Your April Tarot Reading

Out with the old, in with the new.

Here's your tarot card reading for April 2024.

Spring is here. As April rolls in, I asked my tarot deck, “What do we need to know this month?”

According to my five-card spread, the message is to honor your boundaries and make room for something better.

Your Tarot Reading For April

Your Energy: Eight Of Cups

Let the Eight of Cups remind you of the importance of boundaries. You have permission to pull back your energy whenever and wherever you need to. Consider what you need to step away from, and if it’s a little step or a big one.

Ready to sigh with relief?

The Situation: Page Of Pentacles

You might need to find new ways of approaching your health, wealth, and home. Think outside of the box; if you’re leaving something behind, what are you making room for? You learned from past mistakes so that you can be more innovative in the present.

Whenever you can, lean into a lighthearted, playful mindset.

The Obstacle You’re Facing: Six Of Pentacles

When the Six of Pentacles appears as an obstacle, it could indicate that there are people or situations who drain you of your energy. Maybe you feel like you have nothing left to give, or maybe you give until you have nothing left.

This card encourages you to seek balance. Be generous in the right spaces and with the right people; you’ll find abundance, as will your loved ones.

How To Take Action: Four Of Wands

Commit to stability. This is a good time to focus more on making your home your sanctuary, tailoring your health routine for your current needs, and finding your niche at work or in the world.

Lean on the people and environments that feel supportive and comforting. Right now, your creativity energy is best spent on yourself.

What You Can Learn From This: Three Of Swords

Hard times reveal your boundaries and baggage. However you’re feeling is OK. There is wisdom behind every emotion.

Reflect on which parts of your life are working well and which parts need adjustments. Where can you experiment with new routines or techniques?

How To Use April’s Tarot Lessons

This month, embrace trading in the old for the new. Try these journaling prompts; free-associate and jot down whatever comes to mind:

  • Where do you need more space?
  • What does space feel like to you?
  • How can you give yourself more space?

How I Read Tarot

I work in my family’s trade of fortune telling as taught to me by my grandmother. My forthcoming book co-authored with Paulina Stevens, Secrets of Romani Fortune Telling, celebrates Romani people’s contribution to this work.