The 8 Best Griddle Pans You Can Get On Amazon

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Making fresh homemade thin crepes pancakes

To whip up fluffy eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches in a flash, the best griddle pans are made of cast iron for even heat retention and easy releasing of food. That said, cast iron can be a little more high maintenance, so in those cases, a nonstick material may be more versatile. You'll also want to consider the quantity and style of food you'll be using the griddle for most since these pans come in several shapes and sizes.


Cast iron griddles are heavier and more cumbersome to handle, but they are more durable and safe for all heat sources (even ovens). And while a pre-seasoned model is considered "naturally nonstick," they do require ongoing maintenance — beyond being hand-wash only, they'll need to regularly be rubbed down with cooking oil in order to keep the seasoning intact.

The biggest perk of nonstick coating is that it allows for foods to easily slide off the surface, leaving less mess behind to scrape off (though in order to maintain the coating, they should not be put in the dishwasher unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer). In addition, these griddles come in PFOA-free options if you prefer to avoid the chemical. Just note if you have an induction cooktop, you'll want to double-check that your griddle pan has a magnetized base so you can be sure it's compatible.

Size & Shape

Griddle pans are typically about 10- to 12-inches wide. Square pans have more surface area for cooking things like bacon and pancakes on one flat layer, while round ones make it easier to sear and flip foods like quesadillas and omelets. For the most efficient way to make a decent amount of servings in one batch, though, look for a double-burner sized rectangular griddle pan that is about 18- to 20-inches long (you'll also find that most electric griddles are similarly sized, giving you a spacious cooktop anywhere there's an outlet nearby).

With that in mind, it's time to shop for the best griddle pan below. Beyond the classic styles, you'll also find options that can double as frying pans or grills.

1. The Best Cast Iron Griddle

  • Dimensions: 10.5-inch diameter

Safe for all cooktops, this Lodge cast iron griddle has a round shape that is ideal for pancakes, pizza, quesadillas, and other foods that you want to crisp up to perfection. The heavy cast iron material can also be placed in the oven for baking or broiling. In addition, the griddle comes pre-seasoned, which means you'll need to be extra gentle when you handwash it — only use a small amount of soap and never scrub too harshly. Also, remember the handle will get very hot, so consider buying a heat-resistant cover for the handle to safe your fingers.

Helpful review: “My new favorite every day pan. I swear by cast iron but the one I normally use is large and heavy so I figured I would give this a try and I'm glad I did as I use it almost daily. Great for eggs, omelets, pancakes, grilled cheese and I have even put it in the oven for chicken fajitas and pizza. It has a lip so your eggs or pancakes or whatever will not run off the pan and you can put oil on it for meats just not a lot as it is not a high lip. This is a food sturdy pan but not overly heavy and it was easy to season so the food does not stick which makes cleanup a breeze..”

2. The Best Nonstick Square Griddle Pan

  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 inches (width x length)

For the price, you likely won't find a better does-it-all pan than this square griddle. Not only does it have a water-based nonstick coating that's free of PFOA, but this pan can also be washed in the dishwasher, making it far easier to clean than a lot of other hand-wash-only picks on this list. In addition, there's a non-slip silicone handle and a heavy-gauge aluminum construction bottom that contributes to the pan's excellent and even heat distribution. Although it's not compatible with induction cooktops, for any other type of cooktop, this griddle pan is a great choice.

Helpful review: “We've been using this griddle every single day. I absolutely love it. So far, the non-stick works just as good as the day we bought it (even after being washed in the dishwasher every single time). It seems to really distribute heat evenly, and I have never had anything stick or burn on it. Mostly we use it for cooking eggs in the morning. We had a big electric griddle but it was so bulky I wanted something I didn't have to leave out on the counter all the time. This is quickly becoming my favorite pan, and I have been cooking other things on it lately like steaks, chicken and veggies too. Definitely a great buy.”

4. The Best Nonstick Double-Burner Griddle

  • Dimensions: 10 x 18 inches (width x length)

Rather than cook one pancake or fried egg at a time, this large 10 by 18-inch Cuisinart double-burner griddle gives you practically double the surface to cook an entire breakfast simultaneously as it's meant to be positioned on top of two stovetop burners. If that wasn't convenient enough, this pan has stainless steel handles that will stay cool if you need to transfer it from the stove to the oven (it's safe to use in temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit). This pick is also part of Cuisinart's GreenGourmet cookware line, which means that it has a nonstick coating that’s PTFE-, PFOA-, and petroleum-free. Since it's made of hard-anodized aluminum, you can also be assured it will heat up quickly and evenly. However, keep in mind, this pick is hand-wash only and should not be used with induction stoves.

