April’s Full Pink Moon Is All About A Spiritual Rebirth

It’s time to connect with nature and your emotions.

This is the spiritual meaning of the April full Pink Moon for 2023.

Spring is finally here, and you know what they say, April showers bring... pink moons? The April full moon, known as the “Pink Moon,” arrives on April 6 at 12:37 a.m. ET in harmony-oriented Libra, and although the name might be misleading (don’t expect to snap any ‘Gram-worthy pics of an actual pink moon on Thursday), there’s still a lot to look forward to this lunation. As the first full moon of spring, la luna is sure to bring lots of sunlight and just all-around good vibes. But to properly harness this energy, you must understand the spiritual meaning of the April 2023 full Pink Moon so you can close this chapter on a high note.

Because full moons finalize the end of a lunar cycle, this event will come with a lot of closure and emotional release. But with the end of one phase comes the start of another, and according to astrologer Catherine Gerdes, it looks like the full Pink Moon will be just as cheery as the name suggests. “Falling after the vernal equinox, this Pink Moon coincides with the entrance of more sunlight and warming in the northern hemisphere,” says Gerdes. “We are releasing the dark seasons spent indoors, and returning to greater connection with nature, and perhaps, with each other.”

Setting your intentions is a must for every full moon, but according to Gerdes, there’s so much more you can do to build your spiritual connection to the full Pink Moon on April 6, starting with learning the history behind the lunar event.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Pink Moon?

Before you pull out your most expensive camera, you should know the Pink Moon won’t actually be pink. Instead, Gerdes shares that the April full moon gets its name from indigenous peoples who used the lunar event to mark the “blooming of the first pink, spring wildflowers, or ground phlox.”

The Pink Moon isn’t the only name for la luna this time of year. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Pink Moon will also double as the Paschal Full Moon, as it is the first full moon of spring and coincides with Easter. Gerdes explains that the lunar event is also commonly referred to as the Awakening Moon, because the “awakening evidenced in the natural world mirrors the spiritual significance of this full moon,” therefore marking a “season of rebirth.”

How To Work With The Full Pink Moon’s Energy

The most important thing you can do this lunation is remember to stay grounded. To do so, Gerdes recommends being “intentional about your time spent outdoors,” as well as nurturing your relationships.

As the days get longer, brighter, and warmer, you’ll want to spend more time outside. For this April full moon, connecting with nature isn’t just encouraged — it’s essential. “Plan an adventure, go for a hike, or dust off your bike and go for a ride. If you have a garden, you know this is a time when it needs your attention and extra TLC,” says Gerdes. “With so much collective focus on restoring energy and on good vibes, this pink moon is an opportune time to reconvene with the natural world, allow for the energetic reset, and watch the rest fall into place.”

The full moon will be in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, so as another Pink Moon practice Gerdes suggests conducting an “inner check-in around relationships.”

“The sign of Libra embodies the themes of justice and fairness, which aren't the most comfortable ones to address, but they are critical for thriving partnerships,” Gerdes explains. The astrologer proposes asking yourself the following questions this full moon: Which partnerships are you investing in, and where does balance need to be restored? Is there less of an investment that needs to be made, or a conversation that needs to be had? Where do you need to find common ground — or walk away?

Though Libra is the star of the show this lunation, Gerdes shares there will be “a lot of planetary activity in the sign of Taurus” as well. The Taurus energy is sure to raise “questions around themes of security, stability, investments, and self-value,” and because of this, the astrologer recommends exploring your “inner feelings of stability and look into your finances to tighten up and invest in what is truly worthwhile” as a final full moon practice.

To get an even better idea of what the full Pink Moon has in store for you, you can check to see where Libra and Taurus fall in your personal chart too, per Gerdes. May the Pink Moon be ever in your favor.


Catherine Gerdes, astrologer