51 Best Gifts For Guys, According To Male Reviewers On Amazon

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It's not always easy to shop for people. An example: I always try to come up with novel gift ideas for my boyfriend, but in general, all he wants are socks. And while I also agree that socks are great, they're also a little unoriginal. So instead of buying him yet another pack of black knee-highs when I'm trying to surprise him, I've started looking at all the great gift options for men available on Amazon instead.

If you're struggling with gift ideas — whether it's Christmas, Valentine's day, or a birthday — there are tons of best-sellers on Amazon that are unique. There's a flameless s'mores cooker that lets you pretend you're cooking marshmallows over a campfire (even though you're indoors), and even a vacuum-insulated koozie that keeps your beverages chilled for hours. Besides — who can say no to a waterproof Bluetooth speaker? Considering how many speakers my boyfriend has dropped in the ocean, it's probably time for me to surprise him with an upgrade.

And these stellar Amazon products with near-perfect reviews aren't just for guys, of course — because there's not a person out there who doesn't enjoy a great gift.

Seriously: what's not to love?


The Miniature Flashlight Made With Super-Bright LED Bulbs

Able to provide up to two hours of light when fully charged, this miniature flashlight also has a clip on the side so you can easily attach it to your belt. It's skid-proof as well as water-resistant, and it's made from high-quality aluminum alloy.


A Device That Lets You Cook Delicious S'mores Indoors

Simply build your s’mores and pop them into this genius device so you can cook delicious treats in the comfort of your own home in just five minutes. You can use the device in an oven, toaster oven, or — if you want to be intrepid — over a fire or grill outdoors.


The Sport Water Bottle With An Extra-Large Flavor Infusion Core

Not only does it have an extra-large infusion core where you can add fruits to flavor your water, but this sport water bottle is also designed so that it won't sweat on the outside. It's made from BPA-free, durable Tritan plastic, and it's even 100% leakproof.


This Conditioner That Leaves Beards So, So Soft

Got a scraggly beard that’s irritating your skin? It might be time to give this conditioner a try. It’s made with shea butter and coconut oil, which helps tame frizz while also infusing shine. Plus, the sulfate-free formula is suitable for sensitive skin.


The Can Cooler Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Simply pop your canned beverage into this can cooler, and the vacuum-insulated design will ensure that it stays chilled for hours. The exterior won't sweat so that your hands stay dry, plus it's completely BPA-free — and boasts over 5,000 reviews.


A Pack Of Shaving Soap That's Hypoallergenic

If you find that your skin easily becomes irritated while you shave, try soothing it before and after using this shave soap. It's great for softening your facial hair so that your razor glides over your skin, plus it's moisturizing so that your skin is left feeling soft.


This Gaiter That Helps You Stay Cool

Got a midday workout session coming up? Stay cool in the heat with this gaiter. Simply get it wet with cold water, wring it out, then wear it like you normally would. The water will draw away your body heat as it evaporates — and with 12 different ways to wear it, it’s perfect for any outdoor activity.


A Detoxifying Face Mask Made With Mud

If you're looking to get rid of blackheads, minimize the appearance of pores, or even just combat oily skin, try this mud mask. Not only is it made with real mud — which is packed with minerals like zinc and magnesium — but it also stimulates blood flow in your skin so that your complexion is left looking clear and refreshed.


The Manicure Set Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

You've all seen a pair of nail clippers that's gotten rusty over time, whereas this manicure set is made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust. Each set comes with practically everything you'll need to groom your fingernails and toenails, plus the travel case is made from high-quality PU leather.


A Pack Of Moisturizing Creams That Won't Leave Any Greasy Residues

This combination pack of hydrating cream is a cult-favorite for a reason: use one on your hands if they're dry from the weather or wear, and slather the other on heels if they've become cracked. Neither of these creams will leave greasy residue on your skin, and the formula is completely hypoallergenic. It also creates a moisture barrier between you and the elements — perfect for the cold or if you work in a job where you have to wash your hands a lot.


The Device That Slices Potatoes And Vegetables With Ease

You can use it to make delicious French fries, or you can use this tower slicer to quickly slice up carrots, onions, and more. The non-skid base ensures that it stays firmly put while you slice up veggies, plus it's designed to keep your hands far away from the blades so that there's little risk of accidentally cutting yourself.


