40 Annoying Problems Around Your House You Didn't Realize Are Easy To Fix

These gadgets will make common, everyday problems much easier to handle.

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When it comes to your home, it can seem like there’s always something to be fixed, and often it’s the more everyday problems that are the most aggravating — issues like constantly having to figure out where to store things, trying to clean hard-to-reach places (like between your stove and the counter), and scrambling to eliminate weird smells emanating from your sink drains. These frustrations can be a thing of the past, though, with these problem-solving products for your house.

For example, smelly sink, shower, and bath drains are no bueno, especially when they also run slow. If this is an issue at your house, these enzymatic drain sticks will literally gobble up any nastiness with the help of bacteria. Simply insert one into the problematic drain and the biological agents will get to work, eliminating both the clog and any accompanying smell.

Maybe draftiness is your issue, and the fact that it can drive up your energy costs. Whether it’s cold air coming in from under your front door in the winter, or hot blasts streaming in during the summer, this under-the-door draft stopper will put an end to that. With one durable adhesive side, it installs easily, and can be customized to fit by just trimming with scissors.

See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? There are dozens more simple solutions to solve household problems, so get reading.


Problem: Closets That Are Overflowing

Solution: These Under-Bed Storage Bags That Free Up Closet Space

If your closets are packed up tight as a drum, getting some extra space is both easy and inexpensive with these under-bed storage bags that let you relocate some of your less frequently worn items. The bags feature transparent tops, so you can see what’s inside, and the side handles make it easy to pull them out. Use them for extra towels and linens or to rotate your wardrobe seasonally.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: Wasting Money On Spoiled Produce

Solution: The Food Storage Containers That Keep Produce Fresh

Don’t you hate it when you go to get some fruits and veggies from the fridge a few days after a shopping trip and they’re already decaying? Tack some extra time onto the life of those expensive produce items with these storage containers that preserve freshness with built-in filters that balance oxygen and carbon dioxide. Each set comes with four.


Problem: Realizing You Don’t Have Batteries For Your Remote

Solution: These AA Batteries That Are Rechargeable For Reuse

Running out of batteries is frustrating, but these rechargeable batteries can be reused hundreds of times, so you don’t have to run to the store to get new ones every time a flashlight goes kaput. Perfect for your TV remote, game controllers, seasonal decorations, and more, they come pre-charged and ready to go. The fact that they come in so many fun colors is just an added bonus.


Problem: Bug-Ready Crumbs Gathering In Crevices

Solution: The Stove & Counter Gap Covers That Make Cleaning Easy

What with the gap that exists between the stove and the kitchen counter, it’s no wonder that a bug’s breakfast’s worth of crumbs ends up on the floor every day. These gap covers bridge that space so that nothing can get down to the floor. They’re made from heat-resistant silicone, so they’re safe for use right next to the burners, and can be easily customized by cutting them down to size with household scissors.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: Having To Fix Holes In Your Rental

Solution: The Wall Patching Kit That Repairs Small Holes

If you rent your home or are simply trying to patch over the holes where you’ve hung pictures, this small hole repair kit is going to be your best friend. It comes with everything necessary to get the job done: primer-enhanced spackling compound, a self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and sanding pad. The best part? The whole process only takes a few minutes.


Problem: Extra Hangers Taking Up Too Much Space

Solution: This Caddy That Keeps Your Hangers Neatly Organized

Have an excess of hangers taking up space on your closet rod? Keep them handy and organized — but out of the way — with this hanger caddy. The compact holder can accommodate up to 30 hangers, freeing up space and making it easy to grab one (without having to unhook it from all the others) whenever you need it.


Problem: Coffee That Tastes Funky

Solution: These Tablets That Clean Your Coffee Maker

For coffee enthusiasts, cooked-on limescale, burnt coffee, and other impurities are the enemies that get in the way of a delicious cup of joe. These coffee maker cleaning tablets get your machine sparkling clean quickly and easily, so you can enjoy a great-tasting mug of java. Compatible with multi-cup and single-serve machines, all it takes is one tablet per month.


Problem: Cords Jumbled Up On Your Floor

Solution: The Cable Clips That Beat Back Cord Clutter

If your desk area or entertainment center is a wiry jungle of cord clutter, tame the mess with these cable clips that can get everything straightened out. Not only will you be able to see which cord goes to which device, but you’ll also cut down on the risk of tripping. Best of all, your space will look much better without that snarled mess. You get 16 clips per pack.


