The 7 Best Dog ID Tags On Amazon

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the best dog ID tags
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Sometimes dogs get separated from their loved ones, which is why it’s so important to attach tags to your pup’s collar to help them find their way home. The best dog ID tags are easily customizable to add your information, and are made from durable materials like stainless steel, plastic, or silicone. The tags should mount securely and comfortably to your dog’s collar, whether you opt for a traditional hanging tag, a rivet, or slide-on style.

Customizable ID tags typically offer up to four lines of text on the front, though some vary depending on your chosen size. All tags should provide enough space for basic contact details, but for dogs with health conditions, you might opt for a tag that’s double-sided so you can include that information. Beyond ensuring a tag has space for important details, pick one made from a material that suits your needs. For durability, stainless steel is usually best, since it’s strong and resistant to wear and tear. But if you or your dog friend are bothered by the sound of jingling metal, you can opt for a softer material like silicone or plastic — just know that these materials are easily chewed and will likely need to be replaced more often. If you want a more durable tag that doesn’t make noise, a stainless steel rivet or slide-on-style tag might be a better option.

In terms of mounting design, you’ll typically see three options:

  • Hanging ID tags clip onto a ring or around the collar. They’re easy to attach and work on basically any collar. However, they’re more likely to accidentally fall off, and some pups find the dangling metal annoying. And of course, metal hanging tags can also make that obnoxious jingling noise.
  • Rivet tags come with hardware to mount directly onto the collar. They’re the least likely to fall off, most durable, and look especially stylish on leather collars — though they’re compatible with any collar. The tradeoff is that you can only add information to one side of the tag since it's mounted to the collar.
  • Slide-on tags are easier to attach and remove than rivet tags but are similar in concept. These tags come with slits or loops that you can feed a collar through. The drawback is that these tags only fit a certain width of collar, so be sure to check measurements first, though tags with loops made from stretchier materials offer a wider compatibility.

While customizability and design are key, other cool features to consider include scannable QR codes — which connect to full online puppy profiles — and built-in GPS for tracking your pup’s location. A tag that glows in the dark can help your dog stay visible at night. And for dogs that seem to hate all tags, a customizable collar is an alternative that allows them to go tag-free.

To find the right fit for your pup, start with this roundup of durable, customizable dog ID tags.

1. Editor’s Pick: A Budget-Friendly Stainless Steel Dog ID Tag

These GoTags stainless steel pet ID tags are wildly popular — and inexpensive to boot, at less than $10 per customized tag. With more than 81,000 Amazon reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars, it’s safe to say that the stainless steel construction, generous space for custom text on both sides, and low price make these total winners. And it’s not just Amazon reviewers who are big fans — Bustle Commerce Editor Kori Perten’s pup wears this tag on his collar at all times, too. “The print is super clear and easy to read, even after multiple swimming trips,” Perten reports, “and I have no doubt that if he ever gets loose, someone will be able to read his tag and return him to me.” However, she cautions, “The little connector ring that comes with the tag is pretty flimsy, and I'd recommend replacing it with a stronger one. But the tag itself is great!"

According to one reviewer: “I LOVE these. I have seen many in pet stores that cost twice as much and look half as good. The finish is beautiful! They are high quality HEAVY metal. I like the way they have ink [embedded] below the surface to make the lettering easy to read.”

  • Available text space: 20 characters per line (4 lines on front, 4 lines on back)
  • Available sizes: Small, Regular
  • Available styles: 9 Shapes

2. A QR Code ID Tag That Lets You Track Your Pup

For a high-tech solution to putting tags on your dog, check out the ROVERTAGS QR Engraved pet ID tag. This handy ID tag comes with a QR code that will take people to a pet profile when scanned. You can fill that pet profile with photos, contact details, health information, and all the other important stuff someone would need to know if they found your lost pup.

The tag also has GPS tracking through the companion app. While the app can’t provide live tracking, if someone scans the QR code on your dog’s collar, you’ll get an alert on your phone with GPS coordinates of where that scan happened. However, some additional features on the app might come at an extra cost, like adding a second contact.

QR code aside, this also functions as a normal dog ID tag with two lines of customizable text. This tag is made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic, and it’s designed to dangle from your pup’s collar like a traditional hanging tag. Choose from a bunch of fun colors and designs.

According to one reviewer: “I love this! I think it’s such a good idea. Even if people don’t know how or what a QR code is, it still has a number on it but if they do scan it, they’ll get even more info. It’s small and light. No complaints. Great idea!”

  • Available text space: 18 characters per line, 2 lines
  • Available sizes: Small, Large
  • Available styles: 16 colors and graphics

3. A Stainless Steel Rivet Dog ID Tag

For a silent, no-fuss dog tag that stays put without jingling around, the LuckyPet rivet-on pet ID tag is a great pick. The stainless steel plate offers up to five lines of customized text and comes with small screws to mount the plate directly onto a collar. The tag comes in three stylish metal finishes — matte stainless steel, mirror finish stainless steel, and polished brass — so you can pick the one you think looks best.

This kind of dog tag isn’t as easy to attach as a hanging tag, since you’ll have to punch holes for the rivets (Amazon reviewers report using a hammer and nails, drills, or leather hole punches for the task), then hammer the rivet caps tightly in place. According to the manufacturer, the tag will only work with a collar that’s 1/8-inch thick or less. However, once the tag is in place, it shouldn’t budge, no matter how active your dog might be. All things considered, this tag is a stylish, durable, and quiet way to make sure your dog can be identified and returned home quickly.

