55 Brilliant Finds On Amazon That Make You Look & Feel 10X Better

These gems help you look — and feel — your best.

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Sometimes, your mood and your appearance are intertwined — like when stress has you tossing and turning all night, so your under-eyes aren't exactly bright and sparkly come morning. But luckily, this relationship works the other way around, too: A fresh blowout, a pore-cleansing facial, or a self-care practice all have the potential to uplift your mood and leave you feeling rejuvenated. That's why some of the most popular items on Amazon are the ones that make you look and feel 10 times better.

Now, as someone who reviews products for a living, I can tell you that Amazon is absolutely packed with genius items you won't find anywhere else — but out of all the different shopping categories, the brilliant self-care products are my favorite. These are the ones with the potential to actually make a difference in someone's life. They're the things people reach for when they're feeling overwhelmed, or anxious, or tired. They're the things that remind you to take a minute for yourself, because you fully deserve it.

As Audre Lorde says, "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation." By that logic, self-care is worth the investment — and these well-designed products cut your problems in half so you can look and feel great simultaneously.


These Foot Masks That’ll Leave Your Skin Soft & Smooth

Wear these foot masks for 60 minutes and in 7 to 14 days your skin will start to peel. The end result? Incredibly smooth, soft, and callous-free feet. Amazon reviewers are wild for this product, giving it a solid 4.4-star rating overall after 17,200-plus reviews, with one commenter writing, “It really works.!!!! [...] the new skin was just soft..dry skin, cracks and small callouses were also gone!”


An Eye Mask That Can Be Enjoyed Both Warm & Cold

This eye mask features temperature-retaining beads, so you can enjoy it warm (stick it in the microwave for about 20 seconds) or cold (place it in the freezer for up to an hour). It’ll feel absolutely amazing on the skin, and many Amazon reviewers note that it can also help with migraines, headaches, and more.


A Gold-Plated Chain Necklace With A Volcanic Lava Rock Pendant

This beautiful and dainty necklace plated in 18K gold holds a volcanic rock pendant that does more than look cool. Add a drop or two of essential oil to the rock, and it’ll release its fragrance like a personal diffuser.


This Light Therapy Lamp That Reviewers Swear By

Even though it takes up limited space on a coffee table or work desk, this light therapy lamp emits 10,000 lux of sun-mimicking illumination. The result, according to reviewers, is heightened energy, a more balanced sleep schedule, and an elevated mood — especially during the dreary cold-weather months.


An Eyelash Comb With A Genius Design

No matter how good your mascara formula is, you’re bound to be left with some clumps after applying. That’s why this cheap but effective eyelash comb is so necessary. It’s ergonomically designed to line up with the shape of your eye, and the delicate metal tines separate clumps for fluffy, natural-looking lashes.


These Eco-Friendly Hair Ties That Prevent Damage And Creasing

Keep your hair crease-, damage-, and tangle-free — all while supporting the environment. Terra ties don't use plastic; instead, they're made from cotton and natural rubber. They also come in biodegradable packaging, so you can feel great about an eco-friendly purchase.


These 24K Gold Patches To Ease Puffy, Dark Under-Eyes

Using luxurious ingredients like collagen, hyularonic acid, and genuine 24-karat gold, these under-eye patches aim to soothe and brighten puffy under-eyes in mere minutes. One reviewer wrote, "Leaves my skin so soft! I’ve used under eye masks before and I really love the way they feel. These specifically I put into the fridge to depuff my eye area. I’m really pleased with the fact that my skin didn’t/hasn’t broken out. I have very sensitive skin and I usually break out when using new products. [...] They are very soothing and gentle. Would definitely buy again".


These Ultra-Grippy Socks To Help You Stay Secure On Your Feet

The bottoms of these socks are covered with PVC dots to give you more gripping power as you walk, run, or partake in other forms of exercise. Made from a blend of cotton, nylon, and elastic, the socks are soft, yet breathable with some stretch, too. The fabric is extra-thick at the heel and toe area for added durability. Choose from a few different size options and color combinations.


