The 20 Best Fall Candles To Transform Your Home This Season

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Whether you’re in the “autumn begins in August” camp or you like to wait for the temperatures to drop and leaves to change before you embrace full-on fall vibes, nothing sets the mood for this season like candles. The best fall candles evoke autumn through cozy scents, rich colors and textures, or decorative holders that will have you reaching for a latte, a cozy sweater, and your favorite book.

Many people think of pumpkin and apple scents when it comes to fall candles, and there are plenty of options that fit the bill on this list. However, the aromas of autumn aren’t limited to these two popular players. Base notes of wood, smoke, amber, and musk are also great for burning on crisp, cool nights, and anything with elements of spice (think: cinnamon, ginger) or persimmon, coffee, and vanilla can also be really nice.

If scented candles aren’t your thing, or if you have pets or family members who are sensitive to fragrances, there are also some unscented candles on this list that are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your fall decor. Choose tapers or dinner candles if you want to create a dramatic table-scape, or pillar candles to cozy up all the corners of your home.

Whenever you’re shopping for candles, there are a few other features to consider. Burn time and size are probably the most important since these will give you a sense of how quickly you’ll go through candles. Wick type is also nice to think about since cotton wicks light quickly and produce taller flames, while wood wicks tend to burn more evenly and have a pleasant crackling sound. Some candles have multiple wicks rather than just one, which allows for a better scent throw.

There are a wide variety of waxes used for both scented and unscented candles, and the best one for you will largely come down to preference. Some may prefer natural waxes like soy, coconut, and beeswax blends, while those who want a heavier scent throw may want to opt for paraffin wax candles.

If you’re ready to get into the spirit of the season and find some new favorite candles you’ll want to burn straight through the holiday season, keep scrolling for the best fall candles that you can buy on Amazon.


A Large Jar Candle That Smells Like Warm Apple Cider

— Also available on Stonewall Kitchen, $20

This large, 21.25-ounce candle smells like mulled cider, which is a perfect scent to evoke warm, cozy vibes. It’s made of red paraffin wax with two cotton wicks, and it’s designed to burn for up to 170 hours — so if you’re only buying one fall candle, this one is a great pick. The scent combines all the sweet and spicy notes of hot cider, like apple, cinnamon, and clove.

One fan raved: “We have had this candle for a couple of weeks and we just love it. We have a 3000-square-foot house, and after lighting this candle for about an hour the house has a pleasant scent of the Mulled Cider Scented Candle. Even after burning several times, the candle looks as new as the day we got it.”


The Cult-Favorite Pumpkin Chai Candle

— Also available on NEST New York, $46

This pumpkin chai candle boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.6 stars from over 6,000 Amazon shoppers, many of whom who say it’s the perfect fall scent. The 8.1-ounce candle has a burn time of anywhere from 50 to 60 hours, and it comes in a pretty orange glass container that will fit right in with your collection of decorative gourds. The pumpkin-forward scent also has notes of cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. This candle is made from a vegan-friendly wax blend, and has a cotton wick.

One fan raved: “I have three different candles from Nest now and this is absolutely my favorite. I usually use the diffusers but they don’t have the aroma the same as a candle. The pumpkin chai smells like you have been baking all day. So perfect for a fall essence.”


A Wildly Popular Candle That Will Make Your Home Smell Like Fall Baking

Amazon shoppers can’t stop raving about Lulu candles, and this one is perfect for anyone who wants their home to smell like fall baking without having to actually go through the effort of putting something in the oven. The 6-ounce soy candle has a single cotton wick and comes in a simple glass jar. The exact burn time isn’t listed, but reviewers noted that it lasts longer than many similar-sized candles. The crumb cake scent is warm and sweet, with toasty, buttery vanilla notes.

One fan raved: “I also love the smell of this candle. Perfect for nighttime usage because it’s a very light relaxing smell. The design of the label is very simple but chic. Will most def be ordering again.”


An Adorable Candle You’ll Want To Burn All Season Long

This cute fall candle is perfect for those who like to keep a year-round beige, white, or neutral color palette while still changing things up for every season. The “hello fall” scent from Sweet Water Decor smells like apple cider and spice, and the 9-ounce candle is made from white soy wax that comes in a simple jar with a minimalist label. It has a single cotton wick and a burn time of up to 40 hours. The brand makes a number of other all-white fall-scented candles, including leaves, cinnamon rolls, and of course, pumpkin spice.

One fan raved: “Loved this candle. Such a warm comforting scent! Cinnamon rolls are my favorite dessert and this is my new fav candle!”


