The 7 Best Dog Toys Without Stuffing, According To Pet Owners

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Unstuffed dog toys offer your canine tons of entertainment and comfort without the fuss of cleaning up the extra fluff. When it comes to choosing the best dog toys without stuffing, pick ones that are designed to last, even through rough play sessions, and are the right size for your dog. Smaller toys may pose a choking hazard to bigger breeds, while larger toys may be difficult for smaller breeds to play with. The best toy for your pup will also match their play preferences, whether that’s chewing, fetch, and/or tug-of-war.

As you shop, you’ll want to think about what typically engages your dog in play. Some stuffing-less toys stimulate your pup’s senses with squeakers or crinkling materials, while others include subtle scents and flavors that entice them to play. For active dogs that enjoy a game of tug-of-war or fetch, consider braided rope toys or sturdy fabric options made from nylon or canvas. Rubber toys that feature unique shapes and textures can also be great chewing toys for curious pups to explore. And for the dogs that enjoy a soft toy to cuddle with or shake around, it’s certainly possible to find plush toys that have soft exteriors yet skip out on stuffing.

It’s also important to note that no dog toy is truly indestructible (despite some claims from manufacturers). The Humane Society recommends supervised play, especially with squeakers or materials that can fray over time, because even if your dog doesn’t understand that these things are inedible, you can prevent unwanted trips to the vet by monitoring them closely.

Keep reading to see some of the best unstuffed toys for dogs that Amazon has to offer.

1. This Value Pack Of Unstuffed Animal Toys

These unstuffed animals are a good deal for both the variety and price. Having multiple toys to choose from not only gives your pup options, but it also extends the lifespan of each one — as they are less likely to destroy them all in one sitting. One reviewer wrote: “The 3 pack means you have a new one for next month to keep them entertained and away from your shoes!” Made for dogs of all sizes, these toys come in both small and large options, with three hidden squeakers in each toy for extra fun. Additionally, the long shape makes them ideal for different modes of play. One reviewer wrote, “Dogs love it. Easy to toss around and play fetch or tug of war with.” Each pack comes with a fox, raccoon, and squirrel, or you can opt for a six-pack of woodland creatures or a three-pack of snake-shaped ones instead.

Promising Amazon review: “Bought these for my Pomeranian and she loves them! I wanted something that squeaked, was [lightweight], and came in a package of more than one.. and this was EXACTLY what I was looking for! … Also since she now has three, she doesn't just focus on one to rip apart. They're actually lasting longer than her other soft toys. These are a great buy with a great price.”

2. A Frog Toy You Can Fill With A Plastic Water Bottle

Designed for pups that enjoy the crinkle and crunch of chew toys, this bright green froggy allows you to insert a plastic bottle on the inside using the Velcro opening at the bottom. Many reviewers have noted that it quickly became their dog’s “favorite toy” and is a “great value” for the price. One reviewer wrote, “We have an English Lab who is quite tough on dog toys. I can say, after nearly 6 months of use, that this is one tough toy.” Measuring 14 inches in length, this toy is a “great size for medium and smaller dogs who love to play with softer toys to tug and chew,” wrote one reviewer. It even comes with an additional squeaker hidden within the mouth of the frog.

Promising Amazon review: “The lack of stuffing means it's lasting longer than most soft toys so far + the option to put a water bottle inside made it more interesting for my dogs.”

3. A Rubber Dog Toy For Heavy Chewers

If your dog is constantly demolishing cloth or stuffed toys within seconds of receiving them, this rubber toy might serve as a more durable alternative. Many reviewers have appreciated that it is soft and gentle on their pup’s teeth yet strong enough to withstand heavy chewing. One shopper wrote, “My dogs are very destructive with toys and this one is still in great shape a month later.” It also has a milk flavor that gives it “a subtle smell like coconut milk,” according to one reviewer. Because of its unique shape and texture, it also serves as a solid toy for games like fetch and tug-of-war. It can even bounce around sporadically when thrown to excite your pup in unpredictable ways. The cactus toy measures 7.6 inches long, and users have claimed it’s great for dogs ranging from small to large dogs. One reviewer wrote, “Not just for small and medium dogs, our 1 year old mastiff puppy likes it. It is durable and after a week he has not destroyed it or even taken off any chunks.”

