The 9 Best Kindle Paperwhite Cases

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After you’ve pulled your brand new Kindle out of the box, it’s time to outfit it with a protective case. Luckily, the best Kindle Paperwhite cases are sized to perfectly fit your e-reader model, made from durable materials, and feature designs that are so you. Some cases even have a built-in kickstand so you can use your Kindle hands-free.

Whether you want a basic case or a more decorative option (like one that makes your Kindle look like a vintage book) there are several different materials to choose from. Many Kindle cases are made from vegan leather, which is usually affordable, lightweight, and water-safe or waterproof. Other popular options include water-safe fabric, genuine leather, or cork covers.

As for functionality, most cases will wake your Kindle when opened and put it to sleep when closed. Many are also designed with cable cutouts to allow for easy charging. If you have a Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition that’s capable of wireless charging, you may want a case that’s compatible with your wireless charging dock. And while many Kindle Paperwhite models are water-resistant, look for a water-safe or waterproof case if you’d like extra protection when reading by the pool or at the beach.

There are also other features to consider, too, like an elastic hand strap or a cover that folds behind your Kindle for easier reading. With that in mind, browse the best Kindle Paperwhite cases for 10th and 11th generation models. They come in neutral colors, vibrant shades, and a variety of patterns to suit just about any taste.


The Overall Best

When it comes to getting a Kindle case, many shoppers opt for one right from Amazon. The fabric Kindle case featured here fits the 11th generation model and features a magnetic cover that folds back flat so it doesn’t get in the way while reading. The cover can stay on while charging your Kindle, and it is wireless charging compatible for Signature Edition models. You can choose between three bold colors and each case is made from a water-safe, 89% recycled fabric. This case is also available in a genuine leather version.

One positive review: “A stylish addition to the new Paperwhite. It fits well, particularly the magnetic cover which switches off the Kindle and tucks neatly being the Kindle while you are reading with a satisfying magnetic snap.

  • Available colors and styles: 3


The Best Budget Kindle Case

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly case for your 10th generation Kindle, this one has over 700 five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers. It features a waterproof, synthetic leather exterior with a magnetic cover and a microfiber interior. The cover is available in over a dozen different colors and styles, but the black case (featured above) is the most affordable.

One positive review: “A simple, lightweight, inexpensive case that offers good protection. Our Kindle just snapped right in and is held firmly. Opening the cover wakes the Kindle and closing it puts the Kindle to sleep. What else do you need?”

  • Available colors and styles: 13, including black, dark blue, and constellation print


A Budget Case With A Built-In Kickstand

This Kindle Paperwhite case with a built-in kickstand makes it easy to read hands-free, and there’s also a stretchy hand strap to keep your Kindle secure when you’re holding it. The stylish two-tone case also has an additional holder for a pen or stylus. There are nine colors to choose from, and the case is made from waterproof synthetic leather with a microfiber lining.

One positive review: “I really like this case for my Kindle. It does have open to wake - I don't have to push the on button for it to wake up and come on. It fits my new Kindle perfectly. And I like the fact that that you can set it up as an easel via the stand portion or slip your hand through the strap and hold it to read.”

  • Available colors and styles: 9, including black, mint green, and navy blue


The Best Waterproof Case

  • Compatibility: 10th generation and 11th generation

For added protection, this waterproof Kindle case features three separate zip locking strips to help keep out water and dust. There is also a long lanyard attached to the case for easy carrying. It’s large enough to hold either a 10th or 11th generation Kindle, as well as most other tablets and electronics you may have around the house. This case is available in four different styles and is made from clear PVC, making it the perfect solution for reading on the beach, at the pool, or in the bathtub.

One positive review: “I love this for my kindle paper white. I like to read in the bath tub and this made me feel safe about dropping it. I also take this for backpacking so that I don't get my kindle ruined if it rains. Really light and great for camping.”

  • Available colors and styles: 4


This Sleek, Lightweight Case With A Kickstand

This lightweight, folding case lays flat against your Kindle when it’s closed but can be folded into a kickstand to prop up your Kindle when in use. This case fits a 10th generation Kindle, which can be snapped snugly into the hardbacked case with protection on all four corners, though there’s a 11th gen model also available. The synthetic leather cover is magnetic and attaches firmly to the back of the case so it’s out of the way while you read.

One positive review: “This is a great case! I was accidentally turning my Kindle paperwhite off by hitting the overly-sensitive power button. This case completely solved that problem, protects the screen, enables easy propping for hands-free reading, and looks good to boot. Highly recommended.”

  • Available colors and styles: 8, including black, indigo, and rose gold


A Case That Comes In Lots Of Nature Prints

Available in a variety of floral designs, this decorative Kindle Paperwhite case is pretty and functional. It features a hard backing that grips all four corners of your Kindle, but it’s also thin enough to not interfere with the Signature Edition’s wireless charging dock. The exterior of the case is made from water-resistant synthetic leather and comes in patterns such as peach blossoms, magnolias, and a misty forest.

One positive review: “The cover attached easily and firmly. Wraps around to a flat position adding a non-slip grip. Well made and attractive. It is exactly what I was looking for and I am glad I bought it.”

  • Available colors and styles: 20, including black & white magnolia, fragrant flowers, and almond blossom


The Case That Looks Like A Vintage Book

As great as e-readers can be, you might miss the classic look and feel of holding a paper book. This unique vintage-looking case looks just like an old book and the vegan leather exterior helps give it a classic touch, too. Your Kindle can slide easily into the internal pocket while still allowing you access to the on/off button and charging port. This vintage design is available in maroon and antique bronze colors, as well as a retro black and white composition book style.

One positive review: “I love the leather like feel of the cover, the way the cover easily folds back while you're reading and most of all how this cover makes my PaperWhite feel like I'm holding a real book. The cover has an "old" look to it with a simple design.”

  • Available colors and styles: 8, including vintage antique bronze, vintage maroon, and composition book


A 11th Generation Glitter Case

  • Compatibility: 11th generation

This fashionable glitter case looks like a clutch purse when it’s closed, and thanks to the interior credit card slots, it can function as a wallet, too. Designed for 11th generation Kindles only, this case is made from synthetic leather with a magnetic cover and features a stretchy hand strap to keep your e-reader in place while you read. Your Kindle slides securely into the case while still giving you access to the power button and charging port. There are five color options available with glitter along with four other glitter-free alternatives.

One positive review: “I’m super happy with this purchase. I went back and forth because I wasn’t sure if the glitter would be scratchy. It isn’t, it has a smooth coating over it. It fit my paperwhite perfectly and it’s kept it from getting beat up.”

  • Available colors and styles: 9, including glitter black, glitter pink, and glitter purple


A Water-Safe Cork Cover

  • Compatibility: 11th generation and Signature Edition

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly Kindle case, this one is made with cork — a material that is renewable and biodegradable — and 28% recycled post-consumer plastic. This cork case is made by Amazon, is water-safe, and the cover can fold completely back for easy reading. Your Kindle snaps easily into the plastic casing and provides protection at all four corners. The case is also thin enough to fit inside the wireless charging dock for the 11th generation Signature Edition models. These covers are available in two shades of either light or dark cork.

One positive review: “I really like this cork material! It feels really nice, soft and slightly textured. When closed, it lays flat against the paperwhite and seems really gentle on the screen. It folds back nicely, and the magnets that keep it closed also keep it folded open. It triggers the sleep/wake function as expected. It doesn't interfere with wireless charging.”

  • Available colors and styles: 2