40 Bachelorette Party Drinking Games Guests *Actually* Want To Play

From Bachelorette Jenga to Naughty Knickers.

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It’s no secret wedding planning is stressful, which is why letting loose at the bachelorette party is a must. Still, there’s a lot of pressure to host the perfect event — not only do you want the bride to feel special, but you want to make it an unforgettable experience for the guests, too. A good, old-fashioned drinking game with a bridal twist is just one of the ways you can achieve this, but if you’re unsure which activities to include in your weekend itinerary, these 40 bachelorette party drinking games have got you covered.

Whether the bride is doubling as the party planner, or the maid of honor is taking charge, a bachelorette must feature games that will make everyone feel comfortable and welcome, especially if there’s a mix of high school friends, college roommates, family members, and co-workers in the bridal party. It’s also important to choose games that guests actually want to play, and won’t make everyone cringe with secondhand embarrassment. Because of this, there is a delicate balance when it comes to bachelorette drinking games, but with the help of this list, the party is sure to be a hit with the guests and the betrothed alike.

Pin The Kiss On The Groom

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How to play: Much like Pin The Tail On The Donkey, each player will try to pin the tail on an image of the groom while blindfolded, and whoever misses takes a shot. Not everyone chooses to use a kiss — some bachelorettes opt for something more *explicit*, but that’s up for you to decide.

The Newlywed Game

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How to play: Before the party, the maid of honor should send to the groom-to-be a list of questions to answer. Then, during the party, the MOH will ask the bride said questions and try to match their partner’s answers. If the bride gets the question correct, the members of the wedding party drink. If not, the bride drinks.

Bachelorette Jenga

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How to play: Before the party, the maid of honor should write a series of dares and challenges on Jenga bricks. Once the blocks have been stacked, the players must pull a brick without destroying the structure and follow the instructions on their block.

Dirty Minds

How to play: Though this card game is filled with suggestive and raunchy clues, the answers are anything but. To win this game, you’ll need to get your mind out of the gutter.


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How to play: Grab a dice, and six “cups” of varying sizes (i.e. shot glasses, bowls, etc.). Roll the dice, and drink from the cup associated with the number it lands on.

Truth Or Drink

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How to play: Truth Or Drink is a great way for the bridesmaids to get to know one another before the big day. Much like Truth Or Dare, guests will be asked a question, and they can either answer honestly or drink and plead the fifth.

Bachelorette Bingo

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How to play: The maid of honor hands out empty bingo cards, and each guest fills theirs out based on what gifts they think the bride will receive. If a gift isn’t on the board, the guests must drink. The first person to get bingo wins.

Scanvenger Hunt

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How to play: If you’re going to a popular bachelorette destination, like Charleston, South Carolina, download a pre-made scavenger hunt map for your city and go wild.

Guess That Memory

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How to play: A guest opens an envelope, and inside it is a picture. The guest has to recreate the pose in the image (they can recruit other people to help if need be), and the bride must guess where the photo is from. For every incorrect guess, the bride drinks. If she figures it out, the guest drinks.


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How to play: While everyone looks down at the floor, one person counts down from three and yells, “Medusa!”. The players look up, and must face off against whoever they locked eyes within a game of flip cup. The loser takes a drink.

Prosecco Pong

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How to play: If you were a beer pong champion back in your college days, you know how this game works. Fill 20 cups with Prosecco (or champagne), then arrange 10 cups in the shape of a pyramid at each end of the table. Each player will try to toss a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups; if successful, someone from the losing side must drink. If not, the other team drinks.

Bachelorette Wheel Of Fortune

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How to play: Instead of choosing just one, play a round of all your favorite drinking games by having guests spin a DIY wheel filled with options like flip cup, Never Have I Ever, and more.

Bride Trivia

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How to play: Test the guests’ knowledge of the bride by asking a series of questions they should know the answers to. Players must drink after every wrong guess, and the bride must drink for every correct guess.

Dirty Pictionary

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How to play: A twist on the classic childhood game, divide guests into two teams. One player from each team is given a ~naughty~ prompt and has to draw it out for their teammates. Whichever team guesses it first gets a point, while the other team has to take a shot.

Ring Hunt

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How to play: If a city-wide scavenger hunt seems a bit too daunting, a ring hunt around the house is the way to go. The maid of honor hides plastic rings around the estate, and whoever finds the most throughout the weekend wins.

Bridal Jeoparday

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How to play: Before the party, the maid of honor should prepare several categories of questions with varying degrees of difficulty. Divide the guests into teams, and continue like you would a game of Jeopardy — only this time, each incorrect answer warrants a shot.

Ring Toss

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How to play: The bride sticks an inflatable banana between her legs, and each guest tries to toss a ring around the fruit, drinking after every failed attempt. Bonus points if the rings look like engagement rings.

Tipsy Taboo

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How to play: At the top of the party, each player will be given a card with a word or action on it (make sure not to share your card with anyone else). Each word should be wedding or engagement-related and whenever someone says or does your “taboo” word, take a drink.