A Straw That Filters Out Harmful Contaminants From Any Water Source

Able to filter up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water, this personal water filter sets itself apart from the competition by getting rid of 99.9999% of bacteria and parasites. It's perfect for camping, hiking, or any other outdoor activity — and one reviewer wrote it made brown water taste "better than any tap."


This Cool-Looking Pourover Coffee Setup

This handy pourover coffee setup not only looks sleek on a countertop, but it’s also extremely easy to use. Simply place a size 2 paper filter in the ceramic dripper and slide it over the included mug to brew directly into your glass. The dripper can make up to two cups of coffee at a time. The set is crafted from sturdy stainless steel, wood, and ceramic for pieces that will last.


A Bluetooth Speaker That's Completely Waterproof

Not only is it completely waterproof, but this Bluetooth speaker can stay connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 66 feet away. It's able to provide up to 12 hours of music when fully charged, and there's even a suction cup on the back so that you can use it in the shower.


The Mesh Produce Bags That Are Washable And Reusable

Unlike other produce bags, these mesh produce bags allow barcodes to scan through them so that you don't have to unpack each bag when it's time to go through the check-out, plus they're reusable so that they help save you money over time. Snag these if you're tired of wasting plastic.


A Cookbook With Recipes That Real People Would Actually Eat

This cookbook — written by J. Kenji López-Alt — has both recipes and techniques, but also explains the science behind tried-and-true techniques. Grab this for the person who already likes to cook, but wants to level up (and tell them it won a James Beard award).


The Fabric De-Fuzzer With Three Different Depth Settings

No one likes finding lint and pills on their clothes, so use this fabric de-fuzzer to get rid of it. There are three different depth settings to choose from depending on the fabric you're shaving, plus the lint catcher is detachable so that it's easy to clean.


A Set Of Packing Cubes That Help Organize Your Luggage

Made from premium nylon that's resistant to tears, this set of packing cubes is an easy way to make sure your luggage is always neat and organized. Each order comes with four cubes in varying sizes, plus they're also water-repellant so that your clothes stay dry if anything leaks. They even have a handle to easily move them around if needed.


The Travel Pillow That Supports Your Head And Neck In Any Position

No matter where you're traveling, this adjustable travel pillow will keep your head and neck supported so that it's easy to fall asleep. You can mold and twist it into a variety of positions depending on how you like to sleep, and it's made from super-soft fabric that feels plush against your skin.


A Cup That Lets You Enjoy A 'Bowl' Of Cereal On-The-Go

There isn't always time for a bowl of cereal in the morning, so take your bowl of cereal with you by using this cereal cup. There are two separate compartments for milk and cereal so that the cereal doesn't become mushy, and once you combine them, you get enjoy that breakfast goodness wherever you are.


The Kit That Lets You Roll Your Own Sushi At Home

Instead of spending money on expensive delivery sushi, make your own at home using this sushi rolling kit. This kit comes with two full-size rolling mats — as well as a rice spoon and spreader — plus it's made from eco-friendly bamboo that's exceptionally durable.


A Safety Razor That's 150% Smoother Than Traditional Blades

Not only does it come with its own leatherette case, but this safety razor also provides a clean shave that's up to 150% smoother than disposable razors. One Amazon reviewer even raved that the extra weight in this razor "makes your strokes feel a little more controlled as the razor encounters resistance."


The Sandals With Thick, Cushioned Soles

Whether you’re showering at the gym or grabbing the mail, the non-slip bottoms on these slider sandals help keep you safe from sliding in wet conditions. And if you aren’t into pink? They’re also available in black, orange, yellow, or grey.

  • Available sizes: 4.5 Women / 3.5 Men — 11.5 Women / 10.5 Men


A Kit With Everything You Need To Start Enjoying A Glass Of Whiskey

Not only do you get two large glasses, but this whiskey gift set also comes with solid granite cubes that will keep your whiskey cold without watering it down. Plus, each kit comes packaged in a gorgeous wooden gift box.


The Mirror That Attaches To Your Shower Wall So It's Easy To Shave

Shaving in the shower is more convenient than doing it in the sink, so use this shower mirror so that you can make sure you got every bit of unwanted hair. Each order comes with an adhesive hook so that it's easy to hang, and unlike other mirrors, this one won't get foggy from steam.


