7 Fun & Unique Bachelorette Party Games People Will Actually Enjoy


In the midst of stressing about planning your wedding (or even stressing about budgeting to attend one as a guest), it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that the occasion is a celebration. Scrambling to build party favor bags or to get an outfit for the big day altered can detract from the fun, but that's where the bachelorette party comes in. Cleaning the party stores of any genitalia paraphernalia is one way to go, but if you're looking for fun bachelorette party games, you still have plenty of options that aren't lame at all.

Whether you're the friend organizing the party or you're actually the one getting married, keeping all activities true to the guest of honor's personality is key. If the person who's about to be wed doesn't drink, for example, it might be a good idea not to incorporate alcohol into the games. If guests are invited to bring their children, pulling out lingerie might not be the best call. Even without including the classic genital lollipops or decor, there are still plenty of fun ways to celebrate the occasion. Plus, some of the games offer the chance to get to know each other better, which will certainly come in handy on the wedding day, since the attendees will have some baseline knowledge of each other.

Here are some fun bachelorette games to try out.


Do A Lingerie Guessing Game


It's pretty common to give lingerie as gifts at a bachelorette party, but present opening time doesn't have to be boring for the guests. Make the process into a fun game with just a little extra planning. Tell everyone who will be attending to bring gift items that they feel best represent their own personality, and then have the person getting married guess who brought what based on what they know about them. Not only will this make things more interactive, but it can also help the lingerie receiver try some styles they might not think to explore on their own.


Romantic Song Fill-In-The-Blank

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Whether you'd rather focus the bachelorette party on the romance between the happy couple or take things into a little steamier territory, playing a fill-in-the-blank guessing game with popular songs is a fun way to get everyone involved. Play a selection from a classic love song (or lust song) and then make everyone guess the line that comes next. This game is extra fun if you ask people to actually sing the next section of the song, because spontaneous a cappella can be pretty hilarious.


Toilet Paper Fashion Design

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Brace yourself for a trip to Costco, because you're going to need a whole lot of toilet paper for this game. At the bachelorette party, ask everyone to pair up. Then, tell one person on the team to design their fanciest wedding outfit by wrapping the other person in toilet paper. If you want to really up the ante, provide tape and scissors so that people can get extra creative. Once the masterpieces are complete, let the person getting married choose the best outfit of them all.


Memory Guessing

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One of the most special parts about having a bachelorette party is getting so many of the close people in your life together to meet each other. Help everyone get comfortable and mingling by starting things off with a memory sharing game. Each guest should write down a favorite memory they have with the person getting married, and then all of the answers should be collected into a hat. Take turns reading them aloud and guessing who wrote which memory.


Put Them On The Spot

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If you're getting married to someone, you hopefully know them pretty well already. But there are always new things to learn about your spouse-to-be. Ask the partner of whoever the party is for to answer a series of questions about themself ahead of time. Then, once the bachelorette party is in full swing, have the person who's getting married try to answer as many questions correctly about their love as possible. To up the stakes, impose a punishment for any wrong answers, like having to take a shot (or a shot of hot sauce, if they don't drink).


Tarot Cards


In the spirit of a wedding's ability to symbolize a new beginning, look to the future by doing tarot readings at the bachelorette party. If you want to keep things low-key, you can draw cards yourselves, but if you take tarot very seriously, try inviting an actual tarot reader to attend part of the event.


Drink If...


Playing "Never Have I Ever" might be something you want to leave in middle school, but with a little twist, the classic game might be just the thing to get everyone laughing at a bachelorette party. Instead of just asking each person to say something they haven't done, prepare a list of statements relating to the couple's relationship. For example, if one of the partners' names is Katie, say "Never have I ever dated someone named Katie." Or if the two lovebirds met on OK Cupid, say "Never have I ever met a partner on OK Cupid." If you want to make things a little more interesting, make the penalty for having done something taking a drink, and all the guests are sure to be having the time of their lives at the end.

Whether you decide to ask everyone to sing classic love songs at the top of their lungs, or delve into deeper territory with tarot readings, make sure to enjoy every moment. On the actual wedding day, you might not have as much time to just have fun.