50 Cheap Home Improvement Products That Make A Big Impact

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

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A home renovation project may sound like an expensive undertaking on the surface. However, you might be surprised to find that there are many cheap home improvement products on Amazon that'll make a huge impact on your house's ambiance (without breaking the bank). Here's a list of must-have items that could be extremely helpful while sprucing up your house.

We've included colorful under-cabinet string lights that could make all the difference in the world when it comes to the look and feel of your kitchen. We even added silicone caulk that can help improve the appearance of your tile and bath area, along with wood repair markers that could mend scratched furniture. There are even sink plungers and universal socket wrenches that can come in handy when something breaks, making home maintenance issues a breeze to handle on your own.

So whether you're looking to DIY or call in a handy person for help, these products are sure to help you upgrade your living space without having to spending a fortune. Keep scrolling to take a look at cheap home improvement items that you're going to absolutely love.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The Satin Pillowcases That Add Some Shine To Your Bedroom

These pillowcases are made with satin, so they'll add a nice shine to your bedroom. And since they create less friction against your hair than regular cotton, they can also help reduce frizz while you sleep. Plus, the envelope enclosure helps prevent your pillow from slipping out. Choose from over 10 colors.


This Durable Wood Glue That's Water-Resistant

It doesn't matter whether your furniture is splintering or you're putting a bird house together, this water-resistant wood glue can help get the job done. Unlike other glues, this one only requires about 30 minutes under a clamp, and it's done curing within 24 hours.


The Magnetic Screen Door That Closes Itself Behind You

Unlike other magnetic screen doors, this one features weights at the bottom so that it doesn't blow open when it's windy outside. The magnets running along the center allow you to walk through it without using your hands, and it boasts more than 37,000 reviews.


A Pack Of Colorful Strip Lights You Can Control From The Sofa

Put these string lights under your cabinets or behind your television for some chic lighting. Each order comes with a remote that you can control them from the couch without having to get up, and there are 16 LED colors to choose from when setting the mood: red, blue, purple, green, and more.


The Connectors That Let You Lengthen Your LED Light Strips

Is your light strip too short for the project you have in mind? Just use these connectors to attach multiple strips together. There's no soldering required, and they're designed to work with waterproof strips that have a silicone coating. "They worked great," one Amazon reviewer wrote. "You can barely see the connector when the lights are on."


A Folding Closet Organizer With More Than 900 Positive Reviews

With rigid sides that help keep its shape, this folding closet organizer is perfect for putting away your winter blankets, sweaters, comforters, and more into storage. The transparent window makes it easy to see what's inside without unpacking anything, and each order comes with three bins.


The Dehumidifier That Fits In Your Cabinets And Closets

Without any power cables required, this dehumidifier makes it easy to remove excess moisture from cramped spaces, including closets, cars, safes, and more. It lasts for up to four weeks before the battery needs to be recharged, and there are zero messy refills necessary — just charge the battery, and you're ready to go.


A Wireless Doorbell With 52 Chimes To Pick From

With 52 different chimes as well as five volume levels, this wireless doorbell is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add one to their front door. It has a range of up to 1,000 square feet, which makes it great for larger condos or homes, and the battery lasts up to three years.


9. A Set Of Wood Repair Markers To Easily Disguise Scratches

Quickly fix cracks, scuffs, and scrapes with this set of furniture repair markers. The full kit includes markers that are offered in eight colors designed to match most wood furniture pieces. It also comes with wax sticks and a sharpener. Simply apply where needed and let it dry for instant results.


A Plant-Based Countertop Cleaner Made With Essential Oils

Not only is the plant-based formula biodegradable, but this cleaning solution is also strong enough to thoroughly cleanse your kitchen countertops. It boasts a rosemary-and-peppermint scent, thanks to the pure essential oils within the formula. Many Amazon customers have praised the cleaner, with one person writing, "Absolutely love this stuff! Been using it for years. Smells so clean and good. Works great!"