An Exfoliating Scrub Glove For Smoother Skin

It’s easy to maintain an exfoliation routine with this scrubbing glove. Work up a soapy lather with warm water and rub your skin using the glove to slough off dead skin cells and reveal softer, smoother skin.


These Clear Patches That Heal Blemishes Faster

They're subtle, tiny, and transparent, but according to fans, these Mighty Patches pack a serious punch. Simply place them over a pimple, and the hydrocolloid sucks all the gross stuff out overnight, so the blemish is flatter, less red, and well on its way to healing by morning. You can even see the results stuck to the patch when you pull it off.


This 5-In-1 Diffuser Alarm Clock From ArtNaturals

In my opinion, nothing says self-care like a versatile, practical gadget. This unit from Sierra Modern Home is a humidifier, essential oil diffuser, alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, and color-changing night light, all in one. It also has an automatic shut-off function to keep you safe when the tank runs dry, and the woodgrain finish adds a chic touch to any bedside table.


Some Gel-Infused Ankle Socks To Soften Calluses

Not one for pedicures, peeling masks, or exfoliation tools? These NatraCure ankle socks are infused with a softening, moisturizing gel, which soaks into calluses while you sleep, watch TV, or paint your nails. They're breathable and stretchy to fit most feet, and since they're infused with vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe, even those with sensitive skin say "these socks are perfect!"


This Charcoal-Infused Loofah With A Convenient Handle

This loofah is actually infused with charcoal, which can cleanse the skin and also help to remove excess oil — perfect for those with more oily skin. The long, 17-inch handle makes it easy to exfoliate hard-to-reach spots like your back and feet, and the textured, rubberized handle ensures you’ll always have a secure grip.


This Gorgeous Silk Pillowcase To Pamper Hair & Skin

Upgrade your bed while pampering your hair and skin. The SLPBABY pillowcase is made from genuine mulberry silk (on both sides), which helps to minimize friction, prevent dryness, regulate temperature, and preserve your style. Get it in a huge selection of sizes, solid colors, and gorgeous floral patterns.


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That’s A Breeze To Use

Forget cleaning your makeup brushes by hand — this cleaner is incredibly simple to use, removing old product from all of your brushes in a snap. To use, fill the bowl with your desired cleaning solution and place a secure-fitting collar on it (it comes with eight of them in various sizes to accommodate all brushes). Then dip in your brush and turn the device on to get it clean. Lift the brush out and let it continue to spin to dry. Voila!


These Odd Concealers That Actually Counteract Discoloration

At first glance, you might think: "There's no way I'll ever be able to blend those colors into my skin tone," but reviewers couldn't believe how well they corrected discoloration. The L.A. Girl Pro Conceal set comes with green to counteract redness, orange for transparent areas, and yellow for under-eye circles. The consistency is crease-resistant and easy to blend — and reviewers now have "NO idea how [they were] living without these!"


A Facial Spray With Chamomile & Lavender

Use the Mario Badescu spray as a facial toner, make-up setter, or aromatherapy mist. It's made with lavender oil, chamomile, and vitamin C, all of which are packed with free radicals and nutrients. Some reviewers even say they spritz it in their hair to "refresh [their] curls" throughout the day.


This Adjustable Blackhead Remover Vacuum That Can Help Clear Skin

Help clear your skin and reduce the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads, and more with this suction-powered blackhead remover. According to the manufacturer, you'll begin to see results in just two to five weeks. You can even adjust the vacuum's absorption levels to your needs with five different levels. Plus, this unit is totally rechargeable and one charge can last 150 minutes.


This Body Wash That Helps To Eliminate Odor & Skin Irritation

With key ingredients like tea tree oil and peppermint, this body wash is confirmed by Amazon reviewers as being one that can eliminate odor and even help with skin irritation. It also features a variety of other ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe vera, and olive oil to hydrate the skin. This pick doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances or dyes, plus it’s sulfate-free.


This Memory Foam Pillow That Cradles Your Neck While You Sleep

This luxe memory foam pillow features a contoured design that cradles your neck and supports your shoulders as you sleep. The removable inserts inside can be adjusted to your preferred height, and you can also remove the pillowcase and wash it to keep your bed set-up clean. Over 5,000 Amazon users and counting have invested in this pillow to get a comfortable night’s sleep.