Problem: Limited Bathroom Space For TP Storage

Solution: An Over-The-Tank Toilet Paper Holder That Won’t Leave You Hanging

Designed to hang over the side of your toilet tank and out of the way, this toilet paper holder keeps two rolls of toilet paper right within reach so that you and your family and guests will always have plenty of squares to spare. Made from stainless steel with a chrome finish, it’s space-efficient and slips right on without tools.


Problem: Sponges That Get Mildew Easily

Solution: These Scrubbers That Won’t Mold & Mildew Like Sponges

Made from mold- and mildew-resistant silicone, these dish scrubbers don’t retain water and dry fast — that means they won’t breed germs or sour smells. Gentle enough to use on fine china but tough enough to scrub pots and pans, they leave a light peachy scent behind.


Problem: Entryways That Lack Room For Storage

Solution: The Modern-Looking Wall Hooks That Give You Instant Storage Space

Made from sleek stainless steel, these wall hooks give you quick and easy storage where you need it most, whether that’s in your entryway or your bathroom. The clean, modern lines make them at home in almost any decor, and they install easily with the included hardware. They have a 10-pound capacity, and you can choose from three finishes: matte black, white, or brushed nickel.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: Crowded Pantry Shelves

Solution: These Baskets That Create Under-Shelf Storage

When there’s just not enough space in your pantry, pick up a set of these under-shelf baskets to sneak in some additional storage space without compromising what you already have. They hook onto any shelf, and are great for setting up a storage supply station for items like foil and plastic wrap, or to conveniently store napkins or other small linens. Made from coated steel alloy wire, these baskets are durable and don’t require permanent installation.


Problem: Shower Drains Clogged With Hair

Solution: A Sink Drain Protector That Keeps The Water Flowing

It may look a little weird, but this mushroom-shaped drain protector is a no-brainer when it comes to keeping your sink drain unclogged. Simply insert it into your drain, and it will catch hair, debris, and any jewelry or other items you mistakenly drop into the sink before they can cause a problem — so much cheaper than calling the plumber. Plus, the perforations let water flow through, so the basin won’t flood.


Problem: A Dishwasher That’s Never Been Cleaned

Solution: The Tablets That Clean Your Dishwasher & Remove Minerals

After some time, your dishwasher will have mineral, limescale, and food waste buildup — when that happens, there’s no need to figure out some sort of science experiment to get it clean. Just use these dishwasher cleaning tablets to make everything spic and span again. Simply throw one into the machine and run a cycle on empty to get rid of odors and residue.


Problem: Furniture That Slides Around Too Easily

Solution: These Pads That’ll Ensure Your Furniture Is Right Where It’s Supposed To Be

Stop sliding right in its tracks with these furniture grippers, which come in packs of four, eight, or 12. Made from solid felt, they’re a good way to make sure tables and chairs don’t slip on your hardwood floors, helping to prevent accidents and falls. These are also great to use on laminate, tile, and even concrete, and couldn’t be easier to use.


Problem: Sheet Corners That Always Pop Out Of Place

Solution: These Sheet Holders That Secure Your Fitted Sheet

If you’re tired of waking up in the night with no sign of your fitted sheet anywhere, these bed sheet holders can help. Working much like suspenders, they have nickel-plated clamps that secure to each corner, while cord-lock buttons allow you to adjust the tension on the stretchy bands to hold them taut.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 3


Problem: Drafty Doors Running Up Your Utility Bills

Solution: A Door Draft Stopper To Cut Down On HVAC Bills

Eliminate the cold drafts or warm air that sneaks in through the crack between the door and the floor with this draft stopper. Made from durable, water-resistant silicone, it attaches easily with strong adhesive backing and can be customized to the correct length with household scissors. Choose from four colors.

  • Available colors: 4


Problem: Plastic Bags Overflowing From Under Your Sink

Solution: This Holder & Dispenser For Plastic Grocery Bags

Plastic bags have a tendency to multiply like rabbits under your kitchen sink, but this kitchen plastic bag dispenser will keep them neat and orderly, so they don’t get out of control. Made from stainless steel with a fingerprint-resistant matte finish, it has a convenient top feeder for inserting bags, and an opening on the front for dispensing them.