A Carpet-Cleaning Solution That Removes Tough Stains

Keep your carpet in pristine condition with this deep-cleaning carpet shampoo. Designed to be used with an upright carpet cleaning machine, it helps remove dirt and grime that's deeply embedded into your floor. It also helps remove odors and protects against allergens.


This Wood Conditioner That Polishes And Protects Furniture

This solution polishes and protects all of the wood furniture in your home. Using a mixture of carnauba wax and beeswax, the conditioner helps prevent damage of both finished and unfinished surfaces. The formula even keeps the wood from drying out in the future.


These Microfiber Sheets With Extra-Deep Pockets

Stay comfy and cozy in this microfiber bed sheet set. It comes with a fitted sheet that has deep, elasticized pockets, along with a flat sheet and a pillowcase. This set comes in an array of patterns and colors that are easy to launder in the washer and dryer.


A Powerful Handheld Shower Head With Six Soothing Settings

This high-power shower head is great because it can also be used as a handheld. It's made of stainless steel materials and features an adjustable handle with flexible hose that allows you to use it many ways. Designed with six different power settings, this attachment will quickly become your new favorite home accessory.


A Pack Of Automatic LED Night Lights That Sense Darkness

Illuminate your home with this pack of LED night lights. They're each designed with a built-in sensor that makes them automatically light up when the room darkens. This set comes with six lights in total, making it a great package for your bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and more.


The Adhesive Door Draft Stopper That's Easy To Install

Stop freezing air from entering or escaping your home with this easy-to-use door draft stopper. This adhesive strip is easy to install, adhering to most surfaces to keep air, noise, pests and other elements out. It's made of silicone, comes in five colors, and simply peels to stick wherever you need it most.


A Universal Wrench Socket Kit That Fits So Many Tools

This wrench socket tool kit will become a total lifesaver when it comes to home projects. Made of stainless steel, these tools feature "magic grips" that easily fit most nuts, bolts, and screws. This product is extremely durable and sure to become a go-to for many members of your household.


A Smart Plug That You Can Control With Your Phone

Take total control of your home's electronics using this smart plug. With it, you'll be able to turn things on and off from remotely through your smartphone device or via voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. It can also be scheduled by timer to activate your devices as needed.


A Spray That Helps Repel Water To Prevent Stains

You can help protect your furniture against spilled drinks with this water-repellent spray. It won't affect the color of your upholstery, and it's also suitable to use on purses as well as boots. One reviewer even raved, "All of my future leather products will be treated with this before being worn!"


These Velcro Covers That Protect Your Refrigerator Handles

Protect your kitchen appliances with this set of refrigerator door handle covers. They're designed with Velcro fastenings that make them easy to attach and adjust as needed. These covers can be tossed in the washer and dryer for easy laundering, making them a great addition to any home.


A Mess-Free Caulk Strip That Can Be Installed Within Seconds

As an alternative to traditional caulk, this caulk strip can be used to seal the areas around bathtubs, showers, stoves, and walls to make them look like new. Simply peel and press the adhesive to install the strip within seconds (without the use of tools or unwanted messes).


The Basket Strainer That Fits In The Corner Of Your Sink

Hook this basket strainer to the side of your sink for easy draining and food prep. It features strong, easy-to-use suction cups, and it's fast-draining and drying to help prevent mold and debris from forming at the bottom. This device works well with most sinks and can also be used in the bathroom, if desired.


This Touch-Activated Desk Lamp That Offers Three Brightness Levels

This touch-activated desk lamp is the perfect accessory for any office or nightstand. It easily goes on and off with a simple tap and offers three levels of brightness to suit your needs. The neck features a flexible design that allows you to adjust it to shine in many directions, while the rechargeable battery is designed to work for up to 10 hours at a time before recharging.


A Battery Organizer With A Built-In Battery Tester

Eliminate clutter using this battery organizer. It holds up to 93 different sized batteries and comes with a built-in battery tester that immediately tells you if your batteries are working. This device's small profile allows you to store in neatly in a drawer or mount it on a wall for easy visibility.


