The 6 Best Collapsible Dog Bowls For Dogs Of All Sizes

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Best Collapsible Dog Bowls

Feeding your pet on the go becomes infinitely easier after you've invested in one of the best collapsible dog bowls. Still, there are countless types and sizes on the market, so it can be challenging to narrow it down to one. When choosing the best option for your travel needs and your dog, the overall design (namely, how easy it is to use, clean, and store) and the capacity will be your two most important determinants.

The design consists of both the material and the functionality. Most collapsible dog bowls are made out of high-quality silicone, which is durable, flexible, and easy to clean. Many pet parents also prefer silicone that's BPA-free due to possible health effects. If you'd prefer, though, there are also ones made out of food-grade fabric, which isn't as easy to wash — but unlike silicone, which typically collapses into a flat disk, fabric can be stuffed into a pocket or bag, making it a lot more portable. Whether silicone or fabric, some of the best options also have carabiner clips, lids, or drawstrings to improve functionality.

Then there's the size, which should align with both the size of your dog and how much he or she eats and drinks. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the dog, the bigger the bowl you'll need; you can always use a larger bowl even if you have a smaller dog — especially since most silicone options have various configurations for different height levels — but keep in mind that larger designs will take up more space during travel. For your convenience, I've listed all of the bowls' max capacities (in ounces) below.

Scroll on for customer-approved collapsible dog bowls to make your next walk or road trip so much easier. I've also included a portable water bottle for pups with a built-in bowl.

1. The Overall Best Collapsible Dog Bowl

If you're looking for a reliable collapsible dog bowl that's versatile, travel-friendly, easy to clean, and durable, look no further than the Ruff BarkBowl. While it only comes in one size, it's suitable for most breeds because it has four different height configurations and is tear-resistant. The base is made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone which collapses down into a flat disk, while the carabiner uses aircraft-grade, rust-resistant aluminum so you can clip the bowl onto your bag or elsewhere. It's even dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe. Choose from five stylish colors.

  • Available colors: Black, Burnt Orange, Dark Teal, Maroon, Tiffany Blue
  • Available sizes: 27 ounces

One reviewer wrote: "This collapsible dog bowl is versatile and sturdy, it’s perfect for traveling to the dog park or going on a hike with my dog. I love that it has multiple settings because my dog has a short snout and I can shorten the height of the bowl. The carabiner is a nice touch so I can just clip it to my backpack."

2. The Best Budget Pack

Maybe you have multiple dogs or maybe you just always want a clean bowl at the ready. Either way, this set from multipack of collapsible bowls is an incredible value. Since you're getting four BPA-free silicone bowls for $10 (each in a different color), you'll always have one on hand — especially since they're all dishwasher-safe. They're not the most durable pick on the market, and they only come in one size that works best for small or medium dogs since it holds up to 1.5 cups of food, but they're portable, have two different height options, and come with free carabiner clips.

  • Available colors: variety pack
  • Available sizes: 12 ounces

One reviewer wrote: "Love that this came with multiple bowls. I've stashed one in each of the cars, the 'baby' bag, and I clip one to her harness when we go for walks. [...] These were priced the best for how many you get and the size of the bowl."

3. The Most Portable Option

Since the Awakelion collapsible dog bowl is made from fabric rather than silicone, it's much easier to stuff in your pocket, backpack, purse, or glove compartment. Still, the material is non-porous and food-grade, so it even holds water without an issue and cleans relatively easily. It also has elastic straps, so you can attach it somewhere or use it as a kibble-carrying pouch — and the two-for-one purchase means you have both a food and a water bowl on-hand.

  • Available colors: Green/Blue
  • Available sizes: 68 ounces

One reviewer wrote: "Collapsible design [can] fit into most jeans or coat pockets, so it also makes taking my dog running so much easier! I should have bought this sooner."

4. The Best Bowl With A Lid

Unlike most of its competitors, the Bella Roma travel bowl from Living Pets can be used as both a food storage container and a feeding or water bowl. That's because it has a hinging, locking lid that doubles as a stand for the bowl. The whole thing is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, and while the lid isn't water-tight, one reviewer reports that it's sturdy enough that "it won't come open while carrying." Choose from three sizes.

  • Available colors: Blue, Pink
  • Available sizes: Small (12 ounces), Medium (24 ounces), Large (36 ounces)

One reviewer wrote: "What sold me on this collapsible bowl was the fact that it had a lid. I wanted something that I could put my dog's food in while traveling and then collapse to put back in my backpack when finished. [...] I really like that the lid locks close then unfolds into a 'stand' of sorts. It helps keep the bowl upright when being eaten out of."

5. The Best On-The-Go Feeding Station

The WINSEE collapsible feeding station is great for dogs who have a tendency to knock their bowls over or spill their food. That's because it comes with two collapsible BPA-free silicone bowls that vacuum-suction onto the included tray. When it's time to get going, the bowls collapse flat, and the tray folds up to hold everything in a portable disk. This set comes in two sizes and four colors, all with a carabiner, and the bowls can be configured into three different height options. Choose between two sizes.

  • Available colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Pink
  • Available sizes: Small (15 ounces), Large (35 ounces)

One reviewer wrote: "Put this in our camper for our trips with the dogs. LOVE it! It folds up so small and convenient [...] and the best part is the attached mat underneath. No mess from spilled dog food nor water! Love this thing."

6. The Best For Extra-Big Dogs

Finally, for extra-large dogs, there's the Tuff Pupper, which comes in an XXL-capacity that can hold up to 100 ounces (or 12.5 cups) of food at once. It's made from durable, nonslip food-grade silicone that can collapse down to two heights or lay flat for travel. It also has a carabiner clip and can be run through the dishwasher on the top rack. Get it in four different colors — or two other sizes for slightly smaller dogs. Each order even comes with two mess-proof bags for storing dirty bowls. However, it's not specifically noted as BPA-free.

  • Available colors: Crimson Red, Nebulas Blue, Quetzal Green, Ultra Violet
  • Available sizes: Large (40 ounces), XL (60 ounces), XXL (100 ounces)

One reviewer wrote: "This bowl is huge! Perfect for my mastador!"

Also Great: This Water Bottle For Dogs

The lesotc pet water dispenser is a must for pups on the go — even if it's just to go to the dog park. In short, it acts as both a portable bottle for water storage and a drinking container when you want it to. When you're traveling, you flip the top down and the spill-proof design will prevent any messes. When your dog gets thirsty, the top flips upward to create a bowl, which fills up when you squeeze the BPA-free silicone bottle. It also has a strap and a carabiner.

  • Available colors: Blue, Light Blue, Pink
  • Available sizes: 18 ounces, 21 ounces

One reviewer wrote: "I have a Jack Russel/corgi mix dog that travels with us quite a bit. It’s always a bit of a challenge trying to find both a water source and a bowl at the same time. [...] It worked great! I could give her water in the car and at pitstops."