The 12 Best Lemon Candles

Freshen any room with the inviting scent of fresh-cut lemon.

by Lauren Moison
The 12 Best Lemon Candles
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There’s nothing cozier and more inviting than lighting a deliciously scented candle, and when you’re craving the fresh scent of lemons, there are a ton of great options available. The best lemon candles feature an impressive throw to make the entire room (and maybe even your whole home) smell fabulous. These come in a variety of waxes including paraffin, soy, and coconut, to suit your preferences.

What To Consider When Choosing Lemon Candles

Throw & Wax Type

One of the most important features of any candle is its ability to send luscious fragrance throughout the room, also known as the candle's “throw” — and the kind of wax it’s made of can make a big difference. Paraffin wax candles are known for having great throw, but the wax is made from petroleum byproducts which some choose to avoid. Botanically derived alternatives include coconut or soy wax, which are both known to provide a long burn time with little to no soot. Coconut wax has the best throw of the two and can hold a lot of fragrance, while soy wax candles have a moderate scent throw and tend to be more budget-friendly. You can also check out reviews to get an idea of how much lemon scent you’ll get from each candle.


When it comes to the wick, lead-free cotton wicks are common, but you can also go with slow-burning wooden wicks that make a crackling sound for fireplace ambiance. However, wood wicks tend to be a little more expensive. There are also three-wick options that can help send even more scent into the air.

From unique scent blends to classic lemon desserts, there is a lemony-scented candle below to suit everyone’s taste. Scroll on to find the best lemon candles with rave reviews on Amazon.


This Coconut Wax Candle With A Crackling Wick

Made with cold-pressed organic coconut wax and essential oils, this wood wick candle takes the cake when it comes to a clean and long-lasting burn. It features a citrusy scent with notes of lemon satsuma, tangerine, bergamot, and sea salt and is both paraben- and phthalate-free. The wooden wick creates a soft crackling sound and has been sustainably harvested from fruit trees. Each candle comes in a soft velvet pouch, and you can expect to get up to 60 hours of burn time from the 16-ounce size.

A Rave Review: “I was so impressed by this candle. You can smell it when you walk by even if it's not lit but when it is lit, it filled our entire bottom floor with scent. Really impressive compared to other candles that you can only smell if you're right next to it. The wood wick gives a nice cracking sound.”

Wax: Coconut | Fragrance: Essential oils | Burn time: 60 hours


This Snarky Candle With A Cocktail-Inspired Scent

If you’re looking for a bit of witty humor with your candle, consider this yummy lemon drop martini candle that boasts a snarky yet relatable label. This lemony-scented candle is made of 100% organic soy wax, has a braided cotton wick with a paper core, and doesn’t contain any extra additives (such as binders or artificial colors). Each candle is hand-poured, and a portion of the proceeds goes towards empowering women in need.

A Rave Review: “Love it! This is not a big candle but packs a big punch. My entire apartment, 1700+ square feet, filled with amazing scent. Prompted me to purchase more! Way better than the big commercial brand.”

Wax: Soy | Fragrance: Synthetic and natural fragrances, according to the brand website | Burn time: 45–50 hours


This Popular Jar Candle With A Cult Following & A Long Burn Time

A list of the best candles just wouldn’t be complete without including one of Yankee Candles’ amazing scents. This Sicilian Lemon scented candle has notes of lemon zest and tart lemon with base notes of vanilla and sugar and is made from paraffin wax, which is known for producing excellent throw. The large jar size delivers up to 150 hours of burn time, and the wick is made from 100% natural fibers.

A Rave Review: “If you love lemon scent, you will adore this candle! Not a wimpy, fake, cheap smelling candle!! This is an expensive, authentic, lemon smelling candle, that fills then entire room!! I have had it a long while now and it has lasted and lasted!!”

Wax: Paraffin | Fragrance: Not listed | Burn time: 110–150 hours


A Lemon Sugar Cookie-Scented Soy Candle

Bring the fresh scent of lemon sugar cookies into your home with this 100% soy wax candle. Each one is hand-poured for quality and scented using high-quality synthetic fragrances that are both phthalate- and paraben-free. The wick is made from braided cotton and small paper fibers, and you’ll get between 35 and 40 hours of yummy scented burn time.

A Rave Review: “Smells wonderful and you can smell it all over the house. It may be a small candle, but it's powerful. I will only buy these candles from now on.”

Wax: Soy | Fragrance: Synthetic | Burn time: 35–40 hours


This Popular Lemon & Vanilla Soy Candle

There’s nothing like the combination of fresh lemon and warm vanilla to make your home smell cozy. This lemon and vanilla soy candle is made with a proprietary soy wax blend that’s clean-burning, paraben-free, and scented with premium essential oil fragrances. A cotton wick helps create a slow and even melt, while the nine-ounce size can provide up to 70 hours of burn time.

A Rave Review: “Love the way this smells and burns very evenly. The best candle so far with great hot throw and clean burning.”

