The 7 Best iPhone Tripods For Overhead Shots

Stands that offer stability, the perfect angle, and extra features for even better overhead pics.

Written by Jenny White
The 7 Best iPhone Tripods For Overhead Shots
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Not all tripods and phone stands allow you to capture high-quality bird’s eye pictures with your phone. The best iPhone tripods for overhead shots feature stable, positionable arms to get the right angle, paired with a sturdy base that works for the surface you’re shooting on. Some models even include helpful features like a built-in ring light for brightness, a remote control for hands-off (and less shaky) snapping, and the ability to fold down for travel.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best iPhone Tripods For Overhead Shots

Consider these factors when hunting for a product to achieve the perfectly angled overhead pic:

Stand Type

A traditional tripod features three legs that lock in place for stability. Tripods usually have multiple sections, each of which can be adjusted in height to pull off different angles, but in tighter quarters (like on a table or countertop), you might not have enough room to place the three legs of a tripod. In that case, there are a few other options to consider — there are freestanding options with different base sizes, and there are even space-saving models that clamp onto surfaces like countertops, tables, etc.

Arm Style

Tripods and stands that are designed for overhead shots feature a positionable arm that holds your iPhone steady. Some feature a flexible gooseneck-style arm that allows you to position your phone exactly where you need it. Keep in mind these arms vary in length, so pay close attention to this specification to get one that works for your needs. Alternatively, there are products that feature an inflexible arm that swivels and rotates 360 degrees and be positioned at various angles. It takes just a few more seconds to adjust the position of this style of stand, but the tradeoff is that they tend to be sturdier.

Helpful Features

If you want to take a photo from a distance, some tripods include a remote control that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth — this ensures that you don’t accidentally bump or move your phone from its intended position and prevents shakiness. Some products come with a ring light for better lighting. While all of the products on this list will work with an iPhone, some have a universal 1/4-inch thread head to support other devices (like a webcam, camera, etc.) for added flexibility — one can even hold several devices at once.

Shop The Best iPhone Tripods For Overhead Shots

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best iPhone tripods for overhead shots:

  1. An iPhone Tripod That Extends Up To 81 Inches: Elitehood Tripod
  2. A Budget-Friendly, Freestanding Pick That’s Great For Close-Ups: AFAXINRIE Adjustable Phone Tripod
  3. A Fan-Favorite Stand With An Extra-Long Flexible Gooseneck Arm: Lamicall Phone Holder
  4. A Ring Light & Tripod Combo: LUXSURE Selfie Ring Light with Stand
  5. A Popular Stand That’ll Clamp On To A Range Of Surfaces: LenTok Overhead Tripod Mount
  6. A Tripod That Can Hold Up To 3 Devices At Once: Lusweimi Phone Tripod
  7. A Compact Stand That You Can Take On The Go: Viozon Extendable Selfie Stand

These seven tripods and stands are all compatible with iPhones (just be sure they can accommodate your specific model) to accomplish overhead shots with ease.

1. An iPhone Tripod That Extends Up To 81 Inches


  • 4 sections allow it to adjust in height from 17 to 81 inches — the highest maximum height on this list
  • Weighted base for further stability
  • Includes a Bluetooth remote control to operate your phone at a distance


  • Folds down to 16 inches for storage, but this is still one of the larger picks on this list

With four locking sections that allow the height to be set from 17 to 81 inches including a flexible, 17-inch gooseneck arm, this customizable tripod can be used to pull off many different shots, including ones from a bird’s eye view. The tripod is made with heavy-duty aluminum material, and it has a two-pound weighted base that makes it incredibly stable. The 1/4-inch universal thread head is compatible with many devices — including ring lights, cameras, and more — as well as the included phone holder clip, which is expandable to accommodate nearly all iPhone and Android models.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’m a Content Creator and I needed this to take videos and pictures of food. [...] It’s very easy to put together, useful, and sturdy. I often take a lot of pictures and videos and I use this tripod a lot. The gooseneck tube is flexible and great to use for overhead pictures/videos. Also, it has multiple height selections. It does not tip over.”

Type: Tripod | Arm: Gooseneck | Holds iPhones: 2.2 to 4.1 inches wide | Weight Limit: Not listed | Maximum Height: 81 inches

2. A Budget-Friendly, Freestanding Pick That’s Great For Close-Ups


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be re-positioned quickly
  • High weight limit of 6.6 pounds


  • Max height is only 18 inches

At just $20, this close-up overhead stand is a great deal. It’s made of aluminum and features a flexible re-positionable gooseneck arm and a trapezoidal base for stability (it can support up to an impressive 6.6 pounds). Because it stands on its own, you can quickly reposition the stand as necessary during your shoot — no need to stop to screw or unscrew components to do so! The expandable phone holder fits on the 1/4-inch universal thread head, though it’s also compatible with some webcams, projectors, and digital cameras. While the maximum height may only be 18 inches, it has lots of uses. Amazon reviewers found it helpful for recording cooking and crafting videos, taking close-up pictures, making nail art tutorials, and so much more.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I actually bought this for my daughter and she seems extremely happy with it, makes some of her filming of videos so much easier. Great accessory to purchase, and affordable too. She does some videos of her doing art, so makes it that much easier.”

