The 10 Best Habit Tracker Journals

Amazon shoppers swear by these for keeping them focused and motivated, any time of year.

the best habit tracker journals
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Setting new goals for yourself is easier said than done; few people can simply decide to alter their habits and bring about change just like that. Most people need tools to help them get started and keep going, and the best habit tracker journals can do just that. That said, the right format for you will depend on your goals and needs but most are undated so you can start wherever you are right now.

What To Look For In A Habit Tracker Journal

First, you’ll want to find a goal-setting journal that allows you to begin where you are and doesn’t make you feel guilty over lost time. For that reason, undated journals are often the way to go. No matter when you’re reading this, all of the options here should remain relevant due to their undated layouts.

Next, know that goal-setting looks different for different people. Decide which layout will best suit your personality and needs: For some, a simple habit tracker chart will get the job done. Others may appreciate writing prompts and visual goal-setting activities that help them determine the “why” behind their aspirations. Some may want to focus their habit tracking on a specific area of their lives, like creating a wellness routine or a de-cluttered home.

Shop The Best Journals For Habit Tracking

  1. The Best Simple Habit Tracker: Lamare Habit Tracker Calendar
  2. A Science-Backed Habit Journal: Clear Habit Journal
  3. The Best Reusable Option: Rocketbook Reusable Panda Planner
  4. A Well-Rounded Goal-Setting Planner: Clever Fox Planner 2nd Edition
  5. The One If You Have Trouble Focusing Or Getting Started: Bright Day Calendars Undated To Do List Planner
  6. The Best Wellness Planner: Life & Apples Wellness Planner
  7. The One For Those Who Like Writing: This Year I Will...: A 52-Week Guided Journal
  8. This Simple Option That’s Great If You’re A Visual Person: Bliss Collections Habit Tracker Calendar
  9. The Best Law Of Attraction Goal Planner: Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Life & Goal Planner
  10. The Best Workbook For An Organized Home: Cluttered Mess to Organized Success Workbook

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, the journals below allow you to cultivate habits your way, so they become an ongoing part of your life.


The Best Simple Habit Tracker

How it works: This habit tracker calendar helps you boost discipline and visualize your progress, all in a simple, easy-to-maintain layout. Just fill out the month and write up to 10 habits you’d like to work on; then mark the spiral grid for each day you follow through. There are also spots for weekly and monthly habits, and the paper is substantial and bleed-resistant. According to its overall 4.7-star rating from more than 2,000 reviewers, this journal is an easy way to keep you on track.

One reviewer wrote: “I used markers on mine and it didn’t bleed through. The pages are very thick. It’s been helpful to track everything. I love how many lines there are for more habits than you need to track with a weekly counter on the right side. There is a suggested habit idea for each month which might not align with your particular habit you want to track. Overall great product! Love using it!”

Lasts for: one year | Included sections: habit tracking | Available colors: color, black


A Science-Backed Habit Journal

How it works: Created in collaboration with James Clear (best-selling author of Atomic Habits), this Clear Habit journal uses science-backed techniques to help you reach your goals. In addition to twelve habit tracker spreads that you can tear out and hang in your space, this option also features dot grids for free organization and one-line-per-day pages to help you build a journaling practice. It’s best used alongside the book but reviewers found it helpful on its own, too.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this after reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits, which was excellent and practical, and helped me a lot; but I think that this journal would be useful for anyone who wants to track habits, or anything else, or simply to write. [...] The book itself is well-made, with pages thick enough so that my pigma micron pen doesn’t show through the paper. The book opens flat. I’m very happy with it.”

Lasts for: one year | Included sections: habit tracking, full index, split grid, one line per day, four toolkits | Available colors: black


The Best Reusable Option

How it works: The Panda Planner is one of the most popular goal-setting planners of all time. That said, the brand recently partnered with Rocketbook to create a reusable Panda planner that leverages the same science to help you achieve your goals — indefinitely. Nine sections allow you to plan by the day, week, month, or year, and there are also pages for goal-setting, road mapping, journaling, bullet journaling, and free creation. Because the pages are glossy and the included Pilot Frixion pen erases with the microfiber cloth, you can start over at any time, but your notes aren’t lost; each page has a QR code so you can upload it all to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and more.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the first Rocketbook I tried and I immediately fell in love. It's a great planner and especially love the personal reflection and improvement section in it. The greatest thing about it is the ability to instantly digitize any page at any time and it's reusable, so it never goes out of date. Gone are the days of buying new yearly/monthly/weekly planners all the time.”

