The Internet Is Crushing Hard On Joe Burrow

“Idk what’s going on but I know Joe Burrow is sexy.”

The internet is crushing on Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow during Super Bowl 2022
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Just seconds into Super Bowl 2022, it’s clear why Twitter tuned into the big game this year. It’s not the halftime show, the new commercials, or the actual, you know, football game — it’s stylish Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, aka Joey B.

The breakout player, who led his team to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1989, made a splash this season with his style, resemblance to Macaulay Culkin, and, of course, his athletic skills. But for those who aren’t huge fans of football or don’t know what a Bengal is, the Super Bowl was their first introduction to the 25-year-old — and it’s safe to say Burrow has some new admirers on the internet.

While the quarterback isn’t single — he’s been with his college sweetheart for five years — it didn’t stop Twitter from thirsting over him during the game. As Twitter user @lightsupgabi put it: “I do not care for sports but joe burrow is hot so go bengals.”

Below, find more tweets and memes about the internet’s newest crush.


It’s A Holiday

Forget Galentine’s Day, forget Super Bowl Sunday — Twitter has declared Feb. 13 Joe Burrow Day. Happy holidays to you and yours.


Biggest Bengals Fan Ever

For some people, choosing which team to root for is an exact science. Go Bengals!


Hot Girls Unite

The Hot Girls have spoken, and their allegiance is with Burrow. Thanks to all the other players this year for trying.


What Am I Watching Again?

You don’t need a Super Bowl instruction manual to know that Burrow’s a regulation hottie. In fact, that may be all you need to know tonight.


Planning For The Future Hotness

Some Twitter users are anticipating their crush’s next swoon-worthy move. Hey, more to look forward to after the season’s over.


He’s A Specific Kind Of Hot

Some Twitter users are dreaming big. Suddenly, the long line at Trader Joe’s doesn’t seem so bad.


A What?

Bengal, schmengal! We’re all just here on a need-to-know basis.


Something We Can All Agree On

He’s got the kind of hotness that brings families together. Isn’t bonding over your crush the real point of the Super Bowl, anyway?


Macaulay Culkin’s Twin

Many are comparing Burrow to the Home Alone star. Whether you see the similarity or not, there’s no doubt Burrow would’ve kicked back in the limo with a cheese pizza, too.


Rams Fans Are Crushing Too

There may be two opposing teams, but Burrow’s charm is something everyone can agree on.


Winner Material

Joe Burrow, Super Bowl champion. Forget touchdowns and field goals, this is how you win.


No Shame In The Thirst Game

Why lie when Twitter agrees with you? We’re all in this together.


The Internal Struggle

If the opposing team’s player is hot, doesn’t it automatically make them your hometown team? Asking for a friend.


It’s An All-Caps Occasion

Is there anyone on Twitter who would fight this take? Didn’t think so.


Playing In What?

We’re just laying it all out today. Live your truth, people.


FYI, Not A Football Fan

The non-football fans are really shining tonight. This night is all about you — don’t forget it!


The Official Super Bowl Minutes

It seems like this Twitter user has the whole game covered. A great resource for anyone who missed the game.