23 Top-Rated Bachelorette Party Gifts, All Under $40

From hangover kits to hilarious games.

the best bachelorette party gifts

Of all the major relationship milestones many couples experience, getting engaged might be one of the most exciting. The buildup before the wedding, and all the fun events in between, make the season of engagement a truly special — and jam-packed — time. Whether someone who’s engaged opts for a debaucherous big-city trip or a relaxing tropical getaway, bachelorette parties are a staple of the wedding season. But from booking places to stay to coordinating and outfits, these events can certainly be pricey.

One particular expense that shouldn’t be overlooked is bachelorette party gifts. These funny, sentimental, and naughty presents can be just for the guest of honor — think clothes and accessories that say “Bride” — or include the entire bachelorette party (pro tip: consider hangover kits). To avoid breaking the bank on what might be an already-expensive trip, here’s a list of 23 top-rated bachelorette party gifts, all under $40.

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The Best Wearable Bachelorette Gifts

Let the bride have some fun in the sun during her bachelorette. With a 22-inch diameter for full sun protection, this hat would be a great gift option for any beach destination.

Top Review: “Exactly as pictured,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “It's an eye-catcher, so prepare to accept compliments when you wear it out. Great quality and the perfect size! This bride loves it and all the attention that beautiful hat gets me! Highly recommend gifting this to a bride in your life!”

This customizable sweatshirt is a cozy option for any bride wanting to flaunt her fiancé status on her bachelorette weekend. The sweatshirt comes in sizes S-XXL, and is a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend.

Top Review: “I absolutely love this sweater! I was extremely skeptical because I’m very picky with the material I’d like to feel on my body. This sweater looks wonderful — I feel like a REAL Mrs. when I wear it! Not that I didn’t beforehand, but it’s my first item of clothing that actually says my name on it. I get so many compliments on it, my friends all think it’s so cute, and my husband continually says I love it when you wear that! I rarely leave a review, but I felt this one was really warranted and if it could help anyone make a solid purchase —this is it,” writes one Amazon reviewer.

Great for trips where you’ll be walking, beach outings, or amusement parks, these bride and bachelorette fanny packs will be a hit for your entire “squad.” The fanny packs extend from size zero to size 20, so they’re a good size-inclusive option.

Top Review: “I ordered these super last minute…and they were so cute!” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I’d really like to thank the seller for communicating so well! I was able to receive this package to me earlier than expected and just in time (an hour before my bestie’s bachelorette party, thank you!) Included these in everyone’s gift bags for our pool party day! Loved them at our cabana!”

This set of 10 pink heart-shaped sunglasses includes one special pair for the bride. With a sturdy plastic frame and UV coating, these are an easy take-home gift for plenty of Instagram-worthy moments.

Top Review: “I’m the matron of honor in an upcoming wedding and I got these for goody bags for the bachelorette party,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “They came in great shape and are super flattering on everyone! Perfect gift and fun sunglasses.”

Once you’re ready for a wild night out on the town, these attention-grabbing sashes are great for your group. Have fun helping each other pick the right titles, like “hot mess” and “bad influence,” and you’re sure to get a few free shots sent your way!

Top Review: “There were only 6 of us, so we let the bride award us each our most appropriate title... so fun! I got ‘Bad Influence’... best! People loved them everywhere we went!” writes one Amazon reviewer.

The Best Special Bachelorette Gifts

Made with durable canvas, this large tote bag is customizable with many phrases to choose from, like “Wifey” or “Miss to Mrs.” This gift is great to use as a beach bag or travel bag for her bachelorette weekend.

Top Review: “Was a gift and she loved it! I think quality is nice and not flimsy like most bags,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Has some structure to it so good for carrying lots of things. Very pretty!”

Sometimes a bachelorette weekend makes for nights you’ll “never forget”... until the drinks start flowing. Try a scrapbook made just for photos and trinkets of those special moments spent celebrating. The book includes pages where you can put “before and after” bachelorette night pictures, list your favorite songs or drinks from the party, and more.

Top Review: “This is so cute! I was gonna make a scrapbook-type thing with all the polaroids I plan to take at my bachelorette party but I found this and made the purchase. It’s perfect for a mini scrapbook of memories and will easily hold my polaroids,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

This picture frame makes a great sentimental gift to remember a fun bachelorette weekend. The 9x11 size is perfect for leaving room to add “kisses” and a signature from each member of the party.

Top Review: “The bride to be loved this frame and making sure everyone left their mark,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Love that it comes with a pen.”

Perfect for hanging up her baddie bachelorette night ensemble, the bride will then get to take home this customizable hanger as a special keepsake.

Top Review: “It was just what I was looking for,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I was concerned it would be cheap looking after reading through some of the reviews but I am VERY happy with my purchase and I know the bride will love it!!”

The Best Funny Bachelorette Gifts

If you know your bachelorette party is going to involve some drinking, your best bet is to go in fully prepared. These fun “hangover” kits will definitely be appreciated by everyone in your bridal squad, and can be filled with whatever recovery necessities you see fit!

