47 Things So Good People Wish They'd Bought 'Em Sooner

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To put it mildly, my bank account has been looking a little worse for wear lately. A few too many impulse purchases here, several candle making kits there — but it's an easy fix. Instead of swiping my credit card willy-nilly, I'm going to stick to all the brilliant products on Amazon. They're the items that are so good, I wish I had bought them sooner.

If you enjoy running outside, make sure to check out the biking shorts I've included. They feature pockets on both legs, and the fabric wicks away moisture to help keep you dry. Or, if you're tired of peering down at your computer screen, you'll definitely want to take a good look at the monitor riser in here. Not only will it add storage space to your desktop, but it's also really easy to assemble. As for me, I'm currently in the process of revamping my bedspread — and the satin pillowcases in here are a total steal at just $10 for two.

Whether you're looking to organize your home or exfoliate your feet, there are tons of useful products on Amazon that can help you get the job done. And once they arrive, I'm sure you'll also wish you'd bought them sooner.


A Pair Of Workout Shorts That Have Pockets

Looking for a pair of cute workout shorts? Search no further than these ones, which are available in dozens of colors. They're made from a moisture-wicking blend of polyester and spandex that stretches with your body, and the high-rise waistband is totally on-trend.

  • Sizes available: X-Small - 5XL Plus


A Lip Scrub Made With Hawaiian Cane Sugar

This scrub is perfect for exfoliating away chapped, flaky lips. It's formulated with raw Hawaiian cane sugar, and the added shea butter leaves your skin feeling smooth afterward. Plus, it's cruelty-, paraben-, and sulfate-free and boasts a 4.6-star review on Amazon.


A Neck Gaiter That Comes In Dozens Of Colors

Made from soft, stretchy fabric, this neck gaiter is comfortable while jogging outdoors or even making a quick trip to the grocery store. The added length helps keep your neck and chest protected from the sun, and the ear loops make it easy to wear while running errands. Choose from dozens of colors, including tie dye, camouflage, and more.


A Pair Of Satin Pillowcases That Help Tame Unwanted Frizz

Save yourself some time getting ready in the morning by sleeping on these satin pillowcases. Since satin absorbs less water than cotton, these cases can help reduce unwanted frizz in the morning — and they're made with an envelope closure to help prevent your pillow from sliding out. Each order comes with two, and they're available in various shades.


A Pack Of Space-Saving Hangers For Cramped Closets

If your closet is overflowing, you don't necessarily need more space; just grab these hangers and you'll be fine. Each one is able to hold up to 30 pounds, and there are enough slots on them for up to 12 garments horizontally, or six vertically. They're made from durable ABS plastic, so there's no need to worry about them snapping under heavy loads.


An Inverted Umbrella That Won't Leave Drips On Your Floor

Most umbrellas will leave drippy messes all over your floors — but not this one. The inverted design prevents rainwater from spilling out once it's closed. Plus, it's windproof, so you don't have to worry about using it in bad weather. Choose from dozens of colors, including green, red lotus, rainbow, and more.


The Spray That Prevents Your Glasses From Fogging Up

It's easy to fog up your glasses when you're wearing a mask, but it's even easier to stop them from getting cloudy in the first place with this spray. It's formulated to work on all types of anti-reflective lenses, included goggles, ski masks, binoculars, and more. Plus, there's enough in the bottle for up to 400 uses.


An Eyelash Serum Formulated With Collagen, Vitamin E, And More

Some reviewers were able to see growth after just six days of using this eyelash growth serum, which is full of collagen, vitamin E, biotin, and more. You can also use it on your brows to help bolster them up, and it's even formulated to help prevent further hair loss.


This Circular Brush That Dries And Combs Your Hair At Once

It doesn't matter whether your mane is wet or dry — the tourmaline plates on this hair dryer brush can still help tame unwanted frizz while infusing shine. There are two air speeds as well as three heat settings to choose from, and the large barrel is also great for adding volume to limp strands.


The Hair Brush With Bristles That Melt Away Tangles And Knots

With its soft Intelliflex bristles, this hair brush separates the strands of hair caught in knots to help melt them away without any painful tugging. It's designed to work with all types of hair, and one reviewer even wrote that "by the end of a few minutes, all of my knots were gone and my hair felt silky and smooth!"


A Plant-Derived Body Balm That Helps Prevent Uncomfortable Chafing

Just apply this body balm onto your thighs, armpits, elbows, or anywhere else your clothes rub against your skin, and it'll help prevent uncomfortable chafing. The formula is rich in vitamins A, B, E, and F to help hydrate dry skin, and it's made with ingredients derived from plants.


A Hand Cream Made With Hydrating Shea Butter

Most creams will wash away if you rub your hands with soap and water, but not this one. It absorbs quickly into your skin to provide you with up to 24 hours of hydration, and the lightweight coconut smell gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. The formula is completely hypoallergenic as well as gluten- and paraben-free.


