The 7 Best iPad Tripods On Amazon

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Whether you use your iPad for reading, taking photos, playing games, or conducting video calls, the right tripod is a reliable way to go hands-free while you do it. The best iPad tripods are compatible with your particular device, have the right height for your shooting or viewing needs, and are easy to adjust. Some also have upgraded features like detachable ring lights or holders for your phone.

The mount size is the first detail to consider when shopping for a tripod for tablets. Tablet mounts are typically spring-loaded grips that extend and hug your device to secure it. Some mounts are universal and can accommodate every iPad model, while others are more limited in size. To get a correct fit, measure the width of your device or check the Apple website for information on dimensions.

Ease of viewing is also key. Start by considering how tall your tripod needs to be in order to bring your iPad to eye level. For example, if you plan to use your tablet while standing, there are floor tripods that extend to up to 63 inches in height, but if you'll be using your iPad while seated, a compact tabletop tripod is a convenient, space-saving option. Adjustable angles are also important, especially if you plan to be using the tripod in multiple positions, whether that’s sitting, standing, or even lying down. And if you want to view your screen from any orientation, choose a tablet mount that can shift between landscape and portrait modes.

Other design elements come down to your personal needs. If you want a portable tripod for traveling, look for lightweight, collapsible legs. Or if you use your device to film, the best iPad tripod mount will be able to pan and tilt with ease for smooth footage. There are also tripods that come with ring lights, and others that have cold shoe mounts for accessories like microphones.

Whether you’re looking for a tripod for the iPad mini or the Pro, scroll down to find the best iPad tripods — all of which are available on Amazon.


An iPad Floor Stand With A Flexible Gooseneck

  • Compatibility: Tablets between 5.5 — 8.9 inches wide, most smartphones
  • Maximum height: 62.9 inches

This iPad floor stand not only has a low-profile, minimalist design, but it also suits a wide range of tablet models. The aluminum alloy rod extends from 27.6 to 62.9 inches tall, and the mount is compatible with any device between 5.5 and 12.9 inches — from the iPad mini to the iPad Pro. A universal phone holder is also included, and both mounts can be supported in portrait and landscape modes. In place of a pan-tilt mount, the tablet holder attaches to a flexible gooseneck with an angle-adjustable mount at the top, so you can bend and angle the iPad to multiple positions — while this gives you lots of viewing options, keep in mind it won’t be ideal if you want to pan or tilt while shooting video. Reviewers have noted it comes with a remote control for snapping photos, and a storage bag is also included so that the collapsible tripod — which weighs just over 3 pounds — is easy to transport.

Helpful review: “I love this well designed holder. I was dubious about putting the iPad Pro in it because I wasn't sure it would be held securely along the narrowest dimension, then rotated for apps that require vertical. It holds extremely well! The inside edges of the holder have some sort of tacky surface that keeps the pad from sliding. If you follow the directions and position the larger pad over one of the feet of the stand, physics does all the rest for you in terms of balancing. It's light enough to easily move it from room to room. It doesn't take up much space even when left set up. It's a great product that does what it says it will.”


A Budget-Friendly Tripod for iPads

  • Compatibility: Tablets between 5 — 8 inches wide, most smartphones
  • Maximum height: 50 inches

This popular tripod is compatible with a range of iPads and has earned more than 5,200 five-star ratings on Amazon for its versatility and performance. The extendable legs are constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy and can raise the tripod from 16 to 50 inches using flip locks. A three-way pan head and 360-degree swivel function ensure that the camera lens moves effortlessly when filming, while a bubble level confirms that subjects are positioned correctly in the frame. The tablet holder fits devices that are 5 to 8 inches wide — so it’s compatible with most iPads with the exception of the 12.9-inch Pro — but it can be used with most smartphones and lightweight DSLRs as well. For those looking for portability, it weighs only 1.05 pounds, which means it packs away easily. The tripod also includes a water-resistant drawstring carrying bag for added convenience and a remote control for taking photos from afar.

Helpful review: “Needed a stand for my iPad, I already had the iPhone stand. This is a really nice stand, it grips and holds my iPad well. I really like the ability to angle my iPad for viewing my lecture notes. My only regret is that I should have purchased this first.”


An iPad Tripod With A Handy Cold Shoe Mount

  • Compatibility: Tablets between 4.7 — 9 inches wide, most smartphones
  • Maximum height: 60 inches

For those who use accessories while shooting footage, the Lusweimi tablet tripod has a cold shoe mount that can accommodate extras like a flash or microphone. And while many iPad-friendly stands are designed for smaller models, like the Mini, this pick is also compatible with larger models, including the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (which measures 8.46 inches wide). Aluminum legs with quick-flip locks extend from 17.3 to 60 inches, and nonslip feet add stability on uneven surfaces. The tablet holder is lined with silicone gel pads to prevent scratches, and it attaches to a mount that tilts and rotates 360 degrees for smooth panning. One reviewer mentioned that the tripod is prone to tipping if their iPad is adjusted from landscape to portrait mode; however, others reported that it’s sturdy, stable, and didn’t wobble. For ease of shooting photos, the tripod comes with a Bluetooth remote control. Weighing 1.8 pounds, the tripod collapses and can be stored in the included carrying case.

Helpful review: “Amazing tripod. Have used to for my iPad Pro and my phone. It is sturdy, holds them in place, and can be adjusted in so many ways. Great, great buy for the money!”