This Plug-In Timer That Can Control Your Home's Lighting

Set this plug-in timer to control home devices such as lamps, appliances, and more; it can turn them on and off as needed. It works by letting you decide when your devices will power on and off when you aren't home. Designed for indoor use, this timer makes a great accessory for anyone who lives alone or has a hard time making it home before dusk.


A Sleek Soap Dispenser That Can Be Installed Into Your Sink

This built-in sink soap dispenser makes washing your hands super easy. It's designed to hold up to 11 ounces of liquid and can be refilled easily from the top. The sleek looking pump — which is made of ABS plastic — is offered in chrome and oil rubber bronze to match and complement any bathroom's decor.


An Ice Machine Solution That Removes Mineral Buildup

Keep your ice at its peak level of freshness using this ice machine cleaner. It works by removing scales and deposits that may accumulate in your ice maker. This solution protects nickel while removing hard water and mineral buildup at the same time.


This Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light

Make using the bathroom at night safer and mess-free with this toilet night light. The kit provides 16 motion-activated colors that illuminate when you enter the bathroom to use the toilet. It's battery-operated and super easy to install and use.


A Unique Plunger That Clears Clogged Sinks And Drains

This sink and drain plunger is super effective when it comes to unclogging congested pipes. Made of high quality plastic, it works like an accordion while removing backups. One customer wrote, "I have two of these, one for the toilet and one for my bath and sinks. They work great, building up powerful pressure if you want it, or they go gently to attack your problem."


This Silicone Kitchen And Bath Caulk That's Waterproof

Made of 100% silicone, this tub and tile caulk provides an easy way to refresh the cracks and linings in your bathroom. It's fully waterproof, shrink-proof, and works seamlessly with various textures such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal, and plastic.


A Bright LED Ceiling Light That's Super Easy To Mount

Add some bright lighting to your home with this mounted ceiling light. This one is made with LED bulbs that save more energy than a traditional bulb. It also comes with every thing you need for a quick and easy installation, which means it's the full package.


This Under-The-Cabinet Light Strip For Your Kitchen

This under-the-cabinet lighting will add some ambiance to your home. Equipped with LED bulbs, it's super slim and easy to install, while the switch gives you total control over the light's brightness. This product is available three different sizes and can be converted from plug-in to direct wire with the additional purchase of junction box.


An Appliance-Cleaning Set That Helps You Detail Your Home

Keep appliances and other areas around your home in tip-top shape with this cleaning set. Great for deep cleaning, these brushes and scrapers fit into every nook and cranny to cleanse and remove dirt and debris from any surface. Designed for easy storage, these brushes snap together compactly to be stowed away in a cabinet or drawer between uses.


A Gutter Scoop That Removes Debris Quickly And Easily

Prevent backup and flooding with the use of this easy to use gutter scoop. It features a narrow design that makes it easy to scoop and load leaves and other debris out of your home's gutters, while the handle position prevents your hands from being scraped and harmed as you work.


These Clog Removers That Clean The Drains In Your Sink And Bathtub

The perfect tool for cleaning your sink or bathtub, these clog removers extract all of the hair, dirt and debris from you pipes without ever having to call a plumber. They feature multiple pointed "teeth" that latch onto dirt and blockages to keep your sink and tub's drainage in great shape.


The Cleaning Gel That Reaches Deep Into Keyboard Nooks

Remove crumbs and dirt from your computer quickly and easily with this keyboard-cleaning gel. It molds to fit into tight areas, adhering to dirt and dust to keep your keys in pristine condition. This gel does not leave your hands sticky, making it super simple to use whenever it's needed. Plus, it smells like lemons.


A Grout-Cleaning Tool That Helps Renew Your Tiling

Scrape and remove old tile grout with this nifty grout-cleaning tool. The double-sided device features an angled design that gives you better grip and control throughout the process. It comes preassembled, and it's super simple to work. Just use the scrapers to renew and the brush to clean up the mess.