The Exfoliating Scrub Made With Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil, And More

Using a scrub is an easy way to exfoliate skin cells, and this one is also chock-full of hydrating ingredients so that your skin comes out feeling extra-soft. The pure shea butter, macadamia seed oil, and more help deliver hydrated to any parched areas — and it's completely paraben-free.


This Electric Nail Drill For At-Home Manicures

Whether you're shaping the tips of your nails or prepping them for a gel manicure, this electric nail file can help. Each order comes with 56 sanding bands to help you grind, carve, polish, or even remove acrylic nails, as well as 11 different shank drill bits.


An Ice Roller That Helps You De-Stress After A Long Day

Just keep this ice roller in your freezer, and it'll be ready to go whenever you have a headache or migraine (or even if you're just trying to chill after a stressful day). It's also great for helping to reduce unwanted inflammation in your face and underneath your eyes. Choose from nine colors, including pink, purple, blue, and more.


The Repairing Serum That Helps Strengthen Your Strands

Just put a quarter-sized amount of this serum in your palms, rub them together, and then run them through your hair to help fortify damaged strands. You only need to use it once a week for it to be effective, though one reviewer put it best: "It brought my curls back to life after just one use."


A Repairing Night Cream Made With Beeswax, Raw Honey, And More

Unlike other creams, this one is intended to be used just before bed. It's full of antioxidants that help protect your skin against free radicals. Plus, the formula is completely non-comedogenic as well as hypoallergenic. Some ingredients include beeswax, olive oil, and even raw honey.


These Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

I got tired of digging through my designated plasticware drawer for that one lid, which is why I downsized to these silicone ones. They're cost-effective alternatives to plastic wrap — and each one is made from extra-thick silicone, so you don't have to worry about them tearing as they stretch.


This Sticky Trap For Fruit Flies And Gnats

No matter how clean your home is, bugs can still find their way inside — but you can easily stop them in their tracks with these sticky traps. Each order comes with 12, and the bright yellow color helps attract insects. They're UV-resistant as well as waterproof; just stake them into your gardening pots to get started.


These Foot Peels That Leave Your Feet Feeling Oh-So Soft

Sometimes, I find myself with flaking, peeling feet in the summer — and that's why I always make sure to use these foot peels every now and then. They're suitable for all types of skin, per the brand — and the peach and papaya extracts in the formula are gentle and exfoliating.


The Monitor Riser That Adds Storage To Any Desktop

Just place this riser underneath your monitor or laptop, and it'll instantly add storage to any desk. The bottom features four non-slip pads to stop it from shifting around, and assembly is incredibly easy. Most reviewers were able to put it together in less than 10 minutes.


A Trash Can Designed For Your Car

Don't let trash litter the floor of your car — just throw it into this trash can. The rubber opening helps prevent garbage from spilling out if it falls over, and the adjustable strap lets you hang it from seats, your center console, or even just set it down on the floor.


This Screen Cover For More Privacy On Your Deck

Not only is it UV- and weather-resistant, but this privacy screen also dries quickly after it rains to help prevent mildew growth. It's designed to work with decks as well as balconies, and the extra-thick material can even help prevent dogs from sneaking between railings.


This Suction Tool That Helps Your Bug Bites Stop Itching

Center one of these bug bite tools over a sting or bite, then engage the suction by pulling up on the handle. By drawing the irritant out, the itching sensation should gradually stop. It works with mosquitoes, bees, wasps, chiggers, and more. Plus, each one is completely reusable.


This Manual Food Chopper That Collects The Food As You Go

Food processors can be expensive, whereas this manual one is available for less than $25. It's large enough to make salsa, guacamole, marinades, sauces, and more. Plus, you only need to pull the ripcord about five times for a coarse chop.


A Pair Of Scissors Designed For Chopping Salad

Made with micro-serrated stainless steel blades, these scissors take the work out of tediously chopping up salad greens. The blades are curved so that it's easy to use them directly inside of bowls, and the handle is coated in soft rubber for added comfort.


These Cable Clips That You Can Use All Over Your Home

Behind your television, on your desk, or even behind your nightstand — with these cable clips, you've got options. They also work great with pens and toothbrushes, and the adhesive backing makes it easy to stick them practically anywhere. Each order comes with 24 in different sizes.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker With A Reusable Filter

Instead of spending your money on wasteful paper filters, why not try making cold brew with this pitcher? The fine-mesh filter is reusable, and the base is coated in non-slip silicone to help prevent accidental spills. Choose from three colors: black, blue, or red.


The Toothbrush Holder That Mounts To Your Wall (And Dispenses Toothpaste)

Unlike other mounted toothbrush holders, this one also features a toothpaste dispenser so that you don't accidentally use too much. It's made from durable ABS plastic, and you have options when it comes to mounting: suction cups or adhesives (both of which are included).