A Sweet Apple Aroma Loved By An Editor

Yankee Candle’s Red Apple Wreath candle will carry you straight into the holiday season. Aromas of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts, and maple will have your whole house smelling like the farmer’s market on a chilly fall day. You can expect that same clean and consistent burn that most Yankee Candles deliver. This one has a 75 to 110-hour burn time making this festive-smelling candle worth every penny.

Bustle Editor raved: “I love the Red Apple Wreath candle from Yankee Candle. It is the perfect fall scent, reminiscent of apple cider with sweet maple and walnut undertones. It’s also not so sweet that I can’t burn it for long periods of time. It’s my go-to candle for fall and I love that this size is big enough to last me for a while.” — Amy Biggart, Bustle Senior Editor


A Layered Candle That Lets You Experience A Variety Of Autumnal Fragrances

— Also available on Wood Wick, $31

If you can’t decide which fall fragrance you want in a candle, go for this layered candle and have three scents in one. The 9.7-ounce candle starts off smelling like apples before fading into spiced blackberry with a base of pumpkin butter that will take you throughout the entire season. It has a crackling wood wick, comes in a pretty glass jar that lets you see the colorful layers, and it’s made from a proprietary wax blend. It burns for a whopping 100 hours, making this candle one of the best values on the list.

One fan raved: “I love the scent of these candles and so does everyone in my household. It's very euphoric to listen to the sound of a wood wick while producing a magnificent smell!”


A Sophisticated Candle With A Warm, Spicy Aroma

A spicy ginger candle is a great elevated take on seasonal scents, and this one has a fresh-smelling fragrance blend with notes of black ginger, cedarwood, pine, and ylang-ylang. The 6.8-ounce soy candle comes in a minimalist glass container with a rustic piece of wax-sealed twine for added effect. It has a single cotton wick and a burn time of up to 60 hours.

One fan raved: “Quality, long lasting candles. Fragrance is gentle and not overwhelming. [The] Black Ginger is a romantic fragrance.”


This 3-Pack Of Candles That Will Transport You To A Cozy Lounge

If you’re looking for the perfect fall candle set, you’ve found it. This three-pack is designed to evoke the feel of a cozy lounge, so you’ll get three 4-ounce candles in Cuban Cigar, Spanish Leather, and Crackling Hearth scents. Each 4-ounce candle can burn for up to 40 hours total, and they come in cute amber glass jars with crackling wood wicks. The exact wax blend is not listed, but the brand notes that it’s all-natural and eco-friendly.

One fan raved: “Wonderful smells and these wicks are the best! The smells remind me of Alpine Spruce (Spruce without a doubt), Spring Meadow (Light flowers hint of a VERY light perfume-like smell; super smooth), and Misty Falls (similar to a clean after shave lotion).”


This Classic Pumpkin Spice Candle Made With Soy Wax

If you’re looking for a classic pumpkin spice candle, this one from P.F. Candle Co. is a solid choice that’s not overwhelmingly sweet. The 7.2-ounce soy wax candle has a single cotton wick and comes in a rustic amber glass jar with a brown paper label that looks great alongside chunky knit blankets and fall decorations. It burns for up to 50 hours and has strong pumpkin base notes, with middle notes of brown sugar and butter, and spicy nutmeg and cinnamon top notes. If you love this candle’s aesthetic but you don’t love pumpkin scents, their teakwood and tobacco scent is also super autumnal.

One fan raved: “The candle is great. The scent is not overwhelming, yet compliments any room. (We’ve used it in the kitchen, the bathroom, and even the dining room.) My partner doesn’t normally care for tobacco scents, but, paired with teakwood, the blend provides a rich, warm, and comforting addition to our home. Plus, being that this is a soy candle, we’re breathing far-less soot than what our old candles might’ve burned.”


This Persimmon Candle That’s A Great Alternative To Pumpkin Spice

A persimmon-scented candle is a fresh option for anyone who is over pumpkin spice everything. This 8-ounce candle is made from soy wax with a crackling wood wick and has a burn time of up to 45 hours. It comes in a chic gold-toned glass container, and fans on Amazon commented that the persimmon fragrance is sweet and fresh, with notes of vanilla. When you buy this candle, you’re also supporting a good cause, since every purchase from this brand helps to benefit the non-profit organization ZOE International.

One fan raved: “I absolutely love these candles. The smell is refreshing and clean and a great home scent. I get compliments on this all the time. It’s strong enough to fill up a large room but not so much so that it’s overwhelming. It’s also a great value for the price. As soon as I get low I order a new candle ASAP.”


