4 Super-Effective Space Heaters That Actually Fit In Your Small Space

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When the cold weather rolls around, your heating system may need a little extra help to warm up your space. If you’re tired of chattering teeth or want to save money by heating just a portion of your space, the best small space heaters are a quick and effective way to boost the temperature in your chilly home or office. But before you buy a space heater, there are a few factors to consider, especially if you’re shopping for a more compact room.


When thinking about the space heater that is best for your needs, pay attention to the size of the unit. If you’re looking to heat up the area just around your desk at work, for example, then you’re going to want to pick a space heater that has a pretty small footprint (probably 6 inches or less). And if you’re looking to warm a slightly larger space (like a whole room), be on the lookout for a unit that can handle a more substantial area. I also included a tower-style heater on this list, which mainly takes up vertical space without impeding too much on your horizontal square footage.


A heater that puts out 1,500 watts max (on high heat) should work fine in most small rooms. I included one pick here that puts out a lower wattage, but it’s still a nice option for providing a little extra heat under your desk.


Space heaters, when used improperly, can be dangerous. That’s why it’s really important to avoid risky space heater mistakes and look for units that have safety features like overheat protection (which automatically turns the unit off if it gets too hot). Don’t worry, though — all of the picks listed here have the basic safety functions.

Additional features

Some space heaters are quite simple; the unit may have just an on/off switch or basic heat settings. Others boast some cool features, like a timer or remote control.

To help you on the hunt for the ultimate small space heater, here are four picks that Amazon reviewers say have helped to keep them nice and toasty.


A Highly-Rated Small Space Heater At An Affordable Price

With an impressive 4.4-star rating, it’s safe to say that Amazon reviewers enjoy this space heater from Givebest. At about 6 by 7 by 9 inches in size, this pick is certainly small — but that doesn't mean it's not powerful. Choose from three different settings (1500 watts, 750 watts, and even a cool blow fan) and the unit should warm up your space in a matter of minutes. The adjustable thermostat control ensures that the temperature stays at an oh-so-comfortable level that you can enjoy for as long as you please. Rest easy knowing that this pick has built-in safety features, including overheat and tip over protection. And at around $30 in price, it doesn't get much better than that.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “This heater is a great price, cute (it looks like it's smiling) and heats up my office. I love that it's portable, you can lift it up and move it around, when you lift it up it actually pauses so the heat stops and then once you plop it down it starts up again. The settings are simple, 1 and 2 and the fan. It's super easy to operate and requires no set up. Overall this heater is worth the price and works!”


The Best Tower-Style Space Heater

If you’ve got vertical space available, a thin tower-style space heater is a great option for warming up your room. And this pick from Lasko is certainly your best bet; it stands 23 inches tall, but only takes up 8.5 by 7.25 inches of floorspace. Standout features include an easy-to-read digital controls, a programmable thermostat (with high, low, and auto/thermostat settings), an eight hour timer, and a remote control for added convenience. The 1500 watt heater even oscillates, and the manufacturer states that it can warm up to 300 square feet of space. It offers overheat protection for safety, and a built-in handle makes carrying the unit super simple so you can enjoy it throughout your home.

This pick comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “This is the hottest space heater I've ever owned. It has some great features, like showing you the temperature in the room, an auto-shutoff when it hits a certain temp that you set, and a high/low and oscillating features. But by far the best part of it is how quickly it heats up for how small it is. It gets so warm so quickly. I recommend this for sure.”


A Compact Space Heater That Oscillates

This space heater from HALOFUN may be compact, but it definitely doesn’t lack power. It features three different modes (high heat at 1500 watts, low heat at 750 watts, and fan only) and oscillates 70 degrees to provide even heat throughout your space. The thermostat will kick on when needed in order to maintain a consistent room temperature. And you know it’s got to be good because reviewers on Amazon awarded it a 4.2-star rating.

The unit features overheat and tip over protection for added safety.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “Love this little, but powerful heater. The oscillating feature and two heat settings allow me to warm up the kitchen/dining area of my house in the mornings. And it’s a lot cheaper than turning the heat on.”


An Extra Small Heater For Under Your Desk

Perfect for warming the area under your desk, this super mini space heater from Lasko is the best way to make your work day a little warmer. It’s low wattage (200, to be exact, which should be all you need for such a small space), 6 inches tall with a 4- by 4-inch footprint, and comes in four different colors. What’s best is how easy it is to use: flip the power switch and you’re good to go. Despite the simple design, this pick still has overheat protection so you don’t have to worry about safety. With an ultra-low $20 price tag, Amazon reviewers just adore this space heater; it has more than 6,000 reviews and a 4.2-star rating overall.

What Amazon reviewers are saying: “OMG - best purchase! I’m always freezing - like all the time, especially at work - it always feels like the air is on and blowing right on me. I keep this little nugget right under my desk and it’s perfect! I have used it every work day since I got it and I would cry if it stopped working!”

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