-layer filter to ensure flavor and quality. It's also completely dishwasher-safe, making it super easy to maintain. Get it in 10 different colors.


These Natural Wood Soap Holders That Are Under $10

Handmade and crafted from beech wood, this set of wooden soap holders is both non-toxic and super safe to use. Its design conveniently lets your soap drain without gathering any liquid buildup over time — and since it's stylish and chic, it goes well with any sink or tub.


This 8-Piece Towel Set That's Made Out Of 100% Cotton

Affordable as well as luxurious, this Utopia towel set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and four washcloths. They're made with ring-spun cotton that adds extra softness, and they're lightweight, breathable, and double-stitched to avoid ruining in the washing machine. Get them in seven colors.


A Set Of Luxurious Satin Pillowcases For Only $9

With almost six thousand ratings on Amazon, these satin pillowcases have a bit of a cult following. The set of two is made with 100% polyester satin that's durable, luxurious, and resistant to stains. They're also super helpful in maintaining healthy hair while keeping it free from tangles and frizz.


This Herringbone Robe That's Super Plush & Warm

This herringbone textured plush robe is knee-length and comes with a tie-around belt. It's available in various rich colors and has an impressive rating with over a thousand reviews on Amazon. Whether you want to lounge around in it or use it after the shower, it's a great addition to your self-care practice.


A BPA-Free Shower Head That's Easy To Install

This BPA-free rainfall shower head is designed with a luxurious high pressure release. Able to cover your whole body with its downpour, this shower head is also plated with chrome and easy to install. Its jets are also self-cleansing and won't clog, so all you need to do is wipe off any excess buildup with your hands.


This Gorgeous Diffuser That You Can Control With A Remote

There’s something very sophisticated about using a remote on a product other than your television. This essential oil diffuser comes with its own, giving you even more control. That said, the remote isn’t the only cool function this diffuser has — it can run from 8 to 12 hours, and also changes colors. It’s a great way to jazz up any room. You can also use it as a fun nightlight for bedtime.


These Smart Bulbs That Boast 16 Million Different Colors

Compatible with many different smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home, these smart light bulbs can work for up to 20,000 hours. They're able to save energy by 80% and they can also change to 16 million different colors. Easily set the tone in your home by using your voice or your phone as a remote control.


These Handy Smart Plugs That Are Super Easy To Set Up

Compatible with Alexa, these smart plugs can automatically control any outlet with the sound of your voice. From turning lights on and off to setting up routines, these smart plugs can work with various devices. You can even schedule them to run your humidifier at night or start your coffee in the morning.


This Cast Iron Skillet That's Sturdy & Already Seasoned

Versatile for all different types of meals, this cast iron skillet is designed to last. Because it comes pre-seasoned, you can use this skillet right away for sauteing, grilling, baking, and more. It's also polished to have a non-stick surface and can keep your food warm for an optimal amount of time.


A Compact Trash Can That's Sleek & Durable

Ideal for small spaces, this compact trash can has a simple pedal-opener and will outlast more than 150,000 steps. It is made of brushed stainless steel and has an inner bucket that's easy to remove and clean. It also won't make loud noises when closing and has a coating that protects against fingerprints.


This Jewelry & Makeup Organizer That Has Over 7,000 Reviews

Stackable and clear enough to see through, this jewelry and makeup organizer has thousands of reviews on Amazon. It's designed with four removable drawers and 12 slots that can fit lipstick, brushes, palettes, and foundation. (It also includes a black mesh interior to prevent any scratches and safely secure your items.)


This 18-Hook Jewelry Organizer That's Only $7

For those who frequently have to untangle their necklaces and bracelets, this jewelry hanger can hook up to 18 pieces of jewelry at once. Equipped with 32 see-through pockets, you can easily organize and access your accessories. It's designed with a hole at the top for use as a hanger, so it can easily be placed on your door or in your closet.


These Elegant Stemless Wine Glasses That Are Dishwasher-Safe

Efficient and sophisticated, these stemless wine glasses come in a set of four and are completely dishwasher-safe. They are able to hold about 15 ounces of wine and are durable enough to use every day. Finally, their bowl design makes these glasses super easy to grip while enhancing the taste.


