How To Survive August's Full Blue Moon

It's time to reflect on your closest relationships.


The August 2021 full moon will adorn the skies on August 22, as it moves into the wild child Aquarius. Since it's our seasonal blue moon, you can expect the Aqua vibes to be extra rebellious, so you'll want to be ready for it with these do's and don’ts.

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What Is The Blue Moon?

There are two types of blue moons: seasonal and monthly. The upcoming lunation on Aug. 22 will be a seasonal blue moon, which happens between the spring or summer solstice and fall or winter equinox. Its energy is intense so feelings are much harder to miss.


DO: Reflect On Your Relationships

Now’s a good time to get real about whether your inner circle is serving or hindering you. Jot down your needs in relationships, like what makes you feel safe, along with traits that you think make a good friend.

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DON’T: Avoid Your Feelings

The full moon amplifies what we keep hidden, so it’s time to confront your emotions. Use the full moon magic to help you see your emotions more objectively. Try a guided meditation to help you understand the root of your feelings.

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DO: Share The Light

There's plenty of room at the top! While healing the world might be a lot to tackle, you can start small by uplifting others in your life. Go the extra mile to show support and appreciation for your friends to let them know their hard work is valued and seen.

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DON’T: Shut Out The Rest Of The World

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by current events. Instead of logging off, find ways to stay connected with society. Look into legislation being passed in your community and find ways to be part of the solution.

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DO: Set Your Projects Into Action

The full moon calls for the completion of projects and seeing your big ideas through. If you've been putting off your ambitions, this is the time to take a leap of faith. Tap into your inner visionary and bring your passion projects to life.

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DON’T: Resist Change

The full moon is disrupting our comfy routines, so if you're a creature of bad habit, you'll be forced to make more than a few adjustments. Instead of radical change, try adopting some new approaches to what you're already doing.

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DO: Connect With Yourself

This full moon will be the perfect time to focus on introspection. Invest in a guided journal and some self-help books to help you explore yourself in new, exciting ways.

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