This Matte Black Candle With A Complex, Smoky Fragrance

— Also available on Nordstrom, $42

This APOTHEKE candle has a smoky, woodsy fragrance, with notes of cedar, sandalwood, amber and oud creating a complex aroma throughout your home. The 11-ounce candle comes in a matte black glass jar with a minimalist logo, so it will fit right in with darker fall color schemes. It’s made from soy wax with a single cotton wick, and it can burn for as long as 70 hours.

One fan raved: “This is one of my go-to gifts for house warmings or birthdays. I love the scent and how it fills my entire apartment without being overpowering. The candle burns slightly unevenly so just make sure you keep the wick trimmed and straight.”


Some Dinner Candles That Come In Rich Autumnal Colors

— Also available on Wayfair, $27

These rust-colored dinner candles are ideal for creating an elegant table, whether it’s a holiday, special occasion, or just a celebration of the fall season. Sold in a pack of four, each candle measure 9 inches tall and 1.24-inches in diameter, making them a bit sturdier than some taller, thinner tapers. The bottoms are slimmer, so these will fit into most candle holders, and the beautiful vertical ridges make these unscented candles anything but basic. Each one burns for up to 22 hours, and they come in four autumnal colors and 15 styles, including more traditional tapers and pillars.

One fan raved: “Absolutely the best candles anywhere. I love having candles on my dinner table and have purchased many different kinds, brands, colors, etc. Root candles are by far the best quality. They don't drip and they burn evenly. The price may seem on the high side, but for me they are worth it.”


This Minimalist Candle That Will Give You Fall Hiking Vibes

— Also available on Brooklyn Candle Studio, $38

This autumnal candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio is designed to make you feel like you’re on a fall hike through the Catskills in upstate New York, and it delivers. The 13-ounce soy wax candle comes in a simple glass holder, and has two cotton wicks for better scent throw. The scent is comprised mostly of woodsy notes like cedar, pine, and juniper with top notes of balsam fir and cypress. I’m obsessed with everything Brooklyn Candle Studio makes, and this candle is no exception. Hiking in the Catskills is one of my favorite fall activities, and I love that this candle can help me evoke that feeling, even before the leaves start to change.

One fan raved: “I love the clean, woodsy fragrance of the Catskills candle. It's my favorite and I purchase [it] often for my home, office, and friends. Sweet pine, fir, a hint of sandalwood ... it's always in my cart no matter what else I try.”


A Boy Smells Candle With Deep, Woodsy Notes

— Also available Bloomingdales, $36

This Boy Smells candle has a warm, woodsy scent with floral, musky notes that make it an ideal pick for anyone who wants a less traditional fall candle. The 8.5-ounce coconut and beeswax candle comes in a chic, black glass jar with the signature Boy Smells pink label, has a cotton wick, and can burn for up to 50 hours. This fragrance’s cedar, amber, and frankincense base notes are woodsy and musky, with ginger, poppy, and and saffron to give it a bit of spice and lift.

One fan raved: “I was nervous buying a kind of pricey candle I'd never smelled before, but I usually like redwood scents. Redhead did not fail me! It's my new favorite!”


A Farmhouse-Chic Apple Strudel Candle

— Also available on Walmart, $24

This adorable scented candle comes in a vintage-inspired butter jar, which makes it a great complement to farmhouse decor and “cottagecore” aesthetics. The 16-ounce candle is made from 100% beeswax, and has two cotton wicks to help throw the cozy apple strudel scent throughout your home. With regular trimming, this candle can burn for 65 hours or more.

One fan raved: “I recently discovered Milkhouse Candles and am in love with the brand and the way this company makes their products safe and clean. We don't need any more chemicals in our lives and this brand recognizes that. I love that this candle is large and lasts a long time. Also that it comes in a farmhouse style glass jar with a black holder.”


A Set Of Black Tapers That Are Pure Vibes

These black taper candles are ideal for setting the atmosphere around Halloween, but they’re also great for creating a general moody ambiance for autumn dinner parties, Harry Potter marathons, or long study sessions. Each taper is 12 inches tall and 3/4-inch thick, and they’re made from paraffin wax with cotton wicks. These tapers are designed to fit in most candle holders and candelabras, and when burned properly, the wax won’t drip. The burn time isn’t listed, but Amazon reviewers noted that each taper lasts for a few hours.

One fan raved: “We used these candles at a party. They burned throughout and did not drip. They were attractive. To get them to stay in your candle holders, melt some hot wax into the holder, then hold them steady and straight while wax dries.”


