The 7 Best Ring Lights For YouTube

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Ring lights are a helpful tool for content creators, but not all are created equal. The best ring lights for YouTube are sized to provide just the right amount of illumination for the shot you’re making, and they have multiple brightness levels and color temperature. With the right combination of lighting effects, you’ll be able to achieve the look and mood you’re after.

What Is The Best Ring Light For YouTube Videos?

There are a few features you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for a ring light. Here’s what to consider:


When it comes to buying ring lights for YouTube and other video platforms, the size of your camera shot will determine the ideal size for your ring — if the light is too small, it won’t provide enough coverage and you may have harsh shadows in your footage. With that in mind, rings smaller than 10 inches are an effective, budget-friendly solution for tight close-ups and smartphone selfie videos. Meanwhile, 10- and 12-inch ring lights can generally illuminate an area within 2 to 3 feet from their source, so they work well for medium shots, which may include talking head vlogs, makeup tutorials, and any other content that focuses on one person from the chest up.

Rings that are 14 inches or bigger are best for lighting up entire rooms. These are a must-have if your content is mostly made up of wide shots — think: dance and fitness tutorials, interior design how-tos, or any video where multiple people are in the frame. In short, the best-size ring light for YouTube will depend on what you’re planning to shoot — so choose accordingly.

Device Compatibility

Many light and tripod combos are designed to hold a DSLR or smartphone in the correct position, which is right in the center of the ring. However, if you shoot with something as large as an iPad, be sure to use a tripod that accommodates tablets. There are also pocket-size clip-on lights that don’t require a tripod but instead attach directly to your laptop or smartphone so that the lens sits right in the middle of the ring.

Adjustable Settings

A good ring light has multiple color temperatures, so you can control the look and feel of your videos. Most lights can be adjusted between approximately 3,000 to 6,000 degrees Kelvin (a measurement for color warmth), with lower values emitting a warm, yellowish light and higher values casting a cooler blue-white light. Temperatures can be adjusted with buttons, dials, or by using colored filters that snap onto the exterior of the ring.

Also look for adjustable brightness, which allows you to adapt to different lighting conditions, whether you’re shooting on a sunny day or in a dim room. Ring lights can have as few as three or as many as 10 settings; others have dials with a stepless dimming range of 0 to 100%.

Convenient Extras

Finally, decide which features will make shooting the most convenient for you. Various ring light extras include Bluetooth-enabled shutters, adjustable tripods for shooting from different angles, and foldable designs that make transport easy. There are also battery-powered models, which can be helpful if you don’t have access to a power source when filming.

Ready to improve the quality of your videos? Scroll down to see the best ring lights for YouTube, all of which are available on Amazon.

Shop The Best Ring Lights For YouTube

In a hurry? These are the best ring lights for YouTube:

  1. A Tried-And-True Ring Light With Thousands Of Fans: Neewer 18-Inch Ring Light Kit
  2. A Popular Ring Light For Selfie Videos: UBeesize 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light
  3. A Cheap Ring Light For Beginners: AIXPI 10-Inch Ring Light
  4. A 20-Inch Ring Light That Will Illuminate Large Areas: Neewer 20-Inch Ring Light Kit
  5. A Premium Ring Light With Unique Color Filters: IVISII 19-Inch Ring Light Kit
  6. A Clip-On Ring Light For Your Smartphone, Laptop, Or Tablet: Kimwood Rechargeable Clip-On Ring Light
  7. A Portable Ring Light That Folds In Half: STOON Foldable 12-Inch Ring Light


A Tried & True Ring Light With Thousands Of Fans

It’s not hard to see why this 18-inch ring light kit has earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating after 59,000 Amazon reviews. Designed to plug into a standard wall outlet, the versatile ring emits a light that measures 5,500 degrees Kelvin, but it can be lowered to warmer values using the included colored snap-on filters. Plus, a dimming range of 1 to 100% gives you complete control over brightness for shooting in a variety of conditions. For height versatility, the aluminum alloy tripod stretches from 19 to 59 inches, so you can set it on a desktop or floor depending on your needs, and a flexible gooseneck gives you even more customization options.