Wax: Soy | Fragrance: Essential oils | Burn time: 70 hours


A Candle That Smells Like Fresh Lemon & Cucumber

Whether you’re sending thanks or simply love the smell of fresh lemon, cucumber, and patchouli, this lemon flower candle is a great pick. It’s made with a soy wax blend (which does contain a small amount of paraffin), and the brand notes that all of the ingredients in their candles are paraben- and phthalate-free. Each candle is hand-poured, has an organic cotton wick, and features a custom fragrance oil. The brand is also known for creating custom scent blends for popular locations, including New York City, South Carolina, and even a Southern California blend — all of which feature lemony notes.

A Rave Review: “I have tried many variations of this candle now [...] and they all have smelled amazing. The homesick ones really do fit the place. It has the perfect amount of scent and burns for a long time.”

Wax: Soy wax blend | Fragrance: Synthetic | Burn time: 60–80 hours


This 3-Wick Candle That Smells Like Italian Citrus

Featuring a three-wick design, this citrus-scented candle boasts a larger melting area than single-wick designs — helping it to increase scent throw and burn more evenly. Each wick is constructed using braided cotton fibers, and the paraffin-free soy wax blend is mixed with natural essential oils to create its lovely orange, lemon, and eucalyptus scent. A single-wick design is also available in the listing.

A Rave Review: “Loved this candle. I love candles in general but as one that regularly buys them knows - there is a wide spectrum of quality out there. This candle is great! It smells wonderful, it does not burn super quick and it looks beautiful. It makes for a great present too, because it comes in a beautiful box, and its wooden top and frosted glass look very fancy. Great value for it, I am very happy with it.”

Wax: Soy blend | Fragrance: Essential oils | Burn time: n/a


This Lemon Butter Pound Cake Candle

For a candle that smells good enough to eat, consider this lemon butter pound cake candle that’ll make your home smell like a bakery. It features notes of nutmeg and vanilla and comes in a cute glass jar with a decorative lid and a fabric bow. The 22-ounce size has a double wick, and the paraffin wax helps deliver excellent throw.

A Rave Review: “I have tried a few of this company's candles. While they are all great, this one is my favorite. Your house will literally smell like fresh lemon pound cake is baking in the kitchen. It's powerful enough to fill a room but not so sweet as to be overpowering or gross. Just perfectly balanced.”

Wax: Paraffin, according to the brand website | Fragrance: Not listed | Burn time: 125 hours


This Chic & Decorative Lemon Candle

This beautiful soy candle boasts a soothing lemony mint scent that one reviewer describes as being “light, pleasant, and fresh.” It also features a beautiful decorative glass jar that can be repurposed into a vase or votive candle holder when the 55-hour burn time is through.

A Rave Review: “The candle smells very nice. Warm and comforting without being ‘too much’ for the sensitive sinuses in our home. It lasted a couple of months being burned for a few hours a night. The container is beautiful and I justify paying a little extra for these candles because the jars make excellent little vases.”

Wax: Soy | Fragrance: Not listed | Burn time: 55 hours


A Large Mason Jar Candle That Can Burn For 110 Hours

With a large 16-ounce size, this 100% organic soy wax candle can deliver up to 110 hours of lemongrass scent (which is actually an herb with a lemony smell). It’s made with therapeutic-grade essential oils and a cotton wick for a clean and paraffin-free burn and comes in a cute mason jar that would complement any rustic or farmhouse decor.

A Rave Review: “Extremely long lasting. This is the second time I have purchased this product for an outdoor patio lantern to deter mosquitoes. Wonderful scent and the first candle I bought took more months than I can even remember to burn down completely. Awesome product.”

Wax: Organic soy | Fragrance: Essential oils | Burn time: 110 hours


A Fresh-Citrus-Scented Candle Designed For Pet Lovers

If you love your pets but want to make your home smell a little fresher, consider this fresh citrus-scented candle that the brand claims can reduce up to 99% of odors. The 100% soy wax uses fragrances that are phthalate, paraben, and formaldehyde-free and has a cotton wick that burns for up to 60 hours. There is also a lemongrass version available.

A Rave Review: “I love this candle brand. I have fragrance allergies so I'm very picky with candles. I was looking for a candle that would fill my one bedroom NYC apartment. I have two small dogs and although they are always clean we wanted to find a candle that would make the house smell fresh and clean. This candle is great and it lasts a bit. I tend to use them up quickly but at the same time I light then up almost 3x a day and let them burn for an hour each. I think it's worth it.”

Wax: Soy | Fragrance: Synthetic | Burn time: 60 hours


This Small But Mighty Lemon Candle

This small tin candle is great for compact spaces like a bathroom and has an impressive throw for its size. One reviewer wrote, “Within 6 mins I can smell it all over the living room and kitchen.” It’s made with 100% soy wax, has a cotton wick, and features a floral musk undertone that the brand explains adds depth to the fresh lemon scent.

A Rave Review: “Loved this candle! Such a pleasing lemon scent. Had every room of my house smelling like lemons. Will definitely purchase again!”

Wax: Soy | Fragrance: Synthetic, according to the brand website | Burn time: 20 hours