The 22 Best Coffee Gadgets And Accessories

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If you, like me, are the kind of person who wakes up and immediately thinks about coffee, then you know how important it is to be able to make a great cup at home. While you can take a minimalist approach and pick a single brewing method that you love, I am decidedly in the maximalist camp. The best coffee gadgets and accessories will help you brew (and enjoy) exceptional coffee in a wide variety of different styles.

To get serious about making better coffee, there are three essential accessories you need: a digital scale, a burr grinder, and a kettle with a thermometer. Fine-tuning your grind size, measuring your coffee by weight instead of volume, and getting your water to the optimal temperature will almost immediately improve the quality of your coffee. As a serious coffee nerd, I take things a step further and take notes to keep track of my favorite beans, ideal water temperatures, and grind sizes.

Experimenting with different brewing methods is also a good idea. I like to switch between pour over, French press, cold brew, moka pot, espresso, percolator, and drip brewing methods — so yes, about 40% of my kitchen equipment is related to making coffee. While you don’t need to have all of these at your disposal, having two or three different options for making your morning brew can help keep you from falling into a rut.

It’s also nice to have some travel-friendly options for making the kind of coffee you love, so you can enjoy a perfect cup anywhere from a hotel to a campsite. And once you’ve made your coffee, you can focus on elevating the drinking experience with things like mug warmers, insulating sleeves, and milk frothers.

The coffee gadgets and accessories that you’ll want to stock up on are ultimately a matter of personal preference. Keep reading to learn more about some of my favorites, which are highly rated on Amazon and beloved by coffee nerds.


An Electric Gooseneck Kettle That’s Super Aesthetic

My at-home coffee instantly became five times better once I started using a Fellow kettle. This electric gooseneck-style kettle can be set to reach a specific temperature in mere minutes, and it will keep your water hot for up to an hour. It has a 1200-watt heating element, an easy-to-read LCD screen, and a built-in timer that you can use to make sure your coffee steeps for just the right amount of time. The narrow, curved spout ensures a slow, even pour, which is especially good for pour-over and French press brewing.

One fan raved: “I was hesitant to spend this much on a variable temp gooseneck kettle but I am so glad I did. It checked off all the boxes...variable temp, hold setting, quick to heat, gooseneck, AND it was the best looking one! We have been using a gooseneck stovetop kettle for a few years for pour over and wanted more control over the water temp (I’d often forget I put the kettle on and start multitasking). This heats the water so quickly which is great in the morning. And the hold feature is my best friend for when I’m multitasking.”


This Hand Grinder That Coffee Nerds Are Obsessed With

If you find that your coffee is over- or under-extracted, it’s probably because you need to refine your grind size. A handheld burr grinder is the perfect solution for small-batch brewing, and I’ve been using this popular Hario model for years. It has conical ceramic burrs that ensure a consistent, even grind size, and it has a nonslip rubber base that will keep it steady while you turn the handle. Over 5,000 Amazon shoppers have given this grinder a five-star rating, and it can hold enough beans to make 8 cups of coffee.

One fan raved: “Great product. Did a lot of research like everyone else looking to upgrade from the basic electric grinders. After reading comments and watching video reviews, I chose to go with the hario skerton pro. I mainly use a french press and it is grinds the beans very well. The consistency of the grinds is perfect [...] Takes a little longer than the electric one, but it just adds to the morning coffee ritual.”


A Digital Kitchen Scale With A Built-In Timer

Measuring out your coffee ingredients by weight rather than by volume is key, because grind size does have an impact on volume. A digital scale is a great way to ensure that your ratios are on point, resulting in better, more consistent coffee. This one has five different units of measurement (ounces, grams, pounds, milliliters, and grams per milliliter) as well as a built-in timer that’s ideal for drip and French press coffee. The top platform has a textured silicone mat to help prevent slips and spills, and it runs on two AAA batteries, which are included.

