7 Quiet Space Heaters That Will Keep You Warm All Winter Long

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As you've probably noticed when shopping for a high-quality, quiet space heater, most manufacturers don't release the decibel levels of their heaters. For this reason, it can take a little bit of legwork to determine if a "quiet" space heater actually is low in the noise department. But, don't feel discouraged. I've done a little digging to sort the loud, obnoxious heaters from the true, whisper-quiet models.

A few things to know upfront: You'll want a space heater with multiple heat settings for the quietest overall experience, and so you can customize the level of heat to your needs. Space heaters with one heat setting will always prioritize warming your room over quiet operation, and by opting for a model with multiple power levels (high, low, etc.), you're more likely to find a heater that actually runs silently — or close to it.

You’ll also want to consider the style of heating. Ceramic heaters — which are the most common types of space heaters — use a fan to circulate air to warm up a space, but this process tends to result in some noise (although there are some that operate at a low decibel level). The quietest heaters are infrared or radiant heaters, and instead of using airflow, they directly warm objects and people nearby, much like the sun does. It takes longer for these models to heat up, and the space immediately in front can get hot — so you’ll want to be cautious if you have kids or pets around.

Lastly, as you shop, consider both the size of your space and your budget. While space heaters often go up in price as the amount of space they heat increases, this isn't always the case. And, if you're looking for an office space heater or one you can fit underneath a desk or table, opt for shorter models over tower heaters. Keep scrolling to see the best quiet space heaters you can buy.


The Overall Best

  • Coverage: 600 square feet (according to reviewers)

There's so much to love about this Vornado ceramic space heater. It is designed with two quiet heat modes, as well as a thermostat dial, so you can get just the level of warmth you want at a low or high power setting. Features like a cool-touch case and a safety mode where the heater automatically turns off when it's jostled or tipped over make this a worry-free option. This quiet space heater also has a relatively small footprint, especially considering that Amazon reviewers report it can heat up to 600 square feet. This model is a bit more expensive than others on this list, but when tested by Consumer Reports, it earned an "excellent" noise rating for its quietness. Best of all, this model comes with a five-year warranty should you run into any issues.

This space heater is expert-tested, whisper quiet, and has heaps of safety features

What fans say: "Silent little heater. Love the accuracy of the thermometer. It auto turns on and off. At high, you can barely hear it. Heats an office super fast. Would buy this again in a heartbeat.”


The Best Ceramic Heater On A Budget

  • Coverage: 300 square feet

All things considered, this Lasko portable heater is a great (and quiet!) personal space heater you can use in your office or home without disturbing anyone. Equipped with an easy-to-grip handle, you can transport this space heater with you if you move rooms. And, this model has three quiet settings (fan only, low, and high heat), as well as a thermostat dial, so you can achieve the perfect balance of heat and noise for your space. Plus, the oscillation allows you to cover even more space, without having to move the heater around the room. According to reviewers, it creates a bit of white noise, but overall they’re pleased with how quiet the operation is for the price.

For under $40, this is a quiet space heater for offices or single-person use

What fans say: "Quiet warmth. This heater looks small, but it warms our entire living room. We can count on this Lasko heater every morning and I'm assuming for years to come. Durable and powerful.”


The Best Infrared Heater

  • Coverage: 1,000 square feet, but reviewers say closer to 500 square feet

This wood-paneled space heater is a pricier pick on this list, but for a good reason. Not only do manufacturers claim this can handle spaces up to 1,000 square feet, but it also uses an infrared heating process, which is much quieter than ceramic. This radiant-style heat silently warms objects much as the sun does, and the housing stays cool to the touch, with the exception of the top grate (so you’ll want to be wary if you have pets or kids). It also has handy features that are key to safely heating your home, like a 12-hour automatic shut-off feature. And, this manufacturer is one of a few to actually disclose the noise level of this appliance, which is 34 decibels (considered very quiet by experts). Choose between one of three heat settings: low, high, and an automatic setting which will fluctuate between low and high heat depending on your room's temperature. You can even set you preferred temperature on the LCD display. This machine comes with a remote control so you can change the heat settings from anywhere in the room.

