The 4 Best Brooms For Dog Hair

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by Margeaux Baulch Klein
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Attempting to sweep up dog hair with a traditional broom can be a frustrating chore. That’s because pet hair is notorious for slipping through the fiber bristles of traditional brooms. Instead of being swept up into a neat pile, pet hair instead flies up into the air and across the room. That’s why buying one of the best brooms for dog hair is a great idea if you want to be able to remove pet hair from your floors quickly and efficiently.

To sweep up pet hair specifically, choose a broom made with rubber bristles that attract pet hair to them, so it’ll be that much easier to sweep hair and dust into piles that you can pick up with a dustpan. If your home has a mixture of both carpets and wood floors, look for one that’s designed to tackle both (think gentler bristles that won’t damage hardwood). Some pet owners even report that the brooms below work better than vacuums at removing clumps of dog hair from carpets.

However, if carpet is the main type of flooring in your house, you may also want to consider a pet hair rake. These rakes have extra-stiff bristles that make them effective at pulling out dog hair from carpet. When you’re done cleaning, both pet hair brooms and rakes can be rinsed under a sink, so they’re super-easy to clean.

Take a look, below, at some of the best brooms for dog hair you can buy — and they’re all available on Amazon. And while you’re at it, consider snagging one of the best dog brushes for shedding, too.


The Fan-Favorite Broom For Dog Hair

You likely won’t find a better quality pet hair broom for the price than this FURemover broom. This broom has a telescopic handle that extends from 3 feet to 5 feet and a built-in squeegee to clean liquid spills. When you’re done cleaning, just rinse the broom head with soapy water to wash away any remaining pet hair or grime. It boasts a 12-inch blade with rubber bristles that can swiftly clean pet hair off of hardwood floors, tile, and carpet. If you’d like a larger head, it’s also available in variations including a 18-inch version. Plus, the entire line is backed by more than 55,000 perfect five-star ratings.

According to one fan: “If you have pets, dogs especially, this is a MUST have!! I will probably get rid of my old broom altogether! Cleans up so much more hair, than my old broom. And, keeps hair from ‘flying’ around, like my old broom did. Wish I’d of bought this ALONG time ago!!”


A Versatile Broom With A Squeegee & Microfiber Cloth

Use the rubber bristles for pet hair or use the squeegee portion on your windows, this rubber broom does both well. It even comes with a microfiber cloth that clips right onto the broom and is great for cleaning up both dust and spills. The head is 12.6 inches wide, and the handle can extend up to an impressive 62 inches. And since it’s made of alloy steel and rubber, it’s designed for the long haul. For even more versatility, reviewers have used it on decks, snowy sidewalks, and more.

According to one fan: “I have a Chow mix that sheds so much you would think he wouldn’t have any fur left! My pet vacuum always clogs. Now I use this first and no more clogging. Just rake it across the carpet and it pulls everything out.”


A Multitasking Broom Set With A Squeegee & Brush Tool

The 13-inch-wide rubber broom in this set does a great job at removing pet hair, and there’s also a squeegee edge for hard floor spills, windows, and more. It extends from 27 to 49 inches, too. However, what makes this set such a great buy is the bonus brush which is great for cleaning pet hair off soft surfaces like upholstery and clothing. (There’s a clip-on spot for a cloth on the broom. However, this option doesn’t come with the cloth like the one above does.)

According to one fan: “The reviews are true! This really picked up the hair and dirt. I’ve been using it to clean the rugs before washing them and I can’t believe how much hair it picked up that you can’t see. I vacuum almost every day and this sweeper was pulling up little piles of fur. Couldn’t believe it. It’s a great deal and easy to use. Will try the handheld smaller version in my car - I love that it came with that too.”


An Extra-Wide Rake That’s Great For Carpet

Even if you vacuum regularly, get ready to be impressed with how well this Grandi Groom rake works at pulling up dog hair from carpets. It has a wide 18-inch blade with extra-stiff rubber bristles that are able to remove deeply embedded pet hair and soil even better than some specialty vacuums. You can also use this rake in conjunction with a vacuum to make your carpet look like new again. Bonus: It is so strong and durable, you can even use it to clean artificial grass.

According to one fan: “I have a long haired dog so there is fur everywhere. With the rake, I can tidy up easily in a few minutes then vacuum once a week. As my Dyson vacuum collects hair around the beater brush and is a big struggle to clean, the rake saves wear and tear on my machine as well as my patience. I did not grade the rake for deep cleaning as my carpet is old therefore not easily penetrable by the rake’s bristles. This is one of those products that I would award more stars if I could.”

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