The 4 Best Agility Ladders For Simple, Effective Workouts

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Woman training on agility ladder in gym. Fitness class cardio workout with speed ladder no floor.

Whether you're working out at home, in the park, or at the gym, the best agility ladders offer a great way to improve speed and coordination at your own pace. Just roll these multi-rung ladders out onto a flat surface where you can perform various drills, such as scissor hops, hurtle hops, jump lunges, and more — without the need for extra workout equipment. The best ones are made with durable nylon straps and adjustable plastic rungs, and they usually come with a carrying case for easy transport. It's a plus if the ladder is extendable or comes with metal stakes for securing the straps during outdoor use.

While shopping, you should also take length into consideration, and most agility ladders are between 6 and 32 feet long (the ones listed here max out at 20 feet). Some can even be attached to one another to create additional length with the use of buckles or snaps. Ladders with adjustable rungs allow you to customize just how much space you'll have in between steps. Carrying cases make them easy to travel with or just to tuck away neatly in the house.

If you're looking to create a more intense, full-body workout, consider agility ladders kits that come paired with items such as resistance parachutes, cones, and more. There's one on this list that comes with the works. So whether you're an experienced athlete or a novice looking to create an exercise routine, these agility ladders are certainly worth a try.

1. The Overall Best: This Durable Agility Ladder That Comes With Stakes & Cones

This 20-foot agility ladder offers durability, stability, and more. Complete with 12 plastic rungs and two long-lasting nylon straps, it's able to withstand wear and tear during workouts. On top of that, the ladder comes with four stainless steel stakes so you can secure it into the ground during strenuous outdoor exercises. The rungs are adjustable — and they're easy to pack up in the included carrying case. This pack also comes with 10 cones for added agility practice. However, unlike the runner-up listed below, the nylon straps on this one aren't equipped with buckles for combining ladders and increasing the length.

According to fans: "Ladder durability is good. The little metal stakes that come with the ladder to anchor it bend very easily. after you have secured one side make sure to pull the other taunt when you are anchoring it. Metal stakes are just like camp tent stakes. They bend easily so have spares if you can."

2. The Runner-Up: Another High-Quality Agility Ladder That's Extendable

Like the overall best pick, this 20-foot agility ladder is equipped with 12 adjustable plastic rungs. It's also lined with two nylon straps, making it durable enough to withstand the toughest workout demands. Like others on this list, it also comes with a carrying bag and can be easily rolled up when you're done using it. However, this one does not come with stakes or cones — but one particular feature makes up for it: The end of each nylon strap is equipped with a buckle so you can connect multiple ladders together for more length if you want to.

According to fans: "Perfect for training and already set up. All you have to do is roll in out. Roll it back up easily, plop it in the bag, and off you go. You can use it as a novice looking to do aerobics or as an athlete looking to gain agility and foot skills."

3. The Budget Pick: Another Extendable Ladder That's Shorter Than The Others

Measuring 19-feet long, this agility ladder is not as long as some of the others. However, since it's also made with nylon straps and plastic rungs, it's just as durable. And similar to the runner-up, it can be attached to another ladder — but instead of buckles, it uses snaps. This one also features 12 rungs that can be moved and adjusted, and it also comes with a carrying bag that makes it easy to grab and go. At less than $20, it comes at an amazing price for beginners and everyday users alike. This one doesn't come with cones or stakes, but there are loops at the ends of the nylon straps that can be secured with stakes you can buy separately.

According to fans: "Awesome piece of workout equipment; It's a sturdy ladder with easy storage. It's perfect for aerobic and strength circuits."

4. This Agility Latter Training Kit With A Resistance Parachute, Stakes & Cones

Get the most out of your workout with this agility ladder kit. This 12-rung ladder is 19.6 feet long — and it comes with metal stakes, five cones, a resistance parachute that comes with a built-in belt, and more sport accessories. Like others on this list, this roll-out ladder is composed of plastic and nylon, and the rungs are adjustable and can be spaced as needed. It also comes with a drawstring carrying bag for neat storage and easy transportation.

According to fans: "I am an athletics trainer and use this set for agility training. The training set is suitable for training the legs, but I also like to use them for the upper body. The agility ladder can be easily carried into in the bag at lightning speed after use."