One fan raved: “I am an award winning Barista that has competed in many places throughout Italy, Japan, and in the USA. I have used scales that are 100xs more expensive then this one and yet they are almost no distinguishable differences from each other, in terms of stable accurate readings that you can trust. I trust this scale so much that it is my go-to scale when I am traveling and want to make coffee.”


The Budget-Friendly Plastic Dripper

If you’ve never tried making pour-over coffee at home, or if you want something that’s lightweight and durable for travel, the Hario V60 plastic dripper is a solid entry-level option. The 02 size can make up to 4 cups of coffee at a time, and if you’re making a single cup, you can simply set it on top of your favorite mug and brew directly into it. It’s compatible with Hario’s paper filters, and boasts a near-perfect overall 4.8-star rating after more than 7,000 Amazon reviews.

One fan raved: “I went from Chemex to the Hario V60 after having numerous baristas recommend it as the ‘leader’ in terms of pour overs. Don't let the unassuming 3 minute brew time hold you back — the Hario produces remarkably loud tasting cups. African origins especially (Ethiopian, Kenyan, Burundi) come out with a smooth, syrupy, light body, while tasting notes are very noticeable, even if you are new to ‘craft coffee’. Also, even as a newbie, I occasionally get those amazing aromatics from my coffees.”


A Sleek Carafe That Makes Small-Batch Cold Brew

If you like to have small batches of cold brew coffee on hand, this elegant carafe from Osaka is my personal pick. It has a slim design that fits into the door of even smaller refrigerators, and I love the small-pour spout and ergonomic handle. The stainless steel filter allows your coffee’s natural oils to pass through it (as opposed to paper filters, which can trap oils), so you’ll get more aromatics and lighter tasting notes out of your cold brew. This carafe has a 34-ounce capacity, so you can make around a liter of concentrated cold brew at a time.

One fan raved: “Love the shape of the glass pitcher and the quality of the pierced stainless steel (not mesh) filter! [...] If you want an attractively designed, easy to use cold-brew option, give this one a try.”


The Collapsible Mug With A Leakproof Lid

Whether you’re re-fueling at a coffee shop or taking your homemade coffee to-go, a collapsible coffee mug is a great thing to have on hand. I’ve tried a bunch, but the Stojo is by far my favorite. The leakproof sip lid screws on securely and is pleasant to drink from, and the contoured body is easy to hold. It comes with a rigid plastic sleeve that both acts as an insulator and helps the flexible silicone hold its shape, and it collapses nearly flat, so you can toss it in your bag once you’re done with your coffee.

One fan raved: “I love this cup! I have been using it for about a month now. I got this cup so I cup help cut down on my waste from disposable cups. This is perfect to take on the go because it collapses down so small. I take this with me to work to get coffee and tea from the coffee maker, and when I finish, I just rinse it out and throw it in my bag. I love this so much more than a traditional travel cup because it fits so easily and its super light weight!”


The Professional-Grade Conical Burr Grinder

If you don’t have the time or patience for a manual grinder, or need to grind larger amounts of coffee at once, the Barzata Encore is the gold standard in conical burr grinders. It has 40 unique grind settings, so you can fine-tune it for everything from espresso to cold brew to a Hario V60 dripper and beyond. The hopper can hold up to 8 ounces of whole beans at a time, but at just under 14 inches tall, it will still fit underneath most kitchen cabinets.

One fan raved: “I've never owned a burr grinder. On recommendation of our local coffee roaster to purchase one, my research lead me to the Baratza Encore. Like all of you, I love a good cup of coffee in the morning! I've been honing in on the best techniques to produce a great cup of coffee using a french press coffee maker. The versatility of grind settings that the Encore offers is excellent!”


A French Press That Prevents Over-Extraction

French press is by far the simplest manual brewing method, but it also tends to be fairly inconsistent. This 8-cup French press from Osaka has a filter that’s specifically designed to prevent over-extraction, which results in bitter coffee. I was skeptical at first, but every time I use this, my coffee comes out smooth and well-balanced thanks to the built-in vacuum seal in the filter. There’s absolutely zero grit or sediment, and I love the nonslip base that keeps it secure on my countertop.

