The 6 Best KitchenAid Attachments

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The variety of great attachments you can buy is one more reason to love your KitchenAid stand mixer, but it can be challenging to narrow down the selection to ones that you’ll actually use. The best KitchenAid attachments are compatible with your mixer model and help you get the most out of your stand mixer by expanding its capabilities.

Before choosing your attachment, you'll want to make sure that it fits your KitchenAid stand mixer model. Some attachments are compatible with all models, including commercial-grade KitchenAid mixers, but others are not, so it's a good idea to double-check your model number before making a purchase. If you know you plan upgrade to a new KitchenAid model at some point in the future, you may want to stick with attachments that have universal compatibility.

You’ll also want to consider the functionality of your attachment, and decide whether or not you have the storage space for several uni-taskers that can only do one thing (like make ice cream) or whether you’d prefer an attachment with multiple functions. Some KitchenAid attachments are entirely made from steel, while others are a made from a more lightweight blend mix of metal and plastic. Despite the materials, no attachments are fully dishwasher-friendly, but some have removable parts that are — and certain attachments even come with handy brushes to clean tight spaces.

Ready to make your KitchenAid mixer even more versatile? Here are seven of the best KitchenAid attachments that you can buy on Amazon.

1. This Versatile Attachment That Can Spiralize, Core, And Peel

Transform your vegetables and fruits into noodles, curly fries, and more with this KitchenAid spiralizer attachment, which can slice, core, and peel. With two spiralizer blades (medium and fine width), two spiral slicing blades (for large and small cores), and one spiral peeling blade, you can use this attachment on a wide range of foods. It’s made of stainless steel, and the blades can be put in the dishwasher, then conveniently stored in the included box when not in use. This attachment is compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixers, including commercial models.

One fan raved: “This thing is fantastic. I love apple pie and cobbler but don't love preparing the apples. This peels, cores and slices an apple in a minute. I have arthritis and can no longer even peel apples for more than a few minutes [...] Now I'm looking up all those apple recipes I've been wanting to make [...] When you open the box it looks very complicated but it's very easy to use. Directions are mostly pictures and that's exactly what you need. It's expensive but worth it. I had a hand crank one that worked occasionally but didn't do a very good job of any of the three functions. That wasn't much faster than doing it all by hand. Plus it was not exactly easy to clean afterward. This spirilizer does each and all of the tasks very well. And it very easy to clean”

2. A Pasta Roller For At-Home Pasta Parties

Preparing homemade pasta is a breeze with this KitchenAid pasta roller attachment, which can make spaghetti, fettuccine, and pasta sheets for lasagna. The rolled out sheets are 6 inches wide and can be set to eight different thickness settings. The sheet roller attachment, spaghetti cutting attachment, and fettuccine cutting attachment are all made from stainless steel, which makes them more durable and easy to clean by hand. The pasta roller attachment is compatible with all at-home KitchenAid stand mixers.

One fan raved: “This is a wonderful set of equipment. I made my first noodles last night and found them to be sooo easy! I didn't even look at [YouTube] or KitchenAide sites. If you follow the dough recipe (included) exactly then you will have dough that is not sticky and doesn't need more flour. I made a huge batch of fettucine noodles last night and froze most of them in their own batches [...] I worried about cleaning the pasta roller and cutters, but they were so easy! Simply wait an hour as directed and wipe off. The inside drops the dried pasta easily by tapping the mechanism on your hand or a towel and what doesn't fall out comes out with the brush.”

3. A Freezer Bowl That Turns Your Mixer Into An Ice Cream Maker

Enjoy creamy gelato and fresh sorbet any time you want with this ice cream maker attachment, which includes a freeze bowl, dasher, and drive. It comes with a recipe book and can make up to 2 quarts of ice cream in just 25 minutes, although the bowl must be put in the freezer at least 24 hours in advance. The dasher is dishwasher-friendly, but the bowl should be hand-washed. This attachment is compatible with all 5-quart KitchenAid mixers and some (but not all) 6-quart models.

One fan raved: “Seriously my favorite KitchenAid attachment. We have a huge chest freezer so keeping it frozen all the time isn’t an issue for me. I find I don’t even buy ice cream anymore. Make sure you have all your ingredients mixed before you even take it out of the freezer. If it thaws at all it won’t work well. I like to put the ice cream in another container and put in the freezer to harden a little more. It doesn’t get very solid but it’s still fine to eat straight out of the ice cream maker. Brilliant idea. And no salt or ice to contend with.”

4. A Grinder Attachment That Can Replace Your Food Processor

Grind meat, make homemade salsa, and even grate hard cheeses with this versatile food grinder attachment. It includes a fine grinding plate and a coarse grinding plate, as well as a food pusher to help your KitchenAid run smoothly. This attachment has is lightweight, and it attaches directly to your mixer’s power hub. It’s compatible with all at-home models, and note that the food tray pictured must be purchased separately. Some pieces are dishwasher-safe while others must be washed by hand, so double-check the manual before your first use.

One fan raved: “We make our own dog food and this works great for grinding chicken & Turkey. Much less mess grinding raw vs food processor after cooking. Looking forward to making our own ground chuck for burgers.”

5. A Pasta Press That Makes All Your Favorite Shapes

If you’re a pasta lover, this KitchenAid pasta extruder is the attachment for you, as it can make spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fusilli, large macaroni, and small macaroni. It includes six quick-change discs that make it easy to change shapes, as well as a storage case to keep them all organized. This attachment has a wire cutter lever that allows you to choose the length of your pasta, and the included cleaning tool helps you clean hard to reach areas by hand. It’s compatible with all at-home KitchenAid mixer models.

One fan raved: “This pasta press works very well. No quality issues so far.; a fairly robust attachment. Once I got my dough perfected I found it pretty quick and easy to use. I don't buy dry pasta anymore, always make my own. It's not that difficult. The most important aspect of making the dough is to not make it too moist. It must feel a bit on the dry side. It took a bit of practice for me.”

6. This Simple Attachment For Slicing And Shredding

Cut down your food prep time with this handy KitchenAid slicing and shredding attachment. It includes a 3-millimeter slicing blade, a 4-millimeter shredding blade, and a 6-millimeter shredding blade, which are all dishwasher-friendly. It has a two-in-one food pusher that can be used for both large and small vegetables, and it includes a storage box so you can keep all of the pieces together when not in use. This mixer is also conveniently compatible with all at-home KitchenAid models.

One fan raved: “I LOVE this attachment. It makes every slice even in thickness. The shredding blade is equally as accurate. At the end of garden season these come in handy for slicing large quantities of veggies such as zucchini to be packed for the freezer. It takes the effort out of the job. I highly recommend this set of blades to anyone who is a serious cook. Kitchen Aid appliances are only purchased once, unless of course you want to upgrade to a higher level of appliance. The Kitchen Aid manufacturers back their products 100%. For me there is no other brand worth looking at.”