The 5 Best Laundry Bags For Delicates

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Washing delicate pieces can be a nerve-wracking experience, but using mesh bags to protect them can give you peace of mind and reduce the risk of damage while also making air drying easier. The best laundry bags for delicates are designed specifically to keep lingerie, hosiery, specialty fabrics, and even some shoes safe in the wash. And as there are a wide variety of delicates to launder, there are a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and multipacks of wash bags to choose from.

How To Choose Laundry Bags For Delicates

When shopping for laundry bags for delicates, consider what kinds of clothes you’ll be washing and how you need to launder them. Here are some additional things to look for:

  • Zippered bags are generally more secure than drawstring bags, and they’ll be less likely to get tangled up in the machine. (This is especially true if you happen to wash your delicates in the same load as other loose articles.) On zippered bags, make sure they have a zipper head cover — a small elastic or fabric pocket for the zipper to tuck into when closed — to prevent any snagging or breaking.
  • When it comes to washing delicates, bags made of a finer mesh or micro-mesh will help prevent damage and keep the items from snagging.
  • Many delicates aren’t dryer-safe, and some laundry bags aren’t either. If you know you’re planning on machine-drying some of your items, opt for a laundry bag that the brand specifically states is safe to use in the dryer.
  • Think about the size and quantity of your delicate items and get a laundry bag that will fit them with a bit of room to spare. From small to jumbo (and even laundry bags for bras), there are lots of sizes to pick from. You can also purchase multi-packs that offer different sizes sold together.

Shop The Best Laundry Bags For Delicates

In a hurry? These are the best laundry bags for delicates.

  1. The Overall Best Laundry Bags For Delicates: Polecasa Durable Fine Mesh Laundry Bags (6 Pieces)
  2. The Reviewer-Loved Honeycomb Mesh Laundry Bags With 26,000+ Ratings: Muchfun Durable Honeycomb Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates (3 Pieces)
  3. The Best Laundry Bag With Separate Compartments: Woolite Zippered Four-Pocket Mesh Hosiery Bag
  4. The Best Laundry Bags For Bras: Laundry Science Premium Bra Wash Bags (3-Pack)
  5. The Best Laundry Bag For Washable Shoes: SOOHAO Shoes Wash Bags With Bumper Protectors (2-Pack)

Here are some of the best laundry bags for delicates so you can safely wash even your most fragile garments — and keep them looking like new.

1. The Overall Best Laundry Bags For Delicates


  • The bags with finer mesh are great at preventing snags
  • Come in plenty of sizes to wash different items


  • Smaller bags for bras are only made with larger honeycomb mesh
  • Single bags not available for purchase

These fine-mesh laundry bags are available in a range of multipacks so you can safely launder all of your delicates. This pack features six simple zippered mesh bags in medium and large sizes, but you can even find sets with cylindrical bags for bras. They’re dryer-safe as well — just make sure to use the low setting when you tumble dry.

One reviewer wrote: “I like that the zipper pulls are protected. These are great in the wash, and they’d be great for separating items in a suitcase. Highly recommend.”

Material: Polyester mesh | Zipper head cover: Yes | Dryer safe: Yes | Available sizes & multipacks: 6 sizes across 9 multipacks

2. The Reviewer-Loved Honeycomb Mesh Laundry Bags With 26,000+ Ratings


  • Available in lots of styles and multipacks
  • Well-reviewed with over 26,000+ ratings on Amazon


  • Some reviewers report the mesh can be abrasive in the dryer

These honeycomb-mesh laundry bags have garnered a 4.7-star overall rating from over 26,000 ratings on Amazon, making them bonafide reviewer-faves. A few reviewers have noted the mesh can be abrasive in the dryer — but a vast majority are happy with these bags, which are available in both single bags and multipacks.

One reviewer wrote: “I am happy I bought the honeycomb mesh laundry bags. They are durable and the zippers are great. I bought them to wash my silk shirts in because the tags say machine washable but I wanted to make sure the garments were safe and these mesh laundry bags did not disappoint. I will now wear my silk shirts more often rather than accumulating them to take to the laundry mat and leaving that hassle behind!”

Material: Polyester mesh | Zipper head cover: Yes | Dryer safe: Yes | Available sizes & multipacks: 4 size options across 10 multipacks

3. The Best Laundry Bag With Separate Compartments


  • Reduces the need for multiple bags
  • Versatile design can separate bras, underwear, and other delicates


  • Not dryer safe

This Woolite wash bag is equipped with four compartments that zip close and are separated by mesh so you can separate your delicates so easily. While you can use it for tons of different small delicates, reviewers specifically report success when using this to wash multiple bras at the same time and for washing baby socks so they don’t get lost among larger pieces of laundry.

One reviewer wrote: “​​It’s great for sorting bras and washing in the machine. I don’t like loose bras as hooks catch on other clothes. I put one in each compartment and throw the bag in the machine. I also like to use it for travel- pack bras and panties in the compartments.”

Material: Micro-mesh (specific fabric not specified) | Zipper head cover: Yes | Dryer safe: No Available sizes & multipacks: One size only

4. The Best Laundry Bags For Bras


  • Built-in plastic frame helps bras hold their shape
  • Mesh size prevents snags


  • Can only fit bras up to a G cup

Bras can easily end up a lumpy, stretched-out mess in the wash, but these cylindrical mesh bags make washing them less of a risk. The bags’ fine mesh is there to prevent snags, and they even have a built-in protective plastic frame to help them hold their shape through the process. They’re available in two sizes: one that fits up to a D cup and another which fits up to a G cup.

One reviewer wrote: “Perfect way to wash your bras. The plastic cups keep your bras protected while washing. My only regret is waiting so long in my life before buying these! Makes the chore so easy and keeps my bras in like new condition. Highly recommend them!”

Material: Nylon micro-mesh | Zipper head cover: Yes | Dryer safe: No | Available sizes & multipacks: 2 size options across 2 multipacks

5. The Best Laundry Bag For Washable Shoes


  • EVA foam reduces bumping and noise
  • Bags have straps to hang shoes up to air dry


  • Only one size option

Make laundering shoes less daunting with these shoe wash bags. They’re constructed with EVA foam bumpers to make the task gentler on your machine — not to mention quieter for the household or laundromat. They’re safe for both washing and drying, but the bags have also two straps with snaps that make them super easy to hang up if you prefer to air dry your shoes.

One reviewer wrote: “It protects the dryer and the gymshoes very well. It is really nice to wash my gymshoes without that annoying bumping noise.”

Material: Nylon mesh and EVA foam | Zipper head cover: Yes | Dryer safe: Yes | Available sizes & multipacks: One size only

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