Type: Freestanding | Arm: Gooseneck | Holds iPhones: 2.5 to 3.95 inches wide | Weight Limit: 6.6 pounds | Maximum Height: 18 inches

3. A Fan-Favorite Stand With An Extra-Long Flexible Gooseneck Arm


  • Fan-favorite on Amazon; boasts a 4.5-star overall rating after 35,000-plus reviews
  • Extra-long gooseneck arm


  • Since the arm is so long, some reviewers commented that it can slowly droop over time

Boasting a 4.5-star rating overall on Amazon after 35,000 reviews, this flexible iPhone holder is popular on the site, and it’s easy to understand why. It features an extra-long gooseneck arm (33.4 inches, to be exact) that can be twisted and turned in practically any way imaginable … including into an overhead position. The stand has an adjustable clamp that’s designed to attach to surfaces like table tops and counters, and it features non-slip silicone to ensure it won’t damage them. The aluminum arm on the stand has a holder that can fit iPhones that are 1.77 to 3.9 inches wide, and rubber pads provide added protection for your device. Choose from three color options: Black, white, or rose gold.

One Reviewer Wrote: “As soon as it arrived, I opened the box and tried it right away. This is way more sturdy than I thought it would be. I didn't think this could hold the weight of iphone so well. But this is so sturdy. I can move this around anywhere and clip on the desk, bedside table anywhere. I'm mainly going to use this for video meeting and filming stuff from overhead.”

Type: Clamp stand | Arm: Gooseneck | Holds iPhones: 1.77 to 3.9 inches wide | Weight Limit: Not listed | Maximum Height: 33.4 inches

4. A Ring Light & Tripod Combo


  • Comes with a built-in ring light with 3 color modes and 10 brightness levels per mode
  • Includes a Bluetooth remote control to operate your phone at a distance


  • Expensive

Need extra lighting to execute perfect overhead shots? This iPhone stand features both a tripod and ring light. Made of metal, the tripod has a non-flexible arm with a 1/4-inch universal thread head that connects to either of the two included phone holders (they’re different sizes and expandable to support various devices). The length and angle of the arm can be adjusted as needed.

The 10.5-inch LED ring light boasts three different color modes — including warm light, natural light, and white light — as well as 10 brightness levels per mode. The position of the ring light can be tweaked separately from the other parts of the stand.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Extremely easy to use [...] I bought this to record unboxing events for Christmas and I could not be happier, excellent craftsmanship as phone stayed steady and did not tilt during the recording! light was super bright and finally I could get a really clear shot of the unboxing with my iPhone. tried different angle as well.”

Type: Tripod | Arm: Inflexible | Holds iPhones: Not listed, but the seller says it works with almost all phones | Weight Limit: Not listed | Maximum Height: 60 inches

5. A Popular Stand That’ll Clamp On To A Range Of Surfaces


  • Has a 4.3-star rating overall after 2,000-plus reviews
  • Arm rotates in multiple spots to achieve a perfect shot


  • Lowest max weight limit on this list, but it can hold all iPhone models

A popular pick on Amazon, this swing-arm style clamping stand can securely clamp onto a wide variety of surfaces like desks, counters, and tables (don’t worry, the built-in EVA foam protects them), allowing you to take superb bird’s eye photos and videos. Made of high-quality metal, the stand has a 360-degree, swing-style arm (it also adjusts in angle and height) with a 1/4-inch universal thread head to mount your phone with the included phone holder. It can also support other devices like webcams or ring lights, although the maximum weight limit is two pounds.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I [purchased] this overhead tripod to make product reels using my iPhone 13 Pro Max and it holds up so well!”

Type: Clamp stand | Arm: Inflexible | Holds iPhones: Up to 3.2 inches wide | Weight Limit: 2 pounds | Maximum Height: 27.6 inches

6. A Tripod That Can Hold Up To 3 Devices At Once


  • The multiple 1/4-inch universal thread heads allow it to hold 3 devices
  • 3 sections allow you to adjust in height from 18.5 to 67 inches
  • Includes a Bluetooth remote control to operate your phone at a distance


  • Folds down to 18.7 inches for storage, but this is still one of the larger picks on this list

This sturdy tripod features three separate sections that can be locked into place for stability that allow you to adjust the height to between 18.5 and 67 inches. Plus, the arm rotates 360 degrees and to different angles, too. Another major perk? The tripod boasts three 1/4-inch universal thread heads, allowing you to easily place multiple devices on it at once, including ring lights, phones, cameras, and more.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great for overhead recordings, selfie sticks, everything! [...] This tripod with extendable horizontal arm is incredibly impressive. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I am in awe of its quality, stability, and convenience. It is really easy to set up and has a great range of motion - both the legs and the extending arm can be adjusted to many different heights and angles so you can get the perfect shot no matter where you're shooting. The tripod is also very sturdy and does not wobble or shake, even when I have it at its longest length.”

Type: Tripod | Arm: Inflexible | Holds iPhones: 2.2 inches to 4 inches wide | Weight Limit: 4.4 pounds | Maximum Height: 67 inches

7. A Compact Stand With Built-In LEDs


  • Compact size for travel
  • Has built-in LED lights
  • Includes a Bluetooth remote control to operate your phone at a distance


  • Expensive

With its one-piece design, this rotating stand folds down to a shockingly compact size (just eight inches tall and three inches wide) for carrying on the go and convenient storage. When you’re ready to start taking photos, the arm on the stand expands up to 49.2 inches in height, and the phone holder (which extends to accommodate different-sized iPhones) can rotate 360 degrees to adjust the angle.

The compact base is just 8.25 inches tall by 3.15 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep when folded down, and it’s weighted for stability when in use. Another cool feature? The stand has built-in LED lights to brighten your shooting space; there are three color settings and seven brightness options to select from. It’s powered by USB (the charging cord is included), and you can expect it to run for up to 12 hours on a single charge. This stand comes in white and pink color options.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Great buy for content creators [...] It’s perfect for getting [an] overhead view of hands while doing content creation. Highly recommended investment.”

Type: Freestanding | Arm: Inflexible | Holds iPhones: 1.97 to 3.15 inches wide | Weight limit: Not listed | Maximum height: 49.2 inches