One fan raved: “I wanted a French press to avoid paper filters and those trash filling single cups. This has been wonderful for times when we want to make several cups of coffee. Easy, functional, cleans well, and coffee tastes great. I also like the design. And it's sturdy.”


This Tasting Journal That Will Help You Keep Track Of Your Favorite Beans

If you want to get really serious about coffee, a dedicated coffee journal is a must-have. This one is designed to help you keep track of your favorite beans, with spaces to write in tasting notes, bean origins, brewing methods, and more. It’s about the same size as a passport, which means it’s easy to stash in your bag or pocket so you never miss the opportunity to document a great cup of coffee.

One fan raved: “Love this little book! Both my friend and I bought it to keep record of our favorite coffee shops in Nashville. It’s just the right size and asks all the right questions. We both love it!”


A Travel-Friendly French Press That’s Also A To-Go Mug

Perfect for camping, hiking, or commuting to the office, the 12-ounce ESPRO P1 is both a miniature French press and a to-go mug. It has a double-walled stainless steel body that will keep your coffee hot for hours, and a double-layered micro mesh filter that keeps fine grounds and sediment out of your coffee. It works just like a regular French press, but once you push down the plunger, it stops the extraction and seals away the grounds— so you can drink straight from the mug without needing to pour it into a different cup.

One fan raved: “This is the best French press of all time. I have two for myself and have bought others as gifts. It doesn’t leak so I can confidently throw it inside a designer purse. My coffee stays hot for an incredibly long amount of time. There’s nothing worse to me than tepid or cold coffee. Also, the filter is great. I don’t know how they make such a high-quality travel mug that doesn’t give me a mouth full of grinds especially as I’m getting to the end of my cup.”


A Smart Mug That Keeps Your Coffee At The Perfect Temperature

If you like to drink your coffee slowly, the Ember Smart Mug might just change your life. The battery-powered mug is controlled by an app on your smartphone, which allows you to set and control the temperature of your coffee. It comes with a charging coaster and a power adapter, and it’s available in both black and white ceramic finishes.

Editor’s Note: "I love my Ember mug. I like to sip on a cup of coffee slowly and have struggled for years microwaving coffee and pouring out cold cups to brew new ones. The Ember mug keeps my coffee warm continuously, and in the associated app I can set the mug to maintain my ideal temperature down to the degree (it also offers pre-set temperatures for tea, coffee, and lattes). It was one of my best investments ever! A must for anyone who loves to savor warm drinks slowly." — Amy Biggart


A Pour-Over Coffee Maker With A Reusable Filter

Perfect for making larger quantities of pour-over coffee, this carafe has a 37-ounce capacity and comes with a reusable stainless steel filter, so you can cut back on both the cost of filters and the paper usage. The filter has an inner fine mesh layer and a laser-cut steel outer layer with curved lines that produce an even extraction that’s beautiful to watch, and it’s easy to rinse clean after use. The carafe is made from borosilicate glass, and it comes with a heat-resistant collar that makes it comfortable to hold.

One fan raved: “We drink coffee everyday in our home and have tried many different brewing techniques and coffee pots. I've purchase $100 coffee pots with no carafe, utilitarian Mr. Coffees, old school percolators, nice coffee presses, a pod system. Each type has it's pros and cons. This little pour over system is wonderful! [...] The thing I find remarkable is that it makes the coffee very very smooth tasting. The smoothest of any style of brewing that I've used to date”


A Neoprene Sleeve For Your Iced Coffee Cup

If you hate condensation on the outside of your iced coffee cup, or if you find that ice tends to melt too quickly, the Java Sok is a great solution. It’s made from neoprene, so it insulates your iced coffee, helping to keep it colder for longer while simultaneously providing a dry, cool surface for you to hold. This one is designed for larger 30-to-32-ounce cups, but it also comes in 18-to-20-ounce and 24-to-28-ounce sizes, as well as tons of colors and patterns. It also boasts an overall 4.9-star rating on Amazon after more than 12,000 reviews.