The Closet Hangers Specifically Designed For Pants And Slacks

If you like to keep your jeans hung up in your closet, these hangers are total must-haves. The arms swing out individually so that it's easy to grab your desired pair of pants, and each hanger is able to hold up to five pairs of pants, jeans, or even scarves.


This Personal Blender That Doubles As A To-Go Cup

Smoothies, marinades, baby food, protein shakes — this personal blender is so versatile that it can handle all of it and more. The blending jar doubles as a to-go cup so that you can easily take your shakes with you on busy mornings, and the sharp blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


A Silicone Mat For Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Are your makeup brushes caked in foundation and powder? If so, it might be time to give them a deep clean with this mat. It's made from durable silicone with suction cups on the bottom for better grip — and there are multiple different types of threads to help ensure a thorough clean.


This Gel That Cleans Deep Into Tiny Nooks And Crannies

Air vents, keyboards, camera lenses — you name it, this cleaning gel can help retrieve dirt and dust from any tiny nooks and crannies. It's reusable up until the color turns dark, and it's completely biodegradable without any sticky residues.


A Cutting Board That Doubles As A Collapsible Bucket

Whether you're chopping up meat or washing vegetables in the sink, this cutting board can help. And unlike other boards, this one can expand into a convenient bin — and it's made from stain-resistant plastic that's completely BPA-free.


A Smart Essential Oil Diffuser That's Compatible With Alexa

If you pair this smart essential oil diffuser with Alexa or Google Home, you'll be able to control it using voice commands from the comfort of your couch. Don't have Alexa? That's not a problem; you can also control it with your smartphone by using the free downloadable app.


These Colorful Strip Lights That Are Compatible With Alexa

You don't have to pay thousands of dollars for a home upgrade, as these LED strip lights are available for less than $30. You can pair them with Alexa and Google Home in order to control them using voice commands, or just use the downloadable app to set them to one of more than 15 million colors.


These Loose Leaf Tea Infusers That Look Like Umbrellas

If you've ever wanted to try making your own custom tea brew, now's your chance with this pack of umbrella infusers. They're made from reusable silicone to help you save money over time, and each one is heat-resistant up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Set Of Nesting Measuring Spoons That Are Magnetic

Tired of losing loose measuring spoons? Thankfully, these nesting ones are made with built-in magnets that help them stay together so that nothing gets lost. Each one is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and they're shaped so that they easily fit into narrow spice jars.


A Retractable Lint Roller That Doesn't Stick To Everything In Your Bag

Whereas other lint rollers will get stuck to the inside of your purse or bag, this one is retractable so that none of the sheets go to waste. Each order comes with 30 sticky sheets, and one reviewer even raved that "the sticky paper is actually really good, I have two long hair cats and it's taken care of cleaning off my black jeans as well or better than any other lint roller I've used."


These Reusable Food Wraps Made With Cotton, Beeswax, And More

Instead of using plastic wrap when storing food for later, why not give these eco-friendly wraps a try? They're each a reusable alternative to sandwich baggies, cling wrap, and other forms of plastic, because they're made with cotton, beeswax, and tree resin. Plus, each one is coated in organic jojoba oil to help them last for up to a full year.


A Pack Of Trash Bags That Are 100% Compostable

If you're worried about the impact your plastic trash bags have on the environment, it might be time to switch over to these biodegradable versions. They're available in 100-, 200-, and 600-count quantities, and they're just as durable as regular trash bags.


The Steamer That Cooks Veggies In Just 4 Minutes

Just fill the bottom with water, add your vegetables to the strainer tray, and then pop this steamer into the microwave. After about four minutes, your frozen veggies should be ready to eat. Fresh vegetables only take about two minutes to thaw, and you can even use it to cook fish.


The Kit That Lets You Brew More Espresso On The Go

Love drinking espresso no matter where you are? Well, this kit comes with an extra-large water tank so that you can brew more servings per batch with the compatible portable espresso machine, which is available here. It also supplies you with two additional drinking caps.


A Miniature Vacuum Cleaner For Miniature Messes

Perfect for your keyboard and workstation, this miniature vacuum powers through crumbs, dust, pet hair, and other small annoyances that make your desk feel messy. It only requires two AA batteries (which are not included), and it's able to run for up to 2.5 hours before they need to be replaced.


A Powerful Clothing Steamer That's Small And Portable

My clothes always come out of my suitcase wrinkled, which is why I started traveling with this handheld steamer. The water tank is large enough that it can produce up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, and the extra-long power cord makes it easy to maneuver all around your garments.


The Water Flosser That You Can Use In The Shower

I bought this water flosser because it's less than $30 — but in my opinion, it works just as well as the more expensive models. Each order comes with five flosser heads as well as two brush heads, and the waterproof housing means you can also use it in the shower.


A Glowing Water Bottle That Reminds You To Take A Sip

Available in royal blue, black, berry, and other colors, this smart water bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day. The whole bottle glows at regular intervals to remind you to take a sip, and you can even track your water intake by downloading the free hydration tracker Bluetooth app.