Naughty Knickers

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How to play: Each attendee brings a pair of panties that reflect their personality, and the bride has to guess which pair belongs to who. The bride must drink for every wrong guess, and the guests must drink when their lingerie has been correctly identified. The best part is, the bride gets to leave with a whole new set of undies.

The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Game

How to play: Spilt into two or more teams, and pick from 150 prompt cards across three categories: Who Can Do It, Make The Bride Laugh, and Scavenger Hunt. The game can be played in one night, or spread out over an entire weekend.

Lick & Stick

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How to play: Each guest is given a playing card they cannot look at, and must stick it to their forehead either by licking it or with tape. Two players sit across from each other and guess whether or not the card on their head is higher or lower. Whoever is wrong drinks, and two other players do the same. The winners of the first round will face off against one another until one winner remains.

Musical Flip Cup

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How to play: Similar to Musical Chairs, the group dances around a table with a cup in hand while music plays. When the song cuts out, each player must flip their cup. The last person to do so takes a shot and leaves the game.

Never Have I Ever

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How to play: Much like the childhood game, members of the wedding party share something they’ve never done before, and those who have to take a drink. To bachelorette-ify this one, you can choose questions that relate to the bride and groom, like “Never have I ever hooked up with someone who has the same name as the groom.”

Shot Roulette

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How to play: Arrange several shot glasses in the middle of a table, some filled with alcohol and some filled with water. One by one everyone must take a shot in front of the group, and they must guess what was in the glass. If the group guesses incorrectly everyone takes a shot, and if they get it right the contestant drinks.

Makeup Challenge

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How to play: Each player takes a shot of the bride-to-be’s drink of choice. One by one, the guests take turns doing the bride’s makeup as if she were getting ready for her big day. If they mess up, they take a shot.

Two Truths & A Lie

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How to play: Each player shares two truths and a lie about the bride, and whoever guesses the lie incorrectly has a take a sip of their drink.


How to play: Set up the Plinko board, and drop the chips from the top. At the bottom of the board, attach a directive like “chug your drink for 10 seconds” or “pick someone to do a shot with.” Follow the instructions as determined by your chip.

Drink While You Think

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How to play: The maid of honor will ask the group a series of questions about the bride, and they must drink while they think about the answer. If someone answers correctly, the bride takes a sip.

Flip, Sip, Or Strip

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How to play: One player will flip a coin and call either heads or tails before it lands. If the spare change lands on the correct side, the player will pass the coin to the right. If it lands on the opposite side, the player must pass the coin to the left, and either sip or strip a piece of clothing.


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How to play: While pre-gamming for a night out, throw on the song “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Going down the line, the first person must drink when they hear the word “thunder,” and can’t stop until they hear it again. The person next to them takes over from there, and so forth.


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How to play: A fun game that can be played at a bar, each guest agrees to drink with their non-dominant hand for the rest of the night. If a person gets caught breaking the rules, someone will yell “Buffalo!”, and the guilty party has to finish the drink.

Would She Rather?

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How to play: Much like Would You Rather, guests are given “Would she rather” prompts in regards to the bride, and must guess which option she would choose. An incorrect guess equals a sip.

What’s On Your Phone?

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How to play: The group is given a list of things they need to find on their phone (a selfie, a “U up?” text, etc.), and whoever can’t find the item must drink.

Bachelorette Board Game

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How to play: Ahead of the party, the maid of honor should create a board game board that allows players to land on tiles like “take a shot” or “truth or dare.” You can also include tile questions centered around the bride, and don’t forget the dice.

Guess The Status

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How to play: Ahead of the party, each player will submit a series of Facebook statuses from back in the day without the bride’s knowledge — the more embarrassing, the better. The bride has to guess who the status belongs to and if she’s right, the group drinks. If she’s wrong, the bride drinks.

Pong, Without The Beer

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How to play: Instead of playing a normal game of ping pong, each player will attempt to dunk a ping pong ball into an empty cup. Inside each cup is a question about the bride and groom; if the player answers incorrectly or is unable to successfully sink the ball in the cup, they drink.

Sip & Paint

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How to play: Each guest will be given a mini easel, some paint, and a paintbrush. From there, the guests will paint the groom from memory as best they can, and the bride chooses her favorite. It might not be a game, but it’s still a fun boozy bachelorette activity.

Heads Up

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How to play: Download the Heads Up app, then select a category. The first player (Player A) puts the phone to their head, while the others have to help Player A guess the name or word that appears on the screen. When the round is finished, Player A must drink for every missed question.


These 40 bachelorette party drinking games are seriously fun.

How to play: The person to your right whispers a question in your ear, and you have to answer out loud. Anyone who wants to hear the question takes a drink.

Family Feud: Bachelorette Edition

How to play: For this wedding-inspired edition of the beloved game show game, spilt into two teams and answer questions like “Name the sexiest instrument a man could play.” At the end of each round, the losing team has to take a shot. The team with the most points at the end of the night wins.