A Pair Of Colorful Light Bulbs You Can Pair With Alexa

Too tired to get off the couch to turn your lights off? With these smart light bulbs, you can easily control them using voice commands once you've paired them with Alexa or Google Home. And with millions of rich LED colors to choose from, it's easier than ever to set a relaxing mood in any room.


This Drain Clog Remover Kit That Comes With Gloves

These snake drain cleaners help remove clogs caused by hair, food, and other debris in an instant. The pack comes with six plastic drain cleaners, one overflow cleaning brush with rotators, and a pair of reusable gloves that help protect you as you unclog your drain.


A Cleaning Brush That Works On Vents, Keyboards, And More

This vent cleaner is specifically designed to keep your air vents and sliding doors clean. It can also help cleanse computer keyboards, blinds, and more. Made of high-quality plastic, it comes in a three different colors for your choosing: blue, green, and pink.


This Plastic Scraper Set That Removes Gum And Stickers

This scraper set works to remove gum, adhesive debris, and stickers within minutes. It includes double-edged plastic razors that clip into the handle with ease. To use it, just scrape the plastic underneath the sticky residue that you're trying to remove.


A Bug-Shaped Sponge That Absorbs Oil In Your Pool Water

If your water filter isn't enough, use the Scumbug to refresh your pool or spa. It's a durable, oil-absorbing sponge that's shaped like a bug — and many Amazon reviewers highly recommend it. One person wrote, "Perfect for my spa. They reduce the scum layer and keep the water nice and clear. It’s basically a pre filter for your main filter soaking up oils that live on the top of your water."


The Cami Hanger That Keeps Your Clothes Neatly Organized

Keep strappy clothing such as tanks, bras, swimsuits, and more neatly organized on this camisole hanger. It features 16 hooks that can hold up to eight garments on one hanger. Great for any closet, these stainless steel structures are great for keeping clothes easily accessible — and they also save so much space.


This Set Of Chair Leg Caps That Help Protect Your Floors

Protect your furniture and floors by using these chair leg caps. They come in a pack of 32 and are designed to prevent scratches and damage that occurs as you slide chairs around. Made of silicone, they stretch easily to fit on most chair legs — and they do a great job of safeguarding your home.


The Knife Organizer That Fits Neatly Into Your Drawer

This knife organizer provides a safe and easy way to store all of your sharp cutlery. It saves tons of space and features a two-tier design that fits your small and larger knives in different sections. Designed to be compact, it stores neatly into your kitchen drawer for easy use.


This Portable Humidifier That Doubles As A Night Light

Made with cool misting capabilities, this portable humidifier features eight lights that can be used for ambiance or as a night light and offers two different misting modes so that you can adjust it to suit your needs. It operates totally noise-free and automatically powers off when the water's low, making it great for bedrooms and nurseries.


These Burner Covers That Help Protect Your Stove

These heat-resistant stove burner covers help protect your stovetop. They come in a set of eight, all of which are designed with non-stick coatings that help keep things clean while remaining safe at high temperatures. They can also be used over and again to keep your range in great condition.


The Gap Covers That Keep The Area Between Your Stove And Counter Clean

Seal the gap between your stove and countertop by using one of these silicone gap covers. They're easy to install, simple to clean, and resistant to heat. Not to mention, they're offered in three different colors to match your kitchen decor: black, white, and clear.


This Mold And Mildew Remover That Doesn't Need Any Scrubbing

You can prevent unsightly grime from contaminating your bathroom with this mold and mildew remover. There's no scrubbing required — just squirt it onto any problem areas, let it sit for a few hours, then easily wipe it off with a damp cloth to reveal your clean-like-new grout.


A Clever Drain Stopper That Lets Water Run Through

The TubeShroom does double duty: It lets shower water pass through your drain while preventing clogs along the way. That's because of the mushroom-shaped design that fits snug, in addition to the drainage holes along the edges that prevent anything but water streaming.

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