With an attractive wood design, this infrared heater can tackle large spaces and boasts near-silent operation

What fans say: "This thing is also quiet enough for me to wonder if it's on, until I notice the room is getting warmer. This is definitely among the best heaters I've ever used. It was slightly smaller than I expected too, but that's just a bonus. Not an eyesore and nearly silent, I'd recommend this to friends needing a boost in heat.”


The Best Tower Heater

  • Coverage: 300 square feet

An oscillating tower heater like this one is a great pick if you're looking to heat multiple rooms quickly and quietly. Simply place this ceramic heater in the doorway and it'll blow hot air into each room as it rotates. Designed with a remote control for easy use, this space heater has two heat settings (high and low), a seven-hour timer, and an adjustable thermostat that is displayed on an easy-to-read screen. Standing just under 23 inches, this is a taller option, so keep this in mind if you're planning to place it underneath a desk or table. But, on the plus side, its narrow frame will free up more space on your floor.

This sleek tower heater is a middle-of-the-road option with a small floor footprint that oscillates to cover more space

What fans say: "It is a very nice heater. It immediately puts out warm air and it is surprisingly very quiet! I am super happy with this item. The oscillating feature is also very nice for heating a larger room. Will likely buy another one of these."


The Best Design

  • Coverage: 250 — 500 square feet

If you want a space heater that looks like it came from the pages of Architectural Digest, the Gaiatop is your best bet. Drawing inspiration from the mid-century modern aesthetic, the simple white body sits atop angled wooden legs. But it’s not all about looks — the ceramic heater operates at 45 decibels (louder than a library, but quieter than rainfall), and features two heating modes and a fan setting. It has tip-over protection that automatically turns the machine off, but there’s no thermostat dial, remote control, or timers. That being said, it rings up at a wallet-friendly price, and the design can’t be beat.

Compact and design-savvy, this simple pick is quieter than rainfall and won’t break the bank

Fans say: “This heater is smaller than I expected, but I am actually really happy about it. It's the perfect size for a desk or bathroom! Its really cute and modern looking so it fits right in with my decor. I love that! It quickly heats the room and it also has an awesome option for a "cool" mode. I love that it can do both hot and cold. It's also very quiet so the noise isn't distracting.”


The Best Smart Space Heater

  • Coverage: 750 square feet

A true 21st century option, this Wi-Fi-enabled smart space heater gives you lots of functionality. With the compatible smartphone app, you can adjust the temperature, toggle between high and low modes, set timers and schedules, and turn oscillation on or off. (Being able to control the heater remotely also offers peace of mind since you can be absolutely sure it’s turned off after you’ve left the house.) It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home devices if you prefer to use voice commands, but you can also use the integrated display right on the machine to make adjustments. As far as noise goes, this ceramic heater runs at about 45 decibels, making it just slightly louder than a quiet library. However, at 25 inches tall, it’s not a good option for under-desk use.

Wi-Fi-enabled for voice- and smartphone app-control, this smart heater is great if you’re looking for high-tech features

Fans say: “I did however have to get down on my hands and knees to see if it was blowing because it was THAT QUIET! Within 30 minutes my shed when from 55 degrees to 67. So I was very happy with the function, it also has a very sleek design and didn't take up hardly any space. [...] I love that I am able to use my smart phone to start heating up the office from inside my house while I'm getting ready, so I can jump right in and get to work when I get in there.”


The Best Budget Radiant Heater

As mentioned, radiant-style heaters operate more quietly than ceramic options, and this pick does it at a budget-friendly price. The quartz halogen heater warms up objects — instead of using forced air — so it’ll feel a bit more like the warmth you get from the sun. This one features two heat settings and an oscillation function, and the flat panel design means it takes up minimal space. Overheat and tip-over protection enhance safety, but some reviewers have reported the controls and space directly in front of the heater can get quite hot, so it may not be best for households with kids or curious pets. And while it might heat more slowly than ceramic machines, this silent space heater is perfect if you’re looking for noiseless operation.

At a wallet-friendly price point, this radiant heater offers sun-like warmth to objects in the room and it’s super quiet — but the machine itself can heat up

Fans say: “With my relatively new work-from-home status, and with cold weather coming on, I wanted a heater that would warm me and not the surrounding air; and also one that was silent (no fan) so I don't have any background noise when on the phone. Also didn't want a higher wattage heater as with my computer and monitors plugged into the same circuit, didn't want to blow the breaker. This fits the bill perfectly.”