As far as device compatibility goes, there’s a built-in holder for smartphones and a hot shoe adapter that works with DSLR cameras. Last but not least, a Bluetooth remote lets you control the shutter on either type of device.

One fan raved: “I just started a Youtube channel, saw that lighting was the most important part of a video, and so I decided to buy this light in particular because ring lights are a Youtube staple, and this one is very inexpensive. I was able to put it together myself (before I found the instructions in the box) and when I turned it on it made a HUGE difference in my video quality (filming on my smartphone.)”

Ring size: 18 inches | Color temperatures: 3 (3,200 — 5,600 degrees Kelvin) | Device compatibility: Smartphones, DSLR cameras | Bluetooth enabled? Yes | Power source: Wall outlet


A Popular Ring Light For Selfie Videos

Another fan favorite among YouTube creators, this 10-inch selfie ring light with phone holder has three color temperatures (warm, cool light, and daylight) and 10 levels of brightness, all of which can be adjusted with the click of a button. The sturdy metal ring light stand is angle-adjustable and has a height that extends from 16 to 50 inches. The spring-loaded smartphone holder sits in the middle of the ring and can be oriented in landscape or portrait mode. And although the maker specifies that this ring light kit is designed for smartphones, some reviewers reported that the tripod could also support their DSLR cameras. A Bluetooth remote control shutter is also included, making it easy to start and stop recording from a distance.

One fan raved: “I use this for my YouTube and it does the job perfectly! You have multiple settings on brightness and also color warmth. You can go cooler or warmer depending on the light you need. The phone holder works just fine with my iPhone 12 ProMax and the Bluetooth feature was super easy to set up. I would recommend this to anyone on social media, whether you’re just starting up on YouTube or doing TikTok videos. This is a must have.”

Ring size: 10 inches | Color temperatures: 3 (warm, cool white, daylight) | Device compatibility: Smartphones | Bluetooth enabled? Yes | Power source: USB (not rechargeable)


A Cheap Ring Light For Beginners

Whether you’re not ready to make a big investment or are in need of gear that travels well, this desktop ring light is a wallet-friendly and compact option. The 10-inch ring has three temperature options (cold white, warm yellow, warm white) and 10 brightness levels for a total of 30 custom settings. The small size is perfect for close-ups, and an ultra-portable mini metal tripod is included to help stabilize the ring while filming.

While the head is angle-adjustable, this pick has a smaller range of height adjustment than some other options, but you can place the legs closer together to make it taller. (One thing to note: If the ring light sits lower than your chin, you may get some unwanted shadows, so you might want to keep a stack of books nearby to bring it up to face level.)

A spring-loaded clip keeps your phone secure on the stand while a hot shoe mount can be used to attach DSLRs in the center of the ring light. Some Amazon reviewers mentioned that the tripod can’t support heavier cameras, but many reported that the kit is great for vloggers who are just starting out.

One fan raved: “I was searching for a small ringlight to help with my [YouTube] channel. This one is worth the purchase. It had multiple settings and brightness levels to give you the look that you want.”

Ring size: 10 inches | Color temperatures: 3 (cold white, warm yellow, warm white) | Device compatibility: Smartphones, DSLR cameras | Bluetooth enabled? No | Power source: USB (not rechargeable)


A 20-Inch Ring Light That Will Illuminate Large Areas

At 20 inches in diameter, this large ring light is powerful enough to light up wider areas — perfect if you’re looking to illuminate an entire room or are planning full-body shots. Built-in dials allow you to adjust the temperature from 3,200 to 5,000 degrees Kelvin, and the stepless brightness settings range from 1 to 100%. Along with an angle-adjustable head, the tripod extends from ​​36 to 79 inches in height, and the ball head adapter works with both smartphones and DSLR cameras.

The ring light can be powered by plugging it into a wall outlet, but two lithium-ion batteries and a charger are also included for cordless operation. A ring this size may be too large to set up within a few feet of your face, but a Bluetooth remote control will make it easy to shoot footage from a distance.

One fan raved: “I bought a few of these ring lights because I am an influencer and produce a lot of content. I bought professional video lights. This is the product to get. It has chargeable batteries so it is truly portable. It creates amazing content and it is so user friendly that even I could assemble and operate.”