Lasts for: indefinitely | Included sections: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, goal setting, roadmap, lines, dots, blank | Available colors: Midnight Blue, Infinity Black, Neptune Teal, Scarlet Sky, Light Blue


A Well-Rounded Goal-Setting Planner

How it works: If you want to work on every area of your life simultaneously, the updated Clever Fox planner is the way to do it. With eight different spreads (all undated), it helps you build gratitude, create a vision board, set your yearly goals, break down your five most important aspirations, remember important dates for the year, see the month’s calendar at a glance, and track priorities, habits, and wins on a weekly basis. You can also record anything else with 50 dot grid pages at the back, plus each book includes six sheets of colorful stickers, a pen loop, an elastic closure, and an inner pocket.

One reviewer wrote:”I've had quite a few planners over the years and this planner hits all the key points in my life to help me organize, visualize and manage my time and achieve goals. [...] I searched quite a bit for the best planner and this one is the best for me. It's simple, easy and practical and rewarding for goals, habits and keeping on target. Look forward to getting a weekly planner with different colors every year.”

Lasts for: one year | Included sections: gratitude journal, vision board, yearly goals, goal breakdown, 12-month overview, calendar spreads, weekly spreads, dot grids | Available colors: White, Amber Yellow, Aquamarine, Dark Teal, Forest Green, Mystic Blue, Periwinkle, Red, Rose Gold, Silver Black, Turquoise


The One If You Have Trouble Focusing Or Getting Started

How it works: Do you have trouble getting started or staying on task throughout the day? If so, it doesn’t get much more straightforward than the Bright Day Calendars to-do list planner. Each page features a simple spread that notes all of your day’s most important things in one place: your to-do list, important times, fitness goals, water intake, meal planning, any pick-up reminders, and a gratitude prompt. You can also tear out the pages for hanging or travel, plus there’s a habit tracker spread for your overarching goals.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this to help keep my tasks organized since my ADHD makes me very forgetful and I don't accomplish many small tasks on time or until someone asks about them. If I have a list of things to do, I'm more likely to actually get them done. Each morning I take 5 minutes to write down my list, copy any appointments out of my online calendar (writing helps it stick in my brain better), and plan out my day.”

Lasts for: 140 days | Included sections: daily spread, habit tracking | Available colors: Treeline, Blue Gold Geometrics, Rose Gold


The Best Wellness Planner

How it works: The Life & Apples wellness planner is the best option for those who want to prioritize physical wellness habits. Its daily spreads have areas to plan workouts and meals, but also universal wellness reminders (like sunlight, water, and sleep) as well as to-do lists, gratitude prompts, positive quotes, and reflections. Other spreads include monthly calendars, weekly reviews and habit trackers, goal-setting guides, goal reviews, and notes pages. Finally, reviewers love the durable hardcover, thick pages, and included stickers.

One reviewer wrote: “I spent A LOT of time looking at wellness journals at different websites. I'm not really a journaler, but I wanted an easy way to focus on and celebrate meeting health goals. I had tried different fitness apps, but I wanted something I could physically interact with. [...] For me, it's perfectly organized and balanced in its approach. It's really everything I was looking for!”

Lasts for: 13 weeks | Included sections: daily spread, monthly calendar, weekly habit tracker, goal setting guide, goal review, and notes pages | Available colors: Black, Aquamarine, Berry, Gold Pearl, Grey, Lavender, Leopard, Light Blue, Marble, Mint, Pink, Purple, Rugged Brown, White


The One For Those Who Like Writing

How it works: Charts and daily to-do lists aren’t for everyone. Some people need to dig deep into the motives behind their goals before they can achieve them, and this goal-setting journal can help. Each week features a different writing prompt that helps with planning, reflection, self-celebration, and visualization. While it’s not the most hands-on approach, it’s a favorite among those who want something manageable to help guide them for the week ahead.