A Set Of Textured Gold Pillar Candles To Elevate Your Tablescapes

These textured pillar candles are perfect for sprucing up reading nooks, table-scapes, coffee tables, and more. They have a rich gold tone with a subtle texture that makes them perfect for autumn, but since they come in a total of 20 colors, you can mix and match to your home decor. They’re made of unscented paraffin wax with natural cotton wicks. Each set comes with one 3-by-3-inch candle that burns for 40 hours, one 3-by-4-inch candle that burns for 55 hours, and a 3-by-8-inch candle that can burn for as long as 90 hours.

One fan raved: “Look nice, burn well and serve the decorative purpose I got them for.”


A Candle With A Cozy Academic Scent

Evoke the mysterious, darker side of autumn with this sophisticated candle, which is crafted to smell like the Sistine Chapel. Perfect for anyone who’s into the dark academia aesthetic, this 13.4-ounce soy candle burns for up to 65 hours, has two cotton wicks, and comes in a simple glass apothecary jar. Frankincense and myrrh form the base of this fragrance, while clove, patchouli, and raspberry add lift and complexity. One of my personal favorite Glasshouse scents, this candle is great for studying, reading your favorite gothic novels, or just vibing on a rainy fall day.

One fan raved: “This candle is amazing!!! I bought it without ever smelling it first, but I love candles and saw it was a popular fragrance choice so I took the plunge and I’m so glad I did! The fragrance of this candle is incredible - strong and complex without being overbearing.”


The Pumpkin Candle That Comes In An Elegant Copper Container

— Also available on Thymes, $38

This elegant pumpkin candle comes in a copper holder with a gold lid that makes a stunning addition to your seasonal decor. The 9-ounce candle is made from paraffin wax, burns for as long as 52 hours, and while the wick type isn’t listed, it’s noted as being free from metal. The pumpkin scent is accented with vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel to create a classic fragrance you’re sure to become obsessed with.

One fan raved: “The candle is beautiful and the scent is amazing! I would definitely buy this candle again.”


This Elegant Candle That Smells Like Cider

— Also available on Walmart and Thymes, $34

This copper votive candle smells like cider simmering on your stovetop. With a mixture of notes from pressed apples, crushed cloves, and a touch of bourbon, this candle feels festive and cozy for fall. Thymes is well-known for their seasonal Frasier Fir candle, but many reviewers say this one is just as good. It’s pricier, but this candle will last for 45 hours. For a luxury candle that is worth the money, this simmering cider candle cannot be beat.

One fan raved: “Huge fan of Thymes Frasier Fir candle for over 10 years. I tried this a few years ago and it’s outstanding! Holds the warm, spicy, apple scent that everyone truly enjoys! Sure bet for a great gift in the fall, during holidays and even year round!”


Also Great: A Set Of Matte Black Candle Accessories

— Also available on Walmart, $32

If you burn a lot of candles, then a candle accessory set is a must-have to keep them burning cleaner for longer. This one includes a candle snuffer, a wick trimmer, and a wick dipper, which can be used in combination to prolong the life of your favorite candles. The set is made from stainless steel for durability, and comes in both matte black and copper finishes.

One fan raved: “I was looking for a set that had very sharp trimmers to ensure a clean cut. This who set works so well! The black matte looks sleek, the trimmers are very sharp, I’ve had no shredding or issues with my wicks.”


Also Great: Some Decorative Matches In A Seasonal Color

These decorative matches come in a cute orange color, which makes them a perfect complement to your seasonal candles. The glass apothecary jar has a wide cork stopper, and comes pre-loaded with 80 long matches made from kiln-dried pine wood. There’s a flint sticker on the bottom for easy lighting, and the matches are also available with black tips if that goes better with your decor.

One fan raved: “I love these matches! I wanted something more ceremonious to light my candles but still look cute as decor - these are it!! I love the glass jar with cork top that stores the matches [...] It all looks very luxurious without the luxe price tag. Will be ordering more!”


Also Great: A Set Of Minimalist Candle Holders

If you burn a lot of taper candles, then a great set of candle holders should be on your to-buy list. These gold candle holders are sold in a set of three for only $20, making them a great way to add style to your home without spending a ton of money. The gold-toned finish is perfect for seasonal decorating, but they also come in matte black, silver, and white finishes. Each one is a slightly different height, which lets you play with levels in your table-scapes.

One fan raved: “I love these so much. I’ve been eyeing them for a year or so and finally decided to get them. It took me about 30 seconds to assemble all three and they’re sturdy. [...] They’re slim and elegant and I want to buy more of them for other places around the house!”

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