The 11 Best Floor Fans

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by Masha Vapnitchnaia

Floor fans are great when you want to create a cooling breeze in any room, and some are also stylish enough to enhance your home decor. The best floor fans are available in tower, pedestal, industrial, and box designs, but all will provide enough airflow to cool down your space. Most options also have additional features, like a sleep mode for the bedroom and control over how the fan’s airflow is directed.

When choosing between various fan types, consider how much cooling power you’d like. A fan’s airflow is typically measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and numbers can range from 100 CFM for small desktop options to over 3,000 CFM for industrial fans. While this is the quickest way to gauge airflow and most floor fans below are at least 500 CFM — which will cover about 2,000 square feet — not all brands list this info. However, you can check user reviews to see what other shoppers write about fan power.

Design-wise, tower fans are usually tall, narrow, and space-saving. And because they either have enclosed blades or bladeless designs, tower fans are often the safest choice if you have children or pets. On the other hand, pedestal fans are generally more powerful and quieter than tower fans, but they’re less sleek and usually take up more floor space. Lastly, industrial and box fans sit low to the ground and are typically more powerful (and sometimes less expensive) than tower and pedestal fans. However, while industrial fans tilt so you can direct airflow, neither style will oscillate and both tend to be louder than pedestal and tower fans. It’s also worth noting that a tower fan might be hardest to clean since its blades are enclosed, while other fans usually have removable grills that provide easier blade access for dusting. But again, grills might be a drawback if you have kids or pets.

As for features, all of the best floor fans below have several speed settings, but tower and pedestal fans often have extras such as a sleep setting, timers, and remote control. You might also like a cordless fan or an Alexa-compatible smart fan that works with voice commands — scroll on to find your favorite.


The Best-Selling Tower Fan With 20,000+ Positive Reviews

Backed by a 4.5-star overall rating and more than 23,000 reviews, this Honeywell fan has a lot of features that consumers love. The oscillating tower fan has eight speeds, including a quiet option for sleep. There’s also a dimmer to keep light to a minimum while you snooze and a 12-hour shut-off timer. The fan also includes a handy remote control. However, the blades aren’t easily accessible for cleaning. Though the manufacturer doesn’t list CFM, it notes you can feel air up to 25 feet away on the highest setting. The 40-inch fan is available in black and white and also comes in a set that includes a small air circulator.

One helpful review: “I am so far EXTREMELY pleased with it's performance. It circulates air throughout my large living room. I can't really hear anything from the fan on its three lowest settings, even when I'm standing right next to it. It does start to make some noise by setting 4 - "White Noise". This is probably an apt name for this setting. I don't find the noise distracting yet I can feel the breeze from 20' away.”


This Popular Pedestal Fan At A Great Price

Another great option from Honeywell, this pedestal fan has garnered more than 7,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating. Though the fan’s CFM isn’t listed, it has double blades and oscillation to quickly move air in medium and large rooms. One reviewer wrote: “I can feel it on low across the room about 8 feet away.” In addition to choosing one of three speeds, you can also select from three breezes: variable, breezy, and constant. Plus, its height can be adjusted to between 40 and 48 inches, and the fan is easy to take apart for cleaning. It also comes with a remote control and the option to set a timer for up to eight hours.

One helpful review: “This fan is absolutely fantastic! Our master bedroom is perpetually hot, and this helps move the air a lot, and keeps the room cooler. The double blades definitely make a difference for air flow as well. You can't go wrong with this fan.”


A Budget-Friendly Box Fan With 3 Speeds

This box fan stands just 20 inches tall, yet it has a powerful CFM of 1,800. Though the wallet-friendly fan does not have a remote control or oscillation, it offers three speed settings and has earned more than 3,000 five-star ratings from shoppers on Amazon. You’ll just need to remove one screw to take off the grill and clean the blades, and the fan comes in black and white.

One helpful review: “This thing is POWERFUL. The low setting is more than enough for us most nights. Like any powerful fan, this does make noise, but I like it alot better than the other fans we've had. It's more like a white noise that doesn't reverberate as much as usual fans.”


A Small Floor Fan That Moves Air Up To 100 Feet Away

Amazon reviewers praise this Vornado fan for its relatively compact size and 583 CFM airflow on the highest setting. Featuring the brand’s signature blade and grill design, the fan can move air up to 100 feet away. There are three speeds to choose from, the fan’s head pivots up to 180 degrees, and it measures 21.9 inches tall. The grill is removable for easy cleaning, too. However, there’s no remote control. You can also choose from three other models, including a smaller 18.9-inch fan and options with variable speeds.

One helpful review: “Even the low setting keeps me cool all day. We're talking GOOSEBUMPS. I've had to grab a jacket while sitting with this fan. We have a large living room and this fan makes it feels like a chilly paradise when we enter the house. It's not at all noisy or heavy! I bring it with me into each room.”