One reviewer wrote: “This journal changed my life and changed the way I feel about journaling. Historically, when I would start a journal, I wouldn't know where to begin. I never had enough prep work or the right type of guidance and would often give up on the idea that journaling could ever be my thing. This journal is completely different. With Tiffany's coaching, I was able to examine my values, my thoughts and then make sense of my behavior and patterns. Once that connection took place, I was able to start rebuilding my life in a way that felt manageable.”

Lasts for: one year | Included sections: weekly journaling prompts | Available colors: this one


This Simple Option That’s Great If You’re A Visual Person

How it works: Some people are all about the visual and don’t want any writing prompts at all. If that’s you, the Bliss Collections habit tracker keeps you moving toward your goals with a simple layout and a gorgeous design. Each month features a stunning, watercolor-style flower at the center of a spiral that tracks six habits. Other noteworthy features include an easy monthly summary, thick cardstock, copper-coil binding, and aesthetically pleasing fonts.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a beautiful, creative, fun way to build habits for yourself. Stop making resolutions you won’t keep! Stop shaming yourself for not making positive changes in your life! This habit tracker will make it easy to start making habits. I do mine in different colors to make it more pretty at the end of the month. Everyone I show this to wants one.”

Lasts for: one year | Included sections: habit tracking | Available colors: botanical


The Best Law Of Attraction Goal Planner

How it works: The Law of Attraction is a new-age philosophy that helps you achieve your goals through manifestation, and this Law of Attraction Life & Goal planner is designed to help you master it. Pages are split into morning routines, evening routines, weekly reflections, monthly goals, and vision boards, all of which help you to hone, visualize, and affirm the things you want to draw into your life. While it’s definitely geared towards self-care and mental well-being, reviewers also report a positive effect on productivity and habit-building. It also comes with stickers and a road map to keep you focused.

One reviewer wrote: “After working in my first planner, I actually began manifesting some of my goals I had wrote down! So I'm excited and inspired to see what I can do this time. I shopped around, but decided to go with this brand again because it works for me. My days go smoother, and I enjoy looking back to see what I wrote months earlier and seeing my progress.”

Lasts for: 90 days | Included sections: routine prompts, weekly reflections, monthly goals, vision board, road map, dotted pages | Available colors: 21 options


The Best Workbook For An Organized Home

How it works: If your biggest resolution is a neat, relaxed home, opt for the Cluttered Mess To Organized Success workbook. This journal comes in paperback or spiral-bound options, and it was designed by a professional organizer. It features 100 tools that help you get your entire life in check like home-cleaning checklists and household management worksheets. It also includes planning sheets for meals, fitness, financial goals, and travel, not to mention a medical information binder and organizational labels.

One reviewer wrote: “This is the best workbook and organization book I have ever bought in my life. Please don’t hesitate to buy it. It is packed with action-taking worksheets and very helpful guidelines to get everything done.”

Lasts for: N/A | Included sections: time management, daily, weekly, and monthly planning, home cleaning checklists, financial planning, household management, meal planning and recipes, health and fitness, travel planner | Available colors: this one


Also Consider: This Reusable Task Chart Whiteboard

How it works: Journals are great for people on the go — but if you’re looking for something that you can display in your space, this M.C. Squares reusable task chart is a wonderful alternative. Its simple layout allows you to list up to 12 habits and check them off by the day, and since its surface is a whiteboard, you can erase and reuse it up to 2,000 times. Best of all, the brand’s revolutionary cling backing sticks to mirrors, appliances, glass, or cabinets without damaging anything, and you can rinse it and move it over and over again. Your order also includes a Tackie wet-erase marker.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these for grocery lists, to-do lists, and for staying on task, and keeping track of every day duties, activities, and calendar! I work in social media so these are great for on the fridge for my daily personal calendar events. Love this for my home and office use as well!”

Lasts for: two years | Included sections: habit tracking | Available colors: multicolor