Problem: Cutting Boards That Don’t Fit Well In Your Cabinets

Solution: An Over-The-Door Cabinet Organizer For Pans & Cutting Boards

In small kitchens, this over-the-cabinet-door organizer is a must-have for storing baking pans, cutting boards, and other items that you simply don’t have room for elsewhere. Made from coated steel, it has hooks that are padded to prevent damage to wood, but you can also mount the holder to the wall using the included hardware.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Wrangling Pet Hair With Messy Sticky Papers

Solution: This Roller That’ll Get Rid Of Pet Hair On Couches & Sofas

Having pets is wonderful, but they can often leave behind a ton of hair that may be a little unwelcoming — luckily, this ChomChom pet hair remover is the perfect fix. Created without messy adhesive tape like many of its competitors, this gadget will pick up stray hairs by trapping them for easy disposal. Over 103,000 Amazon customers didn’t hesitate to give it a five-star review.


Problem: A Bath Mat That Takes Too Long To Dry

Solution: This Nonslip Bath Mat That’s Super Absorbent

There’s nothing better than stepping out of the tub and onto a quick-drying bath mat. This mat by Genteele is available in multiple sizes and colors to best suit your bathroom. It’s made of durable memory foam that’ll help cradle your foot, protecting you from accidental slips.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 22


Problem: A Ceiling Fan Gathering Dust

Solution: An Extendable Duster That Cleans Hard-To-Reach Places

You’ll finally be able to clean your ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, and tops of bookshelves, thanks to this extendable microfiber duster. Telescoping from 27 to 47 inches, it has a microfiber dusting head that attracts dirt like a magnet. With a 4.6 out of five-star rating on Amazon, over 5,800 customers didn’t hesitate to share their love of this device.


Problem: A Funky-Smelling Shoe Area

Solution: These Charcoal Air-Purifying Bags That Freshen Up Smelly Spaces

If you’re looking for a way to freshen up smelly shoes, gym bags, closets, or bathrooms, these charcoal air-purifying bags are an easy way to do it — and they’re fragrance- and chemical-free. These flax linen bags are packed with activated bamboo charcoal that’s a natural odor and moisture absorber. The pack includes 12 bags that are small enough to stash anywhere.


Problem: Knives That Are Tricky To Clean

Solution: The Knife & Cutlery Scrubber With Dual-Sided Bristles

Serious cooks know that good knives don’t belong in the dishwasher, but washing by hand can be a drag — not with this knife and cutlery scrubber, though. The dual-sided bristles scrub both sides of any knife or utensil, and the guard on one side of the scrubber protects your fingers from nicks while you clean.


Problem: Accidentally Cross-Contaminating Your Food

Solution: These Color-Coded Cutting Board Mats That Make Food Prep Safer

Speed up your food prep and eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination with these color-coded cutting board mats. Each mat has an icon that indicates what food it’s meant for, whether it’s poultry, fish, veggies, or beef. Made from textured, flexible plastic, they’re gentle on blades and dishwasher-safe.


Problem: Grimy Stains In Your Shower Or Tub

Solution: This Hard Water Stain Remover That Revitalizes Your Shower

To revitalize a bathroom, kitchen, or anything else beset by hard water stains or limescale, this hard water stain remover is hard to beat. It even works on soap scum, so you can freshen up your shower without a lot of scrubbing.


Problem: Having To Wrangle Greasy Butter

Solution: The Butter Dish With Handy Measurement Markings & Stoppers

While you might think a butter dish is a run-of-the-mill kitchen item, this butter dish actually has some amped-up features that make it well worth the investment. Stoppers on either side hold the butter stick firmly in place, while measurement markings help you slice accurately when cooking. It’s dishwasher-safe and accommodates both longer and shorter sticks of butter.


Problem: A Room That’s Low On Display Space

Solution: This Shelf That Adds Instant Corner Storage

This shelf is an extremely handy way to add more storage to a room at a low cost. Made from engineered wood, it’s sturdy and easy to assemble. It comes in a few shades, from white to turquoise, so you can find one that’ll help add additional personality to your space. They’re also great for dorm rooms.


Problem: Dark Corners Under Cabinets Or In Closets

Solution: These Adhesive Lights That You Can Stick Anywhere

Looking for a solution to add a little more light to your kitchen or home office? These LED lights are both versatile and easy to use. They work with a remote control that you can buy separately and can be stuck onto an area with adhesive tape or screws, both of which are included. Nearly 25,000 customers have given them a five-star rating.


Problem: A Stainless-Steel Fridge That’s Gotten Dingy

Solution: This Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit That Makes Appliances Shine

Stainless steel appliances look fantastic in a kitchen, but they can be a real pain to keep clean (seems like all you have to do is look at them the wrong way and they get greasy smudges on them). This stainless steel cleaning kit uses coconut oil to make your appliances sparkle like new again while leaving behind a protective finish. Apply it with the accompanying microfiber cloth for a truly streak-free shine.