According to one reviewer: “We had a similar product done for one dog and it still looks flawless riveted to his color. His sibling is the absolute worst at tearing dangly tags off her collar, so we ordered this one. it came with two simple pop rivets, so it made installation to her collar very easy. So far, it's held on longer than anything else we've put on her.”

  • Available text space: 20 characters per line
  • Available sizes: Small (3 lines), Medium (5 lines), Large (5 lines)
  • Available styles: 3 Finishes

4. A Stainless Steel Dog ID Tag That Comes In Many Colors & Shapes

The PetANTastic engraved dog ID tag is a stylish and highly customizable option for dog parents who want an ID tag that reflects their precious pup’s personality. With nine different fun shapes, like bones or flowers, and six finishes ranging from polished brass to a rainbow-toned nebula finish, you can definitely put your personal touch on this tag.

Most importantly, the tag also has plenty of space for including all the key details you need. You can add up to four lines of text on both sides of the plate for a total of eight lines. It’s made from durable stainless steel and comes in two different sizes.

According to one reviewer: “My 2 dogs have been wearing these for 4 months now. We've been through several tags within just a couple years-- it's hard to find something both cute and durable. These show virtually zero signs of wear at this point and are very clear and legible. Would definitely order these again.”

  • Available text space: 20 characters per line (4 lines on front, 4 lines on back)
  • Available sizes: Small, Regular
  • Available styles: 6 Finishes, 9 Shapes

5. A Stainless Steel Slide-On Dog ID TAG

This slide-on tag from LuckyPet is a great option for dog parents who don’t want to do the work of installing rivets but still want something that doesn’t dangle down from the collar. Simply slide this tag over your dog’s collar and you’re done.

The tag comes in both a closed and open-end design. The closed ends are a little more secure, but they won’t fit over a buckle, so you’ll need the open-end design if your pet’s collar has a buckle. The tag comes in three different sizes, which fit a range of collars from as narrow as 3/8 inches to as wide as 1 inch. Whichever size or end design you pick, you’ll be getting a solid stainless steel plate with up to four lines of custom text.

According to one reviewer: “Very impressed with the quality of the tag. I have it on my dog's collar but there's a metal connector that connects to her leash that constantly bangs against it, and so far it hasn't chipped or worn away.”

  • Available text space: 20 characters per line, 5 lines per side
  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Available styles: Closed Ends, Open Ends

6. A Stretchy Slide-On Tag That Fits Most Collars

If you like the slide-on design but the rigid options won’t fit your pup’s collar, try the silent slide-on ID tag. The silicone ends offer a little give, so they can be stretched over buckles and snap back into place. The tags come in three sizes designed to fit a wide range of collar sizes. The small tag can fit on collars ranging from 3/8 to 1/2 inch, while the large fits collars ranging from 5/8 to 3/4 inch, and the extra-large can fit collars from 1 inch to about 1 1/6 inches thick. The silicone loops are soft and won’t catch on your dog’s fur, making these tags a convenient easy-to-attach option.

According to one reviewer: “This name tag fits comfortably on her medium sized collar, it rests almost completely flat and leaves no opportunity or temptation for her to try to destroy it. The quality is great and the lettering looks perfect, very easy to read and the amount of lettering offered per line is more than most other regular tags on the market.”

  • Available text space: 20 characters per line, 4 lines
  • Available sizes: Small, Large, Extra Large

7. A Silent Silicone Dog ID Tag That Glows In The Dark

If you’d like a hanging dog tag minus any jingling, the SiliDog pet tag is made entirely of silicone so it won’t make noise. Even cooler, it glows in the dark to help you spot your pup more easily at night. You’ll get a total of seven lines of custom text — four on the front and three on the back — and you get a fun range of shapes and colors to pick from so you can add your personal style to the tag. The tags are sturdy for silicone, but depending on how they’re treated by your dog, they might not last as long as stainless steel ones.

According to one reviewer: “I have bought two sets of these tags for my labs. They really are silent and sturdy. They have survived rough housing while playing. I highly recommend them. And they offer plenty of room for your dog's name, address, phone number, etc.”

  • Available text space: 20 characters per line (4 lines on front, 3 lines on back)
  • Available sizes: 1 size
  • Available styles: 10 colors, 5 shapes

Also Nice: A Customizable Embroidered Dog Collar

If you feel like you’ve tried every dog ID tag there is and still can’t find something your dog seems to tolerate, try this customizable embroidered dog collar from Blueberry Pet. You’ll only get two short lines of text per collar, but it’s enough for a name and phone number. And since the information is embroidered right into the collar, you’ll hugely reduce the chances of losing it.

When you’re customizing the collar, you can choose both the color of the collar and the color of the text. The text is embroidered across the entire width of the collar so it’s plenty large and easy to read.

According to one reviewer: “It is a very sturdy collar, with a high quality clasp, and stainless steel ring for hooking up a leash. The embroidery was high quality, and they did it all exactly as I requested. [...] My dogs lose their tags. So having it embroidered on their collar is the perfect answer.”

  • Available text space: 12 characters per line, 2 lines
  • Available sizes: Small, Large, Extra Large
  • Available styles: 25 collar colors, 11 text colors