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TikTokers Say "Alphabet Dating" Keeps The Sparks Flying In Their Relationships

Boring is simply not an option here.

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Here's how to try "alphabet dating," TikTok's latest relationship hack
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It’s hard to keep date night feeling fresh, especially when your weekly plans start to become just another task on your to-do list. That’s probably why users on TikTok are always trying to put inventive twists on the classic couple's outing, with ideas like the “Which Fast Food” trend inspiring new dinner spots and the Target Challenge. The latest trend to take over the platform, called “alphabet dating,” is no different, and it’s the sweetest way to make sure you never skip date night.

If you couldn’t tell by the name, alphabet dating takes date night activities and organizes them by the letter they start with. For example, if you were to begin with the letter A, you and your other half might want to consider apple picking or visiting an aquarium. Then, the next time you meet up, you can try bowling or hosting a board game night, and you can continue to use the template until you’ve hit all 26 letters of the alphabet. The goal is to use the letters to inspire new ideas and work your way down the alphabet for every outing.

It’s unclear where the idea originated from, but the trend has been making its rounds on the FYP since at least February 2022 when creator @abbymbenson went viral for their list of alphabet dates.

Many letters, like S, are ripe for date night ideas (having a spa day, watching the sunrise, or going swimming, to name a few), which means that once you’ve finished going through your list, you can start right back up at the top with a host of fresh ideas. And don’t worry, because there are ways to navigate tricky letters, too. User @travelwithtan recommends taking a trip to a vineyard for V, doing yoga together for Y, and going zip lining for Z. No word on what to do for X, though.

Coming up with activities might be a little tough at times, but the rave reviews on TikTok prove the dating trend is definitely worth it. TikToker @jamie.lee333 was fully on board after just one date, writing, “This is such a fun idea and easy way to keep the sparks flying,” while @gabedala called his night of hibachi and hot tubbing a “10/10 would recommend” experience.

To make your activities even more exciting, you can also switch off planning dates for each other like @pizzasarita does with their partner. Plus, the trend doesn’t have to just be for couples. @Justdin30 and their besties made a “friendship edition” for BFFs, and it’s just as adorable as you’d expect.

Despite what thrill-seeking recommendations like axe-throwing and falconry may suggest, you don’t have to go all out with alphabet dating. All that matters is you and your beau have fun together — 26 different ways, of course.

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