This Pedestal Fan With A Slim Profile

Unlike most pedestal options, this Lasko fan has a slim body to create a sleek look. It’s height-adjustable up to 52 inches, and in addition to an oscillation option, it’s possible to direct the airflow up or down. There are three speeds to choose from and a sleep mode, and you can set a timer for up to 7.5 hours. The fan also includes a remote control. Though the CFM isn’t listed, according to reviewers, you can feel the airflow from 10 to 12 feet away on the lowest setting. However, you can’t remove the grill for cleaning.

One helpful review: “Helps cool off a bedroom efficiently. I was suffering in a hot bedroom and have tried multiple different fans and this one was definitely a winner. Being able to raise and lower it was a selling point. Oscillating also is fantastic.”


An Industrial Floor Fan For Big Spaces

This industrial fan has a lot of power and a CFM of 3,460 on the high setting. It also has three speeds and a pivoting head to help direct the best airflow. The durable metal fan has a built-in carry handle and can also be wall-mounted, but there is no remote control. It’s an easy-to-clean fan that’s backed by a 4.7-star overall rating with more than 9,000 reviewers weighing in.

One helpful review: “Excellent. It IS a little bit noisy, but I have it in my workout room and have the music loud anyway so it doesn't matter. Puts out a ton of air...I usually just need it on low and get plenty of air.”


This Cordless Pedestal Option That Converts Into A Desktop Fan

This cordless floor fan is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to approximately 24 hours per charge, giving you the flexibility to position the fan where you need even if there’s no outlet nearby. The head has 180-degree tilt, and there are four speeds to choose from and a timer function for up to four hours. What’s more, the fan is height-adjustable from 3.7 to 39.3 inches so it’s easily converted from desktop to floor fan. It even folds down for storage. Though the CFM isn’t listed, reviewers are impressed with its power, with one shopper calling it a “great, powerful little fan.” The fan comes with a remote control and USB cable for charging, but it does not come apart for deep cleaning.

One helpful review: “Works fantastic. Long operation time vs. charge time. Moves plenty of air. I use it to sleep well, to keep cool while drying my long hair, and I take it with me when traveling.”


An Alexa-Enabled Floor Fan

Once synced with Alexa, this smart floor fan can be turned on and off using voice commands or your smartphone. You can also set schedules through Alexa and change between four speeds. The fan can be pivoted easily, and it has a unique blade design that can move air up to 100 feet away at 584 CFM on the highest setting, per the brand’s website. The fan measures 15 inches tall and has a removable grill for easy cleaning.

One helpful review: “Like all Vornado fans, it runs smoothly and does it's job well. But being controlled by Alexa is a great feature especially when it's used to provide air movement in the bedroom where there is no ceiling fan. Being able to change fan speeds as well as on/off while in bed is a super bonus.”


A Bladeless Tower Fan & Air Purifier

Not only is this bladeless fan easy to keep clean, but it’s also equipped with a HEPA filter to capture pollen, dust, and other allergens in the air. The filter lasts up to six months and replacements are available. The lack of blades makes this a good option to use around pets and kids. Plus, there are lots of features that make it a stand-out fan such as nine speeds and three modes, including sleep mode. The fan is 32 inches tall, oscillates 90 degrees, and has air outlets that are adjustable up to 30 degrees. You can also set a timer for up to eight hours and the fan comes with a remote control to make changing settings a breeze. The CFM isn’t listed, but the fan can cover rooms up to 320 square feet. It’s available in black and white and also comes in a smaller size that’s approximately 26 inches tall.

One helpful review: “I love the fan! It’s quiet on the low settings, and blows strong on the higher settings. I was just looking for a simple fan for my bedroom and liked the price and fact that there were no blades to constantly clean. It was an added bonus that it filters the air and rotates.”


This Powerful Pedestal Fan With 5 Speed Options

This pedestal fan has five speed settings, including turbo mode for extra power and a silent mode that’s designed not to disturb your sleep. It also has a lot of power with a 2,436 CFM. The fan’s height can be adjusted from 42 to 54 inches, and it has an oscillating head that can be tilted up or down to direct airflow. It comes with a remote control, which you can use to set a timer for up to eight hours, and the grill is removable for easy cleaning.

One helpful review: “This is a great fan, wind flow ranges from a whisper to a cyclone. Fairly quiet at high speeds (compared to other fans), almost silent at lowest speed. Lowest speed is lovely for people who want air flow at night but donʻt like wind blowing on their head.”


A Pedestal Fan With Vintage Style

This Vornado fan's retro, midcentury modern design might make it the coolest fan out there. Aesthetics aside, this vintage-style fan also has some modern features you’ll love, including three speeds, a tilting head, and a height that can be adjusted from 42 to 55 inches. The brand’s signature design allows the blades to move lots of air quickly and this fan has a CFM of 613 on the highest speed, according to the brand’s website. Though the grill is removable, reviewers find it a little difficult to take off when cleaning, and the fan doesn't have a remote. It’s available in green and white.

One helpful review: “It's absolutely gorgeous and as solid as a tank. Everyone who sees it asks about it immediately. There's a solid breeze even on the lowest setting. I get COLD on the high and medium settings!”