Helpful review: “I use this griddle a few times per month and I've owned it for a few months. It works very well on my gas stove. The size is just right for fitting over two burners. It is flat so the pancake batter doesn't slide to the edges and I can fit eight small pancakes on here. The heat distribution is good and once the griddle gets hot initially I turn the burners to medium-low for the rest of the cooking time. I never put it up to high heat. No need for oil, spray or butter for greasing just make sure the batter has oil or butter in it. Very easy to clean (I hand wash it).”

5. The Best Reversible Griddle & Grill Pan

  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 20 inches (width x length)

For anyone who is short on storage space or who is looking for a handy two-in-one option, this pre-seasoned Lodge cast iron griddle grill offers lots of versatility. Though its a little larger than the double-burner-sized product above, the integrated handles on each end make it easy to flip it over when you want to use the other surface (just remember to use heat-resistant oven mitts). The griddle side features a smooth plate, while the grill side has the right textured surface for creating the perfect sear marks. Because it's made of cast iron, this reversible pan is hand-wash only, though it's safe to use on all cooktops, even induction, as well as in the oven.

Helpful review: “Grill one side, griddle on the other - heavy cast iron with great heat distribution and retention. Fantastic to use for grilling inside, you can sear as well. It's easy to clean, durable and with the proper care, it will most likely be something you can hand down for generations. It makes about 6 burgers or a couple of grilled sandwiches at once.”

6. The Best Griddle Pan For Crepes

  • Dimensions: 10-inch diameter

For making perfectly cooked and proportioned crepes, this round Cuisinart crepe pan is the obvious choice. The smooth curved edge and the nonstick surface of this pan make it easy to slide crepes off, so easy in fact, that a few Amazon users report that they didn't even need to use any butter or oil, with one boasting, "they were better without!" Another element that many reviewers raved about? The stainless steel handle stays cool to the touch. The hand-wash-only pan is also reinforced with titanium for extra durability, and while it's not compatible with induction cooktops, it is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Helpful review: “I ordered this pan after trying to make crepes on a griddle and not being 100% satisfied with the results. I was just able to use it for the first time and the resulting crepes were markedly better. Easy to distribute the batter and a breeze to turn the crepes. Clean up was a snap!”

7. The Best Frying Pan That Doubles As A Griddle

  • Dimensions: 12-inch diameter

For anyone short on storage space or who isn't ready to invest in a separate griddle pan, this round nonstick Ozeri frying pan is a workhorse that can pull double-duty as both a frying pan and a griddle. Constructed in Germany, this pan boasts a nonstick coating that's derived from stone since and is free of PFOS and PFOA. Plus, it has a silicone-coated handle for easier maneuvering and is compatible with induction cooktops, thanks to its magnetized aluminum base. Just note that it's hand-wash only.

Helpful review: “I was looking for a replacement for my non-stick pan that had seen better days, and I’m so glad I got this pan. It’s a great size for cooking an ample amount of food (sautéed veggies, eggs, pancakes, etc) and very easy to clean as food and oil remnants wash away with little to no effort.”

8. The Best Novelty Griddle

  • Dimensions: 10-inch diameter

This EZJOB pancake pan puts the fun into pancaking-making and is small and lightweight, and the silicone handle ensures it will stay cool to the touch. The nonstick, PFOA- and lead-free pan features seven molds, each with a different emoji face design (or you can opt for the equally adorable animal option instead), that make small silver-dollar sized mini pancakes, crepes, or blintzes. Note: This pick is hand-wash only and because of its aluminum base, it's not compatible with induction cooktops.

Helpful review: “Super easy to use and clean. The animals are so cute and my kids love them. Just purchased the emoji too. They are small which I like. Probably a little smaller than my palm.”

You May Also Like: This Electric Griddle

  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 20 inches (width x length)

Want to whip up a meal without relying on a stovetop? Then an electric griddle will give you the convenience of being able to use it anywhere so long as there's an outlet nearby. The PFOA-free nonstick cooking surface is double-burner sized and heats up evenly. There's a dial to control the temperature, and the slide-out drip tray comes in handy to catch any food runoff. Although it can't be immersed in water, this griddle is easy to wipe down to clean. You can also it in a handful of stylish colors, like red, aqua, and white,

Helpful review: “I have limited kitchen space, so this is stored in a cabinet. However, when I need it, I need it. Griddle is large enough to make pancakes, eggs, bacon and potatoes all at once or any combination of goodies that you prefer. [...] Sometimes I mix up a variety of foods together on the griddle and then put it in several containers which I then freeze for future meals."