This Affordable Wine Aerator That's FDA-Approved

This wine aerator is made with materials that are FDA-approved — and it's able to enhance the flavor and improve the quality, so even cheap wine tastes instantly better. It's also super easy to clean, fits right on the bottle for use as a pourer, and has a rubber stopper to prevent any drips.


A Bluetooth Speaker That Can Reach Up to 100 Feet Away

This Bluetooth speaker can successfully reach up to 100 feet away, and (thanks to its triangular design), it can play music loud. Great for entertaining or personal use, it's also rainproof and splash-proof. It even has an impressive battery-life of up to 14 hours.


This Stainless Steel Electric Kettle That's BPA-Free & Cordless

Thanks to its stainless steel design, this kettle is durable, BPA-free, and so sleek. It's also made to automatically shut off when there isn't any more water in the kettle, and its 1-liter capacity is great for guests and larger households.


A Bamboo Bathtub Tray That's Adjustable & Won't Slip

This bamboo bathtub tray is both beautifully designed and efficient. Able to fit all different tubs, it also has nooks to hold a wine glass, snacks, a book or tablet, and a smart phone. It's super sturdy and even has rubber grips to prevent any slipping.


This Bedside Shelf That’ll Give You A Lot More Personal Space

Do you see your bed as being somewhat of a sacred place? This simple upgrade will make it even more relaxing. Adding a bedside shelf is fairly simple to do, and will allow you more space for drinks, snacks, and your electronics. “It holds a water bottle, alarm clock, stuffed animal, and two books,” one happy Amazon customer said. “As a bonus, it looks nice, not bulky and out of place.”


A Laptop Stand That Can Turn Any Space Into A Workspace

It’s essential these days to find good places in your house that you can work out of. This laptop stand will help make things feel slightly more official. Supporting most laptops that measure in between 10 - 15.6 inches, this stand can easily be thrown in a bag if you need to take your computer on the go. Since it can hold up to 35 pounds, it can also transition into an out-of-the-box place to store a few books.


This Tumbler That Can Chill Beverages For Up To 9 Hours

With double wall insulation, this tumbler can keep beverages cold for up to nine hours and hot for more than three. Eco-friendly and designed with a removable lid, it's also made with durable stainless steel. It's completely BPA-free and resistant to any rust or sweat.


An Easy-To-Use Cocktail Shaker That's Rust & Leak-Proof

Made of stainless steel, this cocktail shaker is versatile and has the ability to create all sorts of different drinks. Sleek and elegant, it won't rust over time and is resistant to any leaks for easy handling. It also comes with a martini kit, recipe booklet, and other useful accessories.


These Chilling Stones That Are Natural & Reusable

These natural chilling stones are made of 100% soapstone and are non-porous. As a result, they are able to cool your drink without dilution or absorbing odors — and they're ready to use a few hours in the freezer. They're even reusable and come in a velvet pouch, too.


A Clever Cocktail Book That's Literary-Themed

If you're into literature and cocktails, this cocktail handbook features 65 recipes that are literary-themed. Clever and playful, some drinks include titles like "Romeo and Julep" and "The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose". It's a number-one best seller, and reviewers rave that it makes the "perfect gift."


This 11-Piece Magic Bullet Blender Set That's Only $25

This Magic Bullet blender set is budget-friendly and super versatile. Able to blend, chop, mix, and more you can make all sorts of delicious snacks and meals. The set includes two cups, one 1/2 cup, and a recipe book.


This Brita Filtering Dispenser That Holds Up To 18 Cups

Useful and efficient, this Brita filtering dispenser is able to hold 18 cups of filtered water. It has an easy to pour spout and helps reduce the amount of impurities normally found in tap water. It comes with one Brita filter that can be used for up to 300 16 ounce bottles of water.


These Comfortable Bluetooth Headphones That Are Waterproof

Able to resist sweat and light water, these bluetooth headphones can be used in light rain or intense exercising. Powered by a lithium polymer battery that can fully charge in just two hours, these lightweight headphones are popular for their great sound quality and the ability to fit comfortably in most ears. They’re also great for taking calls in your home office.