Some Leather Handles For A Cast Iron Skillet

If the guy you’re shopping for loves his cast iron skillet, why not trick it out with some genuine leather handles? Included in the order are two pieces: one for the main handle and one for the top (assist) handle. The covers are hand-stitched and double-layered for protection. Plus, they’re designed to withstand temperatures up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Gym Bag With A Separate Compartment For Your Shoes

Whether you're in need of a gym bag, airplane carry-on, or a weekend bag, this duffel fits the bill. It has a separate compartment where you can store your dirty shoes, and the water-resistant inner liner helps keep your belongings safe from damage.


An Umbrella Made With A Waterproof Teflon Coating

Made with a Teflon coating that helps repel water, this travel umbrella also has fortified ribs that flex with the wind so that it doesn't turn inside-out in strong gusts. It folds down super-compact so that it can easily fit into your backpack or purse, and unlike other umbrellas, this one dries almost instantly.


The Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Shockingly Affordable

You could shell out hundreds of dollars for AirPods, or you could get these best-selling wireless Bluetooth earbuds for a fraction of the price instead. These earbuds come with their own case so you can take them anywhere, plus they can play music for up to 22 hours when fully charged.


A Keyboard Wrist Pillow That Comes With An Extra One For Your Mouse

Made with super-soft memory foam that contours to the shape of your wrist while you type, this keyboard wrist pillow is an easy way to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome — and keep you comfortable as you type. Each order also comes with a bonus pillow for your mouse, and the non-skid rubber base prevents it from sliding out of place as your arm moves.


The Flannel Shirt That Comes In A Variety Of Colors

Not only is it available in orange, black, blue, red, and a variety of other colors, but this flannel shirt is also made from 100% soft cotton. It's a mid-weight flannel that won't leave you feeling overheated underneath a warm jacket, plus the barrel cuffs give it a classic look.

  • Available sizes: XS-XXL


A Fun Board Game That's Perfect For People Of All Ages

Designed for people aged 10 and older, this super-popular board game is great for parties, or even just a family game night. The goal is to build up your city in order to take over the most land, however other players can try to block your expansion in order to further their own goals.


The Set Of Facial Scrubs And Cleansers That Cover All The Bases

This set of facial products is a great deal and a great gift. Each order comes with a a face scrub, wash, and moisturizer, plus they're made with aloe as well as jojoba oil so that your skin is left feeling extra-soft. It's great for dry skin, and prevents irritation and adds back moisture to the skin. One reviewer wrote: "So far I've been using this product everyday. My skin doesn't have the dry patches as much as before."


A Weighted Blanket That You Can Use In Warm And Cold Weather

A weighted blanket is a fantastic purchase if you have trouble sleeping — the added weight feels like a warm hug. You can put the polyester cover on to feel warm in the cold winter months, or you can use without the cover when the weather gets warm. It's filled with glass micro-beads throughout so that the weight is evenly distributed, plus it's even hypoallergenic.


The Set Of Knives That Come With A Chic Knife Block

This knife set not only comes with its own acrylic knife block, but you also get a pair of scissors, pizza knife, vegetable peeler, and even a knife sharpener. It's also a nice centerpiece for a countertop, and all the knives are made from sturdy stainless steel.


A Charging Station That Comes With Its Own Cables

Instead of letting your cables and devices get tangled together, try using this charging station to keep all your wires, smartphones, tablets, and more organized. Each order comes with four lightning cables, one type- C cable, as well as one micro-USB cable, plus the quick-charge ports can power your devices up to 80% faster than traditional charging bricks.


The Handy Chopper That's Perfect For Cheese, Vegetables, And More

Made with rust-resistant stainless steel blades, this vegetable chopper is perfect for any home cook who wants to save some time cutting up veggies, cheese, fruit, or even hard-boiled eggs. You get four plates with different blades styles for dicing, julienning, spiralizing, and chopping. The container underneath is large enough that it can hold up to 4 cups of your chopped ingredients, plus it’s all dishwasher safe.