One fan raved: “No idea why I haven't reviewed sooner. I'm a year-round iced coffee/latte drinker. This sleeve keeps my coffee colder longer, saves me from cold/wet hands and protects my desk from water rings. I keep one in my handbag for my 8am daily coffee run and another at home for back-up. I CAN'T be without it. These also make terrific gifts (you're welcome Mom).”


This Wildly Popular Handheld Milk Frother

If you want to make lattes, café au laits, and cold foams at home, but you don’t have a ton of space in your kitchen, a handheld milk frother will be your new best friend. It quickly aerates milk or cream to produce dense, cafe-quality micro-foam that you can pour over your coffee to make a wider variety of caffeinated beverages. This one has an overall rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon, with more than 60,000 reviews in total, and it runs on AA batteries (which are not included) so you can use it anywhere.

One fan raved: “I’m a barista at Starbucks so obviously I know how I like my coffee. For a while I was using an immersion blender to froth my milk for my morning cup of coffee but it just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. I finally bought this [frother] and I’m so so happy with it!! It doesn’t need to be plugged in so it takes up way less space. It is a lot quieter than the blender, and I can use any size cup I want because the frother is so small. Not only can I heat up my milk for a hot coffee, but I can also use it just the same with cold milk for my iced coffee!! Highly recommend this product!!”


A Handheld Espresso Maker You Can Use Literally Anywhere

I love my Nanopresso for camping, hiking, and travel. It’s about the same size as a hairbrush, and it produces a shockingly high-quality espresso shot with no batteries or electricity needed. The standard version pulls single shots, but you can also get a converter to pull double shots or use it with coffee pods, which makes for even easier cleanup. Simply load the portafilter, tamp it down, and release the pump, then flip it upside down over the included espresso cup (which doubles as a lid) and manually pull a shot of espresso.

One fan raved: “Oh my goodness, where has this thing been all my life. I almost want to start a church of the nanopresso. Seriously though, I spend a lot of time on the road. Sometimes I'm [in] hotels and sometimes in a tent. This thing is the bomb and is worth every penny.”


An Electric Pitcher That Makes Hot And Cold Foam

If you want to make hot foam for proper lattes and cappuccinos, and you have the storage space to spare, an electric milk frother is a worthwhile investment. I’ve found that it makes the densest micro-foam of any at-home appliance, and you can also add melted chocolate or cocoa powder to your milk to make the silkiest, frothiest hot chocolate of your life. It has a maximum capacity of 250 milliliters, and can make both cold and hot foam.

One fan raved: “When I first thought about purchasing an electric milk frother, I was incredibly skeptical that the machine wouldn't work well, break after just a few uses, or be incredibly difficult to clean (and anyone who has smelled old, dried milk knows that it is not pleasant). This product, however, has exceeded my expectations! It is incredibly easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, and has worked flawlessly since purchased. I would highly recommend it to others!”


This Genius Kit That Lets You Make Vietnamese-Style Coffee On The Go

If you’re traveling somewhere you can’t bring a French press or pour-over setup, or if you just love Vietnamese-style coffee, it’s worth giving Copper Cow coffee a try. Each kit comes with five pre-loaded disposable phin filters that are ready to brew a strong, great-tasting cup of coffee. Just unfold the paper phin, hook it over the side of a mug, tear off the top, and pour hot water over the ground coffee. It also comes with individual packets of organic sweetened condensed milk so you can get your coffee just the way you like it.

One fan raved: “Love! Night shift nurse approved for that time of the night when you can’t find a good cup of coffee to save your life. I love that the condensed milk comes in single serving packages so you don’t have to worry about opening a whole can of condensed milk. Coffee is delicious and tastes super fresh. I love that the filter is biodegradable!”