Ring size: 20 inches | Color temperatures: Variable (3,200 — 5,600 degrees Kelvin) | Device compatibility: Smartphones, DSLR cameras | Bluetooth enabled? Yes | Power source: Wall outlet or USB-rechargeable


A Premium Ring Light With Unique Color Filters

This professional ring light packs a number of premium features into one unit. All the controls are built directly into the ring, from a brightness adjustment button to a temperature dial that lets you set the warmth between 3,000 and 5,800 degrees Kelvin. Settings are displayed on an LCD screen, and the unit can be powered by either a DC adapter or rechargeable battery. Additional plastic filters (in white, red, blue, and green) are also included to change the look and feel of your footage.

An iPad holder, a smartphone holder, and two cold shoe adapters makes this pick compatible with multiple devices. And the folding tripod has an angle-adjustable head and a height that extends from 36.2 to 74.8 inches. If needed, the included Bluetooth remote will let you operate your camera’s shutter from a distance and also adjust the light’s brightness and warmth.

One fan raved: “After going through many different searches, I absolutely love this ring light. It’s near perfect. It is easy to use, the brightness is astounding, and the size is big. The amount of what you get for it is more than fair. I love that you can switch out the colored diffusion filters with ease. The colors are awesome, and I’m so glad that you get four different ones to choose from. [...] I’m also not kidding about the brightness. This thing gets BRIGHT. Which is amazing when you need it and therefore serves its purpose.”

Ring size: 19 inches | Color temperatures: Variable (3,000 — 5,800 degrees Kelvin) | Device compatibility: Smartphones, DSLR cameras | Bluetooth enabled? Yes | Power source: Wall outlet or USB-rechargeable


A Clip-On Ring Light For Your Smartphone, Laptop, Or Tablet

If you film tight closeups from a smartphone or laptop, this small ring light is a pocket-sized but powerful option. At roughly 4 inches in diameter, it’s ideal for filming on the fly — just clip it onto your smartphone, laptop, or tablet and start shooting. There are three color temperatures (cool, natural, and warm) as well as five brightness settings for each lighting mode. A built-in rechargeable battery gets its juice from a USB cord, and according to the maker, the light can run for up to seven days on a single charge. Of course, this pick is the simplest on the list, and it doesn’t include a tripod or angle adjustment options.

One fan raved: “I’ve been using this product for a few days and already have fallen in love with it. I have very low light in my apartment and since using this product my iPhone photos have come out a lot better. It’s perfect for selfies and recording YouTube videos. I highly recommend this product.”

Ring size: Approximately 4 inches | Color temperatures: 3 (cool, natural, warm) | Device compatibility: Smartphones, laptops, tablets | Bluetooth enabled? No | Power source: USB-rechargeable


A Portable Ring Light That Folds In Half

This portable ring light is a convenient choice for vloggers on the go, as the ring itself folds in half for easy packing. The 12-inch, USB-powered ring emits light in three temperatures (warm yellow, warm white, and cold white) and has 10 brightness levels for each mode. The aluminum alloy tripod adjusts between 17.7 and 50 inches in height, and the weighted base helps prevent tipping over. The kit comes with a spring-loaded phone clip that fits most smartphones, as well as a Bluetooth-enabled shutter. Best of all, the foldable design makes it a space-saving and ultra-portable solution for transporting between filming locations.

Note that the tripod is compatible with DSLR cameras, but one Amazon reviewer clarified that it cannot be used simultaneously with the ring light — which may be a drawback for some people.

One fan raved: “For the price I was expecting this to be just ok. It's actually really great. I chose this one because it folds in half for storage and for the carrying case. The tripod is strong even fully extended. The adjustable arm for the phone is great for adjusting the shot and fine tuning the lighting. I was expecting the case to be a basic nylon pouch with handles but it has fully padded sides, zipper, handles and a shoulder strap. The lighting is what I expected. Same as the others I've used and looks great.”

Ring size: 12 inches | Color temperatures: 3 (warm yellow, warm white, cold white) | Device compatibility: Smartphones, DSLR cameras | Bluetooth enabled? Yes | Power source: USB (not rechargeable)