A Tripod That Comes With A Ring Light

  • Compatibility: Tablets between 4.7 — 9.3 inches wide, most smartphones
  • Maximum height: 60 inches

For those who like to use the camera on their tablet, the Peyou iPad tripod is a smart investment that comes with a detachable 12-inch ring light. The USB-powered ring light is dimmable and has three temperature settings — yellow, warm yellow, and white — so you can customize your look when taking selfies and participating in videoconferencing sessions. The stable metal tripod can sit as low as 15.7 inches or extend up to 60 inches using quick-flip locks, while a separate desktop stand is also included for using the tablet on a table or desk. The mount itself rotates 360 degrees and sits atop a short gooseneck, so you can angle it to any position, but since there’s no ball joint, it’s not ideal if you’re looking to pan the camera.

The set includes a remote shutter, three phone holders, and a mount that’s compatible with tablets up to 9.3 inches wide, but there’s no carrying case included. That being said, one Amazon reviewer wrote that the sturdy stand "was easy to assemble and it holds iPad Tablet and phone firmly.”

Helpful review: “By far the best one! Having a stand for my iPad was a must. None of the others have that and the light is super bright. Perfect for recording anything and everything anywhere. Highly recommend!”


A Compact iPad Stand That Sits On A Tabletop

  • Compatibility: Devices between 4.7 — 13 inches
  • Maximum height: 20.7 inches

Perfect for desktops, countertops, and tables, this compact iPad stand has a metal rod that extends from 10.2 to 20.7 inches. The bendable neck at the top can be tilted up and down to achieve just the right angle, but it isn’t suitable for panning (so this pick may not be ideal for shooting videos). This sturdy desktop tablet holder not only suits every iPad model available at the time of publishing, but any device between 4.7 and 13 inches, giving it the widest compatibility on this list. The all-metal base is lined with a nonskid pad for stability, and the tablet holder has silicone pads to prevent scratches. For even more versatility, the mount rotates 360 degrees, so you can switch between portrait and landscape mode.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a remote control, and unlike standard tripods, the base of this 2.9-inch stand doesn’t fold flat. And there’s no carrying case, making this a slightly less portable option — although the compact size means it’s still relatively easy to tote along. Aside from that, multiple Amazon reviewers mentioned that the grip on this stand is very secure, and another called it "the best stand I’ve ever owned.”

Helpful review: “I bought this little stand to mount my ipad on. It is absolutely perfect - I love that you can adjust the height so I can change it depending on if I am standing in my kitchen and talking to friends or if I am sitting at my table playing games with friends. I like that you can tilt the stand to get a better angle for whatever you want to show (and give yourself a better looking angle too). It's such a simple little invention but it has made video chatting so much easier and better.”


An iPad Tripod With Flexible Legs

  • Compatibility: Tablets between 2.28 — 6.88 inches wide, most smartphones
  • Height range: 12 inches

For a tablet holder that marries versatility with portability, this iPad tripod with flexible legs is a great choice. The legs can stand up to 1 foot tall, making the tripod ideal for desktop use, but you can also bend them to achieve lower perspectives, or wrap them around objects when there’s no flat surface nearby. To make snapping photos easy, the tripod comes with a remote shutter.

With a holder that accommodates devices from 2.28 to 6.88 inches, this tripod for iPads and iPhones has a quarter-inch screw mount that also makes it suitable for DSLR cameras. An aluminum ball joint allows for 360-degree rotation and panning, and the orientation of your tablet can easily be shifted between landscape and portrait modes. The waterproof rubber coverings are durable and provide a secure, strong grip, and at 0.6 pound, this tripod is lightweight and ideal for taking on the go (but there’s no carrying case included).

Helpful review: “This is so easy and quick to use. iPhone or iPad goes in quickly with no slip. The holder is totally adjustable. I can't imagine that this would not work for almost any situation.”


A Popular Tripod That Works With Tablets, Smartphones, & DSLRs

  • Compatibility: Tablets between 4.8 — 7.7 inches inches wide, most smartphones
  • Maximum height: 50 inches

This versatile Aureday tripod is ideal for anyone who owns multiple camera devices. It comes with a smartphone holder that’s compatible with devices from 2.3 to 3.6 inches wide, a tablet holder for iPads up to 8.7 inches wide, and a quarter-inch screw for DSLR cameras. The quick-lock legs adjust from 16 to 50 inches tall, and a 360-degree rotating ball head allows for smooth three-way panning while shooting footage. At only 1.1 pounds, the tripod easily folds up and stores in a waterproof carrying bag for convenience, and a remote control is included for taking photos.

Helpful review: “For the money, this tripod is perfect! It’s not a hardcore photographer field tripod but it holds my iPhone plus-sized phone, mini iPad and my Nikon digital camera well, and the remote control was so easy to link and use. I have used it inside and out- most recently on a camping trip. It’s perfect because it’s small, sturdy and reliable!”


Also Great: An iPad Mount For Your Existing Tripod

If you already own a tripod with a standard quarter-inch screw, this iPad mount adapter is all you need to convert it into a tablet stand. The durable tablet holder supports every iPad model at the time of publishing, as well as smartphones larger than 3 inches. Anti-slip cushions prevent scratching, and extra silicone pads create friction for a secure grip. The holder rotates 360 degrees to shift between landscape and portrait modes, and it tilts backward 30 degrees to provide a variety of viewing angles. Note that while this tripod supports all iPads, the 12.9-inch iPad Pros is only supported in landscape mode.

Helpful review: “My 12.9 iPad Pro fits perfectly in the IPOW Tripod Mount Adapter, and allows me to participate in virtual meetings with the camera at a more appropriate height. I like the locking feature and anti-slip pads on the hooks that ensure the iPad doesn't slip out of the mount when you are adjusting the tripod. If I have any criticism, I am slightly concerned that the plastic hooks are fragile if the mount was dropped, but with care, they should not break. This product works just as advertised and I would recommend it to others.”