The Barista-Worthy Pour-Over Kit

This is my favorite pour-over method for making 1 or 2 cups of coffee at a time, especially with light-roast beans that have a lot of aromatics. The ESPRO Bloom pour-over filter has a unique micro-filter design with over 1,500 individual holes, and it produces a remarkably consistent, evenly extracted cup of coffee. The top of the filter has a silicone rim to keep your hands cool while you handle it, and the kit comes with 50 chlorine-free paper filters, a cute carafe made from borosilicate glass, and a stainless steel coffee scoop.

One fan raved: “This brew over system is kinda nice as a compact delivery for just one or two cups. It's a great little coffee making device for an intimate moment for a singular individual or a couple without making a huge pot of coffee. sometimes I feel a need for a cuppa joe but I don't wanna brew a whole pot.”


This Old-School Italian Moka Pot

Moka pots are a fun old-school way to brew something between drip coffee and espresso, and if you’re going to buy a moka pot, you should get a Bialetti. The classic Italian brand makes theirs out of aluminum, which is compatible was gas, electric, and induction cooktops. You can even use moka pots over a camping stove, and since they’re super lightweight and compact, they’re especially great for making a strong cup of coffee in the great outdoors. The 3-cup size is perfect for general use, but you can also get larger or smaller sizes depending on your needs.

One fan raved: “This is our second moka pot from Bialetti and I have yet to regret either purchase. This size makes a perfect double-shot and I'll often top it with hot water for a Cafe Americano. It's our only way to make coffee unless we need a larger volume to last a whole day (then we use the French Press).These pots are very durable. Purchased our first one 3 years ago and it's still going strong, just needed a second one so I could stop carrying it from work to home.”


An Airtight Canister That Will Keep Your Coffee Beans Super Fresh

Good coffee starts with great beans, and to keep yours tasting fresh for as long as possible, you’ll want a dedicated coffee canister. This 22-ounce canister is made from stainless steel, and it has a one-way CO2 valve that, coupled with the rubber seal on the lid, keeps air out of your coffee so it won’t oxidize. This canister also comes with a scoop that fits neatly onto the side, and a date tracker on top so you’ll always be sure when you last bought coffee beans.

One fan raved: “I was using a plastic, air-tight canister to store my Starbucks ground coffee. I noticed that the coffee began having a bitter taste after being in the container for a few days. I purchased the Veken canister based upon the excellent reviews it had received. I have not been disappointed. My coffee no longer has the bitter taste. It tastes just as wonderful and fresh as when I first placed it in the canister for storage. I suspect that the CO2 venting system is responsible for this positive improvement.”


A Stovetop Percolator You Can Use On Camping Trips

For more traditional drip-style coffee, especially on camping trips, I love to use a percolator. This stainless steel percolator is a great modern take on a classic brewing method, and the 9-cup capacity is perfect for a crowd. It’s compatible with all types of cooktops, and is designed specifically for use in the outdoors, though you can brew with it at home, too. If something happens to your Bozeman percolator, the brand offers a lifetime replacement promise.

One fan raved: “First of all, it does the job, and it does it well. Secondly, the quality of the raw materials and the construction is top notch. This is a beautiful little percolator!”


A Compact Espresso Machine That Will Fit In Any Kitchen

Because I live in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, I always thought I would never have room for an espresso machine — until the Breville Bambino came out. This machine is smaller than most drip coffee makers, and it’s easy to use right out of the box. It heats in just three seconds, pulls double and single shots at the touch of a button, and has an integrated milk frother with an auto sensor. The only drawback is that it lacks a built-in grinder, so you’ll either need a separate burr grinder with an espresso setting, or to buy your beans pre-ground from your favorite roaster.

One fan raved: “I researched a bunch of espresso makers before I pulled the trigger on this. For me this is an extravagance and I wanted to make damn sure I was getting a good machine. All the reviews (both here on Amazon and via Google) claim this is a well [built] machine that pulls a very nice shot very quickly and produces steamed milk effortlessly and with no fuss. They are all 100% correct. The machine is very well made, compact and works flawlessly. The steamed milk is always spot on and Breville includes everything from the tamper, blade and stainless steel milk pitcher. Easy to setup, operate and enjoy.”