Promising Amazon review: “I'm not sure if it’s the scent, color, or material, but this is our puppy's absolute favorite toy. She easily destroys almost every stuffed toy (even those marketed as ‘tough’ or ‘indestructible’), but this is still in perfect condition.”

4. An Extra-Large Snake Toy For Big Dogs

This soft snake toy is the largest option on this list and spans about 35 inches long. Reviewers have described the snake’s construction as a “durable plush” fabric with a “canvas-type backing” that hides multiple squeakers throughout its body. It also features double-stitched lining and seams for extra sturdiness. According to shoppers, this particular toy is ideal for large breeds and for enjoying a game of tug-of-war. However, Outward Hound offers a wide range of animal shapes and sizes (ranging from XS to XXL) with similar constructions, and there are also versions for smaller dogs that come in packs of two, three, or four animals. So if you have a small dog, click through and check out the other options available.

Promising Amazon review: “My dog loves it, so I'm happy with it too. It has a lot of different sounding squeakers throughout the snake. My dog loves to tear up toys but this one is still holding up.”

5. A 4-Pack of Rope Toys In Different Sizes

These braided rope toys come in a variety of designs to work for dogs both small and large. They’re constructed with 100% cotton, making them soft and sturdy, and can be convenient alternatives to stuffed animals. “They are so much safer than the plush toys with stuffing and extremities that can be chewed off,” noted one reviewer. They’re also squeaker-free and hold up well over time. One reviewer wrote, “We’ve had these for 1.5 years now and they’re still great!” You can use the longer ropes for tug-of-war play or toss the ball-shaped ones for a game of fetch — and they range from roughly 3 to 20 inches in size, according to one user. Reviewers have noted that this pack is a good size for puppies and small- to medium-size dogs. If you’re looking for larger sizes, you can also peep this expanded variety pack from the same manufacturer.

Promising Amazon review: “Our medium size dog has had these toys for a few years now and they’re still going strong. His favorite is the ball. The toys are durable and great for chewing and for a game of fetch!”

6. This Nylon Dog Toy With Tentacles For Tugging

Kong toys are well-known for their durability, and this nylon tug toy doesn’t disappoint. Its design includes two balls that are encased within the fabric (one tennis ball and one squeaker ball) and has tentacle straps that flap around at the bottom. Many reviewers like that it holds up well and one person wrote that “it lasted for 3 years” after much “wear and tear” from their Great Dane. Giant breeds aren’t the only ones that enjoy this toy either. The manufacturer offers three sizes, which range from small to extra large.

Promising Amazon review: “I was fed up with my dogs tearing up toys and the stuffing being all over the house. I purchased this for my two 70lb dogs and they love it. We have had it [for] a couple months and they are still playing with it. They play tug of war and squeak it frequently and it shows no sign of wear.”

7. A Rubber Dog Toy You Can Stuff With Food

Have a food-motivated pup? Check out this 6.5-inch-long rubber dog toy, which you can fill with things like peanut butter, banana, pumpkin, or even doggy toothpaste. The unique bristles that make up the teeth are where you’ll insert the filling of your choice, and it comes with a brush to scrub it clean when playtime is done. It also works to keep heavy chewers busy without the filling or for playing fetch outside. A built-in squeaker makes it even more interesting for pups.

The manufacturer suggests this toy is best for medium to large breeds, but some reviewers have noted that smaller breeds can also get a kick out of it. One reviewer wrote, “I bought this item for my aggressive chewing dachshund [...] and he will work on it for hours.” Other reviewers described it as “sturdy” and “durable” due to its industrial-strength rubber material. Plus, you can choose from three other styles and colors.

Promising Amazon review: “My big ole labs love this toy! They can't chew it up in 3 min like the other stuffed toys! I smear peanut butter in the creases and it keeps them busy for a long time!”