A Fogless Shower Mirror That Has Over Thousands Of Reviews

Although this fogless shower mirror is a little above $30, it's definitely worth it. To avoid fog, all you need to do is fill its water chamber with warm water and then empty out after using. It's able to rotate in 360 degrees and won't shatter or rust over time.


This Bamboo Viscose Hair Towel That's Super Absorbent

Made out of eco-friendly material, this bamboo viscose hair towel is naturally absorbent, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. Suitable for all types of hair, it's designed with a loop to secure your locks in place. It's also hypoallergenic and prevents bacteria buildup.


A Floral Cap That's Stylish And Luxurious

This luxurious floral shower cap is resistant to both water and mold. Reusable and able to prevent water from seeping in, this cap fits well for most and is comfortable. It's also available in other fun prints.


This 24-Pack Of Facial Masks That Includes Bamboo And Charcoal

These facial masks include a variety of ingredients like bamboo, charcoal, green tea, and more. They range from masks that moisturize, nourish, and brighten. At its price point, this 24 pack is super cost-efficient.


A Desk Fountain That’ll Bring You Some Peace And Relaxation

When you think of luxury, there’s often some sort of fountain involved. Fountains are a great for a couple of reasons — for one, they often provide a mild background noise that might help you focus. They’re also good for brief meditation breaks. Finally, they’re just nice to look at. This fountain from the Alpine Corporation Store is sure to bring a few much-needed moments of zen.


This Gel And Memory Foam Pillow That Helps Regulate Temperature

Ideal for hot sleepers and those who frequently wake up at night, this gel and memory foam pillow will help keep you cool. Designed with a loft of five inches, it will also keep your head and shoulders comfortable as you sleep. It's additionally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sensitive skin.


A Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror That's Rustproof

This wall-mounted mirror is sturdy, resistant to corrosion, and won't rust over time. Double-sided in design, one side has ten times magnification for up close precision. Its swivel is also able to rotate in 360 degrees.


This Matcha Sleeping Lip Mask Balm That's Moisturizing And Hydrating

Rejuvenating and nourishing, this matcha sleeping lip mask balm is made with coconut oil, fig extract, Vitamin E, Orchid, and Shea Butter,. Useful for hydrating damaged lips, this balm can easily be applied to condition your lips throughout the night. Its formula feels like regular chapstick so it's comfortable for all-night wear.


A High Powered Milk Frother That's Durable And Versatile

This high powered milk frother can be used with many different types of milk and dairy products. Able to whisk for cappuccinos, lattes, matcha, and hot chocolate, it's made with stainless steel that's durable and rust-proof. It's also easy to store because of its compact design, and is easy to clean with hot water. It comes in many bright metallic colors.


This Japanese Tea Set That Makes Authentic And Flavorful Matcha

Ideal for those who love matcha teas, this matcha tea set includes a whisk, scoop, and spoon. Made of all natural bamboo, you can rely on making an amazing cup of tea each time you use this set. It’s also great for beginners who want to jump into the matcha lifestyle.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser That's Convenient And Mess-Free

This automatic soap dispenser is able to hold 17 ounces of liquid soap. Battery operated, it has a compartment that's securely sealed to avoid any damage. It has a clear container to easily let you know if it needs to be refilled, an on and off switch, and can be easily wall-mounted. You can also adjust the volume of soap it dispenses.


This Gravity Pepper Grinder Or Salt Mill That's Fun And Easy To Use

Fun and simply designed, this pepper grinder or salt mill uses gravity for spicing. Just flip over the product to add salt or pepper to your meals. Its body is made of durable stainless steel while its precise blades are made of ceramic. It's also built with an LED light and has a wide opening for easy refilling.


A One-Touch Electric Can Opener That's Under $20

Suitable for cans that are standard in size, this electric can opener only needs one touch to be operated. Its blade is durable and precise, and has a lever that's detachable. It has over thousands of reviews on Amazon and is highly recommended for being easy to use.

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