A Pair Of Glasses That Block Out Harmful Blue Light

Yeah, they're super stylish, but these aren't your average pair of glasses. They block out blue light rays from devices like computer screens, televisions, and phones, which can supposedly overstimulate the brain, cause headaches, and disrupt sleep. The frames are flexible and lightweight for your comfort.


This Detangling Brush That Separates & Defines Your Curly Hair

This detangling brush can help shaping and defining your curls, and has seven rows of synthetic bristles that gently brush through curly hair. With more than 58,000 Amazon reviews, this brush is one of the most popular options on the internet, and one fan says, “This thing is amazing. Normally, if I comb my hair at any point after I rinse my conditioner out, my waves and curls fall out and get stringy. This brush works exactly as it is supposed to work and helped create ringlets all over my head.”


A Finishing Cream To Touch Up Any Flyaways Or Loose Strands

A good hair day can do wonders for your mood, and with Mohoix finishing cream, reviewers say every day is a good hair day. The non-greasy formula boosts shine, smooths down flyaways, neatens up-dos, and minimizes frizz — and thanks to the mascara-like brush, it's easy to apply just the right amount. "I never knew I needed this until I bought it, now I can’t live without it!" one reviewer wrote.


These Teeth-Whitening Pens That Don't Cause Sensitivities

These VieBeauti teeth whitening pens have a near-perfect rating because they're easy to use, don't irritate sensitive teeth or gums, and "actually work," reviewers say. Each pen is filled with enough gel for 20-plus uses, and thanks to the twist design and gentle bristles, it's extremely simple to apply.


A Microdermabrasion Roller To Help Your Complexion Glow

This microdermabrasion roller exfoliates skin so it looks and feels so much better. With its .25-millimeter needles the roller applies light pressure to help reduce the appearance of pores and overall rejuvenate your complexion. One happy customer noted they saw results in just two weeks.


This Continuous Mist Spray Bottle With Tons Of Uses

From misting your plants to to wetting your hair to caring for your pets, you’ll find tons of uses for this continuous mist spray bottle around your home. The spray bottle has an ergonomic shape with a grip for easy holding, and it’s totally leak-proof. Re-fill it as often as you need.


This 4-Pack Of Stainless Steel Tumblers To Keep You Hydrated

These sleek and slim stainless steel tumblers are double walled, keeping hot beverages at the perfect temperature for up to 6 hours and cold beverages nice and icy for up to 12 hours. Utilize the sliding lid for drinking or place the straw in the tumbler for sipping instead. Choose from various design options, including this brushed stainless steel pick or a white marbled one.


This Sleek Smart Watch That Doubles As A Fitness Tracker

This stylish smart watch doubles as a fitness tracker, but it does much more than track your steps. This waterproof accessories also tracks your sleep, heart rate, phone messages, and more. It even has a built-in alarm as well as music control, and it’s available in four colors.


A Beauty Sponge For Effortlessly Applying & Blending Makeup

For applying your face makeup (including primer, foundation, blush, contour, and more) you really can’t go wrong with this beauty sponge — and it costs less than $10 to boot. The sponge features rounded sides to blend out large areas of the face, as we as a precision tip for more detailed application. It’ll double in size when wet.


A Bottle That's Designed To Help You Drink More Water

This BPA-free water bottle is marked with times stamps so you can keep track of how much water you've had to drink. After all, studies prove that drinking water is essential to your body's health. Plus for your convenience it just takes the click of a button on the leak-proof lid to open your water bottle and it comes with a convenient carry strap to keep your bottles with you on the go. So, there's no excuse for you not to drink enough water.


This Set of Spa Headbands To Keep Your Hair Back During Your Self Care Routine

Now you can easily keep your hair off your face and dry when you're washing your face or while working out. This pack of four terry towel headbands are one size fits all and adjustable thanks to the velcro-strip closure. While super absorbent, these headbands are also breathable, which is why they work well as part of both your skin and exercise routine.


