No More Mealtime Messes: These Heavyweight Dog Bowls Will Keep Food In Place

Nice taste.  Close up of beautiful dog eating from the bowl

Dogs can be messy eaters, often excitedly knocking over their dishes as they scarf down food and water. To prevent unwanted messes, finding the best heavyweight dog bowl that'll stay in place is key. It'll ensure that your home will stay neat and clean throughout the day — but of course, there are things to consider while you look for one that you and your pup will love.

Heavy dog bowls are offered in a wide variety of bowl sizes, colors, and materials. Some materials to look out for include ceramic, marble, and stainless steel, because those options are usually denser than simple plastic or melamine bowls. On top of that, there are some dog bowls you can even add weigh to for more stability, and others that are equipped with rubber bases to prevent them from slipping around as your dog eats.

To help you find the best fit for your pet and home, I've compiled a list of some of the best heavy weight dog bowls found on Amazon. They're great for dogs of various breeds and sizes, and they come in attractive designs that are sure to suit your home's aesthetic. Plus, some of them are dishwasher-safe which makes it even easier to clean up after your pup. Go ahead and take a look as some of the sturdiest options, below.

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The Overall Best, All Things Considered

This nonslip, heavyweight dog bowl is made with removable sections, including a bowl and a base that lock together. You can control the heaviness by filling the base with sand or water so it stays in place as needed. The bowl itself isn't made with ceramic or steel, but it is constructed with high-quality, food-grade plastic. Plus, it's dishwasher-safe.

There's no doubt that your fur baby is going to love everything about this feeder, including its elevated composition that will alleviate joint stress. This particular product is offered in various color combinations to choose from, such as hot pink and blue. It also comes in two different sizes (small and large).

What fans write: "This is the only bowl my dog has not chewed up. She has destroyed every auto water bowl we have bought. She drags them out into the yard. This bowl was exactly what we needed. She can't move it at all. I filled with sand, then water. It's heavy and wonderful!"

  • Available sizes: Small (4.2 cups), Large (8.4 cups)


A Stylish Option: This Heavy Bowl Made With Ceramic

Crafted from ceramic, this heavy dog bowl is a stylish and functional option when it comes to stable feeding bowls for your pet. Aside from its considerable weight ranging from 1.6 to 3.2 pounds (small to large), it boasts rubber stoppers on the bottom that help keep the bowl in place even better. What's cool about this option is that it's both dishwasher-safe and microwavable. And like the first selection, it's elevated from the ground which makes it easy to eat and drink from. The bowl is even available in three colors — including white, red, and black — as well as three sizes.

What fans write: "The curved bottom lets your pet get to all the food. Ceramic design is heavy enough to prevent your pet from sliding the bowl all over the floor. Easy to clean and no complaints from my pet at all."

  • Available sizes: Small (1.6 cups), Medium (3.25 cups), Large (6 cups)


This Sturdy Double-Bowl That's Grounded With Marble

This heavy-duty double bowl comes with a sturdy marble base, but it isn't advertised as nonslip. But this 12-pound set is extremely durable and sturdy enough to prevent your dog or cat from pushing and tipping it over as they enjoy their food.

Made with a sleek marble finish, this dining duo comes in a neutral beige color that will fit in nicely with just about any home decor. You can buy it with a standard box bottom, but it's also available in two other styles with either arches or legs. Plus, it has removable stainless steel bowls that make for easy filling and cleaning. However, the brand suggests removing the bowls and washing them by hand as opposed to putting them into the dishwasher.

What fans write: "I am so happy not to have a flipped over water bowl anymore!"

  • Available sizes: 1-Pint Bowls (2 cups), 1-Quart Bowls (4 cups)


A Heavy Stainless Steel Bowl That A Reviewer Called "Industrial"

This heavy stainless steel dog bowl comes in four sizes from small to extra-large, with the largest weighing in at a sturdy 1.5 pounds — and it's made with durable 22-gauge stainless steel (which is thicker than most other options). It features a curved bottom for easy eating, but there isn't an attached anti-slip ring or other gripper at the bottom. However, the brand does recommend using a separate mat underneath the bowl.

The container's attractive chrome finish makes it a great accompaniment for any home, and it can be thrown into the dishwasher for simple cleaning. With a 4.8-star rating, it's clear that pets (and pet lovers) are enjoying it.

Bonus: According to the brand, a bowl from each new batch is tested for both heavy metals and radioactivity prior to being sold.

What fans write: "These bowls are thick, heavy, almost industrial in their quality and polish. I’m incredibly impressed."

  • Available sizes: Small (2 cups), Medium (4.5 cups), Large (8 cups), Extra-Large (18 cups)