A Pair Of Soft Bluetooth Headphones You Can Wear While You Sleep

If you like falling asleep while listening to music, try out these Bluetooth sleep headphones. These headphones can provide up to 10 hours of music when fully charged, and they even keep your ears warm while you run outside. They're breathable so that your ears won't become sweaty at night, plus it only takes two hours for them to be completely charged.


The Bed Sheets That Are Hypoallergenic As Well As Stain-Resistant

Made from super-soft microfiber, this set of bed sheets is available in so many colors it would be impractical to list them all here. Each order comes with a fitted and flat sheet, as well as two pillowcases, plus they're also resistant to stains, wrinkles, and fading.


A Humidifier That Can Run For Up To 30 Hours Without A Refill

Made with an extra-large water reservoir that allows it to run for up to 30 hours without needing a refill, this humidifier sets itself apart from the competition by operating at a whisper-level volume. The built-in filter purifies any funky odors from your tap water — and the LED display tells you how humid the room currently is.


The Heating Pad That Soothes Away Pain From Sore Muscles

Made from plush fabric that feels incredibly soft against your skin, this heating pad has four different heat settings to choose from so that it's easy to soothe away pain from sore muscles. The automatic shut-off prevents you from overheating if you fall asleep, plus the power cord is extra-long so that you can easily use it practically anywhere.


A Pack Of Magnetic Stays That Keep Your Collar In Place

If you find your collar going limp throughout the day, try using these magnetic stays to keep them look crisp and upright. All you have to do is insert these stays into your collar, then place the magnets next to them underneath your shirt so that they stay in place.


The Magnetic Wristband That Holds Your Nuts, Bolts, Nails, And More

Instead of trying to keep track of all your nuts, bolts, nails, and other small metal bits, keep them on this magnetic wristband so that they're always conveniently within reach. One size is made to fit all because the Velcro strap is adjustable — and it's the perfect gift for any casual (or avid) DIY-er.


A Brush Made With 100% German Boar Bristles

Boar bristles do a better job of distributing your scalp's natural oils throughout your hair than regular nylon bristles, which is why this brush is made with 100% German boar bristles. It's great for helping to tame frizz without adding any greasy serums to your locks, plus the protective ribber cushion helps prevent breakage.


The Coaster That Lets You Rest Drinks Directly On Your Sofa

Designed to fit any type of mug or cup, this couch coaster is a great alternative for anyone who doesn't want to spend money on an expensive coffee table. It's made from BPA-free silicone that prevents it from sliding all over your couch so that there's little risk of an accidental spill, plus you can even use it to store remotes.


A Kit That Gets Your Leather, Suede, Canvas, And Regular Sneakers Super-Clean

If your shoes are looking a little worse for wear, use this shoe cleaning kit to get them back to looking almost-new. The cleaning solution in this kit is biodegradable as well as non-toxic, and you can use it on most fabrics, including leather, suede, canvas, vinyl, mesh, and more.


This LED Light That’s Perfect For Camping

You always want to pack light when camping, and this LED light takes up hardly any space in your bag. There’s even a hook at the base that lets you hang it up in your tent — just supply three AAA batteries, and it’ll be ready to go.


A Floor Mat That Helps Prevent Your Legs From Growing Sore

Whether you're standing at the office or in the kitchen cooking dinner, this floor mat is an easy way to prevent your legs from growing sore over time. The anti-skid surface ensures that you won't slip on it, and each order even comes with a bonus acupressure ball you can use to massage away fatigue in your feet.


The LED Lamp With A Built-In Wireless Charger

Not only does it have a built-in wireless charger in the base, but this LED lamp also has a mode that mimics natural daylight in order to reduce strain on your eyes. The neck is flexible so that you can adjust where the light is pointing, and the optional timer automatically turns it off after 40 minutes.


A Pack Of Compression Socks That Stimulate Blood Circulation

Wear them on a plane in order to keep your legs from growing sore, or wear these compression socks while you exercise to help stimulate blood flow so that your muscles won’t ache. They're also great for alleviating pain from shin splints, and they're extra-breathable.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


The Gloves That Protect You From Accidental Cuts

My boyfriend has cut himself multiple times using our fancy knife set, which is why I bought him these cut-resistant gloves. These gloves are four times stronger than leather, yet they're also lightweight so that they don't impede your dexterity. You can use them in the kitchen as well as with DIY projects, plus they're 100% food-safe.

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