The 5 Best Garden Hose Reels That'll Tidy Up Your Yard

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While trying to keep your garden or lawn neat and thriving, having a spot to store your hose is important. The best garden hose reels will help keep your hoses untangled while preventing wear and tear that could cause damage down the road. They come in mounted or freestanding models, and use either automatic retractable wheel systems or hand cranks to bring the hose in. The best kind for you depends on your needs.

While shopping, you should take materials into account. Most hose reels are typically made of plastic or metal (including the options listed below). Metal reels are usually more durable and expensive, and are a great options for longer, expandable hoses. Meanwhile, plastic reels are often cheaper and best suited for shorter hoses.

Next, you'll want to consider the retraction method of your hose reel. Most reels operate on spring-driven or hand-cranked retraction systems. Part of it is a matter of preference, but many automatic spring-driven reels — such as the option below — are easier to use because you don't have to manually reel them in after each use. However, although hand-cranked reels require more effort, they give you full control while winding your hose and are often cheaper. And for easier reach, consider a model with either swiveling or a sliding track.

While keeping this information in mind, you're ready to pick out the best garden hose reel for your landscaping needs. Take a look at these fan-favorite picks from Amazon below.

1. The Best Budget Mounted Garden Hose Reel

This wall-mounted garden hose reel is a great budget buy, coming in under $40. Made with plastic that's strong and durable, this device operates through manual hand-winding crank and features a spin grip that's easy to navigate. It can hold up to 100 feet of hose and even comes with an included leader hose (whereas some others on this list don't). In addition to its affordable price point, this reel arrives fully assembled and ready to mount — so it's pretty much ready to use as soon as it hits your doorstep. According to reviewers, mounting screws are included, but you might need to purchase your own anchors. Unlike other options on this list, this reel doesn't swivel while it spins.

What fans write: "I installed this reel on a brick wall on my home. It was simple enough to install. It came with 4 screws. The anchors I needed were not included but I had what I needed on hand. The reel is made well and rolls up my hose easily and neatly. It was a definite improvement over the plain reel and manual winding."

2. The Best Decorative Mounted Hose Reel

If you're looking for something decorative, durable, and easy to use, this steel mounted garden hose reel has it all. It holds hoses up to 125 feet long, and the construction has a weather-resistant powdered finish that looks pristine against any home. Plus, the mounted design is easy to hang according to reviewers (though the mounting tools aren't included, though). This reel additionally offers a storage shelf to rest tools and other items on, but it can't swivel like the spring-powered pick below.

What fans write: "It holds and winds a very large hose with ease and looks nice as garden decor. [...] Very pretty. Good price for such a sturdy holder."

3. A Mounted, Spring-Powered Retractable Reel That Comes With Its Own Hose

Access your garden supplies quickly and easily using this retractable hose reel with a hose included. It can be pulled to unwind and then simply tugged to retract back into place — but it can be locked at any length. Plus, the wall-mounted reel is great because it comes with a sturdy hose that stretches up to 120 feet long, and it has nine spray modes on the nozzle. The mount itself is made from high-quality polypropylene, and it's powered with a strong rewind spring that retracts slowly to prevent injury. Not to mention, the mount can swivel 180 degrees — and although it is made to attach to a wall or other stable surface, it can also be easily removed for storage with its quick-release mount and handle. Plus, the materials needed for installation are included.

What fans write: "All I can say about this system is, wow! It was a breeze to install, and nothing short of a joy to watch it retract as I complete my watering."

4. The Standalone Reel With Its Own Storage Box

This standalone garden hose reel can hold up to 225 feet of hose compactly and discreetly. Housed in a resin box that can be placed in the yard (and kept there through rain or shine), it comes with a lid and crank handle with a hose guide that makes the winding and unwinding process simple and easy. It doesn't swivel, but the opening features a sliding track that guides the hose as you pull. The unit is a great option for anyone who wants to conceal their hose, and it's also large enough to store other small items such as gardening gloves, hose nozzles, or other accessories both inside or on top with ease.

What fans write: "Received quickly and in good condition. I was surprised at how easily the hose wraps and unwraps, unlike the ones I have used in the past. Highly recommend this product."

5. The Easiest Garden Hose Reel To Move

Gardening will be a complete breeze with this garden hose reel that's a standalone but also has 6-inch wheels. It holds up to 175 feet of hose and can be rolled around to accommodate any part of the yard you need. The sturdy plastic reel operates on a hand-crank system and comes completely assembled, so no tools or assembly is necessary when it arrives at your door. It's not meant to swivel in place — but since it's on wheels, you can easily move the unit where you need to so unraveling the hose is easier.

What fans write: "I'm very happy with it! My favorite feature is the wheels. I have a front and back yard so they make it easy to move the hose to where I need it."