15 Instagram Reels Caption Ideas For Travel Videos

POV: You booked that flight.

A woman takes an Instagram Reel of a sunset while traveling in a camper van. These are the best Inst...
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Your perfectly planned vacation outfits are coming to life at your destination, and you’re getting fire footage that you can’t wait to share with your followers — only, caption got your tongue. The combination of jet-lag and margarita brain is making it very hard for you to come up with something witty or meaningful to say about your travels, which is really holding up your posting game. Instagram Reels is a great landing place for travel footage, because it’s more permanent than Stories, but won’t clog up your main grid. If you’re feeling particularly sentimental about your trip and want to save and share as much of it as possible, creating a scrapbook via 60-second Reels will give you something pretty special to look back at. The best Instagram Reels captions for travel will complement your sun-dappled #vacationgrams and leave your followers intrigued to keep watching.

If you have the time and mental clarity to opt for a lengthy, personal caption, detailing special moments or realizations you’ve had on your trip, power to you. But if your video speaks for itself and doesn’t need much context — save maybe a location pin or hashtag — you can get away with a generalized caption that lets people know what when they click play they’re going to get a taste of your trip. Here are some captions that will help your vacation stand out on Instagram Reels.

1. Greetings from...

If your video footage is basically a postcard, insert your location into this simple caption for a straightforward approach.

2. An upgraded view

When you’re sharing a particularly epic view — a summit at sunrise, a candy-colored beach sunset, a fairytale garden scene — this caption is perfectly understated, and yet suspenseful.

3. Roll the tapes

Finally edited together all of the best shots from your big trip? Your followers have been waiting for that vacation content, give them what they want!

4. Out of Office

If you’ve escaped corporate life for a bit and found yourself in some whimsical treehouse or beach hut, this caption will serve as a cheeky contrast from your typical florescent-lit content.

5. Sea you soon

A little beach pun never hurt anyone.

6. Vacation mode: Activated

Once you get to your destination, unpack and slip on a robe or fill up the hotel tub with too many bubbles, you’re officially on vacation time.

7. On the road again

When you’re road tripping, this caption lets people know what you’re doing, without giving away too much — they’ll have to click play to learn more.

8. Eating my way through...

Insert your destination into the caption to share drool-worthy footage of a table with too many plates, or a montage of your favorite vacation meals.

9. Drinking my way through...

Did you just so happen to capture enough cheersing to create a montage? Insert the name of your destination into the title to show your followers what boozing in this destination looks like.

10. Catch flights, not feelings

Vacationing your way through a break up? This independent caption says a lot, without saying too much.

11. I want to live in this moment forever

That one travel video that you can’t stop rewatching because it makes you so happy deserves a caption this sappy.

12. Cabin life

For footage of actual cabin life, or very fancy life, if you’re partial to wit.

13. POV: You booked that flight.

A fast-paced clip montage of your trip’s highlights will inspire your friends and followers to do as the caption says.

14. Chasing sunsets

Did you just get back from your trip and realize that 90% of your videos are sunsets? No problem, lean into the theme.

15. Mems

The Gen Z word for “memories” is somehow a less cheesy option for a collection of highlights from your trip with no specific theme or order.