Apple's 37 New Emojis Are Here To Liven Up Your Group Text

Melting face has entered the chat.

by Kaitlyn Wylde
A screenshot of the melting face emoji, a new 2022 emoji in iOS 15.4.

You just accidentally sent a screenshot of an, ahem, private conversation you had with someone you’re dating to that very person instead of your grext. There’s virtually no excuse that could bail you out of the obvious blunder. If only there were an emoji that captured the heatwaves radiating from your face as you melt into a puddle of embarrassed goo.

Now, there is. On March 14, Apple released iOS 15.4, an update that includes practical tweaks, like mask-friendly facial recognition tools, a gender-neutral voice option for Siri, and 37 new emojis. The refreshed emoji library now includes seven new smiley faces that capture unspoken feelings — like bone-melting embarrassment, a desire to watch something cringe through your fingers, and poorly holding back tears.

The update also includes new emojis for objects, like an empty nest for when your roommates are out and you’re scared to be home alone, a disco ball to embellish your Saturday night plans of watering your plants, a drained battery for when you’re this close to canceling your date, and life saver for when someone does you a solid. Other useful emojis include the pointing finger for when your roommate asks whose turn it is to take out the recycling, and a biting lip for when someone someone says they’ve solved Wordle on the first try. There are also new emojis that’ll make your keyboard more inclusive, like a gender-neutral pregnant person and multiracial handshakes.

Apple announced that there would be new emojis back in June 2021, but the full list wasn’t revealed until last week. The emoji developers at Emojipedia teased the new graphics ahead of the full release, pointing out subtle changes. For example, the hand over mouth emoji has gone from from serious eyes to happy eyes, changing the vibe from silently horrified to bashful.


Here’s the full list of new emojis featured in the iOS 15.4 update:

1. Face melting into puddle

2. Face with hand over mouth

3. Face with hands over peaking eyes

4. Half face saluting

5. Outline of a face

6. Face with crooked mouth

7. Face hiding tears with smile

8. Palm facing right

9. Palm facing left

10. Palm facing down

11. Palm facing up

12. Thumb and pointer finger touching

13. ‘I want you’ finger

14. Heart hands

15. Biting lip

16. Person wearing crown

17. Pregnant man

18. Pregnant person with short hair

19. Troll

20. Coral

21. Lotus flower

22. Empty nest

23. Nest with eggs

24. Beans

25. Liquid draining out of glass

26. Mason jar

27. Tall slide

28. Wheel

29. Life saver

30. Hamsa

31. Disco ball

32. Low battery

33. Crutch

34. X-ray

35. Bubbles

36. Identification card

37. Bold equals sign

To get these new emojis, make sure your phone is updated to the latest version of iOS by going to your Settings, tapping General, then Software Update and following the prompts to download it from there.