Top Review: “These were a huge hit for both bachelorette parties that I was a part of,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I put together a bunch for each of the girls and stuffed them with some helpful goodies!! They are not too big but I was able to get each of those items (in the picture above) into the bag. Highly recommend!”

To amp up the fun on your bachelorette night out, try this card game full of dares. The challenges include fun tasks like “propose to a stranger” and “take a selfie with the bartender,” and each card comes with the choice of buying the bride a drink instead of completing the dare.

Top Review: “This was so fun! I handed them out to all the bachelorette party attendants and throughout the night everyone completed their dare — we had the girls take pictures with their dare cards as proof of completion haha. It was a fun way to interact with the people at the places we visited. None of the dares were too scandalous but still a lot of fun,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

Anyone can appreciate a well-timed gag gift, and this nightgown is a perfect option for the bride to wear on her bachelorette trip. A cute nod at the quintessential wedding night lingerie ensemble, this is a gift she can enjoy again and again.

Top Review: “Bought this for a bachelorette party where we were supposed to bring lingerie (yes I also brought real lingerie) and she LOVED it. She already wears oversized t-shirts to bed so for this to be almost like a nightgown was perfect,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

For a bachelorette party that involves a long road trip or flight, choose a wedding-related activity to keep everyone occupied. This book of adult mad libs has some hilarious fill-in-the-blank stories about taking wedding photos, the “big night”, writing thank-you notes, and more.

Top Review: “We played one round thus far and almost wet ourselves reading it,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

Another game option, this card game will provide endless hours of entertainment (and slight embarrassment) for the bachelorette crew. Some cards include challenges like “Bring all the boys to the yard with your milkshake for 20 seconds. Open to interpretation.” Perfect for a bachelorette night in.

Top Review: “Whoever made this game is weird AF, and I loved every minute of it,” says one Amazon reviewer. “Would definitely recommend giving it a try, especially if you and your friends have a strange sense of humor and don't mind embarrassing yourself.”

The Best Drinking Bachelorette Gifts

If you’re going with a funky retro theme, or just love a cute goody bag gift for everyone to keep, these slim can sleeves are perfect for hitting the beach or pool with some hard seltzers. The pack includes 11 “Bride’s Babes” sleeves and one white “The Bride” sleeve, great for a large group.

Top Review: “Ordered these for a party barge bachelorette and they were a hit,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Arrived exactly as pictured — just keep in mind these are the tall skinny koozies and not the "regular" size koozies. They were perfect and everyone loved them — they survived lake water and I actually even washed mine in soap and water after and it smells great and is still flexible. 10/10.”

For a bougie bride, the original Chambong set is a fabulous bachelorette gift. The glass is hand-blown and dishwasher safe. Fill up each “bong” with bubbly, and let the fun commence.

Top Review: “Purchased as a bridal gift. Works well. I have used it. ***Warning*** champagne will easily flow into your mouth,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

A cult-favorite, Liquid IV makes for a great addition to any next-morning hangover kit for bachelorette attendees. Each bag contains 16 single-serving packets of the famous electrolyte hydrating drink mix in a watermelon flavor.

Top Review: “I drink these before I attend an event where I know I’ll have some drinks, I NEVER get a hangover, amazing! I keep them in my pocketbook always,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

Another great goody bag option for each bridesmaid to take home, these custom, stainless steel, and double-walled tumblers will be a hit. Get them engraved with names, wedding party roles, or even funny bachelorette nicknames — the possibilities are endless.

Top Review: “The white tumbler can't be beat — it's elegant and perfect for your bridal party. The turquoise tumblers were equally stunning. I highly recommend Red Robot and their engraved tumblers. The cost is truly worth it,” one Amazon reviewer writes.

Fill the bride’s gift bag with little trinkets like this “bride” straw. She’ll definitely want to flaunt it around in her cocktail or wine glasses all weekend. With a 4.8 star rating, reviewers say this sturdy straw offers great value for a low price.

Top Review: “Great bachelorette prop for the bride,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Just as sturdy as the more expensive bride straws.”

The Best Naughty Bachelorette Gifts

For a cheeky yet functional bridesmaid goody bag gift, these wine condoms are suitable for any wine-lover with a slightly dirty sense of humor. They wrap tightly around the neck of the bottle for great ... protection.

Top Review: “They roll on the top of a wine bottle just like a condom and keep the wine fresh and sealed, that way if you don't finish an entire bottle you can just put one of these on without having to worry about trying to force the cork back in it,” says one Amazon reviewer.

With three different categories — “talk,” “drink,” and “dare”— this bachelorette game is basically three games in one. From questions like, “What three qualities of the bachelorette do you most admire?,” to dares such as, “Go up to a random guy and ask him to buy you a drink,” you won’t have to worry about a dull moment on your night out.

Top Review: “Such a fun game to play not only a bachelorette party, but just a girls’ night too,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I wasn’t sure how long it would take us to complete all the cards so I wound up buying a second game in case. Never had to open it. Learned a lot, laughed a lot, and drank some.”