The 7 Best Heated Cat Beds

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If your cat is drawn to toasty spots to sleep (like patches of sun or open laps), they might appreciate a bed that’s designed to feel warm. Commonly offered in both electric and self-warming varieties, the best heated cat beds can help keep things comfortably cozy for your feline safely. These cat beds come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to appeal to your pet, including loungers, pads, caves, and even houses for cats that spend time outdoors.

When it comes to heated cat beds, you have a choice between self-warming and electric styles. Electric cat beds are plugged into a wall outlet and have features like adjustable temperature settings and pressure-activated technology, which heats the bed only when your cat sits on it. Just keep in mind that for safety, many brands recommend not using an extension cord. Ideally, you’ll also want to purchase an electric bed with a chew-resistant cord cover. In addition, you’ll want to confirm whether the bed is safe to only use indoors or if it can be used outdoors — something most manufacturers will indicate — and keep in mind that even outdoor beds should be used in sheltered areas to avoid water damage.

If you don’t have easy access to a wall outlet or are particularly worried about the safety precautions surrounding an electric cat bed, you might prefer a self-warming heated cat bed. While they technically won’t heat up on their own, they’re designed with insulating materials (such as Mylar) to reflect heat back to your cat and keep them warmer. Since they only heat up to a certain degree though, you’ll want to avoid placing the self-warming cat bed in areas where temperatures are too cold.

With all that in mind, these are the best heated cat beds on Amazon, including both cheap cat beds and fancier ones.

1. The Overall Best Electric Cat Pad

This indoor heated bed provides owners with customizable control over its temperature settings. The wired remote control allows you to select temperatures between 80 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Once set, the built-in thermostat helps prevent overheating and you can also set a timer for up to 12 hours. The pad itself has a soft fleece cover that’s machine-washable, and the interior is made from waterproof PVC material. As an extra safety precaution, the power cord is wrapped in chew-resistant stainless steel. It’s available in three sizes.

Positive Amazon review: “My cat is rather ancient (going on 18 years) and has some arthritis in her hips. I'd noticed her trying to get close to any source of heat in the house, and realized a heating pad might be the answer. She never takes to anything new, but the tried and true method of sprinkling a [surface] with catnip did the trick. She now spends most of her leisure time relaxing on the pad.”

  • Available sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large

2. The Overall Best Self-Warming Cat Bed

With an overall 4.6-star rating after more than 6,000 reviews, this self-warming cat bed is a popular pick with pet owners. Many reviewers love its ability to keep their cats warm without the use of electricity. The bed is made of corduroy and soft sherpa with a heat-reflecting Mylar lining inside. It also features high walls that create a sense of security. The bed is available in two colors, three shapes (including a lounger and a cushy pad), and five sizes. Just remember to hand-wash it when it comes time to clean.

If your cat prefers an enclosed space, you might want a self-warming bed with a removable hood. It’s made of heat-reflecting material that works like “space blankets,” while the high walls and hood help retain heat, too.

Positive Amazon review: “I got this bed today for my cats. Immediately my cat Zena was into it and hasn’t left it except to eat! I think she likes it! I’m glad I bought this and, come winter, it’ll be real nice for those cold days. Great price and seems to be very well made. Love the color too!”

  • Available sizes: 19.5 inches, 24 x 20 inches, 27 x 36 inches, 30 x 24 inches, 35 x 27 inches

3. A Budget Convertible Self-Warming Cat Bed

This self-warming pad is versatile and can convert into a variety of shapes. Make it a canoe, a couch, a mat, or a nest, then secure with the button-and-loop closure. The indoor pad is lined with a plush material and comes with a Mylar interior layer. This convertible pad is available in four colors and two sizes, and you can also opt for a variety of other shades and styles. As a plus, the cat bed is machine-washable, which makes cleaning it easy.

Positive Amazon review: “This bed is very versatile as far as shaping. It is very soft and my cats love it. Will buy one more so they will each have their own.”

  • Available sizes: Small, Large

4. A Pressure-Activated Electric Bed

Using pressure-activated technology, this heating bed warms up as soon as your cat sits on it. The bed heats to 102 degrees Fahrenheit while the internal thermostat maintains it, and it runs on only 4 watts so it shouldn’t make too much of a dent in your electricity bills. It's MET Lab-certified, ensuring that it meets national electrical safety standards. When it comes time to wash the bed, you can remove the heater and toss the cover in the wash. While the bed is only available in one color, you can shop it in two sizes. It’s best for indoors only and does not have a protected cable, so you may want to avoid this bed if your cat chews cords.

Positive Amazon review: “Our four cats love this bed! We had to purchase a second one since they all fight over it. It truly stays warm and not too warm to where you need to worry about it being plugged in.”

  • Available sizes: Small, Large

5. An Electric Cat Cave With A Removable Top

This heated cat cave has a bowl-like structure that cats can curl up into when they sleep. In the enclosure, there’s an electric cushion that heats up when your cat is on it, and according to the brand website, it heats to 102 degrees Fahrenheit to match your pet’s body temperature. It operates with just 4 watts, making it energy-efficient, too. To help ensure that the product is safe, the product is also MET Lab tested and certified. As a plus, you can zip off the top half of the pod and remove the heater before machine-washing the bed. The heated cat cave is suitable for indoor use and is available in green and tan. An unheated version comes in gray.

Positive Amazon review: “My very elderly cat loved this pod, especially when we had to evacuate to a family member's house during a winter storm. It gave her a spot of her own that she associated with home and safety (family member has 3 male cats) [...] I've seen two large cats squeeze inside and enjoy a nap at the same time, so it is a good size! [...] I actually had no trouble zipping the two halves together. I have reduced hand strength and it zipped like a hot knife through butter!”

  • Available sizes: 22 x 22 x 11.5 inches

6. The Best Outdoor Heated Cat Pad

Keep your cat’s outdoor space comfortable when it’s cold with this heated cat pad. It’s made of ABS plastic and contains a removable 40-watt heater that warms up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The pad also comes with a removable, machine-washable fleece cover to provide extra comfort. It’s MET Lab-certified and has a steel-wrapped cord to prevent chewing. While made to use outside, the manufacturer instructs customers to place it in a sheltered space. It can also be used indoors. Shop it in one color and size.

Positive Amazon review: “Two of my cats love to be outside, and I worry about them as the weather gets colder, but since I purchased these heating pads, they seem to love being out. At least I know they have a place to stay warm if I'm not home to let them in.”

  • Available sizes: 12.5 x 18.5 inches

7. The Best Heated Cat House

This electric heated cat house is a warm space to protect outdoor cats against the elements. The underside is waterproof and its roof and walls are insulated to keep heat from escaping. On either side of the house, there are large entryways with removable waterproof doors. Inside, there is a waterproof, 30-watt heated pad that is covered in machine-washable plush material, and it has a chew-proof cord. The heated pad has one temperature setting that reaches 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and according to a reviewer, it stays heated as long as it’s plugged in — or you can set a timer for automatic shutoff. The brand recommends placing the house in a sheltered space outdoors, and it can be used indoors, too.

Positive Amazon review: “The cat loves this so much she never comes out! This is on our back porch which is enclosed but not heated. The cat absolutely loves hanging out in it and she stays cozy warm! As long as there is shelter, this will be perfect!”

  • Available sizes: 17.3 x 13 x 17 inches