Problem: Lingering Stains & Smells That Just Won’t Go Away

Solution: This Stain & Odor Remover That Works The First Time

Stains happen to everyone — but, the right products can make them less of a hassle than they usually are. This stain remover has over 72,000 people singing its praises online. It’s color-safe, so it won’t hurt your rugs and carpets, and it’s ideal for households with pets. What’s its secret? It fights odors with natural enzymes, so you can trust they’ll be gone for good.


Problem: A Kitchen Backsplash That Gets Too Wet

Solution: A Sink Backsplash Mat That Keeps The Mold & Mildew Away

Made from absorbent microfiber, this backsplash mat is designed to absorb the water that pools up behind your faucet, leading to annoying mold and mildew. The mat snaps together behind any faucet setup, dries quickly, and is easily machine-washable once it needs a refresh.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: A Rug That Slides Around

Solution: These Rug Grippers That’ll Keep Everything In Place

Avoid trips, slips, and falls with these rug grippers that help make sure your carpet is securely on the ground. These are a great solution for rolled corners, and since they’re applied underneath the rug itself, they won’t cause an eyesore. It works on all indoor rugs and can be a quick way to make your space look more polished. You can grab them in a pack of four or eight.


Problem: Damaging Your Counter With Hot Hair Tools

Solution: The Hair Tool Organizer With Heat-Resistant Compartments

Made from solid wood, this hair tool organizer has six spacious compartments, including three heat-resistant steel cups for your blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron. The rest of the organizer is great for styling products, brushes, and accessories, so you can have everything you need to do your hair in one convenient spot.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: Having Your Charging Devices Scattered All Over

Solution: A Charging Station That Powers Up *All* Your Devices

Having your devices scattered all over the house while they’re charging is for the birds. Give them one central location to power up with this charging station that lets you plug in six devices at one time. Compatible with both Apple products and Androids, this multi-charger includes an LED light that’ll let you know when each device is powered and ready to go.


Problem: Tile Grout That’s Looking Kind Of Gross

Solution: This Grout Pen That’ll Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

If your bathroom still feels dirty even after a cleaning, you might need to freshen up your grout with a grout pen. The nontoxic and water-based formula is safe to use, and one pen is enough to cover up to 150 feet. It’s great to use anywhere you have tiles that need a bit of a refresh, and the price is much better than replacing your flooring altogether.


Problem: A Door That Routinely Dings Your Wall

Solution: These Bumpers That’ll Protect Your Walls

If you live in a home with door slammers, these bumpers are a must-have. Made from thermoplastic rubber, they’ll protect your walls from door handles getting too close. They’re adhesive, so they’re easy to install, and they’re clear, making them virtually unnoticeable. They’re also good for cabinet and fridge doors that get a lot of use. You can grab them in two sizes, large and small.


Problem: Boots That Lose Their Shape In Your Closet

Solution: These Boot Shapers That Can Bring Extra Life To Your Favorite Shoes

When improperly stored, boots made from leather, vinyl, and other materials can crack and become misshapen. To keep them looking great, use these boot shaper inserts that hold them upright. Each set comes with four pairs, and they be customized to suit ankle-, calf-, or knee-high boots. You can even use the loops at the end of each insert to hang them if you want to get your boots off the floor.


Problem: Not Having A Durable Sponge That Really Scrubs

Solution: A Deep Cleaning Brush Set For All Your Tough Cleaning Tasks

Your kitchen, bathroom, and patio cleaning tasks will be a piece of cake with this deep cleaning brush set that has a tool for every task imaginable. Whether you need to get into a tight corner in your shower, scour some sauce off your grill, or clean grime out of that tiny gap between your baseboard and your floor, you’ll be equipped to take care of it all. It’s a reviewer favorite, too, with a 4.5-star overall rating after 9,000 reviews.


Problem: Charging Cables That Become Damaged Too Easily

Solution: These Cable Protectors That Keep Fraying At Bay

There are times when I feel like a good 50% of my weekly budget goes to charging cables — either they get up and walk off on their own, or they fray and break right near where they plug into my phone or other devices. These charging cable protectors won’t help with the former problem, but they definitely protect with the latter. Made from silicone, they wind around the cable to prevent sharp bending that leads to frays.

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