This Detangling Hair Brush That Reviewers Rave About

With well over 70,000 reviews, you can tell at a glance that this detangling brush is special — but how? Well, it actually features cone-shaped plastic bristles that separate the hair sideways (instead of pulling down like an ordinary brush) to unravel the toughest of tangles. It’s an ideal choice for all hair types and textures.


A Balance Disc To Encourage Better Posture

Simply by adding the disc to your office chair, driver's seat, or favorite recliner, you engage your core and improve your posture. That's because, due to the inflatable textured design, it encourages balance and a straight back — and it's so portable and convenient, reviewers have even incorporated it into their fitness routines.


This Massager For Cleaner Hair & An Invigorated Scalp

Thanks to its flexible silicone bristles, this massaging shampoo brush stimulates blood flow in the scalp to potentially help with hair growth, while also deep cleaning between strands to remove product build-up. The set comes with dual massaging heads that you can swap out as desired.


A Micro-Needle Roller To Boost Collagen Production

When this tool rolls over the skin, its thousands of tiny needles make microscopic punctures, which then prompt a rush of healing collagen. The result, according to reviews? "The next day after micro needling, my skin is BRIGHT and so so smooth and even."


This Shower Head Duo That Turns Your Shower Into A Daily Luxury

This shower head set includes both a rainfall head and a handheld head all in one. With seven settings including power rain, pulsating massage, mist, hydro-mist, eco rain, and water-saving pause, you can customize your shower to your exact needs and preferences. The handheld shower head has a 5-foot stainless steel hose for cleaning versatility. Plus, you don't even need any tools to install this shower head, and reviewers confirm how easy it is to install.


This All-In-One Gel Manicure Set So You Can Skip The Salon

This back stretcher can help your back feel so much better. Made of EVA foam that's soft to the touch yet won't buckle under your weight as you stretch, this could be the tool you've been looking for. The Solidback brand even claims to help improve your posture. One reviewer raved, "OBSESSED! It's like yoga stretching without the yoga. I work in an office and sit for most of the day so I have chronic back pain in various spots. Opened this puppy and immediately felt the benefits after using it for only a few minutes. I like to do my upper back as well and it also feels great."


This Hyaluronic Acid Serum That Majorly Hydrates

Featuring hyaluronic acid as its key ingredient, this serum promises 16-plus hours of hydration for your skin — and Amazon reviewers back up this claim, with one commenter writing, “It adds moisture and plumps the skin. [...] My skin stays soft and hydrated all day.” The serum also contains Vitamins C and E for a glowy complexion, plus a blend of aloe vera and witch hazel that’ll sooth irritation.


A Workbook To Help You Cultivate Self-Love

Reviewers call The Self-Love Workbook an "incredible self-discovery book" and "definitely a great tool to help look into your self." It contains interactive activities, reflective writing prompts, and easy-to-apply advice, all of which aim to boost your self-esteem and "accept who you are wholeheartedly."


An Exfoliating Himalayan Salt Scrub For Your Whole Body

Whether you choose to use it on your face or body, this Himalayan salt scrub will naturally exfoliate your skin, but also moisturize at the same time thanks to special ingredients like aloe vera. It’s also infused with collagen and stem cells to boost your natural collagen production.


A Bee Propolis Throat Spray That Boosts Your Immunity

I swear by this stuff — and so do hundreds of other reviewers: "This spray is incredible! I've been taking it daily for a few months now. I haven't gotten sick and my severe allergies to cedar have subsided." How? The formula uses real bee propolis extract to tackle bacteria before it enters the body, coat the throat, and boost your immune system, all while tasting like candy.


These Comfortable Compression Pants That Encourage Circulation

These compression pants from Active Research are made with a special material blend. Yes, it's breathable and resistant to odors and bacteria, but it also compresses the muscles to aid in recovery and optimal blood flow, whether you're working out or sitting on a plane. As an added bonus, reviewers say they're well-made, "look so good on," and are "extremely comfortable."


This Lavender Candle That Transforms Into A Moisturizing Body Oil

When lit, this candle emits a soothing scent from real lavender essential oil — but the self-care qualities don't end there. The wax is made from avocado oil and shea butter, so when it's in liquid form, you can use it as a moisturizing body oil or a luxurious massage oil.


This Purple Hair Mask To Remove Brassiness In Blonde & Gray Hair

If you have blonde, platinum, gray, or silver hair, this purple hair mask is specifically designed to remove brassiness and yellow tones from your strands. Plus, it’s a nourishing formulation to condition at the same time. It’s a best seller on Amazon for a reason, with fans writing comments like, “I used this hair mask for the first time tonight and I'm sold! [...] My hair is noticeably brighter, lighter, and all the brassiness seems to be gone.”


This Roll-On Formula To Ease Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hairs, And Pain

Regardless of your preferred hair-removal method, Divine Derriere Razor Bump Stopper aims to soothe inflammation, prevent ingrown hairs, and brighten discoloration. It also cools the skin to minimize pain after shaving or waxing, and it comes in a convenient roller that evenly coats any area.


A Thickening Shampoo That Aims To Build Volume

Those with fine or thinning hair have great things to say about thickening shampoo, which nourishes strands and builds volume using ingredients like biotin, vitamins, plant proteins, and essential oils. That said, it skips all the nasty ingredients like sulfates and synthetic fragrances.


This Weighted Blanket For The "Best Sleep" In Years

"Best sleep I have had in years," one reviewer raved, and judging by the 4.4-star rating, others tend to agree. The Syrinx weighted blanket aims to ease your mind and soothe your body by simulating the weighted feeling of a hug. But don't worry — the evenly distributed glass beads and the breathable fabric still allow for ventilation. Get it in seven colors and various weights and sizes.


A Quality Dry Brush — With Or Without The Handle

For hard-to-reach areas, this premium body brush has a 17-inch wooden handle — but when you need optimal control, the handle slides off and the strap fits comfortably around your fingers. Either way, the natural boar bristles aim to exfoliate your skin, boost circulation, and improve lymphatic flow for a bright, glowing complexion.


This Exfoliating Scrub With A Calming Aroma

Use this exfoliating scrub all over your body (including your face) to remove dead and dry skin for a smooth and silky end result. Shea butter will work wonders when it comes to hydration. And this pick also features lavender to help you feel calm and relaxed.


This Curved Massage Cane That Can Relieve Hard-To-Reach Places

You can massage your own back with the help of this trigger-point cane. It’s double sided: One has two massage sphere to target areas around spine, and the other has one sphere for deep-tissue relief. You can also use it on your feet and calves, and many customers commented on how it’s “easy to use.”


This Freezable Rolling Massager That Stays Cold For 20 Minutes Each Time

This cold therapy massager consists of a freezable sphere in a convenient hand-held roller. It eases muscular tension and soothes sore spots, and it’s easy to hold onto (thanks to the grippy surface). Not to mention, the sphere will stay cold for up to 20 minutes after frozen.


These Magnetic Lashes That Adhere To The Included Eyeliner

Forget messy glue and finicky magnets. This brilliant falsie set comes with five pairs of magnetized lashes that are drawn to the metallic eyeliner instead of a second pair. As a result, reviewers say they last all day, and a lush, voluminous look has never been so effortless: "They're so light I can't even tell that I'm wearing them. [...] I'm very impressed with these!”


These Cloths That Fully Remove Makeup With Only Water

Those with sensitive skin spend so much time checking the labels of makeup removers and facial washes. Luckily, even the skeptics have called these Rainbow Rovers cloths "the best magic trick" because they remove all makeup using just water. "I used one end of the cloth and it took off mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow with no residue left," one reviewer wrote — plus they're much more eco-friendly than disposable wipes.


A Growth Serum & An Eyeliner In One

Emphasize your lashes while simultaneously growing them. Lavish Liner's formula is jet-black, hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and easy to apply thanks to the precise tip — but it's also infused with biotin and castor oil to nourish lashes and encourage new growth.


This Microwavable Aromatherapy Pouch That Also Works Cold

This herb pack can be heated in the microwave for muscle-soothing warmth, or it can be cooled off in the freezer and used for chilly relief. It’s organic, aromatic filling of rice and flaxseed is encased in a cotton pouch, and it’s available in six colors. You can lay it on various parts of your body, and many customers